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Celtic Diary Thursday August 3: Forrest Fires Celts Into Play Off

Celtic advanced to the play off stage of the Champions League qualifiers after winning an intriguing tactical battle with Norwegian champions Rosenborg.

Full credit has to go to the manager who came of age on the European stage in Trondheim with what wasnt the most enjoyable game you’ll ever see, but was certainly one of the most watchable.

Rosenborg picked up where they left off in Glasgow, sprinting back to the eighteen yard line as soon as Celtic kicked off, and they more or less stayed there until half time.

Like they did in Glasgow.

Where it nearly worked for them. Rodgers expected this, and instructed his players to keep spreading the ball from side to side, holding possession and gradually wearing them down.

Despite the setback of an injury to Erik Sviatchenko, who had bravely held out for nearly ten minutes, and the introduction of Nir Biton at centre half, which didn;t alter the teams performance or style, although language in front of tv screens had altered significantly, Celtic could have been ahead at half time, but weren’t panicking.

One goal, of course, would almost certainly have been enough, and whether or not Rosenberg scored first made lttle difference to that fact.

With the start of the second half giving rise to thoughts that Leigh Griffiths probably was injured, Celtic fans became a little nervous as Rosenborg went on the offensive, sonething they hadn;t done in numbers until that point, and there were a few pairs of underpants changed both on and off the pitch.

That was when Rodgers pulled his master stroke.

A fit Leigh Griffiths, fresh and raring to go was unleashed on the Rosenborg defence, allowing the tireless James forrest and hard grafting Scott Sinclair to take up their normal duties.

Had Griffiths started, Rosenborg may have been able to get to grips with him, and his late introduction meant that as they adjusted, he could start to influence matters.

And he did.

James Forrest, much maligned by some who really ought to know better by now, cracked in a powerful shot from an difficult angle to give Celtic the lead, and with the clock running down, Rosenborg had to score twice to progress.

Thats progress with double s at the end. We don’t do cheap jibes at Etims.

Although it was still a bit nervy for the support, the players breathed a collective sigh of relief, upped their concentration, and saw the game out with a mature and professional display not seen by a Celtic side at this level for a long, long time.

Certainly not against this level of opposition, who many of us had underestimated, and who can count themselves unfortunate not to be in amongst the big boys, as they say.

There are now a few domestic games before Celtic attempt the final hurdle, which should help iron out a few wrinkles among the players. One or two looked a little rusty, and the fluency of last season isn’t quite there yet, but the attitude and heart is, which means the rest won’t be far behind.

Praise has to go to all involved last night, but I’d add extra for Craig Gordon, whose concentration was superb, Keiran Tierney , Jozo Simunovic , Nir Biton and Calum MacGregor for the quality of their play, and to Scott Sinclair , Scott Brown and James Forrest for their tremndous work ethic, as even when things didn’t go right for them, they simply rolled up their sleeves and worked even harder.

And a big thank you to the undercover guy in Norway who helped Brendan-or at least thats what he’ll say, even if he may have blown his cover last night…

Onwards and upwards then, and there was further good news when Ajax , Salburg and Legia Warsaw exited the competition. Not just because of any petty rivalry, but because it now means that with a wee biut of luck Celtic could make pot 3 in the group seedings, should the club overcome whoever is drawn against them tomorrow.

The teams in the draw are…

Should Seville, Napoli, Liverpool or Olympiakos be knocked out, Celtic move into pot 3.

Fingers and everything else crossed, but of course Celtic have their own job to do first.

Personally, Rijeka would be the choice for the champions. Or Slavia Prague, as at least they are in Europe…


The Judicial Review into years of systematic malpractice by the football authorities in Scotland is underway..

From Rangers Tax Case..

Fingers and everything else crossed again.

Lets see how the club responds…


Is it me, or are there dark forces at work to stop Celtic winning ten in a row ?

The media are digging up every possible bad news soundbite they can, and even turning stories around in such a way as to paint Celtic in a bad light.

Leigh Griffiths, whilst signing a few autographs at the airport on the way to Norway, was clearly called a paedophile, in the abbreviated form, and he respnded by reminding the offender that his club was deid and asking him to “beat it ”

“Your clubs deid mate, beat it ”

Should now be the standard response to any comment that mentions any of the nonsense that they usually come out with.

And will almost certainly be the best selling t shirt of next season.

Yet the media didn’t report it how it was, they mentioned alleged abuse, even though on the video its pefectly clear what was said.

As with the attack on Scott Brown at Ibrox, the racist abuse of Scott Sinclair and the missiles thrown at players at Ibrox, there has been little condemnation and even less action.

However, one wonders of the offender had waved a paedo banner at the airport, would the police have kicked his back doors in at dawn ?

Banners are bad, as the arrest of twelve Celtic fans has shown this week, who are supposedly connected to the banner flown at the Linfield game.

Political banners have no place at the football, the press trumpet from the high moral ground above their offices, and yet…

No one is denying that the tifo  is outstanding, and it rightly reminds people of an atrocity committed that is amongst the worst the world has seen.

But either a banner is political, and wrong, or it isn’t.

The Record, no doubt , would condemn a famine memorial banner , which was also one of the worlds worst atrocities, if it were flown at Celtic Park.

It’ll be interesting to see if UEFA turn a blind eye to it.

