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Broken Hearts CSC – Etims Podcast

Hector, Monty, Ralph ( and Charlie the dug) and Desi discuss the key turning of events in the League, the Cup and Europe.

  • How are we a domestic Juggernaught that saddens Stevie G so much?
  • How catastrophic was Copenhagen, really?
  • What does Monty wear ( or not wear) giving his team talks?
  • Who’s your favourite Sevco manager?
  • How bad is it playing on Easter Sunday for the Cup Semi Final?
  • How good is Hagi compared to Billy Gimour?
  • Why did Wanyama go to Montreal?
  • Hows that Adidas strip going to look?
  • Whats coming around the corner on the Celtic Way?
  • What tactics for Ibrox?


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3 years ago

” Spear carriers “? Oh dear.

Ralph, it’s maybe time for you to ‘ move upstairs ‘.
Desi, i’d be fucking banned for saying that, can you tell Ralph i was deeply offended by this racist remark….cough.
What next? Burning crosses in Malones 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

great craic bhoys stevie g must stay

3 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

What was the context, as I can’t listen to anything over an hour long that has barking dugs in it?

3 years ago

anypics ae ralph bitin his toenails during a gemme that would be a great caption pic ha ha

3 years ago

hector gie ralph wanny yer tablets quick ffs

3 years ago

ffs hector gonny get me a baggy yon tablets anaw ha ha

3 years ago

the 8th minute thing must happen

3 years ago

bring back wee leah shevlin tae slap the madman mcgregor back intae shape

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