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Celtic Diary Monday October 4: That’ll Be The Day

..that we won away !


Celtic beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie yesterday, and, as no doubt you’ve been reminded, recorded their first away win since the formation of the Scottish football league.


Or something like that.



Significant ?



Well, the chairman of Bayern Munich rang the owner of Real Madrid last night, and in hushed tones informed him that…


Verdammt noch mal, die Kelten sind zurück  (fucking hell, the Celts are back )   

 And if we were all honest, we’d admit to ourselves that we quite enjoyed that game, and it was far more fun than previous years, when a trip to the north usually meant the three points were easier to get than a shock from an Aberdonian bar bill.

 Celtic left it late, but it’s not surprising really. The intensity of play, on and off the ball, means that the players need a bit of a rest during the game, before rallying near the end. As fitness levels increase, that period will get shorter and shorter, and the games less exciting or unpredictable, so enjoy them while you can before we return to the norm of sweeping domestic opposition aside, winning everything in sight like we did in four of the last five seasons.

 After the match, manager Ange Postecoglou praised the character of the players, highlighting that it’s not about all about expected goals and other pointless statistics….

“We obviously had a disappointing night (against Leverkusen), and we know our troubles in the league, particularly away from home, so with all those factors, and even the manner in which we did it … I thought the players showed tremendous character at 1-1 not to settle for that and to try to get the winner and I’m really pleased they got their rewards.” he said.

“It’s important because there’s no doubt this year we’ve played some good football, but probably the one thing we haven’t shown is that when we needed to get ourselves out of a hole or whatever situation we’ve been in, we’ve struggled to do that.

“I think the players will get tremendous belief out of today. It’s not an easy place to come and win. They were desperate for points, throwing everything at us.”  



Football is played by footballers, with a real ball, in good weather and bad, after long road trips and short, and not on a computer screen somewhere, with the curtains closed so that the neighbours think you’re watching another genre entirely, like normal men do.



There’s an international break now, with Scotland facing Israel…I didn’t even need to look that up, they’re always playing Israel, and probably someone else.



All we, and Ange , can hope, is that the players away don;t pick up any injuries. Scotland players in particular are at risk, as they can fall off their chairs asleep whilst listening to Steve Clarkes team talks.


As the wizard of Aus and annihilator of Aberdeen said;


“The last international break wasn’t great for me so I’m not sure how I feel about international breaks,” 
“It is good having that positive feeling and the next two weeks give us the chance to get some players up and running who are out injured, and get some work into some others who need it.

“Fingers crossed they all get through the international window and we have a stronger squad to then sustain a bit of a run after everyone gets back.”



Maybe things are starting to come together, maybe it’s just a flash in the pan, but what is certainly encouraging is that the manager is already making plans for the January transfer window….


“We’ve identified targets and begun discussions before we get to January so that we can conclude deals a lot quicker than we did in the previous window.”  



Not only is that a signal of intent, but it’s perhaps a window into how these deals are made, and how much time has to be put into making sure you get the right player at the right price. With only two windows a season, it may be that the market needs full time attention rather than just an attitude of “we can buy someone now, so let’s buy someone.



Instead of targeting a deal by the end of the window, work on it so it can be sorted at the beginning. Obviously some players and agents will want to wait and see what else appears on the table, but surely it’s worth building a relationship with a target early, so that all parties know where they stand, and whether or not a player is worth pursuing ?




Despite the euphoria of the win yesterday, Celtic are still sixth in the table, and are still six points adrift of leaders “rangers “, who managed a 2-1 win over Hibernian despite going behind after just eight minutes to a Kevin Nisbet goal.



Fortunately, that conveyer belt at Lanarkshire has thrown up another one for the future in Nick Walsh, who sent off Ryan Porteous on the half hour mark to help his team, after the Hibee slid past a “rangers ” player causing him to move out of the way.



From at least one angle, there appears to have been no contact, and it’s thought that Porteous was sent off for thinking about committing an offence.


Well, it was either send him off or award a couple of penalties “ said Walsh, down at the lodge



Which reminds me, Bobby Madden was the flautist, sorry, whistler, at Pittodrie, and he managed to award a free kick to Aberdeen for the other new rule, which states that Celtic cannot retain possession of the ball for ninety consecutive seconds.






Amazingly, Celtic committed 27 fouls on Aberdeen players, who only had the ball for about half an hour, whilst the Dons only committed ten.


