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Celtic Diary Monday August 10: Monday Morning Comedown

Reality bit Celtic fans quite firmly in the arse yesterday when it became apparent that empty stadia and uninspired performances may yet play a part in this years campaign.


One long debated question asks whether the players should get the crowd going, or the crowd should get the players going. The balance tipped strongly in the favour of the latter yesterday, as football showed itself to be nothing without fans.


Thats not to excuse the lacklustre performance, as highly paid and sought after players should be able to put a bit of effort in now and again, and surely it cannot be too difficult to show enthusiasm in a job that thousands of us can only dream of holding, but maybe somewhere down the line the plans for this year have slipped off track.


We’re going to be stuck with empty stadia for a while yet, and if this set of players aren;t going to be able to adapt to it, then maybe we should promote the kids who are used to playing in that setting.


At least we can guarantee they’d try.


Celtic drew 1-1 with Kilmarnock, and all the debates about whether the referee was at it, holding up play when he could, overruling decisions about the ball going out in favour of a penalty , allowing time wasting sound petulant in the face of a bad result, and this was not only a bad result, it was a bad performance with a bad attitude as well.


Sadly, there was simply no one willing to take the fight to Kilmarnock, who played the game at their pace and at their discretion. They never looked like losing, and Celtic certainly never looked like winning.


Incredibly, the way to beat them had been discovered in the first half, and not one single Celtic player, perhaps El Hamed is the exception, caught on to it.


Ryan Christie opened the scoring from a free kick after a Celt had been fouled running towards goal. Oddsone Edoaurd then narrowly missed the target with a free kick after he had been fouled…running directly at goal.


After that, no one ran directly at goal, and the Kilmarnock players no longer had to concede dangerous set pieces or get any more of their players booked.


Neil Lennon didn’t spot it, but he looked as though he;d rather be somewhere else during the game, and frankly, on that performance yesterday, I’ll pay for the taxi there.


There have been some strange results all over Europe as a result of playing behind closed doors, but this is Kilmarnock, and the main stands are usually empty anyway.


But perhaps the players did miss the more vocal and energetic support of the away crowd, as they are usually closer to the pitch and more enthusiastic than the home crowd. Thats just how it is, and if that is the case, we’d better hope that we get home ties all the way in the European qualifiers.


The first opponents in that campaign were revealed yesterday, Celtic will host Reykjavik of Iceland, if the islanders can get permission to play from their government as the country has seen a recent spike in covid infections.

So much so that the season has been suspended.


Icelandic Football UK
The Icelandic season has been suspended due to a Covid spike, KR will need a dispensation from the authorities for clearance.


There is the possibility of a neutral venue, and nothing is certain yet.


The game is scheduled for August 18/19….next midweek, and the draw for the second round is made at 11am today.


Given the list of opponents we could do with a few more covid cases springing up…. Moravcik 67 again…


Draw is at 11am 

We (and KR) will be drawn against one of the following.

Again, its a one off match with the home team whoever is picked first.

Floriana (MLT) / CFR Cluj (ROU)

Ferencváros (HUN) / Djurgården (SWE)

KÍ (FRO) / Slovan Bratislava (SVK)  


Cluj. Again ?


Well, with Romania on the banned list due to covid, the game would probably be at a nuetral venue. Though if they can;t play, its another bye.


We could win the fucking thing this year at this rate.


Any supporters with a covid infection who fancy a weeks sightseeing in the town where our next game is give me a shout. i’m sure we could work something out that gets us at least to the knockout stages, and then they’ll put a statue of me next to Stein should we actually win the thing.


St Mirren are our next opponents, and there is no room for complacency. Any further points lost means we run the risk of not being at the top of the league when it is called, and you can guarantee that if we;re not at the top, whever is will be awarded the title …precedent, you see, has been set.


If we are at the top, it will be a tainted title, in some eyes, not iurs, but it keeps the run going and means we can emphatically run to fifteen or so to dispel any hopes and dreams from the other side of twon, where incidentally, they’ve actually got a managerial genius….


Steven Gerrard’s ‘perfect’ Rangers bugbear as he tells squad to follow Alfredo Morelos’ lead in front of goal



When they win, it’s because they do as he tells them, when they lose , it’s because they didn’t. Thats not a manager, thats someone concerned only with his own reputation, and Celtic should not even be in the same sentence as that lot.


Football is an emotional investment for most of us, and social media yesterday went into overdrive as we all told the manager where he went wrong.


I gave it a miss for once, retiring early to bed to avoid getting all worked up and probably banned from twitter, face book and the garage up the road from me that sells fags.


Whats the point ?


If the players don’t care, and the manager looks bored, why the fuck should I ?



Yesterday, we had this…






Caption: Can have a Killy cut, 10 at the back and zero up top.





The advice Neil Lennon gave to Celtic No.2 John Kennedy after he ...



Still….on a brighter note, the goalie looked alright. We’ll see how he does when we play a team who try to score goals though.



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3 years ago

Yesterday’s diary described the potential outcome of this game perfectly: Against Celtic, they tend to start the game by sprinting back to the eighteen yard line and staying there until its time to go home …

3 years ago

Caption ..
bolingoli are you sure John ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

Reply of tbe Season!

