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Celtic Diary Friday November 16

Tony Watt has signed a new deal which will take him through to 2016 and the youngster is “delighted”. Well, the news has cheered one or two of us up as well, as the policy of rearing our own players continues. Perhaps that could have been worded better.

Watt said

“I’m a Celtic fan and this is where I want to play my football. The last couple of weeks have been incredible, and to sign the contract just a week after scoring against Barcelona is brilliant. I know I’ve still got a lot of hard work ahead of me in my career, but its great to know that I’ll be here as part of this exciting young team the manager is building at Celtic.

Watt told the Daily Record that the best thing about “that goal2 was a hug from his mum-reminding the reader of the time when David Marshall took his dog for a walk after his Camp Nou heroics. Strangely enough, had I been the guy who scored that goal, then the story would have been along the lines of

“Did I have a wee drink to celebrate? Sure, in fact it was three days before I could see properly again, and I have no idea who any of these women are.”

Footballers are different these days.

Watt continued

“The next day i just met up with my pals and it was just like any normal day off. I’m not the type to let things go to my head.”

Its good to see the lad has his feet firmly on the ground, and is testament to the work that Lennon and his staff are putting into building the side. Of course, thats the correct way to do things, and it will prolong his career, and help him to reach his full potential. He has worked hard to put himself in a position many of us would envy, and good luck to him. But i have to be honest, the game was over a week ago and if it was me, I’d just be getting home around now, or released on bail around now. which is probably why I’m sitting here typing, and he’s preparing for a game at Aberdeen.

This is the most important game domestically of the season so far, and defeat would see us drop into third. Aberdeen are going well under that wily old fox Craig Brown, and former Celt Niall McGinn is in tremendous form. Celtics league form is at best inconsistent, and with the Benfica game next week sure to be on players minds, then for the first time in a long time, I’m not confident of the three points. So much for armageddon, this is a vital game-even this early in the season, and its not even featuring the league leaders.

Those of you travelling north tomorrow are advised to allow sufficient time to make the early kick off-thanks to the official Celtic site for that invaluable advice-and supporters are warned that Grampian police will be doing spot checks on buses in case anyone has any drink on them.

And for the love of god, watch what you are singing. Or chanting. And try to think only pure thoughts.

At the ground, polite applause is permitted, and the occasional sharp intake of breath. Players can be given occasional shouts of encouragement, and may also be consoled with shouts of “Oh-bad luck, but don’t let your head go down.”

Inflatable sheep are certainly not permitted, as is any suggestion of unnatural sexual activity amongst our hosts for the day.

Please also remember, that despite these enlightened times, the referees parents will probably be married-to each other-and he is unlikely to be a member of any secret organisation, have no truck with goats, and will be performing his duties to the best of his ability.

Note; Craig Thomson is the referee tomorrow. Which gives an entirely different meaning to the phrase “best of his ability”.

Celtic are likely to rest a few players before the game, according to some reports, simply because a score draw or better, coupled with a Barcelona win in Moscow will see qualification secured for the next phase of the UCL, with a home game to spare.

A home game to spare! Which, if it happens, most of us would admit we thought was fairly unlikely when the draw was made.

Anyway, Aberdeen v Celtic , 12 noon tomorrow. Live on ESPN.

Now, in interwebland, there is a lot of nonsense spouted by a lot of people about a lot of things.

Former journalist David Leggat, whose writings lead one to think he may have been a supporter of ย the now defunct Rangers, and has decided to, like many others of that ilk, latch on to Charles Greens new club, and has his own wee blog, where he gives his own er, refreshing and courageous views on scottish football and the media. He clearly admires the work of those such as himself, who are not tied to one particular newspaper or broadcaster, (He’s a big fan of Graeme Spiers and Phil MacGhiollabhan, as well as a keen supporter of the Green Brigade)

In his latest drivel, sorry, revelations , he claims that laywers acting for Charles Green will be taking action against anyone who endangers the upcoming share issue with lies, deceit or direct honest questions. Well, theres not much chance of anyone asking the latter. Paul McConville, a lawyer who has commented on the presentation featured in Tuesdays diary, has denied he has received any interdict or any other notices of intent.

But Leggat is convinced. He is on a crusade against anyone who speaks out of turn about his beloved Fuhrer, and warns of terrible consequences for those who do…

Other ramblings from rangers media include the “outing ” of RTC, the blogger who they should have listened to, and Peter Lawwells lack of a poppy on Sky TV. No wonder their club went down. not quite got their priorities right, have they?

