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Celtic Diary Thursday January 10

With the diarys reputation now in tatters after beating the MSM and everyone else to yesterdays big story, we have decided to stick our necks out and hit you with another bombshell. But not today. Or probably even this week. Our mole is still out supporting the new investors in the only way he can.

The amount of investment by Magners wasn’t disclosed, but figures of around ยฃ5m a year have been whispered. Whatever the amount, its worth it to finally pull away from any sort of label that is similar to a label on charlie Greens New Team, and maybe the Old firm tag could be consigned to future quiz night questions.

In this Brave New World of Scottish football, which is being led by Celtic (copyright Pater Lawwell), its great to see decisions made in our own interest.

Actually had a lot to say yesterday, especially on the transfer window;

“We always like to strengthen. If the right opportunity comes along, then we would like to do that. We would hopefully come out stronger than where we are at the moment. If they don’t appear, then they don’t appear.”

Which, of course, they won’t.

however, he did say that contract talks were still ongoing with victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper.;

“We are continuing to talk until there is an offer for players that they want to take and go or they sign a contract”

Still stating the obvious and dressing it up as news.

There was something else he said yesterday, which was arguably more important, but sort of got snuck in when no-one was listening.

With the new league set up causing widespread panic in some quarters, Lawwell was much calmer, offering an insight into the way these things work;

“we are giving up a considerable amount, (of money) . There is a change to the distribution. some would deem that fairer. I would probably not call it fairer because those who generate the value should get the most, but it a recognition, certainly from Celtic, that to get out of this gridlock we need to , in some ways, compromise the central revenues”

Interesting, working with the other clubs to make for a happier environment.

charles green wants to work with other clubs too, but not those in Scotland. His annoyance at his club being condemned to play all the other teams in the league again next year, if his club wins it, knew no bounds yesterday as he threatened to quit Scottish football. Lets hope the door doesn’t bang into his arse on the way out.

Chuckles asked if any other team in any other country had to do the same again the following year after winning a league, forgetting that it happens to all winners of all the top leagues, but in fairness, his Sevco set up have never played at the top level, so he wouldn’t have known.

He wants to play in a league where he can call the shots, or where his club would fit in , but someone should tell him that Mordor is in fact a fictional place, despite the visual similarity between its locals and those who visit Ibrox.

Rangers/Sevco fans claim that we are obsessed with their club, and it is difficult to ignore such a rich and productive seam of genuinely funny moments. If only the Only an Excuse team had spotted this.

Greens rant proved yet again just how much of a joke his team are becoming, and unless they, too, learn to work with and not against the rest of the clubs then they will not be looking to leave scotland, someone might take that decision for them



The picture above is the image used by bill mcMurdo as he paints a picture of James Traynor speaking from the heart on the state of Scottish football without his beloved paymasters being involved at the top.

The clumsy, slow , noisy and oversized image was rejected in favour of a picture of a battleship, which too, are ironically obselete in these days of submarines and long range missiles.

In the article, oh forget it, suffice to know its right up there with the best succulent lamb journalism. ach, obsession or not its worth mentioning this line;

“Once again the people who pay to watch football have had their opinions totally ignored because of the greed and arrogance of people who run the game” McMurdo must have got a little confused there, surely he meant;

“Once again, the people who think they run the game, have through their greed and arrogance ignored ย those who pay to watch it and those who do actually run it.”

Always glad to help bill, and tell yer men traynor and Leggat that this service is available free anytime you ask.

Sometimes the diary is a little harsh on the MSM, but the Express actually had a wee bit of inspiration, with this snippet tucked away on one of its pages. Thanks to Keiran-Psyl for spotting it.






and what was Alex Thomson thinking when he asked to use Bill McMurdos toilet?


Now, Parma are indeed the side who have European but not domestic success-a question which was a lot easier for you than i thought it would be.

Another rummage in the box from the attic provided me with a Celtic View from April 14 1993. focus within is on a youth tournament in the South of France, and coach Benny Rooney spoke of two players who had a future with the first team. Who were they?. Note, it wasn’t Simon Donnelly, who was the top scorer for Celts in that competition. A wee clue. One did make the grade at Celtic, the other still wants to.

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San MIguel
11 years ago

Associate members don’t get a say Chuck – didn’t you agree to that ?

Guess one as Mark Burchill – not a clue of the other ?

Bob Cobb
11 years ago

Was one of them Shay Given?