Older readers may remember that when Celtic were heading towards the original and untainted nine in a row, all manner of little tricks were pulled by the authorities to stop them, culminating in a complete revamp of the old first division into the “more competitive ” Premier Division, which did work for a time until someone showed David Murray a unique interpretation of tax law.

I think that the establishment is starting earlier this time, as it becomes apparent that Celtic can only throw away the chance to hit ten in a row.

Are the dark forces gathering again ?

Seems so, and we must be ready for it, on and off the field.

Don’t buy their papers, and don’t listen to their shows.


The club finally said cheerio to Emilio Izaguirre, which was nice, citing paperwork problems as an excuse for the delay.

THE departure of Emilio Izaguirre from Celtic has, of course, been the news which supporters have been talking about this past week or so, with fans passing on their thanks and best wishes to a player who has given everything to the cause since joining the club back in August 2010.

Those sentiments are echoed by everyone at Celtic, although the club has had to wait for all the paperwork to be fully completed before being in a position to make any formal announcement.

Emilio leaves Celtic with our very best wishes and our thanks for everything he has done in the green and white Hoops which he clearly loves. That love is reciprocated by the Celtic Family.

He signed for the club back in 2010 from Honduran side, Motagua, and while he may have joined as a player, he has left as a supporter.

His qualities as a footballer were evident from the moment he made his competitive debut in a 1-0 victory over Motherwell at Fir Park on August 29, and in that first season his form saw him named Scotland’s Player of the Year, while he also picked up a Scottish Cup winner’s medal at the end of that campaign.

But even before the end of that season, he had already become a firm favourite with the Celtic supporters, who recognised that his passion and commitment to the Hoops was absolute.

The following season, he suffered an injury set-back when he broke his ankle in the second game of the campaign, against Aberdeen at Pittodrie, that ruled him out until the turn of the year, but he returned for the second half of the campaign as Neil Lennon’s side secured the first of what has been, to date, six league titles in a row.

In total, Emilio made 252 appearances for Celtic, scoring five goals, and during these past seven years he has won 10 major honours – six league titles, two Scottish Cups and two League Cups. Throughout that time he has also continued to represent Honduras at international level.

He has been a great servant of the club, and a hugely popular player amongst his team-mates, the coaching staff at Celtic and, of course, the Celtic fans.

Emilio is now set for a new football challenge in Saudi Arabia. We wish him every success in that venture, and he will always be guaranteed the warmest of welcomes home whenever he visits Paradise. 

We can only echo those thoughts.


And we thought the club were ignoring him.

Things are not always what they seem.

Not a particularly bright Facebook user, one hastens to add.


Someone else doesn’t seem too bright..


Did you see the news from North Korea ?

They’ve got a missile than can reach New York !

Scared the shit out of me.

If it can make it there, it can make it anywhere.

I’m here all week. Much to the disgust of readers.


We’ve a few lyrical men amongst the readers, how about a wee rhyme or song to mock our cousins over on the other side of the river ?

Or aimed at the SFA/SPFL ?

Humour is a fantastic weapon, and who knows, the ditty may make to to the game…

Thats as well as a caption competition, not instead of.

I couldn’t log in yesterday due to technical difficulties, so there was no diary, and we have to go back to tuesday for this picture..

Image result for old black and white photography people

The Cha August 1, 2017 at 2:15 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Quick Ralph, up here. We can see Peter ready to strike.







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5 years ago

Trumps first armed forces transgender sacking gets a new job filling kegs at state fair..

5 years ago

Caption – John Holmes asks for two more shakes at the drive through

5 years ago

Well done Brendan & the Bhoys last night, to have not conceded a goal in the qualifiers so far is of great credit to the solidity of the team as a whole.
Rosenborg are a decent side, 18 games into their season, but Celtic has a mental toughness about them these days, good to see.
James Forrest scored a wonder goal, it was going to take something like that to get through, he should have had three on the night but it matters not, he scored the crucial one and i think the Rosenborg players knew the game was up.

We now need to get the Armstrong and Roberts situations finalised now, i want Stuart to stay but if he wants out, sell him for the top price we can get in this window.
We have had to be patient with Patrick Roberts, we now need an answer, yes or no Patrick?

In my opinion we need to bring in a central defender and a useful back up striker to Moussa & Leigh, i know ideally Brendan doesn’t want 3 top strikers to keep happy, but i think we need three.

Slavia Prague for me please!


5 years ago

so happy to win last night, we played well.
i thought it was very smart to take off Armstrong and move McGregor back as McGregor can pass and keep the ball much better….i dont want to be negative but Armstrong looked pissed being taken off…..his last game for Celtic ???….if he doesnt sign then he must be sold and now would be a good time so that we get maximum money for him….
anyway big smile today and 2 fingers up too the scottish media


5 years ago
Reply to  ewanbhoy

I think if we had a fully fit Moussa or Leigh….that would have been a 0-3 away win.
Celtic winning away games in Europe, being tigbt at the back?
Strange days 🙂

Long may they continue!

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Too right…..starting to look like a real top team again and hopefully if we get into the group stage we will be in top gear by then and a good draw and we have a great chance of getting through

5 years ago

Caption: Burgers, chips and a free blow job for dad at the drive-through. Have a nice day!

