You have watched those funny little Arnold Schwarzenegger Counter Strike adverts on telly and suddenly you find yourself in a similar situation to one of your movie heroes.

The former Rangers International Management Team are claiming you pushed them out the door and in March, a seriously financed English white sports sock magnate is after you in Court.

The only people that have got your back are the Scottish Media and possibly a few friends at Mount Florida although strangely they haven’t been seen for quite a while now.

Its Decision Time..


The choice is as follows:

You can take your chance in Court and multiple Employment Tribunals.

You can hope that Warburton and any others do not ask to ring-fence your limited funds causing a cash-flow disaster.

You could even talk to or try and pay off Ashley and Warbuton, Weir and MacParland but most suspect that the money for that just isn’t there ( £22m in soft loans already used up mind)




You can go into Administration, claim you’re protecting the club you love and hope the Media praise your brave and thoughtful custodial actions.

The main question will be to see if the football club lose 15 points(You will argue 1st offence despite claiming to be the same club) or 25 points( For a second administration event but the double penalty clause may have passed 5 year window so you may have skipped that danger!)


if you go into administration, the money chasers can join the back of the queue, along with the soft-loaners and you will still retain control in all likelihood.

As for the football team, well  – It may take the 15 points hit BUT you would still be in top 6 or at worse, get docked 25 points and you are still only down to 2nd bottom of the league whilst reinforcing your beloved “same club” mantra. You can catch Hamilton with a REAL Rangers man at the helm…cant you?


Regardless of either points dock, chances are it guarantees you stay up for next season in the big league, a few wins in bottom 6 and your safe or at worse, contemplate needing a defeat of a Championship team in play offs.

Likely scenario is more Top price Season Books  and  games versus Celtic to cash in on. So basically you clear the debts and the decks and in reality lose just a little SPL reward monies, which is easily balanced out in the big picture.


So Dave….What do you do?





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4 years ago

leave the country??……ooops sorry!!

4 years ago

Gotta be option one right? I mean real rangers men don’t do the walking away, do they? Gamble or bust but the war chest will remain untouched.

4 years ago
Reply to  jim

Jim do you mean IF they ever find it ???

4 years ago

Easy! I lie to another judge, or judges, and tell him/them The management team gave me signed letters but my car was broken into and someone stole the letters! But honest judge, it really happened!
I think you should have each of these three cheats pay Sevco $1 million compensation for their actions. I also think they need to pay us five times the court costs as we need the money!

4 years ago

I think Dave might have cornered us with a skilful play that we are not capable of understanding. First he carefully plans to lose two league matches against us, the next part is to ” allow” Aberdeen and maybe St. Johnstone to get ahead of them. Then they sack the “Magic Hat” to confuse us and maybe appoint honest Tommy to ensure they reach St Johnstone levels! Are you with me so far , well then comes the big play. And what is that …..,.,, search me but it’s great isn’t it!

4 years ago

An awful lot of peepil have underestimated, Mr. Glib and shameless liar, he has seen of a few, so called Rankers peepil.
He still it seems has the backing of his Board and with the scum media still rooting for him, as well as the loony”s guarding his back.
Watch out for New Tricks, he does not think like others or rely on a conscience to guide him or any others to advise him, he has criminal contacts around the globe, his deception is unlimited.
How long did it take for the S.A. authorities to catch him? even now he is still esconsed in his S.A, lair.

