Celtic Diary Saturday May 2: News That Doesn’t Fit

The SPFL held it’s conference call yesterday, and it appears that those of us who were expecting the infamous “rangers ” revelations to be aired were disappointed.

According to reports, “peace ” broke out …and who better to consult for details than the intrepid Keith Jackson of the Record ?

Well, probably anyone, but i’m short of time this morning, so you’ll have to make do with his take on affairs.


SPFL clubs resigned to Celtic title as peace breaks out in Scottish football’s civil war

Need to get some sort of war reference in nice and early, get the battle fever on…

Resigned ? Clubs ? Surely he means club ( singular ) or company , just to cover the waterfront.

The decision to remove the discussion of Rangers’ evidence from the agenda made today’s meeting much more constructive. 


Perhaps the meeting started with someone asking them to put up or shut up, and there was a decision made that involved someone  zipping his lips…


Scottish football’s raging civil war took a surprise twist today when peace broke out at emergency summit of the Premiership clubs. 


For a club/company with evidence of misgovernance, it seems strange that despite, in their view, the SPFL aren’t up to the job, they would allow them to continue in it without challenge.

Oh, and keep the wartime theme with the news that “peace broke out “…

Record Sport revealed yesterday that the top 12 had arranged a conference call to discuss how the game in this country can survive the coronavirus pandemic – and debate whatever evidence Rangers have in their ongoing battle against the man in charge of the SPFL. 

Except the evidence was not forthcoming, and so it wasn’t discussed. Draw your own conclusions.


But a plan to get to the bottom of the feud between Ibrox and Hampden’s sixth floor was scrubbed from the agenda before today’s meeting even began. 


Which “rangers ” went along with, despite ther earlier protestations (no need to bring religion into it -Ed )..”rangers ” did. which casts even more doubt on the validity of their claims.

Or even the existence of them.


And it’s understood that decision helped lessen the tensions and allowed for a serious conversation about how to cope with the existential threat to the professional game caused by the COVID-19 crisis. 


Who made that decision ? And how did it come about, considering it was on the agenda ?

A source said: “Right at the start of the talks it was made clear that the Rangers situation was not up for discussion. It was pointed out that there will now be an EGM involving all 42 clubs on May 12 so that is the appropriate time to address it or to ask questions.

“That allowed us to get on with the far more serious business of how football in this country can pull together and get through this pandemic. In other words – and I can hardly believe I’m saying this – it really did feel as if peace had suddenly broken out.” 


Roughly translated, that means someone asked them to put up or shit up, and it appears that silence did raineth upon the proceedings…


It’s also understood a growing number of the top flight clubs are now resigned to ending the current season and crowning Celtic champions  


There was only one that ever had an issue with that, but you won;t have that confirmed in the media.


Another strand of those who are paid to inform and entertain us are the BBC, and Tom English has embarked upon a crusade to flush out the corruption and lies within those who run Scottish football.


Far from me to criticise him for his efforts, and so I’m going to help him.

I’ll give him some evidence he can publish, and it really is something to get his teeth into….


evidence of corruption



He can thank me later, and I’ll be asking him , and I’d appreciate it if others did, what he will do with it.



In the meantime, he’s been focused on the revelation that some clubs have received advance payments on their prize money before, and wants to know why it couldn’t be done this time around.


SPFL: Accounts ‘shed light’ on payments to clubs

Last week, SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan contradicted the contradiction in the mammoth Q&A with himself, stating no loan had been issued by the SPFL for more than seven years. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster reiterated that point later in the day in his round of media interviews.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring,” said MacLennan. “Loans have been made by the league to individual members in the past, but not for many years – and only where the board was able to satisfy itself that making a loan was in the best interests of the league as a whole. The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.” 

Last week, SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan contradicted the contradiction in the mammoth Q&A with himself, stating no loan had been issued by the SPFL for more than seven years. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster reiterated that point later in the day in his round of media interviews.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring,” said MacLennan. “Loans have been made by the league to individual members in the past, but not for many years – and only where the board was able to satisfy itself that making a loan was in the best interests of the league as a whole. The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.” 

Now there is further information. When you trawl through the SPFL’s accounts dated 31 May, 2017 you will eventually come to section 14 which details advances [some might call them loans] to two clubs during the year. “Two advances on club payments were made to SPFL clubs totalling £300,000,” the annual report says.

