Groundhog Day

  1. Timposter wonders if its Deja Vu, or just the way things are….

    Living in a world where each day is repeated without change.

    Where to begin?

    Should we start with the recent defeat by Sevco?

    Shall we discuss this defeat in terms of football played?

    Or shall we discuss the unfettered cheating by the officials?

    What about the constant sectarian bigotry and abuse the comes pouring down from the Ibrox stands?

    What about the institutionalised cheating that brought about Sevco in the first place?

    I’ll tell you where we will start. At home where all the above is both allowed and encouraged, in fact it is rubber stamped.

    We were told at the recent AGM by the manager in reply to this question from the floor regarding this fixture and others.

    “It will be ok, just relax,” is Rodgers’ reply.

    Just take the latest of these dropped points against Sevco.

    All the unqualified rookie manager of Sevco needed to do is watch our previous away games where the likes of Hearts & Hibs just pressed us and got physical because they knew that any dirty play against us would go unpunished with no repercussions or any mention in the SMSM.

    So all this SMSM nonsense about the rise of SEVCO is indeed nonsense. It is our own away form that has brought us back down to where we find our ourselves just ahead in the league title race.

    We have lost 18 points from a possible 30 points in away games so far this season. It would seem the do nothing attitude of our PLC Board is rubbing off on our manager. If they can’t be arsed, why should he ?

    I think we might just have been too relaxed.

    What about the unfettered cheating on display?

    We all know that this is the norm and has been for generations. People joke about it saying we have won despite the cheating.

    Why should this be tolerated?

    Paying hard earned cash to go and watch a football match knowing beforehand that it’ll be subject to cheating?

    We pay good money into a rigged game in Scotland.

    Unbelievable but true.

    Unremitting sectarian and racial abuse that is on display every week in Scotland. Replace the words Catholic/Fenian/Irish/Taig with Muslim/Jew and this would be an international outrage rightly condemned by all.

    Resolution 12 anyone?

    We have Pistol Pete asking for us to provide him with the smoking gun, and we have. He should know what it looks like as it has his fingerprints all over it.

    Need I say more?

    Naw didn’t think so.

    So who’s to blame for all the above?

    The perpetrators of course.

    However I venture to ascribe blame closer to home. I blame the Celtic PLC Board. They stand back and allow this all to go on and continue without ever taking any action to condemn it or demand action to put an end to it.

    Why is this?

    It’s a complete abrogation of duty and cowardice on their part.

    So when are we going to hold them to account?

    From past experience, nothing. If they had any sense of what is right they would be stamping on any of the above as and when it occurs. It is their duty to protect our brand, to coin a phrase.

    Wherever and whenever it is under attack, or seen to be under attack, they are obliged to defend it.

    They could employ their own compliance officer who’s sole duty is to monitor for all of the above and produce irrefutable evidence to the Board, and in particular Peter Lawwell, to act upon.

    Instead he picks up £2.3m for reaching his KPI’s and if they include do nothing about any of the above he has surpassed them with flying colours.

    This is the 21st century and we shouldn’t have to endure this. Remember the PLC Mantra….”Shutup and hand over your cash”.



    So when your alarm goes off each morning at 6:00am and you hear Sonny & Cher singing “I got you babe” you can be sure that Punxsutawney Pete will be declaring another long winter of discontent with no action being taken.

    And thus it will ever be.

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D'Fhinnein Mick
2 years ago


I wish I’d said that…

Excellent article,mate. I agree with every word. Thank you.

2 years ago

Been saying it for years.

PL = Celtic compromised.

He’s a parasite. His board are an oligarch. He works in a system that ensures him riches beyond his worth. Why would he upset all this for the sake of transparency?

Sound familiar?

He joined their ranks long ago and hasn’t looked back.

Another 2.3 million secured above an already over inflated remuneration package.

He is laughing like fuck at us all.

I gave season tickets up because of him/them and refuse to even consider paying towards it until we see radical changes. Changes that will not happen, unfortunately for me.

2 years ago

It’s the same old patter with you,Sevco the Cheats ,same as refs,think it’s time you started giving it tight to the Celtic Board and Brendan Rodgers,the club is financially sound and that’s good,but for other things signing players,etc they just not got it,the mob across the other side of the city,are adding another 4 players to there squad,were for the last 3 days we have been haggling for a striker,and nothing is happening,as I have said on another site,our club need to get rid of a lot Celtic Board people,get younger Celtic Fans on board with plenty of ambition take the club forward ,and get rid of this Biscuit tin way,or there won’t be 8 in a row , never min 10 in a row.