What a game. Wee Forrest has always been something special.Me and Monti have always stayed true to the winger despite some abuse. Our next draw will also see us sharper and fitter. Qarabang/Astana/Rijeka (Croatia/ Slavia Prague/Hapoel Beer Sheeva.Bring it on.
Neymar, as a man, is not worth 20p.

5 years ago
Reply to  Devoy45

James would be the first to admit he maybe doesn’t always deliver the big performance, or world class crossing etc…
But i tell you what, when the big games come around, Europe or cup finals, i BELIEVE he will do the business for us, he is vital to what we are trying to achieve.
God bless the wee man!


5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

No wingers do M, but he’ll always pit in a shift. Some ‘supporters’ seem to revel in any mistake he makes and they are few and far between and a lot of these clowns who know fuck all about the game seem to forget that the wee man played many more minutes for the club last season than a guy who isn’t our player (though I hope we get him). He’s been at Celtic for 16 years, yet some of these cretins abuse him worse than some of the huns players. Supporters my arse, just jumped up clowns who don’t have a clue.

5 years ago

All wingers get it hard at Celtic jeven wee Jinky got it , when it wasn’t his day. Let’s not forget Paddy got it also,as did wee GMS.They have the hardest task on the pitch as far as I’m concerned. They are usually faced with doubled up defenders on them,they have to track back,as our defenders bomb forward,and they have to score and make goals. Some step forward and take the abuse and the glory with ease,others can’t. Wee GMS is one of those that our club and fans he couldn’t handle. It was too much for him. Jamesy Knows the script he is one of our own,that’s why he gives you what he has got.
Nothing less nothing more is all we want as supporters.
Keep doing what you do wee man,your goals in Europe has made Celtic plenty.

5 years ago
Reply to  jimmybee

Jimmybee, some of the stuff goes way beyond criticism. But in this day and age of social media unfortunately it gives a platform to the low lifes and the clueless. But your right, a wingers job in the modern game is so much more than receiving the ball 20 yards into the opposing half and working their magic.

5 years ago
Reply to  jimmybee


5 years ago

Well said Henke

Being a winger is l think the toughest position on a pitch as you are expected to beat a man show some flair and deliver quality from wide areas.
Hence why they tend to get more stick than most.
You are going to defend Forrest because you know him that’s a given and as it should be but at the same time you and others feel it’s fine to lay into certain players and Managers without caring a single fuck about it.
None of us are Players or Managers at the level so our opinions are exactly that just opinions.
They change nothing they alter nothing and I’m fairly sure Jamesie Efe or whoever couldn’t give two fucks either way what you me or anyone else has to say on a fitba forum Andy?
It’s frustration more than anything when you know these players can perform way better than they do at times.
Frustration leads to criticism as is the norm for fans and supporters alike.
My biggest concern was Jamesie has failed to hit the heights he showed under Lenny in his first Season when both he and Sammy more or less carried the team for 6 weeks when we had a rake of injuries.
Forrest was superb in that period playing way beyond his years.
Injuries and dips in form have held him back no end and the contract issue also added some frustration.
The fact is he has hit the ground running since pre Season and probably our best player -certainly the most consistent- since they all came back?
Long may that continue and hopefully he becomes the player we all hoped he would AT CELTIC.

5 years ago

Central midfield is the hardest position to play on the pitch….i played there for over 20 years!

I should think the wingback role at Celtic is the most demanding physically given he’s expected to defend and attack in equal measure.
I feel for wingers more as they are on the side of the pitch hearing the reactions of the crowd much clearer than those in the middle.
I played up front for 20 years so was reliant on good service from wide men.
Probably why l am so critical of them when their service is bad.
Just as hard on forwards though when they are lazy and not hitting the target when given the chance.

5 years ago

Were you a Tony Cascarino type forward?
No that i’m saying you’re a donkey or that……

5 years ago

“I played up front for 20 years”

you must have been knackered. Long was half time?


@Monti More a Dalglish quick on the turn and used my arse to turn defenders x 😉
High big boy fancy picking that out the net for the keeper sweet cheeks?

5 years ago
Reply to  Devoy45

Read that the total fee for Nymar will top 400 million quid.

That’s right, 400 million quid.

Am almost speechless in ma disgust.

Worlds gone mad.

800000 children die each year because they don’t have access to good sanitation nor access to clean running water.

400 million quid. Madness.

5 years ago

Caption: ” Morning sir David, your usual inflation”?

5 years ago

Caption: In the good old days when you could drink and drive,no need for seat belts or safety seats for the kids,just like being in Charlie’s van 🙂

5 years ago

Caption : Charlie Mulgrews day off work.

5 years ago


Drink driver has a blowout at the drive through.

