Celtic Diary Saturday May 9: Lawwell: Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man

Stories began to emerge yesterday that Stewart robertson may well be out of Ibrox should he fail to get a vote of no confidence over the line at the upcoming EGM of the SPFL.

The two bodies, one backed by the clubs and the other backed by a basket of assets and a few friends are jostling for  supreme and exclusive power over Scottish football, with the SPFL coming under fire for all sorts of things that no one can quite put their finger on, while the sinister SFA sit quietly in the background hoping no one mentions Resolution 12, as it would turn the attention away from their enemies and onto them.


The cauterwailing from Ibrox continued to drown out all the other noises when Douglas Park, already regretting ploughing money into Ibrox , seemed to succumb to the pressure of his business struggling when it was revealed that he was the one doing all of the bullying…



SPFL claim Rangers chairman Douglas Park made ‘threat’ to Neil Doncaster

The league body has released a letter in response to the document released from Ibrox on Thursday. 


This is from the Record, and you’ll notice the narrative says that the SPFL only “claim ” there has been bullying, whereas when the boot was on the other shoe and it was the SPFL doing it, there were no claims, only statements….


“In a phone call on the evening of 10 April, Rangers chairman Douglas Park made a very serious allegation and threat to act in a particular way to the SPFL chief executive. This allegation has been entirely unsupported by any evidence, either then or since. 

The allegation was so serious and defamatory that the league’s legal counsel, Rod McKenzie immediately sought a commitment from the Rangers company secretary that it would not be repeated.

“This was a wholly appropriate and proportionate legal response to an entirely unfounded and damaging allegation. That was the only respect in which Rangers was called upon not to repeat what had been alleged and what had been threatened. On no conceivable basis could this be considered as ‘bullying Rangers into silence’.

“It is noteworthy that there is not a shred of evidence in the so-called dossier to support the allegation made or to justify the threat.”  


It’s all getting a little bit bitter, but one would be surprised of calls to the SPFL were not recorded for quality and training purposes….


The SPFL also sent an open letter to the clubs ahead of the showdown on Tuesday, asking for their full support….





Of course, the allegations against Park  could be the SPFL just slinging some mud of their own, but as “rangers ”   have been known to throw their weight around in the past, and Park himself carries not an inconsiderable amount of weight himself, the story certainly may have some merit, and when combined with the rantings of Robertson, it’s not a huge leap of faith to think that the two are having some sort of public meltdown as things don’t seem to be going their way.


Robertson, you will recall, is a particular type of board member,  the type that is also a hard core supporter…




This particular type of meltdown seems to be infectious…








The motive is clear, having upset the SPFL , and the possibility of disrepute charges should the Ibrox company survive long enough, “rangers ” must be dreading the prospect of life without their protectors at the SFA, however shortlived, and the possibility of a smooth entry into the top flight for a third entity, without European football, grows even larger.




So, perhaps now is the time for the original smoking gun to be fired….. the one that is loaded, with real bullets..






Who is that man riding into town, at the eleventh hour ?

Armed with the weapon that could be decisive in this particular battle ?


for a few dollars more | Tumblr




If there genuinely is a struggle for control of Scottish football in the post apocalypse period, then there is no doubt that Peter Lawwell, having remained aloof from the current stramash, will want to see the SPFL triumph, as it’s no secret he has no particular love for the SFA.


Will he play the ace up his sleeve that was given to him by those who put so much effort into researching and finding the conclusive evidence of corruption and collusion at Hampden in order to seal a bright new future for the game, and at the same time finally rid us of those who run the sport like it was their “own little fiefdom ” ?


Maybe he has been playing the long game, and in true machiavellian style, produce the rabbit from the hat at the opportune moment to ensure that the next time a statue is commissioned for the Celtic Way, it will be one of him.


If he does, I’ll personally carry him shoulder high from his home to the ground for the unveiling.


Successful people do not strike while the iron is hot. They make ...



I once wondered how Lawwell would want to be remembered by the Celtic support….this is his chance to ensure his own legacy.


Meanwhile, controversy overshadowed the best podcast in the world voting yesterday, as twitter erupted in a storm of accusations, mostly from us , to be fair, about the legitinicacy of the vote and the cajoling and bullying of at least one of the participants in the quarter finals, again, probably us.