2 years ago

Board under serious pressure for the first time in 20 years, it isn’t about them it’s about US.

2 years ago
Reply to  BJF

Board is under pressure & it is about them , SFA , Refs & Assistants & compliance Officer

2 years ago

Advance apologies, Pal, as I can’t get to the end of it; I’ve maybe seen it all (thought it all) before! De’ javu indeed?
The ‘back of the bus’ is not, and never has been, an option for me. Sean South from the front seats was fine tho’, but NOT to put someone’s nose out, more fun, initially.
I ‘comfortably’ live in England but my heart has never fully moved South with me. Let me just say this, (and hopefully I’ll repeat it ‘tomorrow and the tomorrow after that’) : I’m a Tim through and through. Someone whom Brother Walfrid indirectly ‘taught’ with his humanitarian, socialist approach to life within his own cherished Holy Order of Marist Bretheren, e.g. with Brother Dorotheus.
My REAL Socialism was given to me by my Dad and big brother and from my best wee Pal from school’s Da’, a lovely Socialist a lovely man. Anyway, the ‘scum’from within is normally fatal and Lawwell fits that name; HE MUST BE REMOVED with recompense paid to Celtic FC (not PLC) by the Tory scum who have orchestrated all of this. Desmond HAS to be the ultimate target; it will need REAL sacrifice from a huge majority of our SUPPORTERS to oust this epitome of Tory filth, but I’m UP for it.
I don’t have cash to burn, as a huge number of us will understand BUT; I’ll initially entrust my few shares in our PLC to a bigger ‘church’ and I’ll contribute at least something on a monthly basis to any GENUINE beginning to bring that scum down.
This is not new for me, and it wont go away.
Faith of Our Fathers:

San Miguel
2 years ago

First Step is letting them know vocally at the next few matches – possibly Green Brigade with a well thought out banner letting them know that enough is enough

If that does not work – then hit them where it hurts – in the pocket of the club for a while don’t buy any hospitality or pies or paradise windfall or merchandise.

Also call out the Uncle Tom’s in the media for what they are and ask them to stand up for a change. Andy Walker Charlie Nicholas, Hugh Keevins, Peter Grant stop taking the establishment soup and call this corruption out for what it is.
Why does it take Chris Sutton an English Non Catholic to say what it is?

Scotland is still a bitter anti Irish and anti Catholic landscape when it wants to be. The day that you can say that you are a Scot of Irish descent, the way an American can say he(or she) is Hispanic, Black , one eighth Belgian or second generation Irish without prejudice is a long way away.

They are not the people – we are all the people -so fuck them !

2 years ago
Reply to  San Miguel

Aye, San Miguel, that’ll have scared the livin’ shit outa them, eh?

The GB DO NOT need our advice, just our BACKING.
BUT, I feel a change in the air, I feel a major change……I feel a fucking revolution…… I shall, therefore, advise the GB no more, I never did 🙂 but by fuck I’ll back them. IN FACT, I want the GB to back us. I’ll feel safe if the GB are covering my arse.

This could be “forward they cried from the rear, and our front rank wo-oooo–oo-nnnnn, listen Son said the GBs gun, we’ll not spare aannnnyyyyyyyy hun”
Oh, Ilove the GB as I do The Floyd.

2 years ago

Agree with this excellent article 100%- as my recent rants in various places will confirm! Question is what can be done? Surely we must be able to get it across to Peter Lawwell the strength of feeling among the Celtic support on these issues? I’m not saying he doesn’t know already of course he does but having read loads of articles on Celtic News this morning – including Chris Sutton’s excellent piece in DR – then it is glaringly obvious that fans want some action. We want a bloody statement from our silent Board on the blatant cheating now taking place! Ffs they’re not even kidding on its ‘honest mistakes’ anymore now see Shinnie & Collum off the hook for the carry on at the Aberdeen game too! Not that I was expecting any different….Celtic needs to DO something and I think, as fans we need to unify and send a strong message to those who take our money fast enough but not interested in our opinions! We look like lambs among wolves here, or to put it more bluntly we look like shitebags!!If something isn’t done we could very well lose this title race- a race that shouldn’t even be happening given our financial superiority over other clubs. The shower over at Ibrokes, who are scrambling around looking for someone to loan them some money apparently, who are so skint they’re freaking about loss of revenue during winter shutdown and whose unpaid legal bills could rival the GDP of a small country have out spent us in previous transfer windows and could bloody well do so again if Lawwell doesn’t stop his faffing about- this shambolic Frankenstein of a club are up our arse in this title race. How the fk did we allow that to happen? However, it happened it’s for real and because of this the fix has never been so blatantly in! If there was daylight between us and the rest we could maybe not view this as something to be worrying about too much. I know we are a much better team and I’m pretty sure we will prevail but we are seeing that everything is going to be done to try to prevent that! We need our club to find a bloody backbone and start kicking up fk about a whole host of issues but the blatant cheating would be at least a start! Added to that some serious transfer activity would also send out a message that we are in this to win it and we are going for the treble treble! I am not panicking I know there is a good way to go yet and that our team, on their day, are better than any other- but “on their day” is not consistent enough and that needs to be addressed. We need, as Brendan says, to press the reset button but the reset needs to be right from the top of the house. We need strong leadership – we need a Board &CEO asking hard questions of the SFA and getting some protection for our players. We need to get some damn respect back and this then needs to filter down to the manager to instil this same attitude in the players. We are Celtic, we are the biggest and the best- we need to show we are not going to be bullied on or off the park and maybe then we can get this damn season back on track and get back where we belong!

