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A quartet of malcontented buffoons got together tonight to talk about Celtic. The four horsemen of the calypso were Desi Mond, Bedford Falls, Ralph Malph and Hector Bandido.

Subjects were Neil Lennon’s spat with fans; the Green Brigade protest; hopes and dreams in Europe and of course the legendary twitterbag. Just what was the funniest thing you have heard at an away ground? 

For the record, Ralph Malph does not apologise for his Bernard Manning-esque innuendo recently. He will be taken to task.

These guys have done this for your listening pleasure, so if you want to hear more, click on the link below.

ETims Podcast #11

If this doesn’t work, copy and paste this into your address bar:

And if you are reading this tomorrow (and if you know it is tomorrow, welcome to Phillip K. Dick’s world) then you can download it from iTunes.

As always, feedback good or bad is sought. You can get us on twitter @ETimsNet or by email at:

If you prefer smoke signals, or secretary Hiawatha will respond.

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Lenny Bruce
10 years ago

Thatcher, now manning?

Wtf is going on at etims!

This is the only funny thing Bernard manning ever contributed to.

10 years ago

good stuff guys, incompetent but entertaining tim talk

10 years ago

“Incompetent but entertaining”
Kind of sums us all up. Except for the “entertaining ” bit

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