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Celtic Diary Thursday December 2: Groundhog Season

Celtic dropped another two points last night as referee Bobby Madden awarded a late penalty to Hearts when it looked like they were going to lose.


Throughout the game, Madden had constantly broken up play when it looked like the hoops would threaten, and the early bookings to a couple of hooped players paid dividends when he had to send them off.


Oh, hang on, that’s tomorrows diary.


What i meant to say was John Beaton awarded a late penalty to “rangers ” as they struggled to overcome Hibernian last night,


With just minutes remaining, Ryan Porteous was judged to have fouled Ryan Kent in the box, despite it being fairly evident he drew his foot back to ensure minimal contact. Kent went down quicker than a two dollar ho and Beaton appeared to think long and hard about his decision, but in reality he was just exercising a degree of control on his body which wanted to jump and dance and sing and laugh.


Even the bookies wouldn;t take bets on a late penalty for a struggling “rangers “.


It happens as regularly as the sun rise. And guess what, the sun will keep rising….



Those of you old enough to remember the last time a club from Ibrox was having, er, cash flow issues, will also remember the plethora of helpful decisions they recieved to enable them to qualify for the champions league cash cow.


You’ll remember it didn’t work, as they fell at the first hurdle and didn’t make the group stage.


If they win the league this year, they will pretty much automatically enter the group stage. Thats 40 million or so quid bouncing their way.


Not even half of what they’ve already lost in their short but hilarious history. but it’ll mean they don’t have to have any more share issues, the latest of which raised £100,000, coincidentally at exactly the same time the wages had to be paid.


Effectively, someone pumped in enough money to keep the lights on.


For another month.
Their chairman , speaking at  their recent AGM, announced that the £7.5m hole in the accounts has been filled. Another loan, which no doubt will be converted to shares , unless, of course, they reap the benefits of champions league qualification.


We’ve seen this film before, although the plot is slightly different, the theme is the same.


And guess what ? Celtic, and all the other clubs being stiffed are not interested in doing something about it.


Hundreds of thousands of fans will keep going to games, keep buying the gear and when the next instalment in the long and dark history of rule bending is written, they’ll phone Radio Stations and newspapers to make their point.


They’ll be right, but by doing that they’ll be feeding the very monster that protects the status quo.


The established sports media that refuses to acknowledge firstly that this is a new entity over at Ibrox, and secondly, that it’s already in at least as much trouble as the old one.
Their failure to investigate last time round almost destroyed the game, and this time round, a repeat of the head in the sand attitude will mean the consequences will be more dire, as the European governing bodies, and probably media, given that we now have a manager from outside these shores, will sit up and take notice.
The apathy of the Celtic support, who, because things have always been this way, are prepared to accept it is astonishing. Rebels by name and nature, they’ve stood up for cause after cause, sent money to those under oppression or facing hunger and poverty, and yet when the one constant in their lives, the one thing that has an emotional and financial attachment that is seemongly unbreakable, is threatened, from either within or without, we stand by.


Afraid that someone else will take our seat, or perhaps just , in some perverse way, actually enjoying the environment that is designed to keep us down.


Of course, we don;t help ourselves.


Come with me to the late sixties and early seventies for a moment.


Celtic were dominant in Scotland, and feared throughout Europe. In that time, a European Cup was secured with a new style of play, a new attitude on the pitch and a manager prepared to drag his club onto the world stage.


With a wee bit more support, post Milan and Feyenoord, could Celtic have become then what Liverpool are now ?


The board didn’t support the manager.


First class players were sold when the club wouldn’t support their ambition, cheap replacements were sought, and Stein himself was sidelined.


His crime ?


He wanted Celtic at the pinnacle of European football, but the board even then were uncomfortable as his dominance meant the relevance of the Old Firm brand diminished.


In the late seventies early eighties, the club that would die in 2012 became also rans, as Dundee United and Aberdeen not only mounted a challenge but maintained it.


Dundee United made a European cup semi final and a UEFA Cup final. Aberdeen won a Super cup after lifting the Cup Winners Cup.
Rangers were on their way out.


Then came Murray….


Who killed it trying to do what Celtic had done, and to a lesser extent the two northern sides.


Celtic were at the top of the tree, at home and abroad in 1975. cheated out of another European Cup final by the hatchet men pf Atletico Madrid , the board refused to match the managers ambition, and instead we saw a brief resurgence of the Old firm.


A similar thing happened in 2003.
Today, we have a board that has an equally visionary manager, who must be looking around in bewilderment at what is going on. a board which refuses to acknowledge even the perception of bias that will lead to another title heading to Ibrox, so that they can stave off an insolvency event.