2 years ago
Reply to  Christina

Question is what can be done


2 years ago
Reply to  Christina

for fuck sake. We are shite in defence, level with the hunz, need 3 strikers, 2 centre halfs and a midfielder and celtic are getting OUR season ticket holders to finance Shamrock fucking rovers.


good thing your posts give great subterfuge (or should that be ovservation)

2 years ago
Reply to  Christina

FFS, ‘Tina, “back on track”, we’re TOTL + GIH.
Oh, and we’re still in Europe.
Oh, and LC winners already!
Of course, you’re partially right too. But our biggest battle is to primarily bin PTBL and replace him on about 1/7th of his grossly OTT remuneration; next is DD in the ‘cross-hairs’.
Any/all replacement MUST be CELTIC-minded and absolutely accountable, perhaps quarterly; also, it seems to me that TicToc should get free family season books for all of his world-wide 77 children and courtesy alcohol anywhere in CP and thereafter to Moe’s Bar in Springfield, Ad hic infini hic tium HIC, an Barnie agrees…..

2 years ago


2 years ago

Oh, Ralph, I’m no longer getting updates/new comments from eTims although new POSTS seem to be fine.
Any ideas?
If I’m being selectively binned that’s fine, I wont fall out about it.
We are better than that.

2 years ago

Since the late fifties I have heard the same “noise” it only abated when the Big man arrived in the early sixties. Of course the noise was heard before him, it quietened somewhat during the legendary time of McGrory. So nothing is new, but much has changed, like the “Rangers
died and went to Hell. Social media allows many to talk on many different forums and everyone has a different opinion, the loudest “Noises” scream to be heard and taken seriously. But does that make their opinion anymore expert than others. For many in Scotland, their whole World was torn asunder when that institution died, much wailing and gnashing of teeth or gums. Peel away the layers of the dead club straining hard to become relevant again. But the reality is different. A convicted criminal ruling that roost, a support of ignoramuses and lacking in much. A ruling body that entered into a secret agreement with a bus load of masonic officials straining their hemeroids to help make them relevant. Sinking in a sceptic tank of debt denied by the media. Oh, they were missed by many of the bigots. Some forget where the fault lines are, eager to call out the greedy within our own. But our voices go silent when asked to do what needs to be done, like to DEMAND action on Res.12 or to not go to the swamp or to give the SFA’s much vaunted cups a miss, in short its so easy to criticise the unforgivable but sometimes we need to look closer to home and say, my personnel responsibility is to call out injustice but also to give the cold shoulder to those that subvert our great club.

2 years ago

Timposter, aye, decent article and Well Done for putting it out here. Then the dreaded BUT 🙂
Well, not to disappoint, the “but” is this:
You ended with:
“And thus it will ever be.”
Just what TF do you mean here? Arsehole TB Lawwell wins?
Arsehole Dermot Desmond wins?
Timposter, you’re playing right into their fucking hands.
Are you a plant for dummies?
A board-sanctioned plant for dummies?
Hmmmmmmm! I hope not, but I look forward to your explanation in the super-optimistic belief that you DO create an intelligible answer and that Ralph either clears me or blocks me. I can happily deal with either.
FC not PLC

Noel Skytrot
2 years ago

If the current incumbents think they can fuck us around they better think again. Have they forgotten what happened during the White/ Kelly regime? You could argue we’re now becoming victims of our own success, we win trophies and we’re pacified as doing the business is all that matters. We need more, not unrealistic things, just what we deserve. If the board think anything else then they’re in for a surprise. If they don’t start defending the club and make a mess of the transfer window my own opinions is that the cannons need to be pointed directly at them. I for one have had enough and just to be clear its not because we’ve been soundly beaten by William, it’s been festering for a while.