Or one every ten minutes or so…. despite Celts having the bulk of possession.


Now this could be down to the aggressive side of Celtic play, fighting to win back the ball, but if you look closer it’s more likely it’s all about breaking up play, upsetting the rhythm of Celtic, who play the game at pace.



These subtle little tweaks to the flow of a game have an enormous influence on the outcome, and are less visible than penalties and sending offs.



Of course, there is the perception of bias, with a number of officials having supported “rangers ” in their younger days, even to the extent of holding season books.


In England,, they do it differently….






If any referee has any connection to any club, they must not be allowed to referee their games. It’s that simple, and although that will probably see an increase on supporters of Partick or St Mirren, any subsequent evidence that links them to a club, must result in instant dismissal.



That would remove the perception of bias.



With the Celtic board under Peter Lawwell’s diktats not interested in pursuing anything, no matter how illegal or immoral, that would upset the Old Firm brand…including liquidation of one half of it….. there is a feeling that they may be compromised and therefore unable to call out any ,er, perception of bias.



However, since all Celtic fans are fully aware that the board don’t give a shiny shite for how we feel, and we know that they care more about that brand than petty things such as sporting integrity and fair play, it’s hard to see how they could possibly think their image would be further tarnished by such revelations.


In short, that barrel the SFA/SPFL think they have the Celtic board over, it doesn’t exist. we already know they’re a shower of bastards who give not a toss for either the club, the support or the image of the club, which worldwide is down to the support and the players.


So there is no reason not to call them out.


The board need to know that there really isn’t anything they could do that would make us think any less of them 



Elsewhere, and Roger Mitchell, who helped to put Scottish football where it is today, had a few words for the Celtic board on his twitter account…

“There should be two dossiers before the board at Celtic PLC.

“‘What they do and we don’t’ is the heading of both reports.



“First one Brugge, second one Brentford.

“Both clubs would be considered by most Celtic fans as ‘not as big as us’. How quaint.”  



Now, isn’t that interesting ?


If you don’t think it is, then you haven’t being paying attention……




Caption competition…..






pilsbury dough bhoy
 3 days ago

“I’m getting leather, subtle tones of insole and just a hint of sport sock.”    









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Dziekanowski's nightclub child
1 year ago

Caption: The Lanarkshire referee duplicator was working fine.

1 year ago

The chip shop of the future is just around the corner.

1 year ago

Under controlled conditions, Scottish whistlers are given advanced training in the use of the new VAR photoshop editing suite

1 year ago

The editing suite will have its own lodge number

The Green Machine
1 year ago
Reply to  James

Oh, it does.

1 year ago

Caption …
Table 4 has ordered turducken print off the recipe quickly ,but make sure to leave out the turd this time …

John E Mitchell
1 year ago

Chernobyl : “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Water Cooling On The Nuclear Fission.”

Phil McEachen
1 year ago

Gavin Strachan’s laptop gets an upgrade.

1 year ago

League scientists working on a formula for the new club to win the league.
Yesterday was a must-win and Ange and the team delivered. Aberdeen will be further up.the league than they are now but still below us. Jotta’s tackling back was a joy and an example to Abada, Jamsue and Mikey. I respect Tony Ralston for how he has come on but neither he nor Montgomery are reading Angie’s game plan properly. Montgomery should go out on loan, ideally to England or Europe. We need a central midfielder with an engine to allow Cal Mac to go forward. But a better start to the international break than we might gave had. It will be interesting to see if Porteous’s red card is rescinded. He has a rash streak, tends to play against individual opponents rather than being team-minded, he gets into petty battles.

1 year ago

Somebody pointed out that in the 7 Sevco games Nick Walsh has refereed, he has sent off an opposition player in 6 of them.

1 year ago


Chef one of them definitely turns on the oven

1 year ago

Caption: Chinese Space Agency – “No it’s not a UFO, Ryan Christie must be playing in Bournemouth today “!

A couple of points on not refereeing the team you support: 1. Could all the MiB get round it by saying they supported original Rangers but not the new club? Oh wait a minute!!!!; and 2. These same MiB could still referee our games….so no change for us?!
Finally, on the foul count against us, most of these are from opposition players falling over as if they’ve been hit hard by a feather (see both Aberdeen full backs yesterday)! Every Celtic player in every game should constantly tell the ref ‘That was a dive’ (see Jota yesterday), therefore highlighting this form of cheating. HH.