Poor man. Not only is he obviously forgetting to ask for appropriate help with his problems-it is available, you just have to ask-he actually seems to believe it himself.

A cynic may say its guys like him, and the fawning tributes they pay to their masters at Ibrox, that has caused this mess in the first place, but to actively pursue it happening twice-just how blind are these people?

Rangers fans are actually starting to question the share issue, so its all hands to the pump for the loyal press as they bury their collective heads in the sand. Again.

Anyhoo, more to be pitied than scorned.

Cofession time, now this morning I found myself in a shop, and id something shameful. something I haven’t done since I was a teenager-which was back in a time when everyone did it, and you felt it was kind of normal. There certainly wasn’t any stigma applied to it the way there is today. you see, there is no need today, with the internet saitisfying any need I have for this particular craving. I have to admit being racked with guilt, and may yet take it back and apologise, but now I’ve bought the Daily Record, I might as well read it. In the toilet, where it may actually perform a dual purpose.

Oh, and I bought a copy of “Readers Wives Bums monthly to wrap it up in. Well, you never know who you might bump into.

Dariusz Dzeikanowski was the man who scored four against Partizan Belgrade as Celtic crashed out on away goals all those years ago, with a particular brand of football that never really caught on. Other teams opted to have some players in defence. Apologies as well for omitting the answer in yesterdays piece. Joe Harper got the three goals against Celtic in the 1974 League Cup final. Which , incidentally was where I’d drifted off to while I was typing.

There was another Pole who joined at the same time as Jacki, the question isn’t who-its how was his name spelt, and how was it pronounced?





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11 years ago


11 years ago

Dariusz Wdowczyk – pronounced dovcheck if I remember right ๐Ÿ™‚

11 years ago

Dariusz Wdowczyk

Darius Dovcheck

11 years ago

fuck knows how to spell it but i know who you mean !

11 years ago

As above but I would say


was how it was pronounced!! Great left foot on him scored a beezer of a free kick v oldco!! Canna mind if that was the 2-0 or 3-0 game they were just a week apart after all!!

11 years ago
Reply to  Steveo

That was the 2-0 game. What a strike that was. Made it sweeter that it deflected off that clown Hurlock on the way in.

11 years ago
Reply to  stiggers1888

Yeah remembered it took a deflection & looped over woods’ head that was a great 7 days in march 91 as I recall bout the only bright spell of early 90’s!! But hey we’re still here & they’re no!!!

Gareth Savage
11 years ago

Dariusz Wdowczyk

Darius Dove-Czech !!!!

San Miguel
11 years ago

when you are finished with the readers wifes bums , can I have it ? Don’t want the Record though, I will see one tomorrow as I am going for a haircut- the only place I ever read a paper these days.No doubt the headlines will be Hooper & Wanyama to Richdale fro ยฃ1m and Walter will inspire Gers to Glory against whoever they are playing tomorrow.

San Miguel

My take is Darius Wdowycsk -phoentically I would say DOOBCHEK.
A Polish girl worked for me a few years ago , apparently Jinky is Polish for Thank You – well so she told me. Another Polish – Celtic Connection

11 years ago

Was it Doov-Czech?

11 years ago

What we want to know is, what did she thank you for?

San Miguel
11 years ago

Obviously for giving her one – a job that is !

San Miguel

11 years ago

I was gony mention him yesterday, glad i didn’t or i’d have spolied the quiz today.
Darry-ooze Doob-check

NOT Barry-gies-a-Boob-check as a school friend at the time used to terrorise the girls with!

11 years ago

Its prononunced
sh u gg y

Run Sammy Run
11 years ago

I remember Darius scoring against the huns with a big toe bash of a free kick from nearly his own half.
If I remember right it was called the St Patrick’s day massacre.
Hope that wasn’t tomorrow’s quiz qu.

11 years ago

Darius Doabchick.
He gidn’t make as a big an impact as Jackie but kept it up for longer. Mibbees.

11 years ago


Your cynicism, sarcasm and irony is of the highest quality and receives my unqualified admiration.

Your content, exposition and interpretation are impeccable and I can find no fault therein.

Your literacy, expression and culture is exemplary and I would follow your style to oblivion.

BUT your choice of reading is pure sh** and I would give it a while before going in after you. I just hope I can recover. It is the biggest shock to the system since TRFC left Europe.

I confess I knew the answer to the Polish question. I can boast I knew his first name spelling too, Darius. I knew his second name as well but have to admit, on this day of confessions, I could not have spelled it even if he gave me his autograph. Anyone know where he is now?


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