We deserve better

2 years ago
Reply to  Noel Skytrot

Agree 100% with this post. getting better is not going to come from this comfort blanket of “oh we went to ibrox and got our balls kicked boo hoo”. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee.


2 years ago

Just for clarity the “ them” I was referring to was Sevco, it is about our Board at the moment.

2 years ago

Excellent posts. Can’t disagree with any of it. Christina, first class post, as well as others. All these issues should be addressed by the Board, whose duty it is to protect our Club, players and fans.

2 years ago

Well here’s another ‘tack’. Attack.
1st what’s wrong.
Reading all that wet shit, “we” must do this and “they” can’t get away with that, well then you ARE into Groundhog Day, you’re feeding the fucking Groundhog.
BUT, there IS an alternative, starting with just a few, dedicated personnel (with many in waiting) and I’ll be one of the first.
Gridlock Lawwell’s (heated) drive and his neighbours’ access and he’ll see another fucking ‘heated driveway’ view.
Simultaneously block simple motor access to CP.
In conjunction, block access to Hampden and organise protests there and around the homes of the SFA/SPFL, referees who cheat, even if that means ALL of them.
No back of the bus.
No gloves required.
Photographic and sound recordists hugely important here.
Safety-styled martial protectionist material should also be encouraged although that needs clear analysis.
Hammer the New York Times, Washington Post and Boston Globe (for starters) and ANY media which is likely to respond to apartheid-type intolerance, explaining that anti-Irish RACISM, anti-Catholic sectarianism, Freemasonry and Orangeism is the cause and at the crux of it all.
WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED, and I’m no hippy.

John mcghee
2 years ago

P.lawwell worked at hampden for years hes got himself involved with the corruption thats why he cant open his mouth because hes just as bad ss them lot at hampden its now time CELTIC fans toget something sorted a march to hampden our paradise and let these corrupt bastards know that the fans will stop paying into watch a rigged game yo suit the money grabbing corrupt bastards sfa lets start with boycotting Scottish cup hurt there pockets before its tolate lets bring these srsehole down now..hail hail

Paddy Mo
2 years ago

And now we have another winger, another loan deal … How does Burke address any of the glaring deficiencies in the squad. Is a right back? Naw. Is he a centre-back? Naw. Is he a dynamic midfield dynamo? Is he the third, or second striker we need? Naw.

2 years ago
Reply to  Paddy Mo

is he shit?

2 years ago
Reply to  FredDDobbs

From the BBC -“Despite his price tag, Burke has not started a Championship match this season, making just three league appearances as a substitute.”

2 years ago

The gnashing of teeth regarding our governing bodies and our fantastic officials monitoring our game and bending the rules to suit their agenda, yes that is an issue.
But the real issue is a lack of respect by the board at the club that only bother when revenues are reduced, they do not care for the club or its lifelong fans.
During the Kelly/White era, it was lump it or like it, as they ran Celtic Park like a sweetie shop, the one shining light from that era was Jock Stein and Bob Kelly.
When the rebels took over the club it was at deaths door, but with the support of a fantastic support it was rebuilt over a few painful years.
MON arrived and with outstanding players Larson, Moravcik etc times were a changing.
But Liewell is dragging us Back to the Future with his penny pinching, the arrogance of the PLC board at times beggars belief, Walfrid would be birling in his grave.
Strachan had issues, Lenny got scunnered, recently BR has been pissed, the common link, the CEO, who is interested only in his thirty pieces of silver, a member of the Great and the Good?
Today we sign Burke a winger, OH, he is on loan, no monies spent, maybe after the disco lights we can have a floating pitch, a casino and maybes a hotel, Fxxck the football
Celtic have never from a position of strength, moved onwards and upwards, it is always one step forward, two back

SFA unfit for purpose
2 years ago

I think its almost time for us Fans to get involved. We need to get organised , maybe with a week long blockade of Hampden to get the ball rolling and get some major media types involved. Im only one man with 1 van , but another 20 or 30 and we have ourselves a convoy.Might help focus some minds. anybody up for it ? totally peaceful of cours . but chained to the van so they cant move me easily.

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