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Celtic Diary Friday September 23: It’s Different For Bhoys

Ange Postecoglou is doing the rounds in Australia, and it seems like he’s in great demand.


He took time out to meet a young fan, who had dressed for World Book Day back in August, as the Celtic boss, perhaps somewhat missing the point of the event, but ended up being flown to Sydney yesterday where he got to meet the boss.


Which should help the locals build an appetite for the upcoming Sydney Cup, an event which will took place during the World Cup in November, which means that there’ll at least be something to hold our interest during FIFA’s latest attack on basic human rights.



But there was one thing Ange said yesterday that had me thinking, and since there’s an awful lot of space between my ears, I managed to come up with a theory, based entirely on nothing but my own fertile imagination, that our team is still evolving…..



“We’ve already started planning & identified targets we need.” “We’ll look to bring in players in January that hopefully insulates us in case any of ours are taken off our hands.”


We know that a few offers came in for a few players, and should Celtic not be in the latter stages of the UCL, then it’s entirely possible that one or two players may leave to further their bank accounts.


That’s not a criticism, by the way, what they do and where they want to do it is up to them, and although I’d much prefer they wanted to do it in Glasgow, not everyone has the same feelings for Celtic as we do.



The one that may well have had his head turned is, at least in my own musings, is Greg Taylor.


He’s been with the Scotland squad and spent time with Keiran Tierney, who has made a lot of money at Arsenal, and also seen his career prolonged as the London club have allowed him to have the time needed to help with his dodgy hip.


Curiously, Four Four Two magazine carried this story….



Greg Taylor’s tips helping Kieran Tierney to adjust to new

Arsenal role



Kieran Tierney admits he has been seeking tips on his new Arsenal role from Scotland team-mate Greg Taylor.

Gunners manager Mikel Arteta has recently adopted the inverted full-back system which Ange Postecoglou introduced to Celtic last season.



I stopped reading after that bit, mainly because it’s behind a paywall, but also because it doesn’t take a genius to spot that Arteta would have been alerted to someone who knows how to play the role, and has earned plaudits for his performances…



Then we had this…. (Glasgow Live )



Andy Robertson explains when Celtic transfer could happen

and the situation which would end ‘dream’

The left-back is currently one of the top players in his position at club level with Liverpool but hasn’t shut the door on a possible return north of the border. 


Andy Robertson has always hoped he gets to pull on the Celtic jersey – but he doesn’t want that to be when he’s in his twilight years.

The left-back is a standout at Liverpool and an ideal world would grant him the chance to finish his career at a club where he’s won the Champions League and Premier League titles. But every time he sees the Parkhead club, it makes him think about a move to a club he hasn’t hid support for.

If his perfect situation doesn’t happen, Robertson says Celtic would be an ideal alternative, although he’ll only go if he feels able to contribute. The Scotland captain told BT’s Currie Club: “Every time I watch Celtic, I consider it. When you watch them and see a packed Celtic Park, as a fan you always have that dream. 


“Ideally I want to finish my career here at Liverpool. If I can stay at the top of my game, at the top of the tree my whole career, that’s the route I want to go down. 


“But also, when I look at Celtic and when I was growing up, I was thinking I wanted to give them my best years. When I was at Queen’s Park I had a dream of still playing with Celtic and always dreamed of giving my best years to Celtic.

“I don’t want to go as a 34 or 35-year-old old guy that my uncles start hating on me because I can’t move any more! Time will tell. I don’t look too far ahead and I don’t often look back. There will be a time for that.”  



It may be a massive leap to think that two out of the three best Scottish left backs of this generation have made their fortunes down south, and the third is casting envious eyes, whilst another looks at coming home, but let’s face it, it’s not really that big a leap.



However, it could all be bollocks.



Celtic do need to keep improving, and the manager has said that we will. One of the reasons for that is . it seems, we’re still playing catch up with our new neighbours over the river…..



Every Rangers FIFA 23 player rating revealed as James

Tavernier crowned best player in Scotland

The game is set to be released later this month, with the stats sure to provide scope for debate amongst Rangers fans.


And presumably, to provide scope for uncontrollable laughter amongst everyone else.