The Celtic board now is acting the way the Celtic board always did.


Preservation of the Old Firm brand ahead of anything else, a glass ceiling on ambition that will remaon as long as we, the support, allow them to do so.


The longer we pay into this shite, the longer it will stink up the enviroment.


Of course, we might not drop points to Hearts tonight.


Madden might not even be the referee,.


Then again, if he isn;t down for this one now, he will be by lunchtime.


They need to be comfortably ahead of Celtic during the christmas period, otherwise the gullibilly blue pound will go on other products.


Not deodorant, not soap, that goes without saying, but not “rangers ” new orange top, or whatever else they come up with for Santa’s sack,


And they’re kind of counting on every penny.


Thats a fair old moan, and no doubt a fair percentage of the replies will be along the lines of “but what do we do ? ”


You know the answer, but you don;t want to face it.


It’s hard to break what is probably the longest ongoing relationship, emotionally and financially, in your life.


But I’m afraid thats what it’s going to take before we can go to the football again without knowing what the result will be.

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1 year ago

I’ve been saying for years now that the only way to stop the corruption is to stop giving them money but still they turn up like lemmings going off a cliff. The clubs know and are part of the fix due to the 5 way. Only the fans can change it, the longer you keep giving the club your money the more penalties they get.

1 year ago
Reply to  jimmea

How long would it take for the board to “give in”? 3 games? 3 months? a full season? 2 seasons? And meanwhile *rangers and their media friends celebrate trophies and titles…and the board sell some of our best players to balance the books.
They would wait the fans out and the club would be dealt a severe financial blow that it would take years to recover from, while *rangers and their media friends celebrate “56, 57, 58 etc”.
The idea of a “financial boycott” sounds good in principal…but I really think it would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.
There has to be another way.

Salad queen
1 year ago

Excellent post Ralph, but I’m sure TGM will find a fault.

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  Salad queen

Au contraries, ma cherie , I agree with every word except for the all out boycott, and even that’s only cos it occurred to me we could do what Squint Eastwood did at Sevco and set up a fans’ escrow account fir the ST money.

Demand change, and guaranteed change at that, throughout the game before handing it over but of course those scum would say and do anything to get it then renege on everything.

Still, nice that you’re thinking of me 🙂

Michael Annis
1 year ago

Spot on Ralph. I now longer have a ST, it’s too cold for my old bones, so reluctant to tell others what to do BUT doing nothing means you’re supporting corruption. Fans of all clubs bar one are sick of this fixed game and moan endlessly about it but the solution is in their hands, other Boards need forced into action. First boycott away matches, hit them in the only way it makes them notice, their wallets. But no, our fans would rather sing and shout and them moan when they’re cheated. You’d think we were the gullibles.

1 year ago

Watched it last night. The penalty was not the worst decision of the match just the most highlighted. The usual break Hibs play up and ignore sevco fouling. I have today given up on Scottish football. (It was also shite to watch last night). It is a business not a sport, focused on keeping it most abhorrent element going. Billy boys was again as clear as day just to add to the charm. I’m oot.

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  Jbhoy

Aye, Ah feel ye, man, it broke my heart when the reality of what the game had become way back in the day and it still kills me yet, hence my general righteous fury & anger every time I think about our Hun Masonic board .

So I wish I could say it gets easier with time but it really doesn’t as The Famous Glasgow Celtic meant s9 much to me and still does but the dream is over.

God luck and well done with your stance, if only more could be as disciplined and decisive as yourself this situation might never have came about.

Hail Hail.

The Green Machine
1 year ago

Well,said! Ralph, an article well worthy of our traditions and some fine comments and further observations from all the Bhoys.

And gal, if gal she be, even it was just tae gie me a mention 🙂

The Green Machine
1 year ago
  • No idea how this comment ended up there as I started it in the leader box but life’s like that sometimes.
The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  Jbhoy

Btw, my realisation came right after Lawwell’s ‘downsiziing position after our run to Seville.

Id suspected this mob since even before they arrived as I’d been gave a tip, by a Mason, of all people, to keep an eye on them and see if they do to the club what he’d telt me a good decade prior as to what they were gonna do wae the fitba.

So I did and not only was he correct in his warning about them but also about every other 5 of the game and though he’s no long3 with us the stuff he told me about how Freemasonry really works, without eve; mentioning the name, only using the words ‘the business’, has stood me in good stead throughout my life, though I always had a good nose for them having been raised in one their strongholds.

