Celtic Diary Saturday January 30: Printed Media Begin Final Demise

Celtic Diary Saturday January 30: Printed Media Begin Final Demise

Notice I didn’t say gets his man, but if we are to be taking on loans, then at least its on our terms.

Patrick Roberts will play his football at celtic for the next eighteen months, which if he is as good as he’s supposed to be, is no bad thing. After all, if he is any good, and we’d bought him, he’d be gone in that period anyway, and since the money wouldn’t be invested in similar quality, then its maybe not as bad as first thought.

Is he any good ?

Well, according to Manchester City fans on twitter, he is, and they’re extremely annoyed that he has come to Glasgow. Former Celt Peter Grant, however, pointed out, ( see what i did there ?) that he might just be what we need at Celtic Park;

“Patrick has that X-factor about his game, He is such a free-spirited young player – he’ll go past defenders like they aren’t there, three or four at a time when his confidence is high, and then stick the ball in the top corner.

“I can imagine he’ll have the Celtic fans up on their feet applauding him. Patrick’s exactly the kind of attacking talent they want to see at Parkhead. 

Maunel Pelligrini, the Man City boss allowing the move has been criticised because Kevin de Bruyne is injured, which should have left the door open for Roberts to claim a first team place. He responded;

“Patrick will go on loan to Celtic – the arrangements were made before this (De Bruyne injury) and we don’t want to cut the option (for him) to play more games at Celtic. It will be a very important option for him,” 

“I am sure that Patrick Roberts will be a very important player here in the future but to play more games at Celtic will be better than to stay here and play just some.” 

We’ll wait and see, I suppose. What matters most is if the players heart is in it. Oh, and all this about him costing £12m ? He didn’t. It was around £4m, with add ons up to about £11.5m,  depending on appearances and so on.

He could be joined by Colin Kazim Richards, curently with Feyenoord who could become the first Celtic player in history to have his name on the back of my own replica shirt, as when I leave it on the bus, i’ll be able to prove beyond doubt its mine. (Its my first name in the non Etims world, or the real world as its known.

I suppose the idea is to try all the Turkish forwards we can until we find one thats any good. Or plunder Feyenoord until we find one as good as the last one we got from there.

It doesn’t look promising. Celtic would be Kazim Richards’s tenth professional club, and he hasn’t done very well at any of them.

2001–2004 Bury
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
2004–2005 Bury 30 (3)
2005–2006 Brighton & Hove Albion 43 (6)
2006–2007 Sheffield United 27 (1)
2007–2011 Fenerbahçe 66 (5)
2010 → Toulouse (loan) 15 (2)
2011–2013 Galatasaray 31 (5)
2012 → Olympiacos (loan) 9 (1)
2012–2013 → Blackburn Rovers (loan) 28 (3)
2013–2015 Bursaspor 16 (0)
2014–2015 → Feyenoord (loan) 27 (11)
2015– Feyenoord 11 (1)
National team
2007 Turkey U21 5 (1)
2008 Turkey A2 1 (0)
2007– Turkey 37 (2)

Celtic are about to embark on a run of games which will either dismiss hopes of a treble, or move us several steps closer.

Tomorrow it’s Ross County in the League Cup, Wednesday it’s a league clash at Pittodrie against Aberdeen, and then over to Airdrie for the East Kilbride Scottish cup game next Sunday.

Three wins, and the garden will be all nice and rosy again. anything else, and Ronny will be looking out his tin hat again.

Tomorrows game at Hampden could see the debut of Erik Sviatchenko, depending on whether he is fit, feeels he’s ready, and the printers get that stock of the letter v they’ve ordered so he can have his name on the back of his shirt.

Elsewhere, the trials and tribulations of Second Rangers, or first Rangers, or whoever’s turn it was this week continued yesterday. As ever, we’ll wait for the full report from James Doleman, who doesn’t have to worry about being sacked if he upsets those delicate flowers at Ibrox.

Which means he can report what he has seen.

Such as this , from the defence lawyer representing Charles Green;

the Rangers football club does not exist, it is an idea in people’s minds, a myth of continuity” 

Not in my mind it isn’t.

But could the judge, or the defence lawyer find themselves in trouble here ?

Why ?

Well, with the print media in Scotland already suffering from declining readership, which will lead to closures sooner or later, you’d think the last thing any of them would want to do is to bring the day of their own demise a little closer.

Actually, it could turn out to be a lot closer.

In his herald Column, Graeme Spiers, a well known and respected journalist, who has a little more balls than the rest of them, said that one director at Ibrox thought the “Billy Boys ” song-the one about wading knee deep in catholic blood, was a great song.

The paper issued an apology , allegedly after an advertiser threatened to withdraw £40,000 worth of business. The Vanguard Bears, a website which protects the image of both of their clubs, hinted that it understood Parks of Hamilton were the company holding the dagger .

Parks denied this repeatedly via their twitter account.

Well, look at the kerfuffle now.

Angela Haggerty, a columnist with sister paper the Sunday Herald, tweeted her support for her colleague, and was promptly sacked. Spiers has resigned from the Herald, and the idea of free speech has completely disappeared from the pages of the paper.

Still, I believe Matt Lindsay is still there, which is a relief.

Think about that for a minute. Spiers has gone. Lindsay is still there.

Spiers has been accused of telling lies about the club currently operating out of Ibrox, which is remarkable in that the club currently operating out of Ibrox is lying about being the previous club operating out of Ibrox every day.

Anyway, we hear that the whole lot will soon be regulated by a new Press comission, headed by a rather experienced chap in this sort of thing.

Apparently there was something he said on his CV that got him the job.

And before you point out that this chap is actually dead, its worth remembering that in Scotland when something or someone dies there’s absolutely no reason why it or him cannot carry on as normal.

And if you try to point out otherwise, you will lose your job.

We ended all very seriously there, and it is serious. The free press is dying on its feet due top corporate interference. Government of business for business by business , on a much wider scale than mere football, is destroying the fabric of life.

We need to start fighting back , and now.

Like this lady, in todays caption competition.

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