5 years ago

Caption : Sir I said take the filter lane,

5 years ago
Reply to  jimmybee

Pt 2 Not take the filter hame

5 years ago

into the cheats in blue,
LNS excused it, but Hector knew,
dishonest peepil, a scrotum crew,
but now the foot is on a different shoe,
so, let them fret, let them stew,
get rid of Regan, Doncaster to,
for all the games they rigged, the points they threw,
flippin majic, KOO KOOKA CHHEW, WHOOHOO.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

quality as usual Mike lol

5 years ago
Reply to  ewanbhoy

Just trying to keep the pot stirring so as to speak Ewan, chuffed to bits about last nights calm, composed and confidant display, keeping my fingers crossed that we reach the C.L. qualifiers, that is all I want, to make the club stronger and grind the rest down.
Email Joe o Rourke yesterday, to ask him to keep up his good work and to unite the support for what surely must come. -0)

Reply to  mike

Excellent Mike chapeau 😉

5 years ago

Great result, some bam on another site criticised the performance, obviously knows sod all about football and never heard of pre season. James did well, if he improved his consustency – what a player. Jozo, Scott Sinclair and Craig Gordon were exceptional and the team gets results with Calum MCGregor.
Still a bit sick about some of our supporters dragging Celtic’s name to “Rangers” level , we are better but some idiots just want to spoil it, can they really be Celtic men?

5 years ago
Reply to  BJF

BJF Like the vast majority of supporters we are all sickened by the vile song,sang in Sunderland. lets not forget though it was their own wee small group who chanted this, and not the 9,000 decent fans inside the ground.
Let’s hope they are caught and banned from our club.

5 years ago

Seems the only people not interested in a fair and honest league are the people.
The silence of the media,the chairmen/women and the sponsors of Scottish football really do need to take a hard look at themselves. What is so terrible to those people that titles won by cheating should be stripped. Is it really because who it is against. Is Scotland still in the clutches of orange/ Masonic /Presbyterian handshakes.
It has gone past hurt now,it is anger.
I’m angry at my own club first and foremost,we have the power to act,yet pussyfoot around. I’m angry at all the other clubs,who are more fearful of not getting the sevco away support, that they would rather see corruption than a true sporting game taking place.
Why hasn’t Alex Thompson of Channel 4 news not actually done a full length documentary on it. He says quite a lot on social media,but why not bring the whole lot into a special,invite to debate.Fans,shareholders,club owners and the the representives of the sfa/spfl onto a show together,they could also bring Lord Nimmo Smith,and their senior counsel,he could hold Regan and doncasters hands if needed.
We have question time on the BBC,why not channel4 give us a proper question time on the governance of Scottish football during the EBT years?

Reply to  jimmybee

Probably because Alex values his life Jimmy.
We are talking proper bans here who actually believe they have a divine right to win in life regardless of how that is achieved.

They are the people.

Loony tunes.

5 years ago
Reply to  jimmybee

Jimmy bee

I think that’s a cracking idea and a potential goer wae Stuart Cosgrove also of some influence.

Some of us can remember all too well
Life in Scottish fitba before the SPL
The dandy dons and the Arabs at United
Were fighting for titles their fans were delighted
No Old Firm grasp around fitbas neck
Teams played with passion often on the deck
On pitches no better than half ploughed fields
More sand than grass that was the deal
Yet players produced some wonderful stuff
Even though at times it got a bit rough
Then came Minty with a burning desire
To scrap all fairness chuck it on the fire
Out came his chequebook and the overdraft
Fucked our game with the help of the craft
Cunts like Farry greased the wheels
Held back paperwork and slowed down deals
The Gers pulled away from the chasing pack
Herse parked ootside Celtic just for the craic
The laptop loyal celebrated with glee
At the strength of the cheats down at RFC
No mention of Debts or of EBT
Sir David of Minty was untouchable you see
A two horse race then became dressage
Fivers and tennners the ultimate mirage
Then came calamity no not Cammy Bell
The Rangers bus on fire driven straight into hell
Whyte at the wheel unsure of his intention
Fucked out of Europe next stop Administration
No CVAs or divine intervention
Could change the course of Rangers Liquidation
Jelly and Ice Cream the Zombie Nation
Celts taking over much to their frustration
Skullduggery n collusion at the corrupt Association
As they try try to justify Greenes abomination
A basket of Assets parachuted into existence
No top tier entry thanks to some resistance
From men like Turnbull who had smelled a rat
Knew the fix was now on well that was that
Back came the King the glib shameless liar
Flew in from Jo’burg on a Phoenix on fire
Jabba and Meatballs lay the sauce on quick
Level 5 sliced the lamb juicy and thick
All in agreement a five way split
The rest of the Clubs? They don’t give a shit
Both The SFA the SPFL
Want us to move on and say what the hell
The Supreme Court decision has destroyed their plan
Nimmos gone AWOL now the shits hit the fan
Budge has gone quiet normally so much to say
Gub bound by gaffer tape sent by the SFA
They fucked our game folks so I would suggest
We give this our al give it our very best
United as one we can clean up our game
Rid the sport forever of the charlatans who have no shame
See if they don’t we can all take oor ba’ hame
Games a bogey and we know who’s to blame

5 years ago

Oh I just got back from the windy shitty,
the windy shitty is awful pretty,
she likes her songs of dugs and kitties,
she is handsome she is pretty,
she luvs my every bitty.
her name is Susanna Walter Mitty, eh?
That one was for sleeping beauty, Charlie the Barras Video Mahn.
Mr Brig it oan. Brigton.

Hope your visit tomorrow Ralphy is successful and you bring us good news. cos its Good News Week!

Ralph 880061 and 880062 (Same post twice delete one ) have hit the Ether Bar could you send one back 😉

Caption : Pies Fries and Highs at BJs Drive in with the all knew Suckomatic..