“An amount of £6,613 remained outstanding as of year end, which has since been repaid.”

These were the financial transactions that Budge was referring to when she pointed out that the SPFL was wrong to say that loans to cash-strapped clubs could not be made. Budge was on the SPFL board at the time the £300,000 was paid out.

MacLennan, soon-to-be SPFL chairman, was one of the people who names appears on the accounts. Neil Doncaster was the chief executive. Other directors whose names appear on those accounts detailing the release of £300,000 to struggling clubs were Ken Ferguson, Karyn McCluskey and Les Gray and Stewart Robertson.

The list of other directors and advisors on the accounts include Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell, Scottish FA chief executive Ian Maxwell and Hibs chief executive Leeann Dempster. All three retired from the board in July 2017.

The SPFL denied on Friday evening that these figures were loans, but when is a loan not a loan? If, according to the accounts, a sum of £6,613 “remained outstanding” then does that not indicate it’s a loan, the very thing that MacLennan said midweek hadn’t happened in more than seven years?

All of this goes back to disquiet among certain clubs about the haste in which the SPFL’s resolution was held. Some feel that they were railroaded into voting to end the leagues because they were told that was the only way they could have end-of-season payments released.

A number of clubs say they will tell their stories, should Rangers’ call for an independent inquiry prove successful. The odds are hugely against it. Rangers will release whatever information they have to clubs sometime next week. Their so-called dossier will need to be explosive, or else the only detonation going on in the Scottish game, will be one that goes off in the face of the Rangers board.

Privately, in the days leading up to the SPFL’s resolution to end the leagues, some SPFL figures confirmed that the only way money could be released to clubs was for them to vote for the league’s resolution. 

In his Q&A, MacLennan asked himself a question about alternatives to loans being issued to troubled clubs. He never mentioned advances; he just said that no money could be forthcoming to clubs without a yes vote.

“What other options did the board look at? What other ways were explored to get cash in the pockets of clubs now?” he asked. The answer was emphatic. “There were simply no other viable options. We’ve already talked about loans. It is clear, that in the absence of any suggested alternative ways of providing money to clubs, no other practical and realistic way exists.”

So, the possibility of loans or advances – call it what you will – didn’t exist, according to the chairman. However, the accounts of 2017 suggest that the board did, indeed, have that latitude.

The SPFL have now sought to explain all of this. “During season 2016-17, earlier than usual fee payments were made to two clubs, totalling £300,000,” said a spokesman. “These were made following the promotion of Rangers FC to the Ladbroke Premiership. These fee payments followed complaints by three clubs that they had been disadvantaged in the fixturing for that season by not getting three visits from Celtic FC/Rangers FC.

“As a result of the negative impacts on their cash flow resulting from this fixturing anomaly, two of those three clubs requested earlier than normal fee payments totalling £300,000. These fee payments were not loans and were wholly within the amounts budgeted to be earned by those clubs, whatever final league placing was achieved by those clubs that season.”


n other words, they were advances against prize money that was due to the clubs. The SPFL spokesman even used the words “advance fee payments” in his statement on Friday.

Even if you accept that they were, indeed, advances and not loans, how does that tally with MacLennan’s view that “there were simply no other options”? A repeat of what they did for the two clubs back in 2016-17 wasn’t an option?

There also remains the mention of the repayment of an “outstanding amount” of £6,613. The SPFL spokesman came back: “At no point was there any loan to any Premiership club, indeed not to any SPFL club.”

A loan? An advance? The other day, the SPFL told us that none of these things were options. Their own accounts shed extra light on that.   


Perhaps he should ask if the SPFL require a glance at the accounts of any club seeking an “advance “, merely to allay fears that any request for financial help is purely down to covid, and not say, gross neglect and impending administration /liquidation…


Here’s hoping he goes down that path and lets us know what he finds.


If he does do the right thing, we’ll carry him shoulder high around the Hampden track at the next big game.





Another hack hot on the trail of the real story is Chris MacLaughlin, who revealed…


Scottish Sun Sport
BBC journalist Chris McLaughlin says ‘senior club in Scotland’ have discussed administration 
Is there a clue in the picture as to which club it was… ?
 Yes…we can reveal that during a conference call between Celtic board members administration , was discussed, amidst much hilarity , when someone said “they’re going into administration…”
By the way, anyone who doubts a unionist/loyalist /staunch agenda at the BBC need only observe and contrast the narratives in these headlines…
There was one more example of the chaos and anarchy that the “civil war ” can be held accountable for, and I’d ask you to sit down before you read of this particular event, which should surely see the perpetrators in the dock at The Hague ….