Aye, he was right in every ‘prediction’ he told me and not just on the game but across the board, Ben mentioning the use of a bio weapon to kill both the current system and a large chunk of humanity with it.

He obviously knew he was on his way out and that this stuff was exactly the solution to all the questions I could neve4 get an answer for as a curious and eager wannabe research journalist. .

And there it all was, wrapped in the one fat parcel of Freemasonry with a nice ‘Civic Society’ bow on top.

Aye, Gud bless him, he never forgot one aspect as the three decades since has proven.

1 year ago

Listen, Ange is a sharp card as we have seen with his throwing the press under the bus after picking it up and launching it their way. He knows they will be hovering like the dirty vultures they are circling to stab, et tu Brute? And like Ferguson at Man U, who knew not to upset their massive egos as they write the checks, like it or no. Ange keeps his thoughts to himself. Unless perhaps, like Fergie, a racehorse is being offered then tried to take back which left Magnier’s cider rather flat. (Google those who have no the know!) So Ange knows the score and will keep moving those pieces around and bring in success as long as he can and I feel he truly appreciates the support. He gets it as Aussies love to say! HH!

1 year ago

” They are there & they’re always there & god bless everyone of them “- Tommy Burns.

As long as God decides to have me on this planet, I will give the team my full backing!

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

I’d have Liked this, Monti, but you added a T where it’s not necessary.


kevin mccarthy
1 year ago

Boycott all cup competition

1 year ago
Reply to  kevin mccarthy

I agree, keep supporting Celtic but stop buying tickets for Scottish cup games, make the spfl/sfa feel the need for change as they will have to decide whether to keep collecting their wage or keep Scottish football running…

kevin mccarthy
1 year ago

And the latest plan is to postpone the Dundee United game so they stay seven points clear

1 year ago

Wow! That was a diary and a half.

Basically, it’s all our fault for allowing them to get away with it (& that includes our board). Sad, but true. -although , I can’t help but think we’d need a revolution in Scotland to change attitudes and bias ingrained over centuries and supported all across the Hun infested media.

So, what can we do about it? Not much, I’m afraid. Other than stopping them on the pitch by winning the league, which is certainly a possibility- particularly if we strengthen in the upcoming window.

As last night showed, they are a pretty ordinary side. Without this year’s catalog of honest mistakes we’d be already level on points with them. If we can keep in touch, beat them in the New Year game and continue improving, I can see the wheels coming off.

We can’t be them off the park, so the only solution is to beat them on it!

1 year ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

What can you do about it, not much? Just the type of customer our board loves ! Stop giving them money, stop buying tickets for the cup games, stop buying tickets for away games. The only thing our board gives a fuck about is money, stop giving them it and they will act. I’m not a customer but still a supporter.

1 year ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

We’re naw allowed tae beat them on the park either, as we will find out on the 2 January, and as Hibs found oot last night, the ” Faithful through and through ” mantra isn’t working anymore, losing a league/leagues tae a better team is part of sport, losing a league/leagues tae cheating officials is match fixing and corruption…

John E Mitchell
1 year ago

“We are Celtic supporters, faithful through and through…”
“Ah’ve got a great seat and ah don’t want tae lose it…”
“Don’t worry, the Huns’ll crash and burn, jist like they did in 2012…”
“We’ll win it on the park…”
“Cheats never prosper…” ( Ha! )

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be, to keep spending hard-earned money on a loaded game?

Why not give your Boss back £500+ of your wages and he’ll arrange for your Hun neighbour to come round a couple of times a week and pump the arse off your wife on top of the bins while you stand out in the cold, watching and whingeing…’til the next pumping.
Rinse and repeat ad nauseum…

1 year ago

There is another way to make the board take notice. Support the team on the pitch but stop buying from the concession stalls in Celtic Park and stop buying merchandise. Match day income will drop like a stone and they’ll soon take note of that.

1 year ago

A good post, so true when you look back at the previous years.

Angel Gabriel
1 year ago

Excellent article.
Suffice to say that the suits in Celtic PLC , know that most fans are addicted to Celtic and will still buy into a crooked farce .
The stakes are too high for the new sticky’s not to win the league this season.
Sad but true.
Fitba up here stopped being a sport years ago. The “secret “ ( can you believe they even called it that ! ) 5 way agreement has scunnered any chance of redemption.