The organiser, Andrew Angus, called a temporary halt to the competition whilst he looked into the issue, which was a good thing because Etims lost and as there were less than the minimum ten thousand votes to ensure an honest reflection of the public’s opinion, he’s done the right thing.

Especially as we lost, though there are reports that many Etims voters couldn’t register their votes due to a technical issue, and others couldn;t be fucking bothered to get off their arses and vote.


We suspect the latter may be a more legitimate concern.


Rumours that some voters had opened several Twitter accounts to register multiple votes were dispelled, largely because I only thought of that this morning.


Anyway, when the competition resumes, voting will take place behind closed doors although frankly, now we’ve lost. I couldn’t give a toss.


On a serious note, the competition did get everyone having a chuckle, and if there is to be something similar at a later date, one would humbly ask for a wee bit more notice so I can get in touch with Dominic Cummings to ask for funds, to get the media onside and to cheat in a way that no one notices.



Football at the top level did resume yesterday, over in South Korea.


Matches were played behind closed doors, with all of those in the technical areas required to wear masks. Handshakes were banned, as was spitting, which means it could be some time before an awful lot of players are able to play their normal game.


With the English league desperate to resume, there were few reports about whether or not it was a success, and even fewer reporting on the conditions imposed on players, and with a considerable number of top level players ready to refuse to participate in games until all of this is over, thats not surprising.


There is also the concern that should the EPL resume to conclude the season, it will hand an unfair advantage to Manchester City, as over in South Korea, recordings of crowd noise were played to add a bit of atmosphere, and with Manchester City players already used to that at home games, there is a real fear they may upset the odds and pinch the title from Liverpool, in a rare example of scousers actually being the victims of theft.


Elsewhere, and a twitter spat between Graeme spiers and Tom Englsih, two hacks at opposite ends of the debate surrounding the tiff between the SPFL and “rangers ” keot a few of us amused yesterday as we watched poor Tom take a bit of a hiding, before ,er, going into hiding….

Graham Spiers
Did Rangers MD Stewart Robertson seriously claim tonight: “At no point did we talk about bullying and coercion by SPFL staff; we’ve not said that anywhere.” Have a nap, Stewart. Been a long day.
Quote Tweet

Tom English
Replying to

Where did he say it, Spiersy? Against SPFL staff, that is…
10:16 AM · May 8, 2020Twitter for iPad


Graham Spiers
Replying to

Rangers April 11: “We attempted to discuss this with Neil Doncaster…the SPFL followed that up with an email…a thinly disguised attempt to silence legitimate concerns. Rangers will not be bullied into silence


Tom English

Replying to

Nice one, yeah. No mention of corruption allegations is what I should have said. 

Graham Spiers

Replying to

Er…never mind you actually saying it yourself, Tom.

You need a lie down just like Stewart.  

 Oh dear….poor Tom’s a-cold…..
We go now to our men live at the scene of Tom’s next career move…
GraveDiggers Sticker GIF | Gfycat
 Don’t worry, it’s only his career that’s dead.
 One other thing that sort of slipped under the radar yesterday, clubs don;t want league reconstruction, except Hearts, obviously, and maybe Inverness and Partick.
Something is afoot, and the time has come for someone to stand up and be counted….
Celtic chief Peter Lawwell says relationship between SFA and clubs ...
 Yesterday, we had this…
Luke Warmwater

Kris Boyd misreads the advice on ‘How to get ahead in television’

 And so, to today….



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Man in Denial

Go for it Peter. We are all behind you. Your legacy awaits you.

We all know where the real corruption in Scottish football is to be found.

Persistence beats Resistance.


Lawell quiet.. as Napoleon said never interup your enimies when they making .mistakes..so lawell will show his hand when time is right


Faceless bureaucrats turned out in their thousands wondering, “What happened to sevco during the pandemic?”
“Nobody told us!”


