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Messi, Xavi & Iniesta Display Celtic Shirts At Paradise

Just a magical, magical photo. Can we get to keep them? Please!


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11 years ago

Just brilliant, great image.

11 years ago

if only!

11 years ago

It could happen you know? All Dermot has to do is look under his car seats to find that kind of money.

11 years ago

Why? Is it the Celtic way to simply BUY success? Who really envies who? Three greats, yes. But holding the greatest club strip in the world. Am I honoured by their action? yes. Jealous? I do not think so.
A picture to treasure though as is their reason for holding the jerseys, to recognise and show respect for the 125 years’ existence of a unique football club.

11 years ago

Thats closer than they will get to any shirts that colour this week. Bunch of overrated shysters.

11 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Malph

I hope that’s the whisky talking, Ralph. Though they say that drink often brings out the truth. Good team – yes! Overrated – yes! Beatable – definitely yes!


J Roche
11 years ago

Dear Sir. Anyway a fan of both clubs can obtained a copy of the picture?


11 years ago
Reply to  J Roche

There was a tweet from CelticFC in respect to anyone wanting to obtain a copy so I think if you contact Celtic direct ( should be contact details on their website, they will have the exact info and get a copy sent out. If your on Twitter Tony Hamilton the Celtic Media head is under the name PolishTurnstile and he will be able to advise too

11 years ago

That’s what I call respect.
(Sunderland fan)

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