Rangers shop in Glasgow vandalised with ‘CFC 1’ scrawled in green paint

A sickened pensioner witnessed the aftermath of the attack on the way to get his morning shopping 

The aftermath, mind, not the actual “attack “-another early use of the war rhetoric…




Vandals have attacked Rangers shop in Glasgow city centre- daubing a pro-Celtic slogan in paint.

One of the front windows of the St Enoch Square store was almost totally covered by “CFC 1” written in green paint. 


“Attacked” ?


A sickened pensioner witnessed the aftermath of the attack on the way to get his morning shopping.  

Sickened ? Shouldn’t he have been self isolating ? Instead of rubber necking the scene of a devastating “attack ” ?


The man, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It is totally shocking that people think it is ok to do things like this, especially at this time with the lockdown on and everything. 

The lockdown that he is ignoring…

“I was just on my way to get my lottery ticket and messages when I saw what happened, there was paint all over the window.

“It’s just mindless, that will be a lot of work for someone to take off and for what? 

Shits and giggles, my friend,

“I think whoever did it it should be done and I hope the police get whoever it was.” 

Me too, and the poor fellow should be compensated for his ordeal, which may well mean he won;t be able to look at a shop window again without breaking into a cold sweat and suffering flashbacks.


Yesterday, we had this…





Ian Smith

As football prepares to get underway, workers spray the Rangers dugout with disinfectant. 

And credit to the reply…





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Caption: As the mist rises on the edge of Brigton-doon a man must decide if he wants to give up everything and stay in 1690 forever. “Fuck that” he says and goes home to watch a Bosch box set instead.


Scottish football is skint, holed beneath the waves sinking slowly as it limps into harbour, seeking urgent repairs before it disappears into the deep and watery grave. Your excellent piece points that out. Only one club is solvent, taking money from its big hearted support who pump money into it every day of every year, led by a board that has to fabricate the truth to protect the other clubs from going under. Its estimated that six clubs are getting into lifeboats as the cash runs out. All squabbling over missing out on the visits of the big hearted Celtic… Read more »

Mike. I like the sinking ship analogy. The Titanic came to mind and the many souls that foundered. Little did they know they were to hit large iceberg.
Whereas The good ship Sevco and those who sail with her have had a similar fate with many of their zombie undeads demise being predicated on meeting with an unseen ice cube 🙂


Cheers mate, The Sevco Ghost Ships, sail away, sail away, into oblivion.

When the wee Loyalists in Harland and Wolff were building the Titanic (Olympic) Sinn Fein were building the Ice berg. . .so I heard.


Nicky, there was over 100 Irish passengers on the Titanic, in steerage of course and most perished. They embarked in Cork, to a young Irish piper playing Erins lament. If I remember right most of the steerage passengers led by the Irish had a great time before they hit the ‘berg’ Looking no doubt for a better life.

Robert Jenkins

I heard it was Peter Lawell that did the Ice Burg before shooting Franz Ferdinand


No, that was Peter Woo, dressed up as Kim Jong Un.


is that why the Irish were in the cheap seats.



It was what they could afford I’d guess

Rob O'Keeffe

Or perhaps Mike,in the new football world,new European leagues might emerge,darwinian style,and we can leave all the shysters behind? Think of some of the games we would play and players we could attract? Maybe unlikely,but we can always hope…..


Rob, How I wish that, that could be true.

Ralph.. thanks for the mention



The Larkhall ladies Frisbee team get some heavy duty vaping in as they wait for their bus.


caption larkhall lodges wives 8pm clap for the tics 31st straight title in a row.


‘The year is 2067 … the Dundee wags age as they continue to wait to see if ‘the Rangers’ are coming …

Man in Denial


Rangers players meet up in Clydebank during the Second World War Years.

sfa unfit for purpose

The last pensioners alive in Scotland freeze as the SNP catcher vans come for their lives and their pension books.


Is that not your wife and your two brothers?

sfa unfit for purpose

is that an attempt at a joke? wider pavements
oil money



sfa unfit for purpose

Again , if you’ve got somethin to say,,dont be scared, just come out with it . instead of silly references to My Family.
Be an Adult or at least try


Having seen the mince you continually spout, you seem to be the one who needs to be a bit more adult. Now, get back to that soup you so obviously enjoy.

sfa unfit for purpose

HAHAHAHA a keyboard hardman.


