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Celtic Diary Wednesday January 4: Their Cheating Hearts

It appears the Celtic board are about to swing into action and ask the SFA for clarification around some of the more controversial decisions by the officials…on and off the park…during Monday’s Glasgow derby.



Such as the penalty awarded to “rangers ” after the full blooded assault by Carl Starfelt on Fashion Sakala.


It was so bad that afterwards, in this clip, Sakala shows his relief that paramedics will not be needed.




Any insinuations that he is faking his injury and cheering the decision by the referee he has just conned are just plainly wrong. The man is clearly hurt and might yet require surgery.



Or, of course, he could be celebrating having conned the ref…but that’s nonsense. Beaton is a referee who some quite simp;y do not need to con. Just offer him an opportunity and you can bank on him to do the right thing.



Not only to award a dubious at best penalty kick, but to deny a certain one when it might affect the outcome of the game ….or should i say the prefered outcome of the game.




This is handball. In the penalty area.



Connor Goldson Rangers 'handball' claim puts Willie Collum under VAR  microscope as former ref defends John Beaton - Daily Record



Which leaves the ref with a decision.





Video Assisted Refereeing….there’s a clue in the name… there to assist the referee and so therefore it is down to him.



As we expected, the media leapt onto a hitherto unknown rule to justify the decision of the officials…. this is from the Record, attempting to explain it to their readership, without pictures….



What the rulebook says

The IFAB rule states: “Not every touch of a player’s hand/arm with the ball is an offence. It is an offence if a player:

  • Deliberately touches the ball with their hand/arm, for example moving the hand/arm towards the ball
  • Touches the ball with their hand/arm when it has made their body unnaturally bigger. A player is considered to have made their body unnaturally bigger when the position of their hand/arm is not a consequence of, or justifiable by, the player’s body movement for that specific situation. By having their hand/arm in such a position, the player takes a risk of their hand/arm being hit by the ball and being penalised
  • Scores in the opponents’ goal:
    • Directly from their hand/arm, even if accidental, including by the goalkeeper
    • Immediately after the ball has touched their hand/arm, even if accidental.”    





Oddly enough, they left out this image from the rulebook…..







Goldson moves his hands to stop the ball. Whether that’s to stop  it hitting his face is irrelevant, it’s a penalty.



It certainly would have been had Starfelt defended a Goldson shot at the other end in the same way in the same place.




VAR has, as we predicted in the Diary, allowed the officials to spread the blame, whether it be for their incompetence or their bias.



If they are incompetent, get rid of them and the people who train them.



If they are biased, and there is certainly that perception, then logic dictates that someone is either encouraging or at the very least ignoring this, and so they need to be removed.



As we said yesterday, if the club won’t take action, supporters and shareholders must.



The club should refuse to speak to or endorse league sponsors, they should withhold the fees not only for VAR but for referees themselves, as long as they legally can.



And even then, perhaps go to court…..after all, if we’re paying for a referee the least we should expect is a …referee.




Failing that, I’m off to look for some military level surveillance equipment.



If no one is going to let us know what these officials are discussing, then we’ll have to find out ourselves. We’ll need it when we play them in the Cups……




They cheated us once….under no circumstances must they be allowed to do so again.

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Uibh fhaili
1 month ago

Bang on the money Ralph, Dermot Desmond you need to act as Fergus did.

An Occasional Contributor
1 month ago
Reply to  Uibh fhaili

Yes sell your shares for massive profit to another venture capitalist who has no interest in what fans want Dermot.

That will solve everything.

1 month ago

am just flinging this out there has anybody noticed how that big jessy john lundstam rolls over playing to the hords hoping to get somebody sents off ,,,,,, but the same guy will almost kill any other player and they will all say he is a ball winner , i will bet any time his kids or other family members cant go near him in case he falls over this hardman is a bloody joke .

Honest Hoops
1 month ago

I can’t agree with you anymore Ralph, another thing we can enforce is telling the SFA that certain officials of a biased persuasion will not officiate our matches and here’s the full list..until you can sort out your shit, only then, we will review our stance.

John A
1 month ago

Don’t have much faith in those at Celtic doing much. It’s probably them trying to be seen to do something due to the pressure from fans. Bringing lawell back shows how they accept his gutlessness

1 month ago

I have a long history of rejecting referee conspiracies, always preferred the incompetency line but Monday’s decisions have been totally exposed even by the media. The club must act.

1 month ago
Reply to  BJF

Who says its a conspiracy? No need for one when you have cultural bias (consciously or unconsciously)

1 month ago

There is a lack of spine at Parkhead, it’s as if they know there place. The Rankers go apeshit about decisions they believe are biased, Gollum being one at The Buddies, he did not referee a game with them for almost six months. There should be a review of all decisions, as others like Neilson, Goodwin have voiced concerns. Or are the board as corrupt as the system, not realising that bad decisions can affect finances and non entry into the UCL. Again objects were thrown onto the field at Gregg Taylor and the physio, also the Celtic fans, here we move into H and S the SFA have a clear legal requirement to ensure, or is it normal that items are thrown at opponents at Greyskull?
The so called journos are nothing but a mouthpiece for a cabal of bigots

1 month ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

A very good post Cartvale. The last sentence being spot on.
What to do though ?
A co ordinated walk out on the next var mistake against Killie ( Walsh and Clancy ) seems beyond anyone organising. Given this could be five minutes in it’s cutting off our nose to spite our face.
Can see the GB doing it but how many would follow them ?
Klan media would delight and the ‘board’ would condemn ‘that sort of thing’
Empty Hampden ? Tickets sold out and will be again for the final if we get there.
UEFA ? As corrupt as the SFA.
Demo’s before games have limited effect and boycotting merchandise has no chance.
What to do ?