The FIFA 23 Rangers player ratings have been revealed ahead of the new EA Sports game launch later this month.

This season’s game will be released on Tuesday, 27 September, and as fans eagerly await that date, the player ratings have been revealed. Amongst them are the Ibrox outfit, with the latest player stats no doubt creating grounds for debate again this year.

Some of most notable ratings include skipper James Tavernier who takes top spot with a 78 overall – making him the best player in the country ahead of Celtic’s Callum McGregor (77). Stars such as Ryan Kent, Connor Goldson and John Lundstram also fair pretty well rating 76, 75 and 75 respectively. Gio van Bronckhorst has had a bit of a striker dilemma in the opening stages of the 2022/23 campaign, both domestically and in the Champions League, with new face Antonio Colak and Alfredo Morelos competing for the jersey. But FIFA have put one a whole four points above the other with Morelos still rated highly.  



Read that again. Whoever did these ratings has Ryan Kent as the third best player in Scotland.


Looks like we’ve found out how Kris Boyd earns a few quid on the side….



Anyone would think that there’s been a meeting at the Record and hacks have been told to find something cheerful to write about.


That’s because the planned series of Ibrox legends talking about the unacceptable face of Scottish football ….the Celtic supports anti monarchy protests…. has been quietly dropped.



Scotland fans made their feelings known ahead of the Ukraine game, and with the national team facing Ireland tomorrow, it’s unlikely to see a sudden outpouring of grief for the passing of Elizabeth the Last, which means the media can’t whip the hordes into a frenzy about disrespect being a purely Celtic issue.



One aspect of the unprofessionalism was laid bare by Irish journalist Phil MacGhiollabhan yesterday on his web page, which still remains the most accurate source for any insight into what’s happening down Ibrox way.


However, the Donegal man handed out a short sharp lesson in journalism to the stenographers in the Scottish media when he did the most basic of journalistic tasks yesterday .


He sought clarification on a story.


real journalism



A couple of days ago, Chris MacLaughlin (BBC? ) claimed that Celtic were the subject of an investigation from UEFA for their supporters banner that suggested they did not entirely support the monarchy.



Since one of the fundamental differences between Celtic supporters and one or two other sets of fans is a deep lying mistrust of the media…imagine if they told us we were the same club….there was considerable doubt on social media as to the veracity of the claim.


As nothing official had appeared on the UEFA website, doubts began to grow, until Phil had the barnstorming idea of actually asking UEFA if it’s true, a concept that is entirely alien to hacks in the SMSM.


Turns out they have opened an investigation, but the point here is that we have a perfect illustration of a lack of trust in our own media, which is not entirely unsurprising, as it took a foreign journalist just to do the basics, and somewhat worryingly, the hacks don;t seem to be concerned about that, which suggests a lack of professional pride and integrity.



For those who doubt a level of collusion between the media and Ibrox, have a look at this , from 2011….






The recent Sounness and McCoist rants appear to be a continuation of that theme, and although it appears to have been discontinued, that doesn;t mean they’ll come up with something else to either deflect from their problems or try to create some for us.



Which brings me to this weeks Etims


 Knob of the Week


It would have been Alan Hutton, who working as a pundit for a company which clearly has either a low budget or his agent on the board of directors said ;


“For me it’s more than a yellow, maybe not a red, but it should be more than a yellow”  


Is he advocating something in between, maybe an Orange Card ?


Or is he looking for a spot at the Lanarkshire referees college, by impresing them with his knowledge of the rules ?



But then this happened





Since it would be immensely hypocritical of me to condemn the silky winger for the “Fenian Bastards ” comment, largely because I’m wearing an LDTStore Fenian Bastard t shirt, I’m not going down that line.


But how much dumber than the hole in a cows arse must a man be to let himself be recorded doing something that at the very least will earn him a punishment from his club ?



That’s why he’s this weeks


knob of the week – keith jackson – eTims




That’s not him, that’s Record hack Keith Jackson in a photoshop we made earlier.





Kyle Lafferty: Kilmarnock investigate alleged use of sectarian language -  BBC Sport



That’s him , wondering why he can’t hear the phone.