I think you’d best get back to your crayons soft lad.


Are you deluded, or are you fixated?

Caption two young scallywags pray for wider pavements

sfa unfit for purpose

Who is that directed at Cartvale ?

sfa unfit for purpose

Down finnieston way the fishwives discuss who Alfredo is pumpin….

Rob O'Keeffe

Ralph? If you want to know when a loan is a loan,could I kindly suggest that you contact those at Liebrox,they are experts in creative accounting…..
P.S.It was me that attacked the shop,could I point out that I was trying to spray CFC 1967 over the logo but I was off my face on Prozac and Guinness and my paint spray ran out.
P.P.S.If anyone connected to Liebrox reads this,it wasn’t me,it was a big Bhoy called Monti who ran away,on his daily exercise….cough…


….run! hahahaha.



sfa unfit for purpose

Post independent Scotland, the SNP bring back smog and wife beatin , but we’ve got our own money………


You ARE arch Butchers Apron kisser, Brian Wilson, and I claim my £5 and a seat in the House of Souptakers and Unionists….Sorry, Lords.

Buckfast at Tiffanys

The Rangers are comin


Caption: I mean look at it Senga, CFC1, whit’s that aw aboot?

On coming across the grafitti, Agnes consoled Jessie with the calming words, “Thank Christ its no in colour hen!”


Double, double toil and trouble
Sevco gone and Ibrox rubble


Caption : ‘Puff, puff, Am tellin’ ye’s, there’re gonnae pit double yelly lines doon here oan the road, the morn. Wit fir a dinnae ken. Puff, puff’.

sfa unfit for purpose

I am always amazed at how any criticism of the SNP on here is met with cries of mason and soup.
After all the Hubris down Govan way i thought most Celtic supporters would be above that kind of behaviour, but no.
So easy to wind up. They even want to bring your family into conversation to score some sort of point.
Its Hubris , entitlement and to a certain extent bullying.
All very hunnish behaviour.
And all things these people would Never say to your face.
Cowards. Shamefull.


Hubris and cowardice? Dear oh dear. You really are a ticket. Squealing like a little girl. Just give it a break.

Sfa unfit fot purpose

Lol can feel your anger in every word. Don’t think I’ve ever been trolled before. Hope your near Glasgow. Would love to show you my crayons. But I know your happier hidind behind your keyboard….. Just remembered. Your the guy that didn’t want any discussion about care home deaths in Scotland about 3 weeks ago. No SNP criticism. It’s like a cult for some of you. Come meet me in Glasgow and make a joke of my family in persom


First things first. I am not a member of the SNP.
Voted Labour all my life until they became an extension of the Tory party..I have no current affiliation to any political party, as they are nearly all as bad as each other.
As for your pathetic invite……who’s the keyboard hard man? You come across as a sad, bitter and twisted individual who probably couldn’t punch their way out a wet paper bag. Now toddle off and go follow follow your unionist brethren.

sfa unfit for purpose

Again a jibe, now im a unionist.
Your right I cant punch my way out of a paper bag , never claimed otherwise. Bit I know you wont say any of this to my face , cos your a shitebag keyboard warrior.
Your the exact same type of person as appears on follow follow. the type that when confronted with realism resort to petty insults because of a lack of intellect to reason a real response.You cant argue with deluded people so I wont try.
Throw all the hubris , entitlement and unionist slurs you can. it merely emphasises my point.


I’m just finished tuning my violin and I see another couple of inane posts from you. You talk of intellect yet you don’t seem to know the difference between your and you’re.
Please, stop embarrassing yourself, it’s getting very boring.

sfa unfit for purpose

I still don’t understand why you made a jibe about my wife and family in response to my caption answer. ? That’s a personal dig , for what ? No explanation possible. ? Now its being pedantic about grammar , come on what age are you ? So far you’ve called me amongst other things a soup taker , a little girl and a unionist. I gave my kids advice years ago , and I think its stood them in good stead. Never say anything online to anyone , in an e mail or message , or in a forum… Read more »


I wouldn’t hesitate to go face to face with anyone who stands on a street corner shouting abuse and shite, because that’s exactly what you do with your constant jibes about the SNP.
Oh and by the way, your level has well and truly been outed with your child like ‘invitations” . Stop the political shit stirring and grow up.

