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Celtic Diary – Wednesday October 31st

Manager Neil Lennon got exactly the response he was looking for from his players as they crushed in form St. Johnstone 5-0 last night at Celtic Park.

Afterwards he said ” I got everything I wanted. It was a fantastic response. It was a difficult couple of days for myself, scratching my head as to where that performance came from”

That was a reference to the Kilmarnock game last Saturday,which thankfully has now been banished to history, and will be treated as what it was, just a duff day.

Lennon addedย “We were back to our best and some of the football and the pace they played at was of a very high order. It was a big game,St.Johnstone were going well so to win the game so emphatically was testament to the quality of the players and their attitude.”

Special mention has to go to Kris Commons, who was particularly annoyed with his efforts last weekend, and after his hat trick and mom performance dropped a hugehint to those who like a correct score bet when he said Celtic could take “5 or 6 off any team in this league”. We were left wondering if he got to keep the match ball after the hat-trick, the referee didnt seem to keen on handing it over!

St.Mirren joined Celtic in the last four with a penalties victory over Aberdeen, and tonight the line up will be completed when The Cures favourite band host Hearts and Third Division Rangers, in their debut appearance in the competition face ICT at Ibrox with Ally in a tracksuit as he cant afford any more suits getting ruined in the rain. Speaking of money, You kind of wish that your house was built on Edmonton Drive,as a recent valuation has put the ground as worth ยฃ80m,which is a slight increase on the ยฃ5m it was worth a few months ago.

Ibrox boss Charles Green has been banging his gums about being debt free externally,which obviously ignores internal debt,although he didnt elaborate on the difference. Such as the rumours,and we are sure thats all they are, of a two hundred thousand pound electricity bill wont go away.
You have to love the guy and his constant refusal, publicly at least, to stubbornly ignore reality.

Yesterday,in a thinly disguised attempt to pretend they didnt know the result of the big tax case,the new club issued a statement which tried to wash their hands of the whole thing. Of course,the msm were on it like a flash,finding the obvious holes in his ramblings,and allowing Rangers supporters the kind of information and transparency that caused other investors to flee from the chance to make money as the club grows rapidly,like all other infants

Its good to see the The Rangers clearly and categorically distance themselves from the old Rangers. It would be embarrassing if they tried to claim any monies due to the Old rangers while also publically denying any connection when it comes to criminal acts or tax evasion wouldnt it. Least we all know that would never happen.
Apologies, first for any glaring errors today and secondly for the brevity of this offering ,but a meeting means that this has been posters by phone. The Tteaser yesterday promoted some great memory jerking replies,and we’ll look at them tomorrow. Now. I have to go back into the room,theres only so long you can pretend to be in the toilet

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San Miguel
11 years ago

Where’s the quiz question ? – can’t each my lunch properly now !

11 years ago

Edmiston Drive. Unless they moved Ipox to Alberta, Canada … ;-p

Ralph malph
11 years ago

First autocorrect mistake spotted-any more?

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

The sky is blue
The grass is gree
Rangers died
On Halloween.

11 years ago

No Quiz question!!

Ok dont panic folks…….i know..i ve trained for such an situation where i cant mention the worlds most troublesome full back…

If the answer is Andre Blackman whats the question?

phew that was close

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