Storm A Coming
4 years ago

When you review the happenings at the SPL team playing under the pseudonym! I call them happenings! Why? Its because they keep on happening..I sent one of my colleague’s an email earlier reminding him of the (sorry to use the word again) Happenings at Celtic in the 90’s. I told him of the mantra that the Celtic fans adopted….”Always look on the Bright Side” or “Our Day will Come”
I remember singing those songs when Rangers of old were not now the new and widely accepted entity. They were on their way to 9 titles in a row. If you accomplish something that was achieved previously then it’s to be respected but possibly not revered especially when…… Anyone think of the first person to cross the Sahara unaided, neither can I but if you found out the second person that did it used some dodgy(Dave)methods then you would refer the them as a cheat, just so they could say they have achieved what their decades long competitor achieved. Then when reviewing evidence of their achievement some years later it was realised that the achievement purported to be achieved was in actual fact a total stitch up, which I believe has seen the downfall of Scottish Football. My son plays football, my family’s kids play football, my neighbours’ play football unfortunately I could never play football or so my pals say…I am maybe being a wee bit dramatic with regards the downfall of Scottish Football although I cant shake the feeling that Sir David Murray was the catalyst for firstly embedding an idea of entitlement for one club in Scotland, then using that club to satisfy his ego and bank balance, then proclaiming to make sure that his shareholdings fell into safe custodian’s of his faltering football business. I believe in what goes around comes around….
On that note, we were the much better team in the 60’s & 70’S, a wee bit of the 80’s. My son is 7, he might have to put up with his team being less than superior when he is in his 20’s or 30’s, hope he appreciates that its not all perfect, we rallied when it was needed, I was at the unveiling of the league flag in 98, there was a 20% majority who booed, I don’t blame them, reading the rhetoric would have made me boo if I wasn’t so happy Fergus had built a huge stadium, stopped them do 10 in a row, with a wee bit luck from some amazing players with such appetite, gave Celtic PLC a platform to build a sustaining business model for years to come, back to my son all I hope is he does not have to go through the indignity that the pseudonym fans are going through.

mjm 67
4 years ago

A really well written article that every Celtic supporter should forward to all the newspapers; the SPLA (old SFA) – politicians and EUFA. We need to use social media to bury these bastards and take a moment to make a prayer to Saint Brendan.

Hail Hail,

PS: we must use social to expose these cheating bastards
PPS: we also must take a moment to breathe and just enjoy the beauty of this moment in time. Hail Hail

4 years ago

Brassneck McLeish at the Helm.No Double Wages Bumper Pay Packets and a team full of Duds.Is it any wonder this lot are the laughing stock of Scottish Football.Sir Walter Lancelot Smith saying They need investment to put the blockers on the Mighty Tic doing Ten in A Row.More like 20 in a Row.Sevco No Show.This is exactly what happens to a Club thats found out and Ever so Transparent.Me thinks the Oranje Bubble is Well Popped.But they dont do walking away.lolololol.HH Born a Tim,A Proud Tim and we March On,Heads Held High.GIRUTOS

4 years ago
Reply to  TicToc

Well said the talking clock….

4 years ago
Reply to  TicToc

Hickory dickory dock,
the moose ran up Tic Toc,
his troosers fell doon,
in the middle of toon,
and exposed his big big, lie.
Alright granddad?

4 years ago

Head to South Africa and get his eyes straightened!

4 years ago

There is hope, he could contact the Donald, explain how alike they are in there business dealings, plus they have a loyal group of numpty s supporting them.
Not only could he find investment from the Donald (100million) he could get various grounds in Scotland neuked, thus ensuring the glorious future for the club and his followers, 100 titles in a row.
Next week he could invent a cure for cancer, and engineer free power for all.
The plan of the megalomaniac or the psycho?

4 years ago

Please have a heart im sure the Celtic Family will have a whip round for our Dearly Beloved Club.All donations can be forwarded to RFC ClubInCrisis Appeal Hampden Park Co SFA

Mike Bhoyle
4 years ago

Or he could seek advice from his Chinese cousin…
Whole thing’s a fucking joke.
No other Club would remotely get away with what they bastarts get away with.
And knowing the bastarts the way I do…
Keep yer good eye on the Lying King..he’s a sleazy midden.

4 years ago

BDO are taking DUFF and PHELKS to court for £28.9 mill. Why, well because they believe that Duff and Phelks should have split up the assets to secure mair funds for the creditors.
So if they enter Administration , once again,then the gloves will come off.