Oh dear, Twitter-gate. When Monti and Celtic Da. broke into the offices of XXXXXX. (redacted) and uplifted the files of XXXX. (redacted) trying to subvert the twitter account of XXXX (redacted) The result banned from any further competition for ten years. Gawn yersell. So it looks like Anne Budges Hearts ( well it is Stevie G’s) XXXXXXXX (redacted). Partick Thistle and the mighty Stranraer are being relegated and Dundee Utd. are promoted, Celtic are once again declared the SPFL. Champions for the NINTH time IAR. Yipeee. As for P.L. his gun is rusty and declared unsafe, while the silver bullet… Read more »


I remember the Borussia Dortmund saga, as you recall Paul Lambert won the C.L. with them in 1997. Unfortunately that win spurred them to spending much £100, million pounds more than they could afford. They received a £2 million pound loan from Bayern Munich. Echo’s of Govan. Celtic lost millions of pounds when the Huns received a licence to participate in the C.L. in 2011-12 (Res12). Lawwell could have challenged that but refused to do so. The SFA and the SPL( the clubs) were all complicit in that. Kris dafty Boyd suggests that Celtic should loan the Huns money, so… Read more »


No you can’t ya gibbering tit, at your age you cannae remember fuck all 😉


Caption: Austerity measures due to The Great Depression are obvious at a Klu Klux Klan convention.

Jhon murf

Has anyone thought to ask why the rangers havent applied for the government backed and really easy to apply for, almost interest free loan of up to 25% of your annual turnover? Up to £10 million for the rangers!
The only condition is that your business wasnt in financial difficulty prior to the coronavirus….,


Caption: ” What we need is some pyrotechnics “



The smell of excremental at Ibrokes affect the crowd

Words like incredulous being broadcast by Sevco make them look incredulous and really stupid bigots


It’s not ibrokes it’s the bigotbox



The Hole in the Wall gang take in an early soccer match…. and were extremely well versed in giving the Rangers a hard time.


If and when footba’ resumes in that wonderful land of Scotland, will there be canned chanting, applause, abuse and cheers, and in the case of ibrox, laughter? HH!

sfa unfit for purpose

Hope you are correct on Lawell Ralph . Personally I think he is quite content with his 3.5mil per year. He will only act if his wage structure starts to suffer. He has had his smoking gun for a long time now , he has no interest in using it.

Salad queen

Lawwell/ Celtic still want to play huns/sevco at least 4 times a season.
Most likely to involve TV deal.
For the benefit of Scottish football!!!

sfa unfit for purpose

The smell from that sewer plant is rotten , somebody should build a super hospital nearby…..

sfa unfit for purpose

Whits the goalie dayin without a mask on Tom ?


Caption: 2021: A new season at Ibrokes and the new 3rd division club The Loan Rangers FC introduce compulsory face masks to cover up sweery words and songs about bloodied knees when they go tonto


Btw Ralph – What’s the source of that facemask pic?


Seems to be from the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918:


Found this via (right-click) Google Search by Image.

There were other suggestions that it may have been to cover against dust during the Dustbowl days.

Patrick Street

Meanwhile, even after all that time, some supporters claim that they can still smell the glove.


novo does the ibrokes half time draw after another outbreak of spanish flu.


see when you read yon zombie tweets you can cum to only one conclusion the fookers ur mental

sfa unfit for purpose

we’ll stop pissin in their Bovril when they stop shittin in our shoes.


if peter dis the right thing he should get an arsene parsley poem oan his statue


Sadly, cannae see him ever daein’ the right thing, charlie. Ain’t Tories sad?


we live in hope mate by the way do you have a store ae awe yer songs and poems if so you could write a book COYBIG


Here’s a link tae whit Ah kin remember. Might no’work though.


link must be in moderation mate


rsp cheers bigears aint lnks grand


Charlie, I will not be bullied into silence by Ralph’s unseen fenian hand:-)


heh heh

Aidan Marsden

Lawell is saying nothing because Lawell is planning to do nothing.When will Celtic fans wake up to the fact that he is only concerned about the corporate image of the club and its effect on revenue. The only proactive action to come from the board has been in relation to the child abuse scandal, which funnily enough might impact revenue streams if allowed to fester. Lawell/Desmond have no passion for our club and the sooner the real fans realise that then the sooner we remove them from power. It’s time bloggers started calling out the board and stop being distracted… Read more »


100% correct Aidan, this boards only interest is our money and there pathetic sweet talking and patronising us and filling there own pockets nothing more, i woken to this a long time ago with them and thankfully many of us can see through them, pure capitalism of the highest order and they get away with everything our club is supposed to be against, they are an inssult and embarrassment to brother walfrids legacy, hail hail.


e timmers ar awe to auld fur twitter we demand a re vote wer ye need tae show yer pention book tae vote

sfa unfit for purpose

As the EPL resumes play during a pandemic, the subs bench seems rather full.


caption boris sais a wonder wit they done wae thae auld facemasks


Caption:WW1 armed forces day at Ibrox and the rumour goes round that they want volunteers rather than platitudes.


