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Guess Who’s Back..Back Again : Etims Brendan Podcast

Guess Who’s back…back again!

Yip..its Brendan Rodgers.. Rat or Saviour or somewhere in between….you decide…

Etims all get together to respond to the news that Brendan Rodgers is once again our Club Manager.

They discuss what led to Rodgers getting the gig and is it Forgive and Forget or Fool Me once…

They weigh up what Fan camp would they place themself in?

  • Realistic Pragmatist
  • Open hearted Optimist
  • Sour faced Pessimist
  • Mon the hopes Masochist

They discuss the impact to fans, Players and Management Staff and possible ramifications at Board Level.

They consider what could happen over the summer and they wonder just who will start for Celtic in the League and Champions League openers.

Its going to be a hectic Summer one way or another!
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3 months ago

I suppose the issue is would we have got 10 IAR if he stayed? Then again were their pressures on him that compromised how he wanted to perform as a coach. John McGinnโ€™s name dโ€™usures prominently. However he is an excellent coach, contributed a huge amount during his previous tenure which should not be forgotten. The future not the past us what counts if he keeps winning the League he will do for me.

Peter McLaughlin
3 months ago

I am ambivalent. I was it enraged when he left because I I understand football and people’s ambitions. If he produces for us in Europe I will back him.
If he does not then I will say duck him torn faced turnscoat.
But like my fathers before me I am a simple man. I know where my heart is

3 months ago

Agree with Monti’s opening comments. Agree with Ralph, that Brendan might be wanting to set things right. I’ll never forget his face when he was asked by a reporter what he thought of what the Green Brigade posted. The absolute astonishment and almost fear.

George Grieve
3 months ago

Absolutely 1st class appointment imo
Yes he let us down but he back and definitely will be up there hun bashing โ˜˜๏ธ

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