4 years ago

Rumour has it,Rab C Nisbett is red hot favourite for the Managers Post at Sevco.Him or Brassneck McLeish.All the Sevconian Govanites will be excited at the prospect of Brassneck getting his size 12s under the table.But!!!!Wit can Carrot Bawz do with nothing to spend.The EBT Era is well over,Not even a few funny handshakes can fix that Place.Think back to the 90s and the crap we endured.What goes round comes round.Only we wont settle at 10 in a row.Aye how the Tides Turned.TiocFaidh ArLa.

4 years ago

I could well be wrong, and developments over the last couple of weeks are certainly peculiar, but I don’t think they are bound fit admin.


There just isn’t the same level of debt as rangers had. Rangers went under with debts to creditors of between £70m & £120m depending on Supreme Court ruling. 2nd Rangers have not got that level of debt, and what they do owe is to people who daren’t call it in for fear of ra Peepul & their previous RRM posturing.

What I forsee is a long time of this status quo, they haven’t the money to improve the team /stadium etc, they have no appeal to external investors because 1,they are in Scotland ,2,they are a toxic brand so they will eventually have to run on a break even basis as the generosity of current directors who have been putting in (not King obviously) & the team will be even worse.

So ever decreasing circles if you like, less money on the team = shite team, shite team = fewer fans paying, fewer fans = shiter team and so on.

Unless an unforseen happens this is what I think will be the scenario for the next few years. They’ll have the odd good player here and there to sell on, the odd wee upturn in form or result against us to get ra peepul spending, but it will be illusory, temporary. They’ll either then fall into admin and possibly liquidation of they have run up unsustainable debt trying to close the gap or finally some how get some humility and begin to build sustainability accepting the also ran position they find themselves in.

How you square the circle between fans (and board, and media) sense of entitlement & the reality of the shit that they are I don’t know, nor how long gullibillies will buy King’s jam tomorrow bs and keep the thing afloat, for they are the biggest investors by far in that cluster f*ck

4 years ago
Reply to  Elcormaco

That’s awful…funny!

I can just imagine Wilhelmina summoning her inner Lil Orphan Annie and belting out “Tomorrow “.

Their distress is right warming on a chilly night.

4 years ago

Or maybe you hang on till after the split and then hit the admin button.
Points penalty doesn’t really hurt as the worst you can be is 6th and you still get 5 games against the big teams before the end of the season.
Everything is rosie for start of next year and no debt (again).

4 years ago

The attractiveness of the admin option depends upon who they owe money to. Remember admin requires an acceptable CVA, otherwise, as before, it is thecsplash, splash option, which is not acceptable to them.

There is a third option and that is to find a sugar daddy to buy the club. King walks away with some cash and he is laughing. Some of the soft loans get repaid and some cash is invested to enosure second place. A half decent manager should be able to do that. Second place means some European revenue permitting a slow build to challenge for number 1. Who would be interested in this? Ashley for one. Do a deal with him and he drops the court case. The Kuwaiti family that own N Forest are another. They wish to sell out of their current holding and they are used to owning a debt ridden club. Then there is the unknown with deep pockets who wants a new toy.

There is also a fourth option, let Sevco go down the plug hole. Genuinely sell off the assets and take a share of the proceeds. Form a consortium from thecsoft loan group and buy another SPL or Championship club. Rebrand them as “Rangers 2018”.