Despite precautions the moronavirus pandemic continues to sweep through Ibrox.


if that disnae win the moronavirus is spreadin fast say it aint so ralph heh heh

Rob O'Keeffe

Celtic have played a blinder during this utter shambles.Best run club/company in Scottish football.Still not getting the praise deserved whilst helping so many deserving causes.
As for the Kleenex Crew? It’s simplicity.
1.Huns don’t want Celtic to be “given” the title.
2.Budge doesn’t want to be budged from the Premier division.
3.Stranraer don’t fancy being relegated.
4.Guy at Inverness(allegedly) fancies or was promised a job at Liebrox where his real favourites “play”.
The SPFL have clearly had enough,like the rest of us and are ramping up the pressure on those indulging in sheer delusion,bringing the game into disrepute,if that is actually even possible….roll on Tues…


Not buying John McGinn when the deal was all but done, doesn’t make us the best run club.
I don’t give two fucks about the share price or fucking how much we have in the bank.
I only care about the standard & quality of the Celtic player emerging from the fucking tunnel.

Lawwell out!


Caption; “At the very first ever Rangers match, in 1872, the ‘Gallant Pioneers’ took extreme measures to protect themselves from the overwhelming stench of the large proportion of Orange Order and KKK members who unexpectedly attended. This became a constant event, and came to define the Club, at every Rangers game, until their death in 2012.”


yoor no the smartest saiz but my fook occasionaly ye cum across way wan that makes me smile heh heh




Did you just Fart George


Get yer Spearmint chewing gum and KKK Bars

Caption: even the mists of time can’t hide their bigoted bile


Caption : “F**k me Seamus, if a Mountie’s afore us, how long is the f**kin’ queue”.

Re the dossier :
“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.”


Two minutes into the game , the ibrox crowd began singing…we are the p.p.e.

Pistol Pete will do SFA. He is firmly wedded to the “Auld Firm” duopoly as a vehicle for maximising revenues. This suits the Institutional Investors and guarantees him his annual bonus.
Given his,often speculated, involvement in the 5Way Agreement he will prefer to see the issue remain Parked on the SFA’s slow boat to CAS.


Stay Safe.
Stay Hame.

Man in Denial

Re the tweet from Anderson5 above, the Hearts fan. What an appalling insight into the dna and mindset of the uber cousins of Sevco The Rangers* Clearly it passed this clown by that Sevco The Rangers* released its dullossier on the eve of VE day. The SPFL needed time to read it and respond and did so the following day -correctly. But Anderson5 wants to wheel out Hearts war dead and use them to point score in a sick and twisted way. Decent Hearts fans should demand that Anderson5 is never allowed inside Tynecastle again. I’m not sure of the… Read more »

For Peter to do the right thing he would have to resign for doing the wrong thing for reasons he believed to be right.

Events are proving what was done for footballing reasons was short term and only put off the day of collapse.

That collapse could have been mitigated had domestic financial fair play regulations been introduced in 2012 preventing clubs being so desperate for cash the current cause of conflict, the need to pay Bill’s would not have been needed.

Celtic’s silence is like all clubs, an act of self protection.


5 -0 v huns full game oan you tube pc lustig does his thing


speakin tae a hun this mornin he said theyl put an asterisk next tae the nine charlie so a telt him the corona virus wis the best thing thats happened tae yoos zombies since the petrofac cup ha ha ha ha aint huns dumb

Jinky Con

Couldn’t agree more with the dumbness have witnessed in person to Zombie.Not a mention anywhere about the game of football.

Happy Cup Final Day everyone.

Is there anything in the huns “we’ve never said we were bullied by SPL staff”?

McKenzie and MacLennan (perhaps even Doncaster) aren’t ‘staff’ so is this another attempt to throw confusion around, as they’ve no evidence?