Damian Smyth
1 month ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

We all seem to agree doing nothing is no longer an option
Can our Board challenge effectively. It is my understanding &(I may be wrong ) that should Board get nowhere with SFA & bring case to UEFA . If SFA through use of perjurers & Masonic influence defend successfully , can Celtic be punished severely for incorrectly questioning our Association integrity & honesty .
I think better for us supporters, to travel in small groups to refs & their VAR cheats in their homes & places of work . Not to manhandle but, just to discuss the cheats decisions.

Damian Smyth
1 month ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

What to do ? What can we do ? Can the club complain to SFA & if not satisfied with answers ( Just a few weeks ago Celtic sought clarification re Jota ‘s goal called offside) SFA responded by telling club, method used unimportant, but getting right result was all that mattered . If Celtic bring case to UEFA & SFA using perjury etc win case , can club face serious punishment.
Can fans not do something,like meet with refs in a casual way & quietly & friendly talk to them about “honest mistakes” We really have to do something

1 month ago
Reply to  Damian Smyth


‘Perjury’ ? How so ?

Damian Smyth
1 month ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Wouldn’t SFA members & witnesses not have to give their evidence under oath ,as would our club . I can’t imagine any worthwhile action without all evidence given under oath . Surely it would have to be or else it would be a total waste of time

Ryan Derry
1 month ago

It’s not down to me is that your final decision…….

1 month ago

Spot on.

1 month ago

When it comes to the application of VAR in Scotland, that old adage that we can never be paranoid enough has been proven to be right on the money!

1 month ago

Wasnt Wullie Collum the Ref who The Rangers complained about due to his performances and he was removed from their games. If so, then why was he appointed to be the VAR Official

1 month ago

If you have seen the ‘what is going on here’ Sakala clip. Watch Beaton in the background doing his wee orange walk drill to the penalty spot.

The Cha
1 month ago

“It appears the Celtic board are about to swing into action and ask the SFA for clarification around some of the more controversial decisions by the officials…on and off the park…during Monday’s Glasgow derby.”

This is simply BAU for our board whenever the fans’ anger is raised above an acceptable level.

Followed by…nothing but a few weeks for fans’ anger to subside to acceptable levels.

As fans our only recourse is to the Celtic board not SPFL, SFA, UEFA etc.

How to get our board to take meaningful action is the million dollar question but, as its essentially the same individuals that have done nothing for 20 years, its a tall order.

1 month ago
Reply to  The Cha

And the only way to force Celtic to explain their position is the AGM.
Problem there is it is an annual event and some one has to organise the drafting of a resolution, gathering sigs and presenting them to Celtic.
The obvious organisers are the CST but seeking reform of SFA is not something they have actively supported since 2013. Quite the reverse.
However as result of suggestions made to Celtic whist bringing Res12 to a close, following CST sanitising at last AGM a resolution expressing Concern at Celtic’s handing of Res12 and LNS there is a way to engage with Celtic that appears in last AGM papers.
It is in its infancy but offers the opportunity to bring serious issues to Celtic’s attention during the year in order to address issues before the annual bun fight when a resolution is raised at the AGM.

There is also something in the offing that tackles the SFA who are the walls their referees hide behind. The Tracy Crouch recommendations including bringing in oversight of FA will become into law.
If FA can have Oversight by supporters why not the SFA?

Albert Kidd
1 month ago

Can someone please get a hold of Bobby Maddens’ EFL job application. I’d like to know who he listed in the ‘football allegencies’ section. Asking for some friends.
Thanks for your help.

Woof Charlie
1 month ago

It’s a conspiracy that our club is part of. Keep a club playing out of Ibrox. From a business perspective that makes perfect sense and as we see rail companies getting recompensed through strike action the profit motive usurps all. Even sporting integrity. Shameful.

1 month ago

Clearly there have been some inexplicable decisions which have been even more inexplicably upheld by VAR. The only benefit of VAR so far is that it has proved beyond a doubt that Scottish Referees are either so incompetent they get decisions wrong the majority of the time or are actively favoring one team over another with astonishing and very visible to all daft decisions. This can allow the the Celtic Board to address issues of perceived bias with actual evidence of inconsistent and daft decisions that everybody else in Scotland saw. To me that is a Board role. In order to protect the institution, shareholders and their investments ( that’s language they understand well) they need to ensure an even playing field. That’s their role! If they are unable to do that or unwilling to do that they could and should be removed.

1 month ago

Nothing will change until the European authorities get involved- and we’re too wee to worry about
The Lanarkshire association recruit officials from a “particular “background – Always have , this ensures inbuilt generational compliance , we can complain all we want- and the officials might be asked to play it easy for a few weeks to calm “Timmy “ down- but it’ll return when it matters !
We can’t play without referees and the current ones wouldn’t accept not officiating the top league games , so , short of removing them completely and replacing them all with‘foreign’ officials, or dissolving the referees association , we’re pretty much stuck with the status quo !

1 month ago

The sevconians weapons stash to inflict harm:

Even in cases where the accused has been found with a weapon in a place that any ordinary person would regard as non-public, the courts have taken the view that the accused will inevitably have carried the weapon through a public place to reach the non-public place. Provided the locus is defined to include the public place, then a conviction will likely stand.

30 days ago

There is no other sport that comes even close to how corrupt football is. Quatar location, greek birds in the EU, blatter, platini, italy a few years back, CL entry. it goes on an on where the crooks have their beaks in the trough. Its only on here where the Naïve hang out in hordes where anyone expects Scotland to be any different. The ref got his line on and made his dough. Grow up, this is how it is and will always be.

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