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Celtic Diary Tuesday January 11: He’s Doing It His Way

With two more signings in the bag, Ange Postecoglou is starting to look like a man with a mission.


Riley McGee, who we long to see, joined Johnny Kenny as the rebuild gained pace.


And admit it, your little heart stooped momentarily because you thought we’d brought back JohnJo Kenny from Everton.


One of our pish stained drunks found a phone on the car park outside Celtic Park, and out of curiosity switched it on and played back the messages.


There were dozens, and all of them were along the same theme.


A Irish voice, asking Mick to ring him fucking back and tell him what the fecks going on.


Otherwise, apparently, Peter will be back in and he’ll sort you fecking out.


It’s actually quite clear what’s going on.


Some time go, Schrodingers Cat..not his rea name..published an article on this site, which discussed the Alpha Male factor.


Briefly, he argued that inder O’Neill, control of the team was in the dressing room.


Lawwell took that back to the boardroom, largely because of the expense.


Celtic’s model , as we know, is not to spend freely, or ambitiously.

It’s just to keep ahead of Rangers. Or, latterly, ” rangers”.


When Brendan Rodgers stopped by to resurrect his career, the control shifted back to the dressing room.

There ensued a battle between the two which ended with Rodgers heading to Leicester and Lawwell rehiring Neil Lennon.


We all know how that turned out.


Lawwell went as part of the fallout, and with Eddie Howe refusing to come to Glasgow without his mates, Amge Postecoglou saved the club a lot of face by travelling halfway round the world, withoit his mates, to take on the job of putting the band back together.


Except he’s not putting it back together, he’s hired a while new rhythm section and a couple of energetic front men.


And he’s hiring the ones he wants.


Michael Nicholson, who replaced Dominic McKay, who briefly replaced Peter Lawwell, isn’t a particularly strong character.


When Postecoglou said he was easy to work with, i got the feeling he meant house trained.


However, Nicholson is actually playing a blinder here, and prompting a rethink of his character.


It takes a degree of strength to acknowledge that sometimes , to get results, you have to let the most capable fellow just get on with it, supporting him when necessary, but also holding him back if he gets a bit carried away.


So far, it’s plain he is doing the former.


As for the latter , we will.wait and see.


And that’s the only worry I have.


Not with Celtic. Not primarily , at least.


It’s the forces of darkness that threaten to envelop us.


And with the support concentrating fully on the good stuff , which there’s plenty of, we seem to have forgotten one or two very important points.


Firstly, this season we’ve seen an active part played by officials in protecting and promoting the new club


They’re getting not favours or help as such, but the benefit of applied rules where perhaps others would not.


Soft penalties, softer free kicks, opponents sent off where maybe a little discreet warning would have been a more respnsible and sporting action.


That’s not cheating because the letter of the law is being applied, whereas the spirit is being ignored.


It will continue to happen when the season resumes.


You know that.


I know that.


Everyone knows that.


What will we do about it?


As usual, nothing.


Unless we actively form a supporters and shareholders group along the lines suggested by Resolution 12 campaigner Auldheid, as mentioned in the last Diary, nothing will change.


We seem to be happy competing with a financially doped outfit in a rigged set up.


Ultimately, that may cost us the current manager. And a few of our top new men.


If the new guys are kicked about as freely as Kyogo has been, and labelled a cheat similarly, they won’t hang around.


Put simply, we need to get our act together to stop the inevitable drive to keep the current entity at Ibrox in place.


If you were at the SFA, or the SPFL, you would probably be of the opinion that an Ibrox club is vital ti the well being of the game.


The blue pound is paramount , at least to their way of thinking.


And as Monty Burns pointed out on a recent podcast we did, if the current Ibrox club went the way of the original one, wjere the overall business model is concerned, with what would you replace it?


They have no answer for that.


Indeed , Celtic have no answer for that either, which explains their collusion inntrying to save the original entity.


With thinhs looking promising on the pitch, it’s important not to neglect matters off it.


Let Ange get on with the job of winning, domestically and internationally.


Support him in building his vision, one which promises to get Celtic back to where they belong.


But don’t forget that by nature our board is quite conservative, and unless we get together to act as a control of sorts on them, sooner or later they’ll put the brakes on Ange.


We cannot allow that.








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1 year ago

Quite simply I don’t care if this board brought in De Ligt, De Bruyne & Mbappe…this board to a man must be removed, as far as I’m concerned the club has been in placed in a shocking position, now some are getting over excited because we have bought a few players for little money?
They need to be removed from the club & the clubs soul restored.

1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Agree to a point Monti. Change the structure, nature and functions of “the board” but not at this crucial time. Auldheid’s Supporters Service will hopefully be realised and unite the worldwide fans of the club. Hold them to account with timed ( SMART) targets first and foremostly, on the park. We should do this, it late May or early June would be better.
Regarding signings, I’ll post in a bit.

1 year ago

Powerful finish to a great article Ralph. Having said that, Ange doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who will accept or allow the board to control him. I see that kind of thing ending in a stand off , similar to what happened with Rodgers. Only difference is Ange will be honest enough to call it out for exactly what it is. Add to that the backing of the entire support behind him and he may just put the board in a corner they’ll struggle to get out of…..

1 year ago
Reply to  McCuttaway

Ange knows he could be gone tomorrow. The Board call the shots and winning the League gives Ange another shot at his build. They employ Ange.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

There has to be a whiff of confidence between Michael and Ange. Is there patience from those in the room who think they are out of pocket ?

1 year ago

Back the team Sack the board. Highlight the misguided decisions at every game. Highlight the referees who make these mistakes,cheats.

