Celtic Diary Monday December 24

Ross County found out on Saturday that Celtic can adapt their style of play and move up a gear when neccessary to combat teams who just try to kick them. The devastating four goal second half, inspired by Scott Brown who scored the first, sent out a message to all the pretenders that this is Celtics title, and we will do what we have to to win it.




Gary Hooper scored two headers, and James Forrest took time away from the treatment room to score as well, although he hurt his leg again and will spend the festive season lying down.

It all means that Celtic are five points clear of second place Inverness with a game in hand. Theres only nine points separating them from ninth place Kilmarnock, who’s televised draw with Hibs yesterday had more people in my living room than at the ground, which must give everyone hope for the new year.

New Year, Christmas…

Funny who you bump in to at the shops.

Peter Crouch, who recently saw his wage packet jump to £70,000 a week at Bawchuckers Stoke City, is not coming to Celtic. Trust me on this one, I know the girl who looks after his family at home games. The lanky multi millionaire was suitably embarrassed when his old man gave her a christmas tip of forty notes. Well, he will be when I see him.

What is worrying about the Crouch rumour is that a lot-an awful lot-of mid table wasters are eyeing Celtic, well okay their agents are, for a short term loan move and European football.

And heres my Christmas message to them.

fuck off.


Seriously, even charlie “slower than a week in jail”  adams has mentioned it. But we got away with it because no-one knew what he was talking about.

Darren Fletcher as a makeweight if Vic doesn’t fancy Barcelona? Don’t be silly. Alex Ferguson was just passing Lennoxtown and figured that he should nip in and have “some tea and pancakes ” with Neil Lennon, although he was told there was nobody here by the name of John Park. Don’t know what was in the pancakes, but it prompted the old drunk to claim one of his players could have been killed when the ball was hit off his head.

visits like this start all sorts of stories, and with only Celtic these days being newsworthy, we are just going to have to get used to it. After all, its not like a major sporting and financial scandal has happened just up the road to keep hacks occupied, and even if it did, it would not surprise me if the comapny in question simply sidestepped it by hiring the editor of the sports section of a national newspaper. Fair play to traynor though, at least he had to be bought off. The others are still doing it for buck shee.

Anyone remember the old movie “Midnight Express”? About a guy smuggling heroin into Turkey? Where his heartbeat going through customs provides the soundtrack?

Well, a business acquaintance of mine usually chucks a ten pound Marks and Spencer voucher into his card this time of year, but yesterday somehow he put £140 worth in. Like any true friend, I rang him to point out the mistake, but like any true friend i hung up as soon as he answered, my conscience appeased because at least I tried.

Anyway, fast forward to the queue at the till in M and S , me there with £140 notes worth of food and delicacies, not knowing whether the vouchers were genuine, and a huge line of middle class people in front and behind me…

That guy in Midnight Express had it easy.

All part of a day spent buying gifts for people you hardly know who didn’t need what you got them anyhow. The magic of Christmas.

So far, I have been got an ELO cd. Merry Christmas.

A visit to the Nike outlet proved fruitless as there appears to be one guy buying up all the Celtic stuff round here and sticking it on Ebay. Can’t fault him for that, but he could at least have left me one or two away tops.

Borges , the guy we mentioned a while back has now made the MSM, so there might be something in that one. Credibility, you see, when the nationals copy what they read on sites like this.

Anyway, I’ve got more shopping to do, the wife is still drunk from last night and is being affectionate, ie, she hasn’t hit me yet, so I’m away for another day of drink and debauchery.

And so should you.

Merry christmas. See you on Boxing Day.


The teaser on Friday concerned Jock Steins determination to be the best team in the world, as he shouted down Bob Kelly to play the South American champions Racing Club in a decider in Montevideo, Uruguay. Of course it all backfired, but there will be other chances…

Today, heres an easy one-thats if anyone is actually reading this when its Christmas Eve and the pubs are open, Bob Kelly was what you would call a Celtic stalwart, as was Willie Maley. Maley was Celtics first manager, and he lasted over forty years.

How many managers have Celtic had? you will be surprised when you add them up, and even more surprised that some of them actually got the gig.




