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They Have The Plant, But We Have The Power

Uralius has been thinking…. 

After sitting back, necking pain killers over this past little while and watching things unfold I have decided that my drug induced delusions may hold some truth.

What do I think I have seen?

I have seen Celtic drawn against a team that could only be taken seriously as our first competitive match of a the season. By the the time we played our second or third it would be like asking us to play Montrose on the way to the Champions League (sorry Montrose).

I have seen the SMSM blow this tie out of all proportion acting like it was some powderkeg European Cup Final where there was so much bad blood it made a match between Köln and Mönchengladbach seem like a daisy picking picnic.

To what end though, what was the point? Surely they wouldn’t honestly have us believe that the powers that be in “The New Northern Ireland” couldn’t handle a couple thousand Celtic Supporters.

It was bait. They were baiting a part of the Celtic support that are so passionate in their support they couldn’t see it for what it was. A cunning age old ploy of divide and conquer.


Celtic fans across the country have been trying to drum up support for something to be done about Scottish Football’s governing bodies and quite frankly we were gaining some traction. The SFA and the SPFL were headed for the ropes, they had to do something. So they started calling in favors.

They remembered that once news got to the power brokers at Celtic that the top clubs in Europe wanted a closed competition those power brokers crapped themselves. We had just flopped in Europe over 2 seasons and in no way could be considered one of those “top” clubs. Let the timing of that, the sudden involvement of Dermot and the arrival of a TOP MANAGER sink in. I mean we couldn’t beat a 4 year old club in a Scottish Cup Semi-Final forget about giving Barca and Man City a scare…..

So it would make sense that when our board were presented with a situation whereby our club…… OUR CLUB would be running the risk of being too much trouble for such a competition of course our board would react, but that was what the SFA and SPFL wanted all along. They wanted a rift, they wanted everyone to stop talking about them.

They are trying to fracture AFC. They have someone hanging the planning permission for the new stadium and resulting sea view apartments in front of Stewart Milne (possibly, remember I might be delusional).

It won’t take long for them to try and do something to AFC’s neighbours in Dundee.

This isn’t a new tactic, this tactic has been deployed for centuries by the British, let’s take a look at a few examples:

Malaysia and the Philippines over North Borneo.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) military rule with multiple Coups

Cyprus North vs South

India and Pakistan over Kashmir

Sri Lanka multiple insurrections and race riots.

The leading role that the British took in cutting up Africa by straight lines and NOT natural geographical borders. Thus ensuring war after war, civil war after civil war and famine after famine in the region.

The role the British played in creating countries in the Middle East with absolutely no regard for religious divides.
The list in the Middle East is practically all inclusive.

Everytime there was a revolt the British did their best to crush it, when they couldn’t they ensured continued fighting in most cases over centuries. It meant the resulting country or countries left the British alone due to being too embroiled with in fighting and unable to target the cause.

You will notice two examples have been left off of the list, they are still employing this tactic. If you truly wanted to rebel stop letting them do this, stop taking the bait. We are not rebelling we are doing exactly what they (the SFA and SPFL) want.
They caused this, we need unity!
We must stand as one, and recruit our fellow supporters of Scottish Football everywhere we go!
Take football back and make them pay!
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D'Fhinnein Mick
5 years ago


WTF has The British Empire got to do with it?

If it hadn’t existed,we’d still be up to our necks in the peepul hating us.

5 years ago


Mike Annis
5 years ago

Very interesting analysis indeed. I feel you are spot on. They will do anything, and I mean anything, to cling on to power. The Clingons of Scottish football.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Totally agree, divide and conquer, created the so called Empire with all its hated baggage.
Fools fail to see that is how they keep control, great piece Uralius

5 years ago

Kepp taking the medication and get ne some tae yer aff yer tits.

5 years ago

Nice piece, Alias, I enjoyed that. The Brexiteers think they will get their Empire back and start up all that shit again not realising they are now from a very small country.

Rob O'Keeffe
5 years ago

Uralius,World Class.There will be two people on here not very happy but don’t worry,be happy…..smiley face and appeaser….GOHBS!

5 years ago

On evidence I see the SFA and SPFL are too error prone to have any strategy at all. I think they simply bumble and react from one poor decision to another and then have to scramble to resist anyone looking at them. Also I doubt any collusion between the press and the football authorities again too much at stake for both to get too involved. The divisions and reactions to our Board and the GB are evident here ( without being directed by the SFA/SPFL ). We ourselves are dividing ourselves and abusing each’s others differing opinions. Our Board mad a mistake banning the GB and the GB made a mistake with their silly statement. Time to talk and unite.

5 years ago

Spot on! Its the age old tactic and those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

5 years ago

My suspicion is that the leadership of the GB is composed of agents provocateurs. For every decent display (Palestine) they arrogate to themselves the right to 10 pieces of cack. Like last week. A BOGOF: buy one get one free and the “one free ” just happens to suit their paymasters in the Police.
As posted on Phil’s site, last Wednesday I was at the game and the carrier bag which had my brolly was checked three times before I entered at T55. So how the fuck do people get into the GB area with offensive banners and/or flares?

5 years ago
Reply to  Cortes

They do because they are supposed to, which is of course your point.

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