1 year ago

It’s very good to see Auldheid’s idea aired and it’s also a very good idea.
It’ll take time and much effort but with a strong heart it’s very achievable and it’ll take a lot of work from a lot of volunteers, but IMHO volunteers are part and parcel of our History.
My sentiments agree with Monti on the Board and we must remember Michael Nicholson has been part of that. I doubt Steve N needs to worry about timing as it wont upset this season and should not upset any season. I think (but don’t know for sure) that it’ll come along in the background from its current state as but a seed and flourish into the nicest Celtic flower that’s ever been, except for our Team, the Bhoys that do the business.
There’s much new around at the moment and it’s all positive.
A message to the Board: Don’t fukk it up like you usually do!

1 year ago

The connection between a supporter & his/her club is worth way more to me than any trophy can bring, the pride you have in your club & all that it stands for is sacred.
I feel a disconnection with this board for many reasons, they have failed to serve the club & it’s support when they needed it most, they stood by & did nothing when we were all being cheated, they are a disgrace to Celtic F.C.
I always want Celtic to be successful, to flourish & be a club we are all proud of, however the crimes of this board & the levels of frustration they have caused is unforgivable, this isn’t about trophies or success it’s about right & wrong….this board have got it all wrong, they are complicit in the lie & have ignored the crimes of the dark side to protect their own income.
They are not fit to be at Celtic Park!

1 year ago

Riley McGree (sounds like a Wild West character ala Dangerous Dan McGrew) seems to be exciting social media but so have plenty of others in the past that have gone on to be flops.

He’s (presumably) surplus to requirements at his MLS club, was loaned to English 2nd division relegation fodder and is now available for about half a million.

Along with Kenny (200k) this would take our total January spend to £2.5m (so far).

I also can’t imagine any of the wages will be that high so this is comfortable in the zone that Celtic operate and any departure from Lawwell is still to manifest.

Its likely that the big tests are the permanent signings of Jota and CCV, without any major departures.

It also needs to be acknowledged that McGree is being signed in preference to the significantly more expensive and talented Hannes Wolf.

That’s fine at this early stage of new team building but in a couple of years will we still be looking at this type of option rather than significantly more expensive (but still affordable) higher quality talent?

The other issue, yet again, is that we seem to have all our eggs in the Ange basket (Manager, DoF, scout etc) so, if anything happens there, then we’re Donald Ducked relying on our useless board.

I see that Shane Duffy is in the BBC readers’ EPL team of the season so far, alongside Virgil, so perhaps with a decent manager/coach he may have been a success at us. Ah well, that ship’s sailed and hopefully Starfelt can be righted into calm waters.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

As the new players come in we should see some offloaded. This is a good thing, a necessity and the way football works. You are there but if we add better you are out and most players at the club have had to deal with this the whole of their career. Welsh ( the Scotland U21 captain) has been told this since he was U12. To let him go now would, I reckon be foolish considering the propensity for players to get (re) injured and the fact that I think, although he is nowhere near good enough yet, he is better than Starfelt. Although not sold or loaned, I think Ralston ( the most improved player at the club ? ) and Turnbull when fit again may be sidelined. Again, unless the new signings catch fire and given the looming battle ahead, this may also be wrong.
As Bertie said ‘ But can they play wee man, can they play ?’ Ange thinks they can and I hope he is right again so that when the agricultural tackles start flying in we have a strong bench.

1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

I agree and I mean no quality outgoings; a substantial quantity of fringe player outgoings is fine.

I saw the noise about Welsh and there’s no way that should be entertained, as even if he’s not first choice, he’s a capable deputy who is ready to step in, as and when required.

Who would you see as taking Ralson’s place, as I didn’t think any of the new signings played in his position, Juranovic with Taylor at LB?

Turnbull is a significant attacking player for us but if someone else comes in and does better then that’s great.

Ignoring all the subsequent baggage, it reminds me of when Dembele (the elder) usurped 40 goal season Griffiths. A lot of fans were unhappy that the latter suddenly became a bit part player after his recent heroics but the team was significantly enhanced and that’s what we should always strive for.

vincent mcsherry
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

just let Ange get on with it! Doing ok so far!

1 year ago

Are you related to Gerry?

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

If all these overseas signing thrive we’ll be shipping them around the globe for internationals. Wonder if 14 hour flights are bad on the ham strings?

1 year ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

Not sure but DVT (deep vein thrombosis) might be more of an issue!

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

Players arn`t our age.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Speak for yourself. 😉

1 year ago

The direction of detail is utmost to the worldwide support. It is getting too costly to watch Celtic for me.

1 year ago

Ralph great article and great responses. Are the Board doing well or are they waiting to muck it all up again? Cha, Riley might be coming not because he his cheap but because Angie knows him and wants him. Welsh is part of our future whatever big names are around. Any change should be planned not knee jerk, Auldheid’s proposal could be the way forward.

1 year ago
Reply to  BJF

I’m sure Ange wants him for footballing reasons and the board for financial ones.

As I say, that’s fine at the moment but in the future that market, through direct first-hand knowledge, will dry up.

1 year ago
Reply to  BJF

I was doing Riley a disservice, as it looks like we were going to spend £2.5m on him.

Sadly, it looks like he will be going elsewhere with Middlesbrough reported to be paying £5m and £20kpw.

That looks quite a lot of money for someone from the bottom of the English 2nd division but Boro are obviously in the same div and clearly think he’s worth it.

1 year ago

Ian Bankier can grow concrete and hates Abba.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Starfelt hatate and juranovic brilliant

1 year ago

Buy better players.

Gary Porter
1 year ago

You say we can’t allow that, but you know we will

Paranoid celt.
1 year ago

Come back green machine

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