1 year ago
Reply to  Angel Gabriel

”The secret” 5 way agreement.
I was just wondering is Angel Gabriel part of Sevco’s inner sanctum or is amongst the Masons who control Sevco/ SFA

1 year ago

There’s a lot wrong with the Celtic Board and plc structure but if we are hanging our “boycott” strategy on a fairly uncontroversial penalty, I have a right o ne sceptical about your judgement on other matters. I hated the award last night and was shouting at the telly but I also know it was a pen and the vast majority of neutral refs would agree.

I predict a Cetic win tonight and that refereeing decisions will play no part in that.

But that doesn’t change the underlying issues we face. Your historical analyses of the Jock Stein declining years and post-2003 (especially) as being down to Board cowardice and not spending is more than open to challenge but it;s a safe haven comforting argument. All the xompetition failures and the bad buys are down to the suits and all the triumphs and good buys are down to the football men. That is how we rationalise it and we need to grow up.

How do you change a plc structure in a world of global capitalism? Does boycotting have no harmful side effects? Are you sure the changes you pressurise are worth it? Or would we be like Scargill picking a fight when the rcoal reserves are full?

There’s a damn good argument for change at CP. Ref’s decisions, especially last night’s, is not the ground to die on.

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  SFTB

Aye, all true but an escrow account fir the season tickets would scare the shite out them.

The Green Machine
1 year ago

The Dave boy did very well from his cunning plan to oust Ashley’s men, billionaire though he may be.

Starve the greedy rich of money to see how those puppy dogs run,

1 year ago

The bottom line is that it has ever been thus right back to when I started going to Celtic Park as a kid in 1965. Our Board were complicit then, and with the exception of Fergus McCan and a few others during the rebuilding years, our Board are still complicit. No change there then. So if you spent all those years going when we all knew it was a stacked deck, why the surge to change it now?

1 year ago

i before e except after c ( with some exceptions)
Starfelt fit, benching Welsh a risk.
I’ll get my coat.

1 year ago

Last night was standard in Scottish football, the penalty was soft but a penalty as Porteous was stupid. But overall Beathun allowed the zombies every advantage to even giving them a shy because two balls were on the park. The usual was chanted by the bears ‘Famine song’ etc flare also lobbed towards the Hibs goalie but its all just banter according to the fourth estate, who think they are clever trying to bring Ange down.
But for years they have got away with crap and only a handful of teams have stood up against them, Celtic and Hibs not being one of them. I have reduced expenditure with the club as I believe the board are supportive of a hate culture.
The Celtic through and through mob are off their heads, as previously said like lemmings jumping off a cliff. Celtic as a club should take a stance, but as a business as long as they make a profit they are quite happy, shame charlatans now rule the roost

1 year ago

“But I’m afraid thats what it’s going to take before we can go to the football again without knowing what the result will be.”


No, Celtic have been on the wrong side of mis-governance since its inception eg Tully-Cox, Flag Flutter and lots more before and after, so we’re not at any further disadvantage than all of us have experienced throughout our Celtic supporting life.

The question then is why now, when we’ve still got a great chance of winning the league, we’re the economic powerhouse and we’ve the resources to challenge any malfeasance etc?

We probably had none of those advantages (save perhaps the first) when me and you were a teenager/early 20s, so why didn’t you turn your back on it then as it was surely obvious to all of us.

Can we also stop this nonsense about us not being allowed to win the league, we’ve won 9 of the past 10 and about 15 out of the past 20.

Yes, obstacles will be put in our way but these will not be insurmountable, given the quality of our players and ability to improve on that in January.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

Good post The Cha but if we do win the league do you trust the Politburo to spend wisely to capitalise on our hard work or more of the same. Roy Keane said that when he signed Strachan was diffident at best and the Board expected him to be say thanks and be grateful. I’m in tonight because I’ll never allow those bastards to define my relationship with Celtic.

1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

As its basically the same guys as its been for 20 years, sadly, I expect more of the same.

Even after the shitshow of last year, they couldn’t admit responsibility and apologise, so its unrealistic to see them do anything different.

Ange will obviously have an affect, especially with identifying targets in Japan and Australia but just like Rodgers before him, even doing the board’s and others (CE, DoF) work for them, still risks them stymieing things (reneging on agreed transfer fees, terms etc).

Some fans and media seem confident of early good business in January but i have my doubts. Ange will do his bit but the rest are the ones that have dragged their heels for years.

Despite everything, unless you’re under 10 then you’ve seen worse.

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

With plenty worse to come if this keeps up.