4 years ago

Good question. What to do? I assume all the Directors who are invested in soft loans wnat their money back at some point. Administration could mean they fail to get paid back for many years or forever – along with other suppliers who will go unpaid or under paid. A hard dish to swallow making the new club even more of an investment risk to any new investor ( save one with so much money it would be irrelevant, but that’s a highly unlikely option). New sure issues had been rejected by current shareholders twice as it would dilute their current shares. The issue with this new club, like the one that they killed earlier is no practical solutions can be tabled because of a number of things. The “we are a big club myth” remember them staying at 5 star hotels and managers getting paid way beyond the market rate for a bottom league club. “We are the same club myth” any practical solution requires this bubble to burst – who has the balls in the club to basically say that?? The “we are the peepul myth” the arrogance is this club is the biggest hurdle. What other club employee a PR form so openly to spin nonsense and try and be seen as relevant? They burn bridges with players and managers alike, play badly, buy average players from
lower leagues and so on. In their head they are mighty in fact they are the most embedded club in Scotland again and their Board, Managers and players are below par. I think they will go to administration and take another punt from there and I see the same cycle of decline. They have to burst the myths before they can look at practical paths. In their psychology this is unlikely – delusion will reign

4 years ago

Endebted I meant

4 years ago

Also watch out for the growing sentiment that an overhaul of Scottish football is required ( like the last time Celtic were domainating ). They are wheeling out all kinds of pundits telling us we need change – this is code for Stop Celtic Winning

4 years ago

The Dirty Side of our Lovely Game is laid bare for all to witness,Yet absolutely nothing is done to put a halt to it Once and for All.They ran there club into the Grave attempting to pass Celtics Accomplishments.Its been proven even by so called Rainjurz men that they cheated to achieve successs.Oldco will never be brought out of Liquidation.This Farcical Entity that parades around in the Rainjurz colors is nothing more than Cushion for the Deluded to empty there pockets supporting,The longer this Circus is allowed to operate the more corrupt our football association IS!!!!

4 years ago

What does Dave King do? Lie, obviously.

4 years ago

I,d like the Sevco Zombie Crew to enquire as to were did 18 Million Get spent.As a quick gander at the whole team isnt even half of that,They always say We Us The Mighty Celtic are Obsessed with anything to do with them.Yet There Oldco Died a Humiliatingly Embarrassing Death Just to Equal Our 9 in a Row.lolololol Liquidated with atleast £174 million Debt.They arent Going for 55 They Went for £1 lololol.The Records Show This Cretinous Entity that is Newco 5088 was Established in 2012.FACT!!!But They Dont Do Walking Away,They Do Brassing There Case,Still the same Stench from there Boardroom Still Let Them Carry On.Its great having Something to Laugh At on A Daily Basis.Dave King Is up to his neck in Court Cases,AGAIN!!!By the time thats all over They will be lucky to scrape a Loanee Together.

4 years ago

Mon the Dundee,Well Done on showing the third biggest Club in Glasgow how its Done.LOLoLoLGoing for 55 Noooo Went for a £1 ActuallyLoLoLoLoLHH the Chase is Overrrrrrrr

4 years ago

Nae wonder Mark McGhee lost the plot against Aberdeen.Rumour has it McKendrick the Game Official said to McGhee he heard a rumour McGhee was getting the Sevco Job.Mark lost the plot.Now Mark jus impeach McKendrick for putting you off Football cmpletely.A rumour of that magnitude isnt funny in the slightest.Just the same really as being called a Dirty Cheat.Cheating and The RainJurzzZzz go hand in hand.

4 years ago

It will matter not what Sevco put in place over at the CrumbleDome,They obviously havent got the know how to be Number 1 in Scotland.They havent got a bottomless bank debit to cling to,So what do they do??.They are the laughing Stock of our Game.The Club and the Support are even more Deluded than people think.They seem to think they are Oldco and that Merits Entitlement.And there lies there Biggest Problem.Let them Stew in there own Keek.For as long as there is a Tribute Act over Yonder We all have the privilege of watching this Oranje Circus go from one Farce to the Next.It isnt the 1st time in 25 years Dundee beat them.Its the 1st time in Sevco,s 5 years of existance.Thats a FACT!!!So no matter what way the Media butter it up.One word sums up Sevco.(LIE)

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