Its 9 in A Row day and Desi, Ralph, Hector and Monty get together to discuss another historical milestone in our beloved Celtics history.

We talk about the heartwarming tributes from Lawwell and Lenny.

We look back at key moments and the key men of the season.

We pay our dues to Lenny and the differences in his Title wins.

We salute our captain Broony and talk on the players massive contribution.

We talk about how sweet its been to come back and claim the title.

We look ahead to whats coming down the line as we face going for THE TEN!


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1 year ago



1 year ago

Johnny Hayes sealing the points at the Reichstag.
Favourite Sevco moment over the past 8 years?
Motherwell pumping them home & away, Moshni punching Lee Erwin.


1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Don’t get the Peter Lawwell love in guys, personally i don’t give two fucks what he has to say.
Actions speak louder than words guys, here me….
He fucking argued against paying the living wage.
He did fuck all about resolution 12 & shat on those who brought the smoking gun to him.
He fucked up the signing of John McGinn.
He has castigated the green brigades political stance, while saying fucking nothing about the racist songs & paedo chants aimed at us from the huns.
So fuck him!

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