Wisnae me
5 years ago

“Someone else doesn’t seem too bright..”
Anyone who believes the assailant ‘slipped’ and that the marines didn’t kick the shit out the guy after he stabbed a marine in front of his buddies. But I’m sure law enforcement will turn a blind eye to assault since they don’t seem to give a shit about torture and murder either if it happens to the ‘right people’.

Technology replaces sniffer dogs at the border.
Dignitas’ first drive through service caters for all the family.

5 years ago

Wee Jamsie. a strike worth winning the Final itself. Rosenberg were crap and did not look like scoring, but according to the press were the better team.
the crap about Leigh is sickening. they continue their anyone but Celtic banter, like the hun that shouted ‘Paedo’,
Lets hope we get a European team, not one a million miles away in the next round, also Leigh is 100% fit. Loved the atmosphere in Malones last night, superb. The annoying thing when Celtic qualify for the group staged the SFA and every Premier club will get a minimum of £200,000 and they still hate us, sad.

Reply to  cartvale88

According to the Rangord Sinclair rated 5 out of 10 last night.
They actually must watch games with both eyes closed.
Fuckin plums the lot of them.

5 years ago


“Well that’s the pish stains removed from Ralph’s key insider for transfer rumours”

Pat Higney
5 years ago

Caption: Doncaster gets his weekly top up of hot air , prior to his further attempts at duping the Scottish football fans.

5 years ago

Caption: Ah, Scottish football fans; you won’t mind if I pump all this shit over you, then.

5 years ago

How bad does broony have to be to be dropped, another woeful performance. Was Sinclair the only Rodgers signing to start last night? Get Kouassi in, Ntcham too, we wont miss armstrong, mcgregor is a far better player but it aLl relies on getting brown out of the team.

Reply to  bogbhoy

Totally agree on Broonie his passing was brutal last night again.
Back to the levels under Deila in his last season.
Hoping it’s just pre season rustiness myself.
Think he is kept on purely down to the desire and leadership qualities he shows.

5 years ago

Brown apart from 3 passes was immense motm for me was jozo Sinclair didn’t come alive to the end. Armstrong put his body on the line but was a bit off Gordon brilliant apart from his distribution which is worse than mark bosnich. Forrest great. Hayes contributed. The passing out of trouble was absolutely brilliant. They were always going to have a purple patch but it was contained. Excellent performance. Bitton great, as good as any other cb. Make a good sweeper

Reply to  Iancelt67

I thought Hayes first touch had deserted him last night at times and he was hesitant to take on the left back.
On their left back Meling he would be worth keeping an eye on l think he was excellent for them last night.
At 22 years old bang on the age bracket we normally target.

5 years ago
Reply to  bogbhoy

What a load of pish, if you watched the game or knew anything about fitba. you would have recognised a top player spreading the ball about and keeping his team mates calm, his passing and distribution was great and his tackling was brave, a better Captain we could not have.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Brown had a stormer last night, but what about the Griff and forrests goal.

5 years ago
Reply to  FredCDobbs

Griff was great, Forrest on fire,
the team played well till they began to tire,
the tension was raw right doon to the wire.

Forrests goal was superb from a very tight angle, I hardly seen it till it hit the back of the net and Griff. clearly lifted the team, Brendan played a stormer!!

5 years ago
Reply to  bogbhoy


They were all heroes last night!

On the game last night l have noticed a worrying trait that seems to raise its head in these crunch games in Europe.
It seems that we have a bit of a defensive wobble in these games for about 10 minutes around the 70 minute mark?
Gordon becomes a bit loses with his kicking and our defenders have a tendency to give him some tough pass backs too as teams press for a goal?
We had control of that game last night barrring a 15 minute spell at the start of the second half but for some reason whether it’s the pressure of fucking up after taking a lead or just a psychological thing as the clock ticks down it does seem to happen fairly consistently in Europe.
Thing is against quality teams games can be lost in 10 minutes very easily and l think it’s perhaps something the Management need to look into?
Gordon especially as he seems to suffer the jitters more than most in this period of a game.
No detracting from a great overall performance and result just thought it was worth a mention and to see if anyone else has noticed this?

5 years ago

Charlie it’s a football match. Unless your Barca you’re going to have moments of frailty. The encouraging side to this for me is that these panicky times are more moments than lengthy amounts of minutes. Brendan’s comments about maturity reflect my thoughts on this. We’re a good team. Don’t look for perfection it’s not going to happen

5 years ago

It was disgusting the attack on the charity guy down in Sheffield last weekend in the hun friendly against Sheffield Wednesday, he was assaulted and robbed of his charity money, why? because he was wearing a green t shirt. He was well known to the Wednesday fans for his good works and has raised so far, £750,000 pounds.
It never received any air time on the BBC or STV another example of selective three monkey journalism, see, hear, speak, no can do!
The Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation!

5 years ago

Cool calm and collected.
Some nerves but understandable giving pressue so early in whats still pre season.

The way Celtic moved that ball when in the lead was a joy to watch. Wee tight triangles and then a quick ping up the park through generated spaces. Clinical.

I think Brendan really does want a top third striker, if not 2. Im sure he was just playing the politics game of dont give the Press any excuse for claiming “Brendans upset” and making waves. He’s far too wise for them but Im sure Peter knows exactly whats expected through the door and it includes another front man.