Rob O'Keeffe

The bad olden days before offeeshul macaroon bars and spearmint chewing gum….


sevconians,can the sane have their sanity back?
Don`t walk away,just get on your bike.

sevco speculative personas FC.

We are the Parasitic.


Fuck the “rangers”!


My dog as we speak has had his nose (no intent to dig at Mike) buried in his arse & doing that licking noise.
Meanwhile i’m at the table trying to eat my bacon & eggs….
He has about 3 seconds to stop before i put my shotgun in his left ear.


That`s me for a fry-up for tea.


That’s what it’s like listening to you, maybe the dog has sensed you talk a load of shite and wants to join in

Una.. 🙂


She’s just jealous she can’t reach her balls.




Did the dog know he was getting your come dine with me scraps,Monti?


No scraps off my plate m8


When Covid 19 is overcome, which Scottish first tier clubs will remain? Which English first tier clubs will remain? Could there be an amalgamation between both? The people need their sport of choice, firstly to be reassured and then to be reinvigorated, they need sporting hero’s.
There’s three statue’s outside the new refurbished Hampden park, one of Lord Haughey, Sir Tom Farmer and one of Sir Peter Lawwell, the man who pulls the strings and has run Scottish football for the past decade.


British, American flue-cured.


The Orange band came marching through Ibrox The Sevco fans fell in behind I looked across and there I saw Billy Itching to go and join the line And with his kerry-oot in her bag His half-cut hunette fiancee From where I stood I saw she was bevvied But through the din I heard her say Billy don’t be an eejit Don’t be a mug aw yer life Billy don’t be an eejit Don’t fa’ for mair-y their shite But when Billy said he would go She screamed:’F*ck the Ludge and Sevco’! ‘Billy, you f*ckin’ eejit, Raynjurz are deid’. I… Read more »


another piece of brilliance mate


Juicy Rumour:
sevco FC have applied for the Antarctica A-League.

Caption .. I think that they would appreciate banks of disco lights


Its the year 2030, there’s three statue’s outside a refurbished Hampden park. Lord Haughey, Sir Tom the farmer and Sir Peter of Thornliebank, the man who controls Scottish football… Arise Sir Peter, your spitting image caricature awaits.


Hunskelpers: Brother Walfrid- Ave Ave.
Willey Maley- Jimmy McGrory- The Celtic support.
Jock Stein- The Lisbon Lions- The Celtic support.
Fergus McCann- 100 years of Celtic dominance.
There are many Celtic players who we class as Hunskelpers, but IMO. none more-so than those above.
The Hun-Slayer was of course, his bias and bigotry, the ambition and greed, the cheating Sir David Murray. Ironic that he destroyed the club that he represented for so long.


When it all starts, before we were so crudely interrupted!
We need to get Forster signed for good, whatever it takes.
Stay safe Tims for a while yet.

We’re locked in and they give us Vera Lyn!
We’re locked in and they give us Charles the Midnight Flitter!
All the Royal residences would make good field hospitals. The sporting estates would be good for vegetable allotments. Help ma boab, jings crivvens.


ICT and all their “sabre rattling”, they are an extremely poorly supported club. I can only see their attendances dropping due to their stance, I and a few other friends who occasionally went to a game there , have agreed, not a penny more will they receive from us!!


You have to remember they have had an English garrison in their wee town for over 300 years. These are subdugated peeple.


neil lennon and broony

sfa unfit for purpose

Just realised yesterday , May 9th is the anniversary of our operation stop the ten. Found this wee bit on the much maligned bbc website. That slender lead remained until the final minutes, when Brattbakk’s big moment arrived. The Norwegian struggled to convince during his two years at Celtic, yet his crisp 12-yard finish into the bottom corner that day ensured he retains a special place of reverence among the support. His goal clinched a 2-0 win, and the title. Operation stop the 10 was a success. “I wasn’t aware at the time of how important that season was,” he… Read more »


Caption: You’re living through the the most brutal war in the history of human kind and this pandemic will kill millions. But at the darkest hour always remember that one day princes will be able to default on the £18.5 million payment of their 6 bedroom ski chaltet because of your sacrifice. Oh and he’s a nonce. Good luck.

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