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Celtic Diary Saturday November 17

Celtic travel to aberdeen today-noon kick off-without Gary Hooper, Thomas Rogne, Emilio Izzaguerre and James Forrest, while Lassad Niouiou, returns from his spell on the sidelines. Scott Brown and Joe Ledley are doubtful, but Kris commons should be okay. Aberdeen have their own problems, with anything up to five regulars missing, and the scene is set for a cracking game.

Celtic will have one eye on Tuesdays visit to Lisbon, but really need to get back down to serious business on the home front. Otherwise we will need to win the champions League to get back in it next year.

On the injury front for the Dons game, manager Neil Lennon said:

“Gary won’t make it. We are hoping he will start training on Sunday. Lassad Niouiou is back in the squad. Rogne willhopefully train on Sunday. Forrest, at first we thought it was a hamstring strain, but it looks like he has damaged a nerve. we are hoping it will settle down and he can travel with us on Monday. Brown and Ledley are doubts for Saturday but they should make Tuesday.”

Which is pretty much what I said.

Celtic held their AGM this week, and the big story to come out of it was that Peter Lawwell seems to think that UEFA may be looking to form regional leagues, as they are concerned at the disparity in european football. He said

“We are commited to the SPLbut nothing stays the same. There are initives in Europe. UEFA have opened their mind up to some form of regional leagues. I think they recognise the polarisation between the top leagues and the smaller leagues in terms of media values. There are very early proposals that may look at regional leagues.”

He was referring to countries such as the Netherlands, Belguim and the Scandanavian nations,

“Coming together to create bigger markets for media rights, they could try to close the gap,” he went on, but was already starting to dilute the news. “Our job at Celtic is to maintain standards. We believe we are a top class European football club in everything we do.”

Lawwell has mastered the art of speaking without actually saying anything, as that satement shows, whilst Charles Green has mastered the art of ย just speaking for the sake of it. His latest nonsense includes asking if “Barcelona and Real Madrid would like Celtic and Rangers in their league”, and answers it with “Of course they would!”

Er, Charlie , Barcelona don’t even want your lot in their city again. and could you stop putting the word “and ” inbetween the words “Celtic ” and “Rangers” as though they are some kind of joint venture.

Our support want nothing to do with your lot. Most of us would not care of we never played you again. As it is now, the purpose of your club is to provide comic entertainment for other football supporters around the country.

Why else would you still have Ally McCoist as manager?

The issue of joint sponsorship with the Newco was also raised, but new chairman Iain Bankier would not be swayed by those of us who feel we should cut our ties with the old/new/soon to be gone again club.

He might have to be persuaded by another means. The terms of contracts, he added were “confidential”, which makes you wonder exactly what has been sold to , for instance, Tennents, when it comes to shirt sponsorship.

Corporate businessmen are very wary of associating their products with, say tax dodging cheats who are defrauding the nation and about to set up a share issue that has been alleged to be just a quick money making scam before the perpetrators lock the doors, turn the lights out and get on a plane to the Cayman Islands.

Celtic should also be wary of being associated with them.

(Note; if David Leggat is reading this, or more likely having it read to him, tell your puppetmaster to stick his legal letters up his arse. Rangers oldco are a bunch of tax dodging cheats, and the newco is a very dodgy attempt to avoid paying their dues. Setting up as a new firm using the same premises, the same management , the same brand, the same staff and the same customer base is fraud.)

Celtic have taken US internationalist Jaun Agudelo on trial. This 19 year old has already played 16 times for the USA and has been praised by no less than his Red bulls team mate Thierry Henry, who used to be the support act for Henrik Larsson at Barcelona. Henry said he was “a great player who is going to be a top player soon” There is a video kicking around of a goal he scored against DC United, which does show he’s a lethal finisher, and if you look on you tube you will find it.

Now, yesterday in the diary was a shameful confession that i had bought the Daily Record-it costs ten bob nowadays!-and yes, I still feel dirty, and yes I’ll have to burn the evidence, and no I haven’t let the kids see it. They’re still studying the Readers Wives bums monthly one, and strangely enough that mag is spending a lot of time in the toilet as well.