I expect a new striker, at least 1 new centre half ( whats happened to Caulker..still training with us?), Ajer away on loan again perhaps, and wouldnt be surprised at all to see one of these new signings unveiled at the weekend to appease the fans at the unveiling.

I expect Paddy will be a late one..seems a few hovering about him but fingers crossed as wouldnt want wee Johnny Hayes feeling too much pressure too soon and also gives Jamesy and Sinky a rest at times whilst giving us that extra special touch of class in Europe where its vital.

5 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

email address?

5 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

I don’t think it got as far as Caulker training with us.
I read earlier in the week that Holloway ( QPR Manager ) said Caulker wasn’t going anywhere.


5 years ago

Caption: Man relaxes whilst his radio is serviced with the Derek Johnstone bullshit extractor.

On the media dark arts and all things Celtic it’s surely only a matter of time before one of our players is assaulted and it’s reported as ‘Celtic star destroys carpet with blood.’ As much as I’m disgusted by the antics of a tiny few that video has set up all over it. Our players and staff have been stalked by the S*n and defamed by the Record over the years – how much easier to video a few nugget boys on the Buckie. We need to be selective about where we play friendlies.

5 years ago

We don’t know who we are but we know weeara peepul
Been in a coma since 2012 a year conspiracists predicted the end
And now we have Pedro and king to wantonly spend money that’s not ours so we wait in the louden with our watered down lager can anymore go wrong with this downtrodden saga
Taxes and death Are sure things in life , for a Hun, so is a beer gut and a twenty stone wife

Five years we’ve been going and we’ve climbed up the leagues we beat Patrick thistle Dumbarton east fife and Peterheid
So who are these peepul we all sing about, are they ghosts of the past when the club had some clout

A peg legged entrepreneur destroyed all we had with lackeys and scapegoats and a Sth African cad
We will fight till the day is done
Hey billy …’s done

5 years ago

Wonder if the disgusting Instagram message sent to Broony will make the news. Some really Sad fucks out there.

5 years ago
Reply to  jimmybee

That was sick, i’m sure the police will be arresting the culprit in a dawn raid, or is that treatment reserved for us.

5 years ago
Yer clubs deid mate at Glasgow airport.

5 years ago

Faither forgive them, cos they know not what they do,
the twisted peepul in the red white and blue,
whispering lies like “Big Jock Knew”,
intelligence gone missing, brains twisted askew.

Faither forgive them, cos they know not what they say,
disgusting remarks aimed at wee Jay,
its all about religion, how can they pray,
bigoted clowns, how is that deemed okay.

Faither forgive them, cos they know what to think,
funny wee handshakes, with a nod and a wink,
Marchers surrounded, blootered with drink,
all they deserve is a term in the clink.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Mike excellent pal. You’ve a talent

5 years ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Thanks Ian, takes one to know one. 😉

Got an E Mail back from the Scottish Government about my request related to freedom of information requests about The SFA/SFPL, they said, that it would have to be on the basis that they “exercise functions of a public nature”. You are welcome to write to our FOI Team at setting out reasons why you believe this to be the case. email going of soon.

Rob O'Keeffe
5 years ago

Caption: More lead in your pencil sir?

P.S.Thanks Rosenburg for playing the way all the teams in our League usually”play” against us,good practice for the new season.BTW,praise to the young ref,excellent,sensible,stamped down on all the carry on at corners early on and actually seemed to enjoy himself,smiling and creating rapport with players.Wonder why this doesn’t happen in Scotland…..

5 years ago

We were very poor until Griffiths came on and changed the game, he led well and kept their defence hemmed in which created space for our midfield between their defence and midfield, my MOTM.

Sinclair was wonderful defensively the whole game and added much to our attack when the space opened up. Biton was excellent, looked like a proper centre half. McGregor played well but the lack of space meant we didn’t see him at his most effective.

Special mention for Forrest, went from sublime to ridiculous in minutes, scoring yet another vital CL goal. He forced a save of the season contender from their keeper and his goal was like a bullet, a strike Batistuta would have been proud of, then he fluffed a much easier chance.

On another topic, this is an actual quote from a La Liga official “state-backed clubs that compete using ‘financial doping’ could destabilise professional football in Europe”. This guy should be in charge of Scottish football.

Caption: police exam, how many modern day offences can you see in the picture.

5 years ago
Reply to  Doc

” We were very poor until Griffiths came on “?

Jesus wept…..

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

We were very poor, we created very little (mostly scraps from poorly defended crosses), looked very nervous, lots of misplaced passes and we conceded stupid set pieces. They denied us space outside the box where as we gave them lots, they had a few shots which went very close.

They had too many shots and set pieces that a better team would have utilised and they didn’t have to play particularly well to get these chances. They contained us in the first half and got better in the second and they looked like the better team in the ascendancy until Griffiths came on.

5 years ago
Reply to  Doc

We were poor? deary deary me, You can only play what is in front of you, I thought that the team played great, with key players injured and our season not even started, they did not have hardly a shot on target and parked the bus at home first half, the pressure on the team was substantial, everybody and their granny knows that these games are extremely tense. and they half way through their season, were always on the back foot, our pressing made them that way, an outstanding calm confidant performance, nothing more, nothing less and we will improve when our season starts and our players are up to full fitness.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

I don’t think it was anywhere near ‘great’ before Griffiths came on, we scored less goals against them than Dundalk and St Johnstone did.