sfa unfit for purpose

Oh now I understand. Its only your opinion that counts. Therefor its ok to personally abuse me because my view differs from yours. Hmmm who in Scottish society acts like that ? As far as I know this site is primarily a Celtic site , not an SNP fanzine. If I have that wrong , maybe Ralph or some of the other members will let me know. Until then I will rightly criticise and comment on the SNP at will, as well as the tories, sevco , sfa and countless other topics that have came up on the Diary. As… Read more »

sfa unfit for purpose

Oh now I understand.
Its only your opinion that counts.
Therefor its ok to personally abuse me because my view differs from yours.
Hmmm who in Scottish society acts like that ?
As far as I know this site is primarily a Celtic site , not an SNP fanzine.
If I have that wrong , maybe Ralph or some of the other members will let me know.
Until then I will rightly criticise and comment on the SNP at will, as well as the tories, sevco , sfa and countless other topics that have came up on the Diary.



sfa unfit for purpose

Enough will be when you apologise for making a slur/jibe at my wife and family.
Or you explain why in response to my caption comment , you felt the right to abuse my wife and family.
My comment made no reference at all to you. There was nothing personal to you.


Abuse? Give us peace. Cut out the repetitive political shite and you know where you can put your (or is it you’re) apology.


So as a unionist you are happy with the British occupation of the north of Ireland?

Owen Mullions

Of course you’re a unionist, you’re on here defending the union ffs! As for hubris and entitlement, you sound like a bitter Labour acolyte who can’t accept your days of lording it over the Scottish electorate are finished, just like the huns do with Scottish football. (At least I’m assuming you’re Labour, if you’re a Tory then you’ve a cheek to criticise anyone’s politics). Enjoy London’s soup – the huns all swear by it.

sfa unfit for purpose

I never said you were an SNP member , your imagining things. Also why did you make a comment on my caption answer ? Your a troll ?. And why , during this pandemic would you bring someones family into it ? Very strange . I despair that guys like you tell anyone they are Celtic supporters. As far as the ethos of the club and its founder , you couldn’t be more removed. No criticism , no debate , just bile and slander. And again ,to mention someones wife…..very petty and a distinct lack of imagination. And all for… Read more »


Deary me.


henke tellum yool meetum at the boots corner and we can awe drive by and laugh at um he he


Latest opinion poll
Holyrood voting intentions :SNP 54%
Westminster :- SNP 51%
Do you think Nicola Sturgeon has handled the covid-19 outbreak well? YES 75%


has she been fandabidozi


I know it’s not the right picture for the competition but a caption for the picture of the graffiti could be:
‘A very rare example of graffiti that is less illegal than the shop it defaced.’

Patrick O Hara

Impromptu choir sing “Those were the days my friends ,we thought they’d never end.”

Patrick O Hara

The Saturday Telegraph. Is it cigar time?


Green White and GOLD, always believing, Celtic are the Invinsibles. The Celtic support is the GOLD part of my Tricolour, spending their money all around Scottish football grounds and beyond. And yet it is they that have to accept the unacceptable, the going for ’55’ continuity myth, the lack of honesty and integrity that is caused by the lack of honesty and openness. Jim Spence my second favourite sports correspondent said it all, “The People who used to be The People are no longer The People, but haven’t realised it… yet”. My first favourite is the “Bonnie and Clyde” of… Read more »




“Betty, is that Billy’s ring your pawning?”
“Gee, it must be great getting ridden by him”
“Is he picking you up after court today?”
“By the way, where did you first meet him?”
“I met him at the Louden Tavern
He said my fud was like a cavern
You get the picture?”
“*Boke *Spew”
“That’s why I fell for the Leader of the Huns”

My folks were always laughing at him (Him Him)
They called him ugly and awfully dim (Dim Dim)
They told me that he smelled real bad
I replied he’s just an Orange lad
And that’s why I fell for the Leader of the Huns


Surprise surprise no evidence of wrong doing and the gamble fails. They need the money but saying that would burst the propaganda bubble. How embarrassing for them and their followers. I hope there are consequences for their actions before they declare insolvency again


Caption: The sweetie wives rangers, Hearts and Stranrear hold high level talks on gossip to spread about SPFL


Alzyerpal, winner.