The reason i mention it again is the little box they print on page two.

“For the Record,

At the Daily Record we pride ourselves on journalism that is honest, fair and accurate. We do our best to correct errors or publish clarification as soon as possible. Our journalists adhere to the editors code of practice , which sets the benchmark for professional standards and is enforced by the Press Complaints commission. …. To ask for an inaccuracy to be corrected , phone 0141 309 3000.”

Where do you start with that? You’d be on the phone for months! Presumably those in the sports section don’t ever read that bit.

Darusz Wdodczyk, (pronounced “Dobcheck, which was his own answer years ago, ย ) was the man we were looking for yesterday. He was at Livingston for a few months in 2008, before heading off to Polonia Warsaw as manager. wikipedia sort of gives up then.

Today, who said of Wdodczyk, “He’s the best left back since me?”




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11 years ago

Big Tam Gemmell?

the lurgan tiger
11 years ago

I’ve no idea who said that but if I were Tommy Gemmell, that would sound like something I woukd say.

Chuckles Green in excellent form yesterday. How can we get this man the comedy award he so richly deserves?

11 years ago

Tommy Gemmell?

11 years ago

I did not know the quiz answer but having seen it, I would definitely back BT.


You mentioned that vile name again, the proof that trees should not be chopped for paper! Burn, burn, burn then do the same with the rag. :>))

I was only listening again today and it looks like there will be nothing to do for the rest of the season. Armageddon is upon us with probably the biggest crowd in Aberdeen since the Yanks heard about the oil. I guess the league is over for the season now too, seeing we won. Ach well, I’ll just have to hope that Pete can get a cross border deal going soon. Are cross border deals legal? Was that not how the bootlegging was done?
While Peter puts all his energy into that, I presume that Mr. Bankier will busy himself on deals relating to cross-purposes for sponsorship dough. Now there is a border crossing that should be shut down, if not shot down even. Wonderful to have boards that are so in tune with each other and the fans. Beauty and The Beast would be a good sponsorship slogan. “Lawwell has mastered the art of speaking without actually saying anything, as that satement shows, whilst Charles Green has mastered the art of just speaking for the sake of it.”. That is classical. I would put it up there with Shakespeare but I see he might be a fraud too. I guess Bankier is simply a Jack-of-no-trade and a master of none.
I hope Juan (if he is the same guy as yours :>)) Agudelo turns out to mature to the same quality as his previous team, Chivas, developed into in the fine whisky arena. On the other hand, I worry he may simply be a scout seeking a trail to the promised land out west. Shoo, don’t tell him he is in Paradise.
I see my conviction about the spelling, Darius, was as wrong as your knowledge about the correct one, Darusz, was right. Poles apart one might say.
Anyhow, my best wishes and full support goes to the team on Tuesday. I am never quite sure how effective it is shouting from an armchair some 1,300 miles away, if I was a crow that is. Spurs me on. mind, like ‘Arry Rednapp’s dug to a fantasy land where nout is ‘taxing’ though I still have the wife’s nagging lingering in my ears. Fingers and toes crossed for the point(s) we need for the play-offs. If I had anything else that could be crossed, I would do that too but alas, many of my bits are quite redundant these days.


11 years ago

Best crowd in Aberdeen in 3-4 years. 18,000 sheep were much relieved …

11 years ago
Reply to  kingsnake


The doggers were much disappointed, though :>)

Good for the game, good for the game as Bruce would say – or near enough!


11 years ago

Yup would agree Big Tam Gemmell – let’s face it apart from Danny McGrain playing there out of position there was nobody else to compare!!!! Although Mark Reid was nae bad in early/mid 80’s

andy docherty
11 years ago

andy lynch???

brian glover
11 years ago

Green rushed to Veterinary Hospital ….Dr. Freud,a spokesman, said ” the worst case of verbal diahorrea and foot in mouth disease I’ve ever come across.”

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