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Celtic Diary Saturday December 29

Celtic travel to Easter Road today as the campaign to win the league as quickly as possible goes from strength to strength. Hibs will have a full squad to choose from, but despite more efforts to restructure the Scottish game from the fourth estate, still hurting that the idea to allow clubs to become debt free by not paying any bills was rejected by the clubs who did pay their bills, the edinburgh side will only be allowed to field eleven players at any one time.

Celtic will be missing the usual quota plus Mulgrew, who was hit by a hand grenade during the now infamous Dens Park Riot, more of which later. The usual quota, of course being Forrest, (different injury from his last one,) Matthews, Commons Stokes, and Ledley.

The game kicks off at 3pm , and those worried for their safety after the Dundee Massacre can watch it on BBC alba as it is being re-run at 6pm.

The pictures from Dundee, and the harrowing eye witness stories are shocking, and any decent law abiding citizen will this morning be wondering where on earth all the money he pays in taxes actually goes to. There were reports of people openly smoking cigarettes just yards from a school which will have children in it in less than a week.

One man was even said to have knocked over a lager shandy in a bar, causing a cleaning bill of over twenty pounds.

Someone didn’t flush the toilet in another bar, after he had used it, and chip shops were aghast as wrapping paper overflowed from the bins onto the pavement before harassed and busy staff had a chance to empty it.

These pictures, exclusive to Etims-sort of the pictures that the press dared not print, tell their own story. Such as the leader pic above, which shows supporters trying to find their vehicles after the game.

bomb 2

Here, a concerned Dundee resident returns to his house to find it considerably improved.

And here, a bus load of disabled children , returning from their Christmas break, which they had collected money to pay for for ten years, hoping firemen with cutting equipment turn up to free them before the intense cold, combined with terrorist supporting feral teenagers return to loot the damaged vehicle


There are more, even more horrific scenes, but i’m saving them for a big cheque from the Sun.

So where were the police when all this was happening. Reports indicate that they acted in direct proportion to the trouble that was taking place.riot police

riot 2

Thank god they were there.

all this has been kept out of the papers, but thanks to columnists such as John Hartson, some people are brave enough to stand up and ask for the perpetrators to be named , shamed and burned at the stake.

Hartson, clearly still worried about his weight and on a soup only diet, won the admiration of Celtic supporters as a player for his efforts in the hoops, and its a shame he has chosen the path of the MSM. I’m off to take amy copy of his video to a big fire in my garden, where it joins similar tat from the likes of Andy walker, Craig Burley and Davie Provan.

Celtic have promised to find the troublemakers-surely it was everyone who was there?-but you get the feeling it will be more of a half arsed anyone know who it was, as opposed to a major inquest.

Enough of that, and enjoy yourselves at the game today. Remember, no fighting, no drinking , no nothing.


Paul Lambert recieved a Rolex watch from Dortmund player Andy moeller as a christmas gift when the German found out that at Motherwell, all Lambert got was a turkey. Lambert made his name as a holding midfielder as the Germans beat Juventus to lift the Big Cup, and had only heard of Lambert when their manager Ottmar hizfield remembered him from a pre season game, and signed him on a free.

Dortmund beat Celtic in Europe during a particularly bad spell for the hoops in Europe-1981-2001, along with several other German teams. but which ones did we actually beat at that time?



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10 years ago

I think the only German team we beat over 2 legs during that period was
1FC Cologne who we beat 3-2 on aggregate losing 2-0 over there and winning 3-0 at home inspired by the maestro.

As an aside I work in the Moray area and new Rangers were up here for their top of the table clash v Elgin last weekend.

I know for certain that 5 Rangers fans were arrested that day 3 in the ground and 2 outside for various offences. Strangely more Rangers fans arrested than Celtic but nothing in MSM – funny that!!!

10 years ago


Like I said yesterday, it is not a case of right, wrong or indifferent with regard to Celtic fans’ behaviour. No matter the truth, the media reports will be the actual story. I could probably write a 50 volume history of exaggerated and unsubstantiated tales of our misbehaviour over 7 decades but somehow, I feel it would be a futile work. That is why we must take extra care to act flawlessly so that the media are forced to turn to fantasy for their releases. My only demand is that the club seek the truth and do not bow to PR protection at every turn.

I am listening to the game with some concern at the moment. In audio at least, we do not sound particularly convincing and actually somewhat vulnerable in defence. I do admit it is audio which can be somewhat off kilter even if CTV. I hope for better things to come in the next hour or so, as I do for you and everyone at ETims, for all connected to the site, their families and the rest of the Celtic family in 2013.

Quiz: Relying on my memory loss I am sure Steveo has it spot on. I do remember beating Cologne twice.


10 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

The two occasions may not have been in the same home and away ties but I am sure we have defeated Cologne twice in my time. But then, my memory loss could very well be self-delusionary rather than factual.


10 years ago

I’m sure the other team we beat was Hamburg. Rings a bell but might be wrong of course… 😉

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