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Celtic Diary Wednesday February 8: Behind The Mask

The Scottish media like to talk about the English League.



That’s television, radio and print.


For some reason, they think it’s of interest to the average Scottish football fan, and to an extent, it is. So, when a real story breaks, such as the charges against Manchester City, you’d think they;’d be all over it.



They aren’t, as it would involve comparisons with a similar event in Scotland a few years ago which they can’t seem yet to have come to terms with, and given the twists and turns in the way they covered that story, they’d simply be open to ridicule of they analysed the story at the Etihad.



But when there’s a non story, they’re all over it.



Leeds United are the latest EPL side to ditch their manager and as a result it’s open all mikes for anyone who wants to tell us why Ange Postecoglou is their favoured replacement,



Well, they’ll ask anyone but Ange Postecoglou, that is.


Although we hear that Celtic will hold their weekly press conference today rather than tomorrow, and one wonders if it’s to shoot down a few hacks for their nonsense, something our manager seems to enjoy.



I’m not even going to list the reasons why the manager shouldn’t even consider Leeds, because there’s no need.


And no need for us to worry, or to get involved in the somewhat ridiculous debate.



For the media, it’s a story that will run and run until the manager shoots it down, giving them ample opportunities to ask anyone and everyone for their opinion.



And it fills space that might otherwise be taken up by the Manchester City story, or another story that is out there waiting to be covered…..



 Become a shareholder in Scotland’s most successful football club.

shares are eligible to sell and purchase through the Tifosy Exchange. Explore available shares today

 Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.




Not the stock market, but the Tifosy Exchange .



The Tifosy Exchange is where Tifosy members can trade securities purchased on Tifosy from one another.

Operating as a noticeboard, the Tifosy Exchange allows members to express an interest to sell or buy eligible bonds and shares. Any transaction via the Tifosy Exchange is a direct sale between the buyer and the seller.  



There are several shares available in the “World’s Most Succesful Club “, at prices only the gullibillies would consider reasonable, and since there are claims like “World’s Most Succesful Club “,in the tweet, any serious investor would ask questions about how they’ve managed that in just over a decade, we can safely assume they are targeting Billy and his savings once again.



The exchange has a disclaimer on it’s website…..


Tifosy does not make investment recommendations to you. No communications from Tifosy, through this website or any other medium, should be construed as an investment recommendation



Well, they covered that in the tweet with some sound advice for anyone daft enough to chuck money towards Ibrox….


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.



The story not covered is that they now need money in to offset the lack of sales during January. Alfredo Morelos is now being touted

around countries who still have an open transfer window wide enough to shove the chunky forward through, and there aren;t many of those.



Expect him and Kent to be offered new deals, and maybe even sign them, as no one else will pay them what “rangers ” will pay them.



And without this share issue, they won’t be able to do that.




Times are tough at ibrox, and they’re going to get tougher.



Mind you, there’s always the signature burger….on sale at the ground for £5.90…..






Orange cheese and no greens whatsoever, bound to be a winner.



Seven first team players could leave without bringing any money into the club coffers to replace them. So presumably they’ll be pushing the burger a bit more…..






Not quite jelly and ice cream time, but we should be putting some in the freezer ready….




It looks like even the board at Ibrox don;t believe this particular , er, fact…..






again, it’s not even worth analysing.


Bullshit is bullshit, it just comes in different shapes.




Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Yosuke Ideguchi has gone back to Japan on loan, after sealing a deal with the delightfully named Avispa Fukuoka, where he will get game time and maybe find his mojo again.



He just hasn;t settled in Europe, which was a fear after his experience at Leeds, and to be fair to him, he’s also told Ange it’s shite in Yorkshire and he wouldn’t like it.


We’re ready for the run in now, and everyone wants to be a part of it.



Especially this guy….



Ange Postecoglou admits to getting angry with Celtic players





On tuesday, the last Diary…yesterday I just rambled on about why Manchester City would become an empty shell, which didn;t really meet the strict criteria for a Celtic Diary….we had this….






Caption:- Money for nothing and the pies are free.










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1 month ago

Caption..Year 2060, and Morelo’s agent still trying to offload him from the rangers

George Lazenbhoy
1 month ago

Don’t know if I’ll get murdered for this one.