Says it all

3 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

Efterafourdayjaunttaespaintae.. … 🙁

3 years ago

Thanks Ralph. I’ve now seen 3 nine in a rows, us twice and them once. A ten in a row would be sweet but…Because none of us were at the match yesterday, is it right that Lenny began 4-2-3-1? If so, why?We won last season settling on a strong 3-5-2 (3-4-1-2) and play our best in that pattern. We can play Elyounoussi (Lenny’s pet) Christie, Klimala or later, Griffiths up front with Edouard. Why does Lenny often tinker with something that needs no tinkering? Yes, we will drop points but hopefully not in this lacklustre way. We should play so well that even the MIBs can’t change the results (Big Jock)

Here, Lenny is your best team: 3-4-1-2
Edouard/Klimala (later, Griffiths?)
Make use of Soro/Ntcham/Frimpong/Rogic as required. We have a depth of squad that nobody else can match. We knew what the pitch would be like, what their ‘defence’ would be like and what the MIBs would be like. Power’s should have been red not yellow but Lenny, get real. No more mincin’ about. Let’s get the ball forward quickly. 70% possession should always mean something. Disappointing and not expected.

johann murdoch
3 years ago

Caption-NL “whats the round thing?”-JK “thats a ball!”

3 years ago

Brown’s retirement should be spent off-field.

3 years ago

Caption , so if we get the full backs to tuck in alongside the wingers that’ll give us the same 10 players in there that they have?

3 years ago


3 burger n chips
5 steak pies
2 pie n beans

Thats it for Wednesday, we’ll go…


3 years ago

Calm down ffs.

3 years ago

this is how to play x & o

3 years ago

Caption : “Dear Santa…..”

3 years ago

How do you spell surrender boss?

Dire, pathetic, spineless, lack of leadership. It was obvious after ten minutes that the formation played into Killies hands. Lenny sits contemplating his navel till the 65th minute as a rule before changing. Against Kilmarnock we should have had two upfront, players like Mo, Frimpong and Taylor are lightweight as Killie bully, look back to the last game, remember Power on Frimpong. At no time do we use the width on that pitch or play simple football. Every time Rodgers got the ball he booted it up the park after wasting three minutes.
Our lot played out from the back, allowing them to fall into formation, when they were attacking nothing was done for a long ball. Think back to Arsenal last weekend KT used the long ball. Totally agree Ralphie no Celtic player ran at them or went to the byline, constant tippy tappy
Eddy you have to feel sorry for he was surrounded by two players ,only when Ncham , Klimala, El Hamaid and Boli Boli came on did we begin to perform, also Broonie looked lost.
Killie are a bang average team made to look good, a bit like Copenhagen.
Hopefully this will motivate that tube Liewell into bringing in a big central defender.
As for Muir and his acolytes don’t get me started, sad pathetic group of individual that cheat and bend the rules.

Rant over, Onwards and Upwards to ten in a row

3 years ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

Armchair warrior here from Yorkshire, bit miffed at yesterdays performance after the Hamilton game and the pre-season performances. hopefully Killie will play like that against all other teams , got to hope that they start to perform as we know they can and it’s only the 2nd game, surely Wednesday at St Mirren has to be an improvement. Been a fan of Lennie’s since he came to Celtic but a complaint of mine(and 1000’s of others} since he became manager is that he seems loth to make substitutions until the last 5 minutes, Samaras was the worst example of that, many’s the time he just didn’t seem to be doing any good on the pitch but he would never sub him. Imho there have been many other times when substitutions were called for but Lenny stubbornly wouldn’t substitute. hope I’m wrong, onwards and upwards, Hail!! Hail!!!

3 years ago

So we get Frimpong to run up here and Forrest to stand next to him whilst on the other side Mo and Taylor do the same.. i call it the underlap.. genius eh?

3 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

Relying on wingers and wingbacks with no variation on a pitch the size of a postage stamp didn’t make any sense.

3 years ago

Trying to come up with a serious analysis of yesterday’s game and the best I can do is, I fuckin hate Kilmarnock. I fuckin hate their plastic pitch which they shortened and narrowed in case anybody wants to play football on it. I fuckin hate their everyone behind the ball shite. They remind me of Tommy McLean’s Murderwell teams and I still fuckin hate them as well. It isn’t football it more like a game of british bulldog. And Jullien your 6ft 5 any chance you can occasionally rough up the oppositions centre forward instead of the other way about FFS!!!. But what I fuckin hate most of all is that we still haven’t found away to get around this shite.

Onwards to the ten.

3 years ago

Caption: adidas are supplying us with complementary bondage gear. It’s a three line whip.

3 years ago

Poor performance yesterday. That said second game of the league season. Hardly a reason to panic or doubt. Class always tells and cream rises to the top etc. the squad is too good to be second placed.

Frank Spatula
3 years ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

Yeah, that’s why we’re 4th.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Spatula

Seriously you think that will be the place we will be in at the end of the season? Calm yourself for goodness sake. We have played 2 games. I’ll take a bet with you that we will win the league and get the ten in a row.

3 years ago

Ajeti is in Glasgow for his medical.

3 years ago

Aye another striker when the defence is pish…..typical Celtic!

3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

There’s conflicting reports re Ajeti but you’re right, the defence can’t handle a bit of bullying and following your appraisal of Taylor last week I tend to agree with you. His ability to lose possession continually is quite disconcerting.

3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

When eddy is inevitably sold to cover Another failed UCL qualification we will need him

Celtic Mikey
3 years ago

Professional players who are a bit rusty? They spend lots of their spare time playing football together and cannot play together particularly well on match day.
Big houses with gyms and they aren’t fit.
Fuck my old boots, they are taking the piss more than Aberdeen Covid 8.

3 years ago

Caption: John are there any XXL manager tracksuits this one is getting a bit tight

3 years ago

So the players got time off after beating Hamilton accies reserves.
Returned on Wednesday and low and behold bolingoli had went to spain for a couple of days. Ffs.

3 years ago

John you pick the team m8 i’ll haud/wear the coats from now on.

3 years ago

Caption: sorry Neil, I didn’t do the defensive coaching part of my badges. do you think anybody has noticed?

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