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An Audience With Graham Hunter – Author of Barca

We’ve got talking to those wonderful people from BackPage Press (we trust the cheque’s in the post!) and asked a daring question. With Celtic playing Catalan minnows Barcelona in the Champions League would it not be a great opportunity to bring Revista De La Liga good sheep (he’s an Aberdeen fan) Graham Hunter to Glasgow and ask him to partake in a Q&A regarding the great club but also to talk about his critically acclaimed book ‘Barca’ in the lead up to the game at Celtic Park.

Rather amazingly they agreed.

Those who have listened to Graham’s thoughts on Barca within various media outlets cannot help but be impressed with his insightful knowledge of such an incredible club. So Graham took matters a significant step further forward into his new book; Barca – The making of the greatest team in the world.

The book has already won many awards with Sports Illustrated labelling the book “an instant classic” while the Telegraph’s Henry Winter calls it as it is; “a brilliant book”.

Book Monday November 5th in your diaries – see link below for booking info – and as a Brucie Bonus the man behind the quite wonderful, we genuinely mean this, Road to Lisbon book Martin Greig will also be on hand to sneak in as many references as he can to 1967 to get us all in the mood.


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ralph malph
10 years ago

Typical. European minnows milking a game against us for all they can.

brian murray
10 years ago

Exactly, all the huns with fingers and toes crossed at the league cup draw, and barca doing cartwheels when they got us for the glamour tie of the group stage.

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