Luke Warmwater
1 year ago

Do you want fries with that?

1 year ago

Caption competition

1 year ago

That’s Kris Boyd’s half time pie’s going in now chef

1 year ago

Aye and Celtic fans’ll still throw their wages at the Celtic board and sponsors.

As ma granny used to say ” A guid stervin’ that’s whit yer needin'”

1 year ago
Reply to  James

Awful defending, uninspiring midfield performance and pithless attack against a team getting mullered right, left and centre!!

Get your mortgage on Sevco to win the league, the men in black are making sure of that!!

matthew gallagher
1 year ago

Opposition player sent off, is becoming as common to hear as penalty rangers*.

Salad queen
1 year ago

The Eastern version of the willy wonky chocolate factory.

1 year ago

Why pay to watch a rigged game then? Every week on here and other Celtic forums it’s full of people quite rightly moaning about decisions going in Sevco’s favour but do nothing about it??, don’t moan about it every week online. I’ve written and emailed the club a few times but never once got a reply so they get no money from me until the club start to tackle the issue. The only way they’ll act is when the customer stops paying.

Pat O' Hara
1 year ago

“Laptop chips ready for table numbers 0 Two and 0 Three”.

1 year ago

how the 55 formula was created

1 year ago

The NASA scientists admit defeat, we can get a rocket to Mars but simply cannot figure out how you can have 67% possession and commit 27 fouls.

Salad queen
1 year ago

Why are sevco allowed to continue with media ban? Breaks contractual obligations therefore should be financially penalised. Where is the sfa/spfl in all this? Nowhere!
They are allowed to obscure any scrutiny.

1 year ago

The Pilsbury Doughbhoy caption team springs into action as a Diary appears online.

1 year ago

Caption..well observation really.
Now we know where all the ‘pokey-hat’ men went to.

1 year ago

Trying to identify another Billionaire with wealth beyond belief before the lights go out

The issue about refereeing is something that is accepted in this wee bigoted country. The Hibees were cheated but they will follow the party line. Only McManus and Stewart have raised their heads above the parapet. As for Brother Madhun he had a worse tackle by that clown Halliday on McGregor, contact made, not even a yellow. But wee Washer woman could not send off Porteous quickly enough, as for The victory, the team fought and did not give up, not pretty but they were plain* against twelve.

1 year ago

It is time for all clubs, well except for one I imagine, to call for procedures for neutral refereeing. We have a lot to learn from the English on this and also we should introduce VAR assuming those looking at VAR are also vetted as neutral. The decision are brazenly wrong and even when they are reversed on appeal it’s too late as they don’t change any results. The even playing field is a foreign concept in Scotland. Board – do your job for Gods sake

Woof Charlie
1 year ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

I can’t remember which manager it was, possibly Jack Ross, but Sportshun were asking managers what they thought of VAR and he said ‘it depends who is giving the ref the verdict’ sums it up really, placemen of Lanarkshire.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Caption: In the Dandy footballing brain of Ange Postecoglue the Numbskulls desperately search for the burnt out Ajeti fuse.

The Green Machine
1 year ago

Caption: High dreck tadgetry

George Lazenbhoy
1 year ago

Caption: the new Celtic boardroom design with a hint of Bond villain

1 year ago

Walsh is the P.E. teacher at Boclair Academy High School Guess whose Academy players go there ?

1 year ago


A glimpse at the annual Sevco accountants book cooking operation.

Paul Mc
1 year ago

Is it true that Walsh is a PE teacher who coaches young rangers players? Read into that what you will…..some clubs like the idea of a ‘loyal’ man
What we have to do, as we did under O’Neill fairly regularly and at many points since, is put the ball in the net often enough that no amount of bias can sway the result. That might mean playing twice as well as other teams but we’re capable of it. That’s all we can do for now – until VAR comes in and things are under the scientific analysis that negates a ref’s instinct to check if the brotherhood approve their decision.
It’s encouraging we are already thinking about the January window. Ange is still building the squad he wants. Hopefully players like Gio and Scales can show their capabilities too and kick on, along with on loan guys like O’Connor as potential options for next season. But I would definitely raid the J-League again for a compatriot to play with Kyogo. CD, FB or winger. Just needs one or two players to help improve some of the other first team. Good luck to Scotland in the meantime and hope they’re all back, fit and healthy

1 year ago

Caption: Can someone pull reactor 54….I think 55 is improbable.

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