They were well drilled, had a plan and stuck to it. For an hour, our plan seemed to be to do their plan and hope for the best. Looking at their team, Hanson made a super save and dealt with everything else well, Bendtner held up the ball well and made some good runs and Jensen played well but Forrest went out wide he showed who the best winger is.

Player to player there is a huge gulf in ability but that wasn’t shown for an hour. We struggled against a team we should have beaten comfortably, we should be doing much better.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Gremlins stole my reply

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Well we clearly disagree, i do not recognise your view, i watched a calm confidant composed display against a physical team midway through their season, with many internationals, pegged back with a well organised Celtic team, who are without some key players and just at the very beginning of their season. They hardly had a shot on target and we could have had three goals away from home but we were poor?
You do not make any allowance for the injuries or that we have not started our season. Celtic will improve given time, but i remember previous Celtic teams that folded under the short amount of pressure that was on view for about 15 minutes last night.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Yes, we clearly disagree, you’re talking them up as if you’ve seen them as a good team, but I seen why they struggled against Dundalk, got beat by St Johnstone and havn’t been in the CL for a decade.

Their average age was about 2 years older than ours, their ranked around 100 places behind us and, Bendtnar excluded, they had 29 caps between them. We’re talking about pot 3 for CL, they will be pot 3 or 4 in the UEFA cup.

We should have beaten them comfortably but we struggled for an hour, we have to do better. We have added to the invincible squad and haven’t had to sell anyone, we have huge potential this season and last night we came far too close to letting it slip away.

How far do you think they will get in the UEFA cup this year?

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Think ive replied twice, both stolen.

5 years ago

Caption: Hank takes advantage of Exxons wonderful new “Drink,Piss’n’go”facility.

5 years ago

Could only hear the game on radio and my biggest take away was the relative comfort we seemed to play the last part of the game in.
After going ahead I expected full Alamo for the last 20 minutes or so, instead the commentators were filling, a sure sign not much was happening on the pitch.
Taken on top of the way we finished our away games in last year’s CL – two composed draws, could we finally be seeing a Celtic team able to cope with playing away in Europe? If we can get results on the road and return Celtic park to us former status as a fortress, then who knows where this season can go.

Mike Annis
5 years ago

Caption: Daddy, Why are you panting?

Why are Celtic not responding to these damaging articles? If it was the mob across the river they wouldn’t be slow defending their dishonour.

5 years ago

Over the bridge and south of the river, does lie the corpse of rangers ( IL )
Gone forever and confined to Hell.

They didn’t pay tax or vat & had a policy of no RC,
Then those magical words were read out on sky sports t.v.

rangers have entered administration, the Mont was on the ice cream, the Huns in desolation.

Salmond, Doncaster and their pal Stuart Regan, couldn’t save rangers from liquidation.

Nothing has changed it’s the same club they said,
At the airport Griff told the Huns that their club is dead.

The big hoose must stay open a fat hun did say, but Naismith & the players said fuck that we’re away.

Doncaster & Regan think they have played a blinder we’ll see,
But they’ll think again when the review calls them out through honest transparency.

The truth will come out and Regan will be out on his arse,
Bringing an end to this contemptible farce.

With my glass of red i shall take another sip,
No moving on until the titles are stripped!

5 years ago

Celtic played a very professional game last night. We managed the game well and Brendan got it spot on with the tactical approach. We are through and now look forward to a two leg play off game with some SPL in between to sharpen up and get fitter. No one in the draw wants Celtic FC that is for sure.

5 years ago

I encountered an unfortunate day yesterday so run for cover in a charge. Left the hauf an hour ago to invasive sunshine and a wean in the green hoops (brilliant tap) who filt me in on score and wee jimmy forrest fire. Got caught up there. Whit a goal! Twist n Turns bhoys became Mhen last nite. The light in my fitbaw life. Gallus Diary Big Mhan. To Broony our Cap-i-tan, all my love and Griff the Poet, whit can I say; you’re the Mack dawg. That’s what I mean. Go f**king on!

5 years ago

Broxburnbhoy well said, for where we are in the pre season a professional job BT a well coached team. Sorry Armstrong is a bit off the pace would love him to sign that contract, he will be amazed at how much better he feels and plays once the distractions go.
It feels really good to be a Celtic fan with a team
that plays such superb football and we can be proud of it. I was involved in a conversation with a PT fan recently who was asked what he thought about stripping the titles: He said: “the rest of Scottish football sees it as an Old Firm issue.” I think the rest of Scottish fans do think they will not win the title and won’t differentiate between us and Sevco, there is a lot of jealousy and inferiority feelings out there.
We are on our own, but we are also the best there is, always have been and always will be.

5 years ago

Shocked at people being unhappy at that performance. Firstly it is a team game, when someone has a poor game the others step up.
Secondly Rosenberg, if Celtuc had plsyed that way, you could moan.
In the first half they did a good imitation of an SPFL team at Parkhead. In the second half they huffed and puffed, but in all honesty a goal would have been a fluke. BR and the team played well against a good team that would have stuffed the Rankers .
The media do not have a good word to say about our team do not contribute to that pish. I think a lot of the contributors must live in Craiglang by their moaning, enjoy the moment.

