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Etims Quiz – Can you win The Sandy McMahon Cup!

We did a wee Podcast Quiz the other night (Link here – )

In case you dont like to listen and just fancy a wee quiz to yourself, here are the questions and at the bottom of page is a link to the answers.

The Quiz was based on the old Dave Lee Travis “Give us a Break” quiz, ie Snooker..pot a red and then a colour…we had Monty, Ralph and Hector playing so there are 3 of each.

Enjoy and stay safe.



Red Ball Starter Questions

This Season
Who were Celtics last opponents?
Who scored Celtics last league goal of this season
Who were Celtics last away opponents in the SPFL

From which Etims member James Stewart friendly town was Fergus McCann from?
Where did Brian Dempsey famously fancy us relocating too?
Which Celtic friendly church would you find at G40 2DQ

Which Celtic legend has a statue of him in Saltcoats?
Who did Celtic trade with Chelsea for legendary captain Tom Boyd?
In front of which Rangers player did Scott Brown famously do “The Broony”

To whom did Henrik make his infamous first game pass against Hibs?
Which team did Henrik Larrsons performance for Barcelona, defeat in the Champions League final?
WHats Henriks football playing son called?

From which Monty Burns friendly town is Neil Lennon from?
From which club did Celtic sign Neil Lennon
Whats Neil Lennons middle name?

Trophies and Awards
Which trophy did Tony Mowbray win in London in July of 2009?
Which indoor trophy did John Collins lift as stand in captain in 1992?
Name someone who has been awarded a “Seat for life” awarded at Celtic Park ?


The Colours


Yellow Ball Questions

Name 2 clubs other than Celtic that Lenny has managed

Who scored in the famous Celtic 2-1 win over Barcelona?

Name 2 of the 3 Countries in which Celtic played in the 1967 Intercontinental Cup?


Green Questions

Name 3 Scottish Grounds where Celtic have played “Home games” ( being drawn first in Cup Semi doesnt count)

Name Celtics 3 Europa League group opponents tthis season

Name 3 countries in which Celtic have played European finals?


Brown Ball Questions

Name 4 Companies contracted ( includes current and future) to make Celtic Replica kits

4 men have been official interim managers – can you name them?

Name any 4 Concert headliners at famous gigs held at Celtic Park:


Blue Ball Questions

Give any 5 different Nationalities of full time  Celtic Managers

Give 5 Celtic Managers with first name starting with J as in “Jesus whats his name?

Name any 5 Celtic main shirt sponsors –


Pink Ball Questions

Lets take you back to Sunday, 27 August, 2000, and The famous 6-2 game…6 people scored the goals…can you name them all?

Name 6 Celtic players who have won PFA Scottish Player of the Year in the last 20 years

Name 6 of Celtics all time Top 10 Greatest Appearance Makers



In the last 6 finals played at Hampden, League Cup and Scottish Cup,…of everyone that  has scored for 7 of them

Name 7 of Celtics all time Top 10 Greatest Scorers

Celtics Full Time Managers -Can you name the 7 youngest / name the 7 oldest on taking over the Parkhead hot-seat?






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2 years ago

a got a hunner oot a hunner desi and if ye dont beleive me ..prove it

2 years ago
Reply to  charlie

Well done..posting your prize the day after tomorrow

2 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

fook that prize in the sky desi am in ma 60s so a might no make the morra he he

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