11 years ago


I am reluctant to test my wit against today’s diary. It hits every exposed sensitive nerve this morning. I am just a bit surprised by Pete the Magic Dragon’s attempted puff at unity. I hope he wakes up this morning to a realisation that change for all the wrong reasons is not a good mouthwash. Getting everybody that’s on the broken bus to push it does not alter the fact that the bus is broken down and requires some real repairs by people who know something about engines. I am normally a supporter of Pete’s efforts to keep our bus running over but I fear he has been panicked by his fellow passengers into pretending the cowboy mechanics actually know a bit about buses.

As for the media performances from the dark side. Well Sucky G, Gravy L and Silly McM are now publicly joined by Slimmy T, I see. Three Mouthkateers joined by Portheus and here was me thinking the fourth one was a slim guy. I am sure he was in the original. I wonder how long before Large One is deemed competent to do an all four in one piece. He has the room, that’s for sure. Like you say, there are fun things in life you simply can not overlook or see beyond either.

I will stop there as your thunder is drowning out the whimpering. Besides, clapped out though it might be, I do not want to take the chance that the warning shot from “The Battleship” about legal action might develop into an actual broadside. Mind you, if that was my ship, I might take a wee look at its potential to score a backfire right into my goolies. I believe they are well below the waterline too.

Another fine mess you have printed, Ralph. Enjoyed it thoroughly though the wife has phoned the doctor to have my big smile checked out. She is taken aback by the width and length and maybe even the fact I have one in her presence.

Der Quizling: I think SanM might have hit the note with Burchill and I will say Shay Given for no.2. Please say I am wrong. I get just cannot live with myself when I get it right.


11 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

Steady, Ralph, that’s two posts in a row now. SanM will be disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚


11 years ago

1993 would mean Burchill was about 12 so I’m moving away from that. I’ll stick with Given but add Brian McLaughlin into the mix.

11 years ago

I dunno the answers to the question. But what most amused me over the past couple of days is 1) the lack of direction from Castle Greyskull and 2) How much the bears are hurting and fixated on Celtic.
One day Jabba sends out his very thinly – something you dont often see together – Traynor & very thin – disguised threats against those who fail to bow before a third division team with less than 6 months playing history as they re-assume their rightful place at the head – surely arse- of Scottish football’s top table and work for the good of Scottish football by making sure the ganme is rigged – again – in their favour only, then for Chuckles to come out the next day and completely contradict him by saying we’re off elsewhere, despite it 1) not being possible and 2) not wanted by anyone anywhere except him and “them”.
And when he reveals his new position as the driver of Super Rangers into a bold new world of playing against no one in a league made up of only themselves he uses Peter Lawwwell and Celtic as the rationale for this decision, demonstrating he follows Celtic’s AGMs and statements very clearly by using the statemetns Lawwwell made about always keeping an eye on possible future changes to the game, and trying to align his mob with the best run club in Scotland.
Poor old Chuckles, poor old, sorry, new, the Rangers – delusional, Celtic obsessed, paranoid, divided, wonder why this isnt the line the MSM are taking?
Thank God ra peepil can get a ferry over to Belfast for a few rousing choruses of the Billy Boys and a bit of rioting to relieve the depression – maybe they could play Linfied every week for eternity in the No Surrender cup as the rest of the world moves on minus the bile and intolerance? I d back it, but never watch it!

11 years ago
Reply to  elcormaco


Have you got an issue? Seek counselling in Greenland. They tell you whatever you want to hear and usually what you have already said first :). If you are new, welcome and if you are not, then welcome to my private AA, Altzimers Annonymous!


Run Sammy Run
11 years ago

The second one I can’t think of but for the first I’m going with Brian O’Neil with an each way bet on Gerry Creaney

11 years ago

How are we expected to read that tiny wee pic of the snippet?? Don’t care about the Brit-fleg bog, but what does the snippet say? For the love of… what does it saaaaay?

Run Sammy Run
11 years ago
Reply to  binkabhoy

Gie the lad a break, he’s not quite got the hang of this interweby thing yet.

Son of Pensioner Bhoy
11 years ago


Here’s a quizz question for you. Which senior citizen is celebrating their birthday today?

Ralph malph
11 years ago

Margaret thatcher?

11 years ago
Reply to  Ralph malph

Thanks, pal. Just as long as we don’t end up in the same grave.


11 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Malph

Thanks Ralph. Just happy to get up in the morning now. If there is any rest of the day left, it’s a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚


John Littledick
11 years ago

Son of Pensioner Bhoy……is it Rod Stewart?

11 years ago


AS much as I would like few of his sheckles, if I had to sing for my birthday cakes, I would have starved to death long time ago.


11 years ago

John Collins?

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