Questions questions..

Im not gonna do  a Match review and ratings after that showing ( or non showing) up.

Whats the point?

We were abysmal all over, Laxalt and Ajer tried but no-one came out of Saturday with any true credit.

Instead I’m just gonna rant off a series of questions that wont stop going around my head…feel free to post your question and any answers you may have in the Comments section below.


First of all, take a second of reflection and think on this reality check:

It was a team impacted by Covid,  several Star players were suddenly unavailable, Shock Late arrivals were drafted in without experience in such a fixture, Players called upon who were not at full fitness, Any tactical Game plans had to be reviewed and renewed on a near daily basis, there was no legendary Home crowd there to help spur on the side facing less we forget a well drilled and consistently manned opponent.

So the 1st Question is…Just how did Steve Clarkes Scotland get that performance and result last week under such dire circumstances?

To be honest I think the above question says it all.

Lenny and his Management Team and the Players have no excuses.  We were gutless and shapeless. The lack of personnel shouldn’t make any difference to those 2 aspects of a performance. The players picked should have been up for the Challenge and knew their roles and the gameplan to be executed.

Some Questions arising from that consideration are:

Was there a Gameplan?

Did anyone see any semblance of a plan or a tactic bar the awful sight of Duffy collecting the ball, standing as if gesturing “What do I do now?” to Broony before making passing errors or punting long hopeless balls out the park? The fact that  a player like Duffy, lets be honest, his strength is meant to be in getting the ball away, not playing silky travelling football had the most touches for any Celt says to me that there is something seriously awry in our game planning or have the rest of the squad retreated within themselves that they are in hiding from taking any responsibility?

Why do we only have 1 system of play? Surely training and preparation involves multiple formations and scenarios. Remember Rodgers talking of “We take training for 10 vs 11” after Edouard scored the classic 3-2 winner at Ibrox?

How can Lenny say he didnt have time to work on a 4 at the back or a Diamond in the middle ?

Shouldn’t Lenny and his Management Team have his Squad of players pre-prepared for all potential scenarios?

Are we really to believe that International level players cant take instructions over even just 2 days and know their role in any given formation. Isnt that what they actually do on International fixtures?

In respect to players available, did Lenny try to maximise their talents or just crowbar them into a 3-5-2?

Young Welsh did okay at the back but why persist with the 3 centre halves against Morelos as was clearly a waste of time as the 5 in “the middle” shrugged and watched the game pass them by?

Why just send Frimpong and Laxalt up the wings to stand there knowing there was no reasonable amount of cover in behind?

Talking about “standing there”..Olivier Ntcham…anyone else ever seen another player who looked as if he would rather be in his bed?

Talking about wings, what ever happened to overlapping to help the players out on the wings? Frimpong needs space to run into…the boy needs support, not isolation.

What exactly is Callum McGregors role?..Pivot and pass to Duffy or Brown?..why are we wasting this guys talents?

In the middle of the park we knew we needed enthusiasm, drive, dig and a can-do attitude…surely that means subbing on Turnbull if not actually starting in him the first place?

Did Lenny and his Management Team consider the opposition and the fact we could have had Taylor, Duffy, Ajer, Frimpong at the back with Turnbull joining a middle 4 or 5 to just shore us up and look to play Rangers at their own countering game?

Why play Klimala and Mo together? They had no prior experience together and neither knew what the other was doing. In fairness they had next to no supply yet Lennon persisted with the front 2 chasing shadows and having no impact, bar a lofted chance

In respect to players abilities, why cant we make a correct decision, a simple pass, or the reverse, know when not to try a pass that gives away possession or causes a bombscare? Ajer and Duffy were top candidates for this on Saturday but apparent stars of football like Mo were just as bad at giving the ball away, wheres the composure gone?

Whats happened to our movement? Whether its stiff goalkeeper and defenders failing to act or step up at an opponents free kicks, or our static forwards standing with their backs to goal making no runs whatsoever or our midfielders failing to create triangles and pockets, why are we so idle?

Just what is going on at training?

Why are so many players always unfit? Is it simply Law of Averages or are there serious questions about Lennoxtown and the methods practised within?

