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Celtic Diary Wednesday October 24

The morning after the night before, a time to reflect, a time to ponder the previous evenings events and in the cold light of day assess with a clear head what had gone on, and try to make some sense of it, to place it into a big picture and draw a satisfactory conclusion.

Nope. Still feels like doggy do.

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta reckons Barca were good for their win, but bemoaned-as have several Barca fans on the web-teams who come to the Camp Nou to defend. (Welcome to our world) . The midfielder, who is amongst the best in the world, said Celtic shut up shop and stayed behind the ball after they had scored. Can I be the first to apologise for our players not entering into the spirit and allowing Barcas hyped up side a free run on goal. It probably hasn’t occurred to these guys that defending is as much a skill, in fact arguably more of a skill, than playing tippy tappy sideways passes until the other lot get tired or bored or both.

Goalkeepers too, are actually allowed to get in the way of the occasional shot, and it might be worth pointing out to the officials that they are there to control a game, and not give free kicks to short arse Argentinians when they ask for one. Especially the one who may well be in the hospital this week as his wife gives birth, and the smart money is that he will still be looking out to see if its Wanyama, Ledley or Mulgrew who is blocking his way to the exit. worth noting that last nights match was the first this season in which Messi didn’t score or lay on a goal.

Celtic are beginning to mature as a side in Europe, glory might not come this year, or even next. There will be more nights like last night. But there will be more like the one in Moscow as well. And if this team continues to grow, continues to improve and continues to have the respect and admiration for their team mates and management, then there will be more nights like Seville. So put that in your pipe  and smoke it, Iniesta. (The addition to the Newsnow site means I can’t tell him to stick his opinions up his arse anymore.)

The game is in the past now, and hopefully manager Neil Lennon will get the boys over their disappointment, which is only temporary, (point that out to any fans of a new club who try to gloat today, as opposed to liquidation, which is permanent) and get them ready for the Catalan sides visit to a ground where its fair to say, they won’t be looking forward to.

The expressions and body language of the players last night showed how much they cared, and how devastated they felt. When Forster , immense on the night, was interviewed after the game, he said his saves, and some were top drawer, didn’t matter. Kelvin Wilson, so often a scapegoat, showed exactly why Neil Lennon has kept faith in him. More importantly, you could sense they wanted a rematch. Soon.

The match wasn’t shown on STV last night, which has been explained by the tv people. There is only scope to show one British match nationwide in the UK, and Manchester Utds game was chosen. So, hang on, if tv money in the champions league is decided by the size of the audience, then surely, with SKY and ITV lumping our game in with the English ones, then we should be paid according to the size of that audience. Come on Lawwell, waken up. Fergus would have had them in a headlock by now, and at least one of their relatives in the boot of his car.

Last word on last night. Had Samaras not fell on his ankle awkwardly, then there is a bloody good chance we’d have beaten them. Of course , the blame is entirely with Joe Ledley who failed to secure a place at the back post and score from our corner. Obviously he ignores his tweets which offer sound tactical advice.

Elsewhere the next gen series continues at Firhill tonight, with Aston Villa the visitors. The precarious position Celtic are in at the moment means three points are essential for qualifying hopes. Celtic are currently third with three points from three games.

Yesterdays teaser had a few different answers offered up, Basle, 8 times, Milan , 8 times, Benfica,7 so far, one to go. So nearly everyone was sort of right, the wording of the question was “who’s next, ” not “which team” wrote the smart arse, chuckling away at his keyboard.

Today, ask yourself this, and without looking, before the matches start tonight, which two players share the number one position in this years champion League tournaments goalscorers charts?


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10 years ago

cristiano ronaldo is one god knows for the other??!!

the lurgan tiger
10 years ago

Awwww man. Booted in the hawmaws. Twice in one day

Sneaky wee bassa that ye are ralph

10 years ago

Big Sammi?

Run Sammy Run
10 years ago

I think Ronaldo sits on top by himself with 4 goals, otherwise it’s probably some guy from Braga or Cluj, whoever the hell they are.

Braga always confuses me, they sound like they should be a Scandanavian team yet they come from Portugal.

Looking through the list of teams that we have played in Europe I saw rhat years ago we played a team called ‘Go Ahead Eagles’…what a fine name that is.

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