5 years ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

Absolutely right Cartvale, Some forget the pressure that these bhoys play under, most of the supporters are worrying just looking at the game, try playing it under all that added pressure.
Our season hasn’t even started yet, we are carrying injuries to some of our key players and still they moan.
Rosenborg half way through their season, parked the bus first half and then had no option but to go for it, Griff. who did not have 60 minutes in him, came on and lifted the rest of the team, they, knowing that they now had an out ball, settled even more.
I’m not even certain that Rosenborg had a decent shot on goal.

5 years ago
Reply to  mike

Mike, I spoke with the wee man an hour or so ago, didn’t kiss him but I was doing the I’m not worthy bow and arm actions whilst congratulating him on his goal and the teams performance. All he said was that they knew they were going to win, whether it was in 90 or 120 minutes. He said that the boss knew exactly how they would approach the game, that they would sit in in the 1st half then come out all guns blazing in the second, playing on the fact that our fitness and sharpness might not be at maximum efficiency. Gives you a great deal of confidence as we head to the play-offs.

5 years ago

Henke, The confidence that Brendan gives us reaches all the way up to the stands, knowing every detail of how opposing teams play, what are their strengths and weaknesses, knowing which players to select and how they should play, must give all the players all the ammunition and confidence that they need for every game, that is what we never have had since MON. But that is only if the players has the talent in the first place, I thought that they played brilliantly last night, calm confidant composed and how well they must have been prepared. James has never played so well for a long time, playing without injury must be a boost in its self. It is clear that he loves the club and that he has every confidence in Brendan, his improvement is visible playing so well under a great manager I wish him nothing but the best and hope he realises all his hopes and dreams. His dream is our dream.

5 years ago

There is a young Celtic player called Forrest
That I’ve not taken a shine to, being honest.
But cometh the hour cometh the man,
So I’ll shut my gub and give it a rest.

5 years ago

Caption:” Mr.Simunovoc, you appear to have Kenny Millers large intestine on the roof of your car”

Jozo – ” I’ll be back “

SFA it’s an observation an abbreviation
You get sweet fuck all from the Scottish Football Association
Smoke and mirrors mixed with obfuscation
All designed to protect the Zombies abomination
Call it slight of hand or even transmigration
It’s a basket of assets purchased from liquidation
The fix is on now the Supreme Judgement is in
They won’t accept the ruling or take it on the chin
A complicit media are in on the deal
No talk of striping titles or Zombies getting real
Level 5 and Jabba mailing sounbites to their flunkies
The orc all lap it up like spoon fed fuckin junkies
The stenographers take no blame for aiding and abetting
For perpetuating myth some facts they keep forgetting
No CVA meant no Rangers and onto Liquidation
No Accounts and No License to add to their frustration
Charles Greene he came clean and put the Record straight
He bought a basket of Assets for redemption came to late
It’s nothing more than a figment of a fans imagination
He sold them all a tribute act to placate the Zombie Nation
The titles and the cups were won by cheating dear old Lizzie
Hector put the record straight and now they’re in a tizzy
Nimmos opinion no longer stands his facts they were conflicted
His verdict lays there nul and void as so many had predicted
What we want is transparency and to see real justice served
A Club now deid and titles stripped that’s all that it deserved

5 years ago

I have the best players, the best team and the biggest cock in this land, or is that prick?

5 years ago

A ditty for CP: To the tune of Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus

Ye canny strip titles aff the Bears.

Cos they r cheats who didnae pay the fares.

For the driver is their mammy

Its Regan whose a fanny

Oh ye cannae strip the titles aff the Bears

Rob O'Keeffe
5 years ago
Reply to  Auldheid

Unlucky Aberdeen,ha ha.Karma,Mr.Milne.Wonder how much money your business will lose this financial year.Aberdeen fans,get rid of this joker….

5 years ago

Celtic in Europe, the last of the few,
everyone else humped, they’ve no got a clue,
“Rangers”, St Johnstone, now Aberdeen too,
they are all fucking useless, but I bet you, you knew.

Celtic in Europe, our reputation grows,
its abundantly clear, the talent on show,
sshh now Mike, try not to crowe,
our bills are all paid, theres no one we owe.

So stand up for Celtic, the best of the best,
no, I’m no kiddin, I don’t speak in jest,
many have tried and been put to the test,
our love for the Tic.we wear on our breast,
its the four leaf clover, our beloved Celtic crest.

5 years ago

Caption: Hi Mr King yes there is an elephant in the room,it’s called hidden side letters.

5 years ago

The Secrets that you keep.
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh
The secrets that you keep

Youve only got yourself to blame
You played a losing game
You lie awake and call your name
But your gone and sevco is your name.

It seemed so hard for you to share
that liquidation has laid you bare..
(Ohh Sevco)

Your losing sleep over the secrets that you keep
(Oh Regan)
Your losing sleep over the secrets that you keep
(Oh Doncaster)

You lie awake at night now knowing
You didn’t hide them right
Those little EBTees ,the side letters has you on your knees
Oh oh, the secrets that you keep.

Since now your team has gone, our worlds have grown apart
You played in the divisions so low,
we are on our way to 10 in a row
Oh Doncaster your losing sleep,over the secrets that you keep.
Those little letters you kept so secretly
They don’t mean much to you but they mean so much to me
Ohh Regan your losing sleep
Over the secrets that you keep.

To the tune by mud the secrets that you keep.

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