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Pat colhoun
4 years ago

Masons should stick to trying to build dry stone walls, poor skint farmers.
Keep going chaps you are ra Peepul.

4 years ago

Yep, that about the level ‘wee are the peepul’ can reach too.
Wait till they work out their management team and players brought in are ‘caffolics’

4 years ago

Obviously a fake. Surely it would have been written in crayon, and not neccassirly wwith the sharp end.

4 years ago

EH dinny understaun yea ataw ! 😉

4 years ago

Jibraltir is British. Brilliant.

4 years ago

Have you ever heard such hatred and bile,
more venomous statements from the Ipox pile,
because of our love of the Emerald Isle,
give it a rest once in a while.

Poisoned minds, “what do we care”,
the hatred of Catholics always laid bare,
intimidation, trying to scare,
scratching and biting pulling their hair.

Could they not try to tolerate,
all they need is to co-operate,
not try to annihilate,
let the hate decelerate,
the love and peace accelerate.
NFC no f—-ing chance. !!

Robert McEwan
4 years ago

Jeez I read that fluently, made appointment with doctor first thing,hope I’m not turning into a zombie, my wife read this and said no need to go to doctors,as I don’t write like one

Stevie D
4 years ago

I swear this is true: scrawled on the toilet walL in my work in deepest Lanarkshire: KEEP LARKHALL PRODDISSENT”. I blame the schools.

4 years ago
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