Caption: Ralph mends the Mrs’ tights

1 month ago

The mrs’ tights , is that what he told you ? 😉
( there’s been a double murder ) …

Andy heaney
1 month ago

Kent finally gets his move to Leeds Utd

Honest Hoops
1 month ago

Caption; £1brox accountant trying to repair the holes in the accounts

Michael Annis
1 month ago

Caption Celtic fan reading Etims ( joke honest )

1 month ago

Why are you showing a quote from a slave owner who actually enslaved his own children as well as hypocrite plus he was a rabid mason?
No place for the likes of him on a Celtic related websitw

kevin mckenna
1 month ago

Good Morning Bhoys.


1 month ago

Allan McGregor will again be net minder at ibrokes after signing a contract extension for next season

The great suprendo
1 month ago

Caption: sadly, only the regulars are tempted out by the promise of seeing Lana Wolf’s fishnets and pussy

John E Mitchell
1 month ago

Hugh Keevins, analysing the rainjurs ‘Net Spend’ on the winter transfer window.

1 month ago


the real Anton Rogan
1 month ago

Whitehouse and Mortimer go catfishing in the River Cobble

1 month ago

Once this net is fixed I will cast it far and wide and bring the world’s greatest player’s to the worlds most successful 12 year old club.

1 month ago

Caption …
Awww f.f.s. I’ve sown the net tae my jaiket again…

1 month ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

FFS..sewn not sown ,owns, nows or efin snow

1 month ago

Annette was some catch

1 month ago

Leeds chairman contues to wait for an answer from Celtic’s Ange concerning the managerial position

1 month ago

Caption- The Rangers so skint Allan McGregor fixes his own net.

1 month ago

Another journalist shows off his bounty after a lifetime of trying to catch out Postecoglou

An Occasional Contributor
1 month ago

Peter Lawwell fisher of men on the SS Shieldhall

1 month ago

Caption: The year is 1901 & Mike has dropped a 1p piece in the net…..this clip is from Jan 2023 & he is still attempting to locate it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Monti

In 1901 that would be 1d.

Don’t mess with the auld yins, young man. 😉

1 month ago
Reply to  Monti

Monti is a prikk!

1 month ago
Reply to  TicToc

Caption: Monti is still a prikk!

1 month ago

Man Shitty – day 2 – (still) much ado about nothing nothing.

re Hun shares, as this isn’t a (confetti) share offering from the clumpany to replenish impoverished coffers, who is selling (to make money for themselves alone) and who is gullible enough to buy?

Previously King tried this and, to be fair, Club 1872 (Club 1830 has let itself go), were gullible enough to pay way over the odds but obviously he’s still got plenty more to shift.

I’m not sure we can criticise the food on offer over there; the crap we have is just as bad.

re their mass exodus, I had to check who Kerry-Ann is and apparently a goalkeeper, who’s been there 7 years, played 0 games (given the less than stiff competition of McGregor and McLaughlin) and less than 50 on loan, so obviously going to be a big miss.

Obviously, I hope Ange doesn’t go to Leeds, as much for his own sake, as he takes time to implement his own ideas, which was fine with a full season and less competition with us. He’ll not get that luxury at Leeds and, if they get relegated, I doubt he’ll be kept on and be on.

Caption: McGregor tries to win a new contract by demonstrating he can still tend the net, while keeping his felines in check.

1 month ago
Reply to  The Cha

Forgot to mention that the Turkish window closes today so Fredo will need to trot to get thru in time.

If not, Azeri tomorrow, Eswatini (?) the day after and plenty more, such as Neukaledonien in the next month or so.

transfermarkt .com/statistik/transferfenster

However, the big news today (and very remiss of Ralph to not mention it) is that we’re about to be stripped of our Quadruple Treble and our 40th (?) Scottish Cup.

Of course, this would be an entirely an appropriate outcome, notwithstanding that the SFA agreed to these variations due to the abnormal circumstances (Cup Final played the following season).

It isn’t, as if Haughey could point to a more egregious example of the SFA rules being flaunted.

Woof Charlie
1 month ago

Caption: 13 weans, these ribbed johnny bags must be defective.

1 month ago


After the weekend stag in Amsterdam man checks if he’s caught crabs

1 month ago

Eeny, meeny, miny moe,
Catch a kitten by the toe,
If it’s a hun don’t let it go,
Till ye flog it wae Alfredo!
We need tae net a loadae cash,
Tae finance Micky’s coming splash,
Don’t worry huns, don’t upset yer balls,
If, as expected, Mick Beale fails,
He’ll last be seen at Niagara Falls.

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