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8 years ago

Maley, mcgrory, stein, (fallon), mcneil, hay, mcneil, brady, macari, burns, jansen, venglos, barnes, (daglish), o’neill, strachan, mowbray, lennon – 16 permanent full time managers with fallon & daglish temporary managers (& big Billy twice!!). I think joe jordan might have done a stint but didnt actually stay long enough to manage for a game & frank connor did manage 2 games & remains unbeaten as a celtic manager.

Anyway merry christmas & happy new year to one & all & especially to you & yours ralph & thanks for doing the diary its a must read & theres some great one liners in there always makes me chuckle!!!

Willie Bhoy
8 years ago


Willie Bhoy
8 years ago

Typo with my previous number
20 that’s including Ceaser’s double stint

8 years ago

Steveo’s nailed it so I won’t bother repeating.

Hoopy Christmas Ralph and the rest of the Etims team, thanks for keeping us entertained throughout the year.

Seasons greeting to all my fellow Tims, KTF.

Hail Hail.

8 years ago

Aye! Aw the best. 2012 has to go down as E-Tims annus mirabilis.


8 years ago

What about Billy Stark? He had more games than Frank Connor, 3 at the end of 96-97.

8 years ago
Reply to  Andy

Aye yer right – once I’d submitted it I was thinkin I’ve missed something out here but cudna remember what had happened after TB was sacked!! Hey ho!!

8 years ago

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all at e-tims, not had a lot of time to post this last few weeks; hope to resolve that situation in the new year. Onwards and upwards, and looking forward to another liquidation for Sevco in the new year. Hail. Hail. G.B.N.L.

8 years ago

jimmy mcstay tae

8 years ago

I think you’ll all find you missed out a man who managed the club for over 5 years and is part of the clubs greatest family

8 years ago

Surely you,ve missed out Jimmy McStay who took over in the war years before Jimmy McGrory?

the lurgan tiger
8 years ago

I think Gary mentioned the missing Celt, our war time manager.

Anyhoo, merry christmas to one and all. I’m now off to the pub to work up some courage to Christmas shop for the wifes prezzie.

Bloody Myans. I was relying on them……

Lenny Bruce
8 years ago

Sterling work all year gents.

God Bless you and yours this Christmas.

San Miguel
8 years ago

Glad tidings to you and our King ,fellow time. Having a few beers whilst Santa puts out the presents for the weans. Couch each in traditional style.

San Miguel
8 years ago

Fellow tims , bloody predictive text !

8 years ago


Not happy that my body packs in at crucial times, the Big Man knacked my computer at the weekend so I have been on the blink till now. My knowledge of IT is the equivalent of my wife’s ability with a steering wheel – drives you round the bend, wrecks the garage and splats the odd brick wall as a wee bonus. Anyway, I know it is Christmas Day but I have given out all my presies I got last year without even changing the wrapping and have insulted the family to the planned level of getting rid of them. Tele has been so bad that I worked out the licence fee as being about -£50 per minute. That had me lost for something to do knowing that all of you would be doing the right thing and spending a “miserable” day with family and not checking if I had written any new gems, at least not in public. I bit the bullet, the one my wife fired at me at about 9 o’clock this morning, and got commenting. It’s turning out the best Christmas and the best company since my auntie Jean came round and gave me a doll because she thought I was her favourite niece. I have always suspected Santa Clause was either not real or a rotten auld b****d since then. So, whenever you read this, the late pensionerbhoy (not as in gone for ever “late” even though many of you wish it was) wishes each and every one of you, all your family and friends who are with you, those you’re happy to have round you and those you’re going round telling to f**k off home, and above all, the ETims team, a very, very happy Christmas and a league over by February New Year.

Great blog again, Ralph. If you were on skype I could show you Scrooge having a right belly laugh. I hope the holiday period is not so intense (stoned in English – not as bigot in French is bigot in English) that your finger tips lose their feeling. The only reason I have stayed alive this year is for your 2013 diaries. What else has a man got to live for? 🙂

The quiz – Willie Malley! What a man. I remember him well when he was a boy :). As for the rest, my eyesight was gone by the time Willie moved on and a new manager took over so I will leave the answer to the real experts. That sounds familiar some how.

Off to bring in the New Year so a’ra best to all o’yees!


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