Day Late Ranger – Rangers in Disbelief

Day Late Ranger – Rangers in Disbelief By Teder Meatballs

RANGERS note in disbelief Hibernian’s (spit) decision to cut our loyal supporters’ ticket allocation for the final match of the Scottish Premiership season at Easter (spit – makes us think of uprising) Road next month.

First and foremost we are the people. We are not quite sure ourselves what this means but by continually repeating this it takes our gullible supporters minds off more pressing matters like cash flow and stuff they don’t need to concern themselves with.

We are the people.

Rangers hopes the safety of our loyal fans, including well known loyal celebrities, Andy loyal Cameron, Jeanette wee loyal Krankie, Murdo loyal British loyal union jack underpants loyal Fraser and the loyal match officials will not be compromised by this decision, which defies belief.

We are the people.

This is the very least Rangers expects for loyal supporters who have repeatedly proven themselves to loyally be unable to think for themse, erm, be the most loyal in the country by selling out for centuries ticketing allocations at every ground in Scotland, even stadiums we haven’t visited or presently don’t exist or are figments of our fevered imagination.

We are the people.

This was clearly evident as we majestically rose like a soaring vindaloo induced fart through the divisions when clubs the length and breadth of Europe, including Real Madrid (spit) and Annan Athletic (spit), benefitted financially to the tune of several billion pesetas from the presence of our loyal fans.

Rangers will never forget Hibernian’s (spit, although Rod Petrie seemed okay when he was signing the 5 Ways Pact so don’t know how this got passed him! ) decision when reviewing ticketing arrangements for future matches – both home and away – against this particular club.

We are the people.

P.S. It’s all Neil Lennon’s fault.

P.P.S. We are the people.

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3 years ago

Well done Hibs, slap it right intae they scum fucks!


3 years ago

Hahaaaaa, the self entitlement that the Huns have has is what’s destroying them and is brilliant to watch. I’ve came across some real fucking mentalists but their fans are peerless. They’re definitely lacking when it comes to the oul cerebral matter.

3 years ago

Desi, in fairness to Hibs they are doing it out of kindness so most huns can get on their holidays early and not see Lenny’s team humping them again.

3 years ago

The Easter uprising, heard that somewhere before.

As the people sail up the river Clyde, they are met and guided by a pod of killer whales (orcs) to a nearby mysterious island, “The land that time forgot” inhabited only by dinosaurs. In the spirit of the glen of tranquillity (Glenmorangie) they sing their song of love…

We love you “Rangers” oh yes we do,
We love the players, our men in blue,
We love you “Rangers we doooo,
Oh “rangers” we love you.
Bet you never heard that song before, I blame Ralphy, he canny stop talking about them.

Thomas Mccarthy.
3 years ago

Well said montit ha ha

3 years ago

Have you moved the cooker from your front garden yet?
Airdrie is some shithole.

3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Yes m8, yourself?

Rob O'Keeffe
3 years ago

I’m surprised Dempster,ST at Liebrox for 20 years has okayed this… be honest,the truth is,the support ra peepul have given the new club over the last 6 years has been absolutely excellent,home and away.Have to be honest,honestly….me being a rookie Jesuit and WorldClass charity guy and definitely not involved in caption fixing…..

3 years ago

Go and read it again then…..

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