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Celtic Diary Tuesday December 4

Where else to start today but the wonderful news that Kate Middleton is expecting a baby! With womens breats growing during pregnancy, at least next years holiday snaps will be worth looking at.

Celtic, of course, host Moscow Spartak tomorrow , and it looks like the conditions will be more suited to the russians than the Scots, so heres to rain tomorrow. ย Barcelona have promised to do Benfica, so all we have to do is concentrate on our own game. Thats the important bit. Its something that Lennons men haven’t really done this term, so asking them to think about benfica s result would be suicidal.

Victor Wanyama will miss the game, and Beram Kayal should step in. The Israelis enthusiasm could be a crucial factor, and Scott Brown will play until his hip gives out. Theres plenty of depth in the squad to cope, but we just have to hope it will be alright on the night.

Former Parkhead favourite Aiden McGeady says he will do his best to help turn around Spartaks recent poor form, but he has cited defensive problems. which is just as well, seeing as how our forwards have been running round missing cows arses with banjoes.

Complete and absolute concentration is needed tomorrow, and everyone must perform at the top of their game.

Have to say I’m hopeful more than confident, but thats nerves I guess.

Meanwhile, after the success of this seasons Premier league, with entertaining football, crowds up and genuine competition, the SPL have decided its time for change. A complicated 24 team SPL, splitting into three groups of eight, and then into 2 twelves and eight threes, or something.

Surely the Argentine model, set up after River Plate were relegated ,is the way forward. Scotland should have one division of forty two teams playing each other until Rangers top the league?

The draw for the Scottish Cup, which despite the efforts of the players, Celtic are still in, sees a possible trip to Raith rovers if Arbroath can be beaten. Hibs will play Aberdeen or Motherwell, while plucky minnows Rangers were rewarded with a trip to Premier League Dundee Utd, which means Ally McCoist has his dream tie where the rookie boss can actually make a name for himself. A name that doesn’t include words like “useless” and “bastard” as some have harshly judged him.

Rangers , incidentally , have changed, or might change, or want to change their name again. this time to International Rangers, not international rescue, who are about the only organisation that can help them now. You’ve got to hand it to charles green, he knows his way around the rules. Wish Celtic had had asset strippers in instead of Fergus McCann when we needed help. Some say that its to avoid audited accounts, but I wouldn’t know about that sort of thing.

Another club who needed help, which is what happens when you appoint Campbell Ogilvie to the board, is Hearts, who happily for them have come to some arragement with HMRC. Their fans rallied round, raised cash and HMRC are happy to take instalments. This is as opposed to blaming everyone else for your woes, selling your assets to vultures and then hiding under the bed until it all goes away. Well done Hearts fans.

Speaking of Campbell Ogilvie, the SFA president says that the Scotland manager job is not limited to “local candidates”. with the usual efficiency associated with the SFA, they hope to get someone in place before the Wales game. In March.

Presumably Ogilvie is working on the financial package to be offered to the applicants.

Hugh Keevins has been talking on Talkshite Radio. The SPL is a busted flush, crowds are down and the usual we are all doomed nonsense. Keevins, obviously fearful for his job now that James Traynor is away-after all , the new man might want grown up journalists-has decided to make as much noise as possible so that future employers will hear him.

Twitter was alive yesterday with rumours that Traynor is away to do Sevcos publicity, which if true, means he has just completed the longest work trial since some Welsh guys had to carry some stones to Wiltshire.

Brian and Michael had a hit with Matchstalk Men back when Top of the Pops was still on telly, and Estadios answer in the diary yesterday was simply brilliant.

Another musical question, the words to This Land is your Land, have been adapted from whose American folk anthem?



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camillo torres
11 years ago

Woody Guthrie

11 years ago

Woody Guthrie?

There’s an excellent Springsteen version on his 3 disc live album….

Mr Maley
11 years ago

The wonderful Woody Guthrie and covered by other famous artists incuding Bruce Sopringsteen and, my particular favourite, as performed on the show bearing his own name Johnny Cash!

Marcello Stefani
11 years ago

Woodie Guthrie

11 years ago

Woodie ‘This machine kills fascists’ Guthrie!

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

These are the two verses normally airbrushed from patriotic performances of woody’s classic. For obvious reasons….

As I was walkin’ – I saw a sign there
And that sign said – no tress passin’
But on the other side …. it didn’t say nothin!
Now that side was made for you and me!


In the squares of the city – In the shadow of the steeple
Near the relief office – I see my people
And some are grumblin’ and some are wonderin’
If this land’s still made for you and me.

Chorus (2x)

11 years ago

Its an extremely emotional song, written as an answer to all those “USA USA” type tunes, and in particular, an Irving Berlin song called “America”-i think.

Springsteen ,surprisingly,rarely added the last two verses, which, with the 21st century not really differing from any other hard times, are just as poignant today.

Class is, as they say, permanent.

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