Why does Lenny seem so alone? Is he playing the Marlene Dietrich role?, Does he like to be on his own to concentrate? Where were his Management Team at the weekend?

Just where has Lennys fire gone to reduce him to a shadow of his former self and indeed his team to look a shadow of themselves?

Im gonna stop now.

We all know there are clearly issues and we all hope we can get it sorted. Either a change in team personnel selection and team set up or ultimately it will require bigger changes if Lenny cant turn this malaise, and it isnt just a current one, around.

Hopefully Lenny can do it and whatever issues behind the scenes or on the training pitch get rectified and we can go back to Positivity CSC once again.

Cant we?


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11 months ago

No it’s been too long now we lost champions league through his tactics every game we play it’s slow lethargic no cohesive plan in place all sideways and backwards and the old form game was his final nail in the coffin that’s the worst I’ve seen us in years and it’s Lennons tactics or the zero game plans him and his coached are meant to provide I saw now the sevco looked coached better and played better and made us look like Brechin it’s time for Neil to go sooner than later

11 months ago
Reply to  Alex

I have never watched brechin, but they must be sh!te

11 months ago

Hi Desi,
You still not following me back on Twitter i see??
I think a bit of panic is setting in now, the last three times we have played them we have clearly been the poorer side & we don’t have an answer how to counter them, that’s a big concern.
The most disappointing thing for me was the lack of passion & fight, it’s like some players are numb to what’s at stake this season?
I’m starting to think we may need a change of manager, lose to Aberdeen & i’ll be demanding it!


11 months ago
Reply to  Monti

Whats you twitter id?

11 months ago
Reply to  Desimond


11 months ago
Reply to  Desimond

I’ll get Ralph to send it to you m8

11 months ago

Simples. Just about the whole team looked as if they were on a sunny day boat cruise on the Clyde. No fight, no desire, everytime we got a free kick or a throw, the sevco players kicked the ball back, disrupted play and we responded like we were going to give our gran a hug and a kiss. Spoilt brats wanting it all laid on for them. Not good enough Lenny. Do you have the balls to let the club know what you want, or are you too frightened of upsetting Lawwell and the squad? No more feeble excuses, take control, do a Jock and let the team know who is boss, or head up to Loch Lomond for a cream tea and enjoy your retiremant. HH!

11 months ago

Chaotic and clueless. All that expensive talent wasted playing a team of numpties. Two set piece goals scored by Goldson. TBF. there was a lot of missing players and the players who did play must also take responsibility for their own lack of courage, pride and ability. I don’t think I saw JK. or Strachan beside him. Lenny did answer the call when needed and we should always remember that and respect him for that as well as his courage and the love he has for our club, because of that I will watch the next two games before passing judgement. WGS. is Technical Director at Dundee, he too shares a love for the club and might be worth the call.
I always remember how big Jock quickly turned around the team and the same with Wim, turning around the players and giving them the confidence to express themselves without fear.
Steve Clarke got lucky and both Cal-mac and Taylor were with him and away from our training ground, so they too would be jaded along with our other International players and the Covid and injury missing players.

11 months ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

5 mill for that goalie. duffy the biggest donkey ever to wear the hoops, ntcham a useless tosser brown finished an w.t.f is an elyounoussi. pingpong rabbit in headlights no one is coming near this mess.

11 months ago

Bless him but Neil should be sacked today, he was only at his best with Thompson and Mjallby beside him in his first stint, he is a failed Hibs manager who should not be managing us,the board are the biggest culprits for appointing him,he and they will lose us the ten,its not my job to name new managers,the board should have a back up if they are doing their job,Neil Lennon had his time against an ageing Walter Smith and Rangers on a downward spiral, he was the man for the job at that time and thankful I was for him, that time was long ago, he should be relieved of his duties asap to give a new manager, who if is in any way decent and experienced, should easily be able to motivate and coach the best group of players in the league, act now Celtic or suffer the consequences of being robbed by a rookie manager and club of 10 in a row which would be the only consolation for being cheated for over and in the previous decade.

Celtic Mikey
11 months ago

It’s all part of stop 10IAR from the Celtic board. A spending smokescreen.
Bought players for millions who are unfit and haven’t played for a season.