Yesterday, we had this



Rangers History on Twitter: "Ally McCoist being made to apologise to Rangers fans for, in Graeme Souness view, breaching club discipline by attending the Cheltenham Fetival during 2 days off in 1991.



Woof Charlie
 14 hours ago

Caption: Ally do you think I look like Selleck?
Fcuk the Celtic gaffer.
Naw you wee fat tube Magnum!
Well, eh….maybe the almond wan.
No you little arserag P-I!
Ah’d love a pie boss.
The American detective you diddy!
Ironside? I think Mr Murray looks more like him than you dae.
Ally away and polish my boots.



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6 months ago

Caption: Scottish referee in training for country’s new VAR technology.

6 months ago

I begin to worry about us post World. Cup. How many players have we got going away into a different climate, intense playing experience, out of their normal training and home routines. It hands an advantage to our opponents who just have a nice mid season rest. Maybe it’s the price of success and having top players can’t see St Mirren or Rangers facing much disruption.
Kyle Lafferty is just a bigot, I remember being told of him trying to chat someone up I know, his opening line was,”I’ve got a Bentley,” he didn’t get any further.I have to say the guy who set him up should share the ‘knob’ award though, just a stupid thing to do, it happened to Broonie who showed his class, Lafferty hadn’t got any to fall back on.

6 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Are we going to be that badly affected by the WC?

Carter-Vickers, Juranovic, Mooy, Hatate, Furuhashi and Maeda.

I doubt any of their countries will go far, with Croatia being the best outside bet.

That should allow plenty of recovery time to reacclimatise to the delights of the SPFL.

We’ve only got 1 title rival and, I assume, they’ll lose the ‘best players in Scotland’ Tavenier, Kent, Goldson and perhaps others.

I’m confident we’ll be fine, with plenty in reserve if 1 or 2 of them struggle on their return.

On Lafferty, I’m struck once again with the low-key reporting of this, a minor report about “a sectarian remark” compared to if it was from “our side”.

In fact, compare with the case of John Herron, who was transported to Australia for wearing a politically aspirational T-shirt, which after the latest Census is more relevant than ever.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Lafferty has been excluded from the NI squad through injury with a ‘haste ye back’ message from their manager.

6 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Arghh, replied but awaiting for approval.

Ah, well, if Ralph goes for 5IAR, it’ll appear tomorrow.

6 months ago

In memoriam. The statue of Jimmy Bell commissioned by sevco still won’t clap his hands in a minutes applause for Jinky. Congrats Jimmy still winning the Etims DOB of the week.

tony carlin
6 months ago

No Morelos, I said practice your shooting!!!

6 months ago

Caption: imaginary sniper… Penalty to rangers!

Woof Charlie
6 months ago

Caption: -2 that ya couple of fuds.

6 months ago

Billy Gilmour practicing his midfield hand signals on the off chance Clarke picks him for the game

The media in Scotland are absolute crap, a dog smelling another dogs bollocks would get more up to date information than these gobshites

6 months ago

Sammy ‘s off to B@Q
For a bit of 4×2
” ah need a bit this size “

Woof Charlie
6 months ago

CalMac. The forgotten hero. He’s played more games than a slots addict on Willy Hills. Cheek fracture aside mercifully injury free. Plays in a role that doesn’t get the glory but is the engine of the team. Wouldn’t grudge him his big money move but there’s something of the Maestro about him
. Hopefully he’ll see out his career with us.

Woof Charlie
6 months ago

Caption: Invisible woman has a Me Too moment on camera.
Trying to post some fitba stuff but computer says no.

Uibh fhaili
6 months ago

And this is where they use to park their bus (the ugly vehicle of Scottish transport )

Southside Bhoy
6 months ago

If the fish was that size how did that fish supper for in yer feckin pocket

Southside Bhoy
6 months ago

Should have been (for caption)

If the fish was that size, how did the feckin fish supper fit in yer pocket

6 months ago

My little armalite

6 months ago

caption,. we have just been butt fu,cked on national television by st minging part timers

6 months ago

whose idea was it to play pansy potter at centre half. apparently when he got pushed for the st.minging goal he said mammy. worse than that irish clown

6 months ago


’New guy Griggsy’ clatters together the heads of his alter egos Gringo and the Green Machine following more inane shitey posts about nothing in particular.

