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Celtic Diary Friday January 11

Firstly, a big thank you to Kevin Barry for yesterdays cartoon which appeared at the top of the diary.

Celtics friendly with Steaua Bucharest on tuesday will be shown by ESPN live with a 6.30 kick off, and if Celtic get their way, young Australian attacking midfielder Tomas Rogic will feature. coach Johann Mjallby reckons that if Celtic like what they see, then a deal could be done this week.

Rogic, who has a hell of a reputation for someone few of us have seen, plays for Central Coast Mariners, who also have one Michael McGlinchey in their ranks, so its little wonder the Aussie kid knows all about Celtic. He said;

“Not long ago, they beat Barcelona, now I’m on my way to train with them” So if he is any good, get him signed before he has a chance to think about it. Anyway, if he does get permission from his club to play against Steaua, which is by no means certain, we can watch him on the telly. Incidentally, the Express, still desperate to get something right in one of its reports, reckons the giant American firm could be set to pull the plug on the SPL. no quotes, and no reason given. You’d think they’d at least make something up. We do. Which then backfires as Magners actually did sign up.

Celtic have been very successful with the policy of bringing through promising youngsters, and a lot of it is down to actually taking time to study players in the flesh, as opposed to watching video compilations. An important part of a players make up is how he reacts when he hasn’t got the ball, and how much he puts in to the team effort. Rogic could be the man to replace Victor Wanyama when he heads for foreign climes, so a few months getting bedded in would be ideal.

Juwon Oshinawa, another from the Dudu duhan stable has declared that God has the final say in any proposed move to Celtic, which bearing in mind the club is known as the Popes eleven in certain circles makes it more likely than not that he’ll be on the same flight as colleague Efe Ambrose after the African Cup of Nations. And probably the same one straight back out when they land in Glasgow and feel the cool, refreshing air on their faces after getting off the plane.

Talkshite radio continue with their own campaign for Gary Hooper to leave Celtic with claims that he is close to signing for Norwich (I have checked, it is a real place with a real team, stadium and all) and the striker has apparently told Celtic he has no intention of signing a new deal. Hooper, once described by fellow Celts on Soccer AM as not the brightest, would certainly fit that description if he decided that Norwich was a better bet than Celtic, or even any other potential suitor that may come along. Its January 11, and if Hooper was available, there would be more than Norwich interested, and so we would have to say this is another load of shite from the tabloid radio station, useful only if you like want that go compare advert played to you every ten minutes or so. Worth noting here that, a Norwich forum, would love to see it happen, but they’ve heard it all before.

Going back to tv for a minute, official figures claim that Celtics matches are watched by an average of 229,000 viewers when they are shown on satellite telly, as compared with Sevco Rangers, who pull in 121,000, which is just a little short of the 500 million that Chuckles Green, the straight talking Yorkshireman thinks will watch them. Lucky for him, those figures came out after the share issue. A share issue which has had the delightful knock on effect of seeing Celtics share price rise to 65.5 pence yesterday from 39p when Rangers were listed.

The rise makes all of us that bit wealthier, but then again we never bought them to sell them. Unlike Sevco “investors” , who have just realised they will have to sell a bit at a time. the first 800,000 or so went the other day somebody was saying.

The rise in Celtics share price could be down to” in cider trading”, some experts think.

The Sevco share price is up at 89p ย and that, Timmy, is because they are the biggest club in the world. If you don’t believe me, then listen to some of the experts who have been wheeled out to condemn the new reconstruction which mysteriously hasn’t handed them a top division place, a twelve point head start and two players of their choice free from every other club.

George Peat, who some of you may remember from his time at the SFA, wishes for a time long ago when everyone knew their place, and the bank had a special account, non repayable , for Lord Murray of ย Kinning Park.

He was interviewed by Keith Jackson, to whom integrity and honesty are just things that belong to other people, and said, when asked about the credibility of the men running the Scottish game;

“They lack a knowledge of Scottish football basically. Thats where they made their big mistake with the way they handled the Rangers thing in the summer. They didn’t seem to realise what the scene is like up here.”

Actually, perhaps they, and thousands of other people, did. which is why Rangers Sevco ain’t getting it their own way anymore.

There will be lots more nonsense like this over the coming days and weeks, right up until they finally conk out again, and Green , whilst disappearing into the sunset blames everyone else.

Rangers Sevco are also struggling to find a sponsor, in the wake of Celtics big Magners deal, but Diamond White, presumably in honour of the man who made them what they are today, are reputed to be interested. Actually, they probably aren’t, preferring ย to be associated with homeless alcoholics instead.

Interestingly, Steven MacLean, that referee from the Motherwell game who had a brother at Rangers will be in charge of their league match this weekend at Ibrox. Opponents Berwick have already decided to appeal against the two red cards that will be given against them.

Yesterdays teaser, the two players Benny Rooney reckoned would make the first team were goalkeepers Shay Given, who quite a few of you got, and Stewart Kerr, who everybody forgot. which is harsh. Kerr had to retire from a bad back at the age of 27, whilst Given is still angling for a move to Celtic at the age of 47, or thereabouts.

From the same Celtic view, who was “imagining where the first goal would be scored” , and what was that all about?



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San MIguel
11 years ago

Is It just me – or does he (rogic) look like Novak Djokovic ? (sp)

11 years ago

I think you will find that the Talksport story re Hooper has originated from a guy they call Moose, who was told by his contact that the deal with Norwich is very close. However, it has to be remembered that Moose is treated much like Chick Young is on the Beeb. A figure of fun and basically an idiot.

11 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Malph

Chick Young has never recovered from “Eoin Jess will be a Rangers player tomorrow” and rest of panel laughing at him. Cant be long before he gets an exclusive interview with Jim traynor mind…then again maybe not

11 years ago

San Mig, it’s just you who looks like Djokovic.

“in-cider trading” – arf! ๐Ÿ˜€

11 years ago

Keith Jackson’s integrity and honesty are ‘off the radar’.

Off the radar generally means forgotten or low profile and is negative, so why wasn’t anyone calling out so-called journalist Jackson for getting his metaphors mixed – he should have said off the chart, which is a positive thing.

11 years ago

I’m guessing Cambuslang and Kevin Kelly……

Run Sammy Run
11 years ago

Get’s more like the Krypton Factor every day…I’m going to have a stab at Saint Thomas Bhoyd, wondering when he’d ever grab a goal.

martyn tyrrell
11 years ago

Was it tony cascarino?

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