1 year ago

“ aye but whit dae we dae aboot it”
Like you say Ralph, a lot of supporters treat their commitment to Celtic as would
a wronged partner in an abusive relationship. It’s heads or tails to stick it out or walk away. Walk away and you’re lost to the game as it’s true ‘we are a club like no other’. Stick it out and you continue to be cheated.
‘ Aye whit tae dae’ .
Pity there’s no Relate Guidance Councillors fir Fitbaw fans in distress.

1 year ago

Being a Celtic supporter has alway’s been difficult, knowing how we have mostly been the underdogs. Today, that just isn’t the case. No-one can doubt but that our income vastly outnumbers any other SPFL member club. Just now it feels like we are being attacked by Covid 19 sectarian spikes, these spikes are hurtful to any Celtic supporter, the symptoms are anger and angst.
Spike: full length Mutant strain – SFA. – Spike: Mutant strain Orange Order.
Spike: Mutant strain 5Way Agreement. – Spike: Mutant strain Scottish press, with BBC attachment.
Spike: Mutant strain – Gamma Hun Mutant. – Spike: Mutant strain Sky.

The Astrazeneca – Pfizer – GIRUT. vaccine should be utilised to clean up the blood clots that pollute the game. Beware the Omicrom cheating referees variant, as it breaks up play, awards fouls and penalties against, before sending of one of our players. If you get that variant then – Call It Out.

1 year ago

Now that was a grim second half. We played like strangers and lost all the good habits we had shown in the first half. Mikey Johnson?….couldnae pass watter. How could we play so comfortably in the first half and then struggle so badly in the second half? If that’s what’s gonna happen every time we have to make substitutions due to injuries then we’re in trouble. It was a relief to hear the final whistle.

The Green Machine
1 year ago

No need for all out boycott, just set up an escrow account for the ST money then watch the bastards squirm.

And they will squirm.

And that’s when we nail them.

1 year ago

Well played Bhoys, from a nerve wracked fan.

Boyd; “Until we have evidence, it is offside.” Doh!

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

I remember the first round where a sea had an onside goal chalked off at tynecastle. Swings and roundabouts

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Abada *

1 year ago

Ange to Starfelt: “Don`t think, just do.”

1 year ago

I have said it before at least 3 times, I think?We as fans should boycott games but let’s start slowly to show that we mean business, as there is no reason to press the nuclear button straight away! So, what to do? 1st we all have to understand that it is all about money and the effect it has on all interested/participating parties!

  • Do not attend any away cup match(s) organised by the SFA/SPFL, including including finals. Let’s see how long it will take before Celtic FC, away clubs chairman/sponsors/SKY are discussing the issue SFA/SPFL? Imagine if we did not buy a single ticket for the LC final what would happen? Well the stadium would be less than half full so less revenue/money for the organisers for them and to share out with all participating clubs. Less revenue for SKY due to lower advertising revenue, as viewers don’t want to see half empty stadiums. Less revenue for SKY means lower TV deals for the organisation and so on you know how this works!

if this does not focus the minds of everyone involved then we need a bigger nudge! So where next?

  • in addiction to the above – do not attend any away league fixtures. Very few if any SPFL club will not be affect by this! Now this should really focus the attention of all interest parties!

The last thing I would want to do is hurt the club I have supported for my near 60yrs on this planet but if the Club/PLC are going to treat us purely as customers then let’s act like customers and stop buying Celtic merchandise.

And the penultimate action! Start boycotting home games (league/cup/Europe) How about the 1st home game every month? No action from our club, then it’s 2 matches, then 3 etc etc.

And the nuclear option? Well we start our own club, Celtic of Glasgow sounds good. This maybe in Scotland, it may not if the changes are not made to the governing bodies so that there is a fair and level playing field for ALL CLUBS!

Is this going to be easy? Will everyone get on board with what is ultimately needed, I don’t know but a change is needed.

1 year ago

Ralph, I was in so much of a hurry (needing a pee) that I may have missed a crucial comment (in your post above which I’ve yet to revisit). If so, sorry. That post (as I’ve seen) is real quality. As good as it gets IMHO. How this season pans out is partially in Celtic FC supporters like you and me’s hands. I wouldn’t trust the PLC with ……. anything.
Sometimes, to get ‘justice’, one may have to move from push to shove, from finger on or off a piece. Just a winning strategy.
The rest is just “a game” as those shithouses whom proclaim “forward, (from safe positions in the the rear) and the front rank died………
Respect? Nah! Not for ANY of that SHITE.
Respect? AYE. The grounds and traditions of Celtic FC, from 1887/8- until now (2021). Few can match it. Mibbaes QP, but, only just!

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