6 months ago

Whit? Somebody needs their strait jacket tightened.

6 months ago

If only they take away the Dislike button then everyone will love Gringo and no one will see through his cunning plan of using different names to spout the same pish.

6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

So that would be Ralph, Desi and just about all posters who’re part of the Anti-Gringo Clique. 🙂

It won’t sate your paranoid ego but perhaps you need to up your game if, the approval you crave, is to be forthcoming.

6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

Yep, you endlessly whine about your dislikes but you don’t care.

Everyone else’s wrong but you.

Paranoid, much?

Owen Mullions
6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

That’s a big boy threat from a big girl’s blouse, Greetin’ Face. Found any of those ‘incest posts’ you said I’d made yet? It’s been months now, surely you’ve come up with something. Or how about a list of those people you told Tic Toc you ‘know for a fact’ have left the site because of me? Something tells me they’re about as rare as that degree of yours on art history!

6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

It was 3 Degrees.

Ooh, precious moments.

3rd Degree Burns
6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

A Man’s a Man for a’ that:
For a’ that, and a’ that.

3rd Degree Burns
6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

The Man’s a Madman for a’ that

6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

When will he see sense again?
When will he get it together?
Will we have to wait forever?
Will we have to suffer his sh*te the whole week through?

When will he see sense again?
When will he gain precious brain cells?
Is he a mug or just dense?
Thick from the beginning
And thick to the end
When will he see sense again?

Owen Mullions
6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Gringo arrives at Etims Towers with his dossier of ‘evidence’ about incest comments. (What do you mean there’s nothing there?).

Gringo proudly displays one of his many degrees in art history, sociology and psychology. (What do you mean he’s barely literate?)

Tragedy strikes when Gringo inflates his latest girlfriend with helium instead of air. (What do you mean he usually punctures them from overuse?)

Owen Mullions
6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

How many times do I have to tell you where to find me? It’s Cloud Cuckoo Land just across the road from that ‘university’ you attended. I’m willing to come to you however – just send me a visitor’s pass for the asylum you’re currently detained in and I’ll pop in for a laugh.

Owen Mullions
6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Greetin’ Face, the problem with telling so many lies is that you need a good memory. So let me refresh yours. You originally claimed to have a degree in art history which allowed you to work from home (?) and explained your presence on the site 24/7. After I proved with a few simple examples that you knew diddly-squat about art, you suddenly remembered that you had dropped it to pursue TWO separate degrees in sociology and psychology. You then rounded it off with a ludicrous story of how (with Ralph’s approval!!!) you had been conducting a secret sociological/psychological/art project on etims for years!

It was all hilariously entertaining but I doubt even you are so thick as to believe a word of it. You really must do better to seek validation of your sad, empty existence. I look forward to your next flight of fancy. Perhaps you’re a Nobel Laureate in literature. Now that would be a good one given how irredeemably thick you are and your lamentable standard of literacy. Whatever it is, I’m sure you won’t disappoint and will make a fool of yourself yet again.

PS ‘Incest related or not’? The word ‘not’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there, isn’t it?!!! Admit it – you couldn’t find one because no such posts exist. What a pity you had to pollute the site with a tsunami of verbal diarrhoea on the subject for days on end.

Owen Mullions
6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Ooh touché. Or should that be touchy? Don’t worry nobody believes an imbecile like you was ever at university. I just like to poke a stick at your inarticulate rage.

6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

Talk about football, talk about the game, but you can’t cos you’re a dickhead.
Talk about formations or players or systems but you can’t cos you’re a dickhead
Talk about history… nope
Talk about yerself… you can cos you’re a dickhead
KOTW… every week

6 months ago

The moment the drunken Blue Klansman realises that some Feinyin Bassa
has nicked his ‘Cloak of Invisibility’.
( The least mingin bedsheet he owned to you and me).

6 months ago

Why do we need to read this crap every day?

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at