Lennys legacy, won titles when there was no real opposition and now throwing away the league.
Has he really won any proper big games, only cup finals against teams. That normally don’t. Turn up.
Fluked a win when battered by sevco.

Losing at home with no shots on target, give me a break.

Every year same old, league ain’t won in October pish, that will be the downfall at some point.
Football is an entertainment business and the stuff on the pitch hasn’t been entertaining for a long while.

It’s clueless on the pitch but different in the boardroom.

11 months ago
Reply to  Celtic Mikey

Beating Barca!!

11 months ago

There is something wrong in Paradise and I think it has gone to far now for Neil and I am not sure that their is anyway back! We know how they play and they have been the better team on the last 3/4 matches. It is therefore madness for us to play the same way/formation and expect a different result. I didn’t happen we had our “best” players on the pitch so why expect it to work now! Rightly or wrongly the players can see the system/tactics/PLAYERS are wrong and will not work, maybe that is why they are less than enthusiastic and full onboard with the plan? The Since the Cluj game last year our tactics/game management in the “big” games has been sadly lacking and unfortunately there is only one person responsible for that as it appears the other 1st coaches agree with the tactics or they are not prepared to stand up and voice their opinions/concerns. This is not the dick waving time of the season, 4-5-1 and take the draw with an under strength team, win the game in hand to go 2pts clear and put all the pressure on them to win every game and if the league is called early due to Covid we have a better pts/game ratio. Job done, I hope we can sort it out as if not I fear the worst!

Steve M
11 months ago

I don’t think I’ve seen a more lackluster performance in years. No imagination, no determination, no desire. We were VERY poor and they bossed us. I’m not impressed with Lennon – I was prepared to give him time and space after he came in at short notice after BR left. But he has had long enough now to make the team his own and the result is not impressive – not at all. Europe is bad enough, but look how unimpressive we have been in domestic games. Time for him to go. I fear that if he isn’t replaced by Christmas it will be too late to save the 10.

Sammy the Squirrel
11 months ago

The manager must carry the can. That’s now 3 times they have bested him and he keeps using the same tactics. My wife who only watches the occasional game said after 5 minutes that they were going to win. A new manager ASAP please.

11 months ago

The wider issue I see is that we beat Aberdeen and the other diddy teams in the league and once again the team and manager are great again…until we meet them again and the cycle repeats.

11 months ago

Desi Saturday was a long list of games which the team have been second best, frequently scraping through with last minute goals. As for our recent record against the Rankers it is appalling, think back to the League Cup final what lunatic would play the smallest player upfront on his own, Morgan.
I like Lenny and admire him for his belief and love of Celtic but that is not enough to deflect from the shambles the performances have become.
The management team sit there look at a loss, what is JPK there for. If Lenny is to stay he needs better back room staff, Damian Duff is missed.
As for the real problem which lingers like a smell that is Peter Lawell whose only plan appears to be a strong Sevco in opposition. He has downsized constantly, Brenda was brought in at the behest of DD.
The ten in a row is not a dream it must be done or the Sevco will have the UCL money to strengthen, Slippy is good at Euro football. Everyone fixating on Saturdays game is not addressing the problem.

10 months ago

First, Lenny has to stay. It is too late in the day to bring a new manager in. However, he does need to fix things. In fairness to the man, our season got off to a pretty bad start. We lost our two best goalkeepers, having finally sorted our defence last year. Injuries: Forrest, Mikey Johnston and Jullien have really hurt. Edouard is our key scorer and player. We need somehow to tighten our defence whilst still attacking or countering. I think we now again need 4 at the back Here would be our best 11 in their best positions:
Firmpong or Forrest/Brown/Christie/McGregor
I’ve also understood that Soro has some of the ball-winning qualities we need. Turnbull can also play his part. I truly believe that we can again fire on all cylinders, tighten our defence and get back to attacking football which we saw a lot of at the end of last year but have seen rarely this year—but it is there.Remember a few years ago we had a big match at Pittodrie when the Sheep played the pressing game but big Bitton stepped out from the back and confused them. I think Ajer can do the same. Perhaps we can get him into midfield some how. I like the way the big guy can go forward.C’mon the Celtic. COYBIG

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