Clearly Sevco are letting Scottish football down. They are abrogating their responsibility to all the other clubs in the leagues. Why? They have damning evidence of corruption at the highest levels….they named those responsible…..yet they refuse to use it to clear out the problem. So, in summary, they have the means to clean up the game but, consistently, they will not act to benefit the governance of our game. Mr Sevco, other clubs have rights too, if you will not act for your own interests, then do it for the league. Reveal your evidence of corruption, and do all of… Read more »

Patrick O Hara

Cheroot time?
Cigarillo time?


No, only after a ride, on Doctors orders of course. Covid-19, has some perks, blue pill?

Mike …all you’ll get is a stiff neck


Those pills helped me quit smoking – after taking a couple I couldn’t get near the counter to buy my fags!


They have no evidence of anything. It was pure gamble to get their cake and eat it. Stop Celtic by insisting to get either null and void or play on somehow sometime AND get the payout based on current positions. They have had their bluff called and they have come up empty



Your guess is as good as mine but I duspect their stance had more to do with the state of their accounts and licensing implications. Also, the timing coincides with season book purchases.



Caption: As wee sweety wifies bash their gums about Wuhan and narrow pavements a new definition of bat shit crazy evolves.


Monday, 4th, May. 50th.Anniversary of Kent State.
Tuesday, 5th May, 39th. Anniversary, Bobby Sands MP.

Patrick O Hara

Is Doctor’s orders the name of a horse or mare?


Gelded or Bolloxed?

Well hung


Hun WAGS abscond wi’ the silver trophy!


the rectum ar saying the zombies hav got rid of his big mikeness for the 150th time in an attempt to unload yon 25 poun vouchers ha ha aint huns dumb


Lol. Everything they’ll be able to buy with the voucher will be £16.90 and there will be no cash alternative.


heh heh


comment image


Another piece of brilliance.


Caption: Psst, Mary, do you still think the rangers are coming?


The Sickened Pensioner. Was it John Beaton Esq by chance?


Naw! It wis me and it wisnae the writin’ ON the windae that wis making me sick.


Was it the fact you couldn’t buy a replica kit, as the store had been closed due to the presence of a poisonous virus?


Caption …
Mary : right philomena if you see them coming ..
Philomena : if I see who coming Mary ..
Mary : you know sevco or the rangers ,whatever they are called these days just clatter the bin lid off the floor ,and we will alert the bhoys
wee Annie : you might be there a wee while philly…


It’s getting better and better CS and the Scottish press with a couple of exceptions should all be sacked.


Along with the many millions they diddled us out of through the EBT years and the UEFA licence fiasco in 2011.


There was not one iota of contrition from that mob and yet, as I said here weeks ago, they simply wanted to burn the game here to the ground and were backed by the scum in the media. Saying that, I think we all knew deep down it would come to a scenario like this.

Patrick O Hara

Go Saturday Telegraph’s How China covered up Covid-19 (on YouTube).
An interesting 5 minutes!!

Patrick O Hara

Go to


am no wan fur grassin but e tims twitter ar quoting doncasters hate fur ra peepl ……dont tell swallow swallow ffs ur weel get a statement he he

Patrick O Hara

Hey tambourine man play a song for me.


The full manuscript of Doncaster’s interview is here



Caption: The Church sanctions Eucharistic Ministers for one home visit to cover lockdown.

Dermot Mullins

Watch out there may be a smoking gun about- the walls have ears

Strangely enough, Tom English’s detailed forensic examination of the subject doesn’t mention this, funny that.

Its almost as if he’s got some king of an agenda.

Perhaps I’m suffering from PTSD but what does CFC1 mean?

I get CFC but what’s the 1 about, we’re the 1st, last and only CFC unlike other Glasgow based FCs?


It would have been more of a piss take, though the press probably wouldn’t report it, was if they had painted Sevco on the glass.

Yep, I’m sure that’s the case.

Almost every day there’s a report of “Fuck Taigs”, “Taigs out” and other such bigotry nut not newsworthy for the Daily Record.


Creditors Foreclosure Communication, the baliffs do it when you won’t take their letters.

Is the 1 them giving the Sevvies the finger?


a heard it wis chelsea fans he he

If that’s the case then the graffiti artists should be found and punished severely.

If you’re not predicting a 2 or 3 goal victory its not worth the wind up.


Could be Clyde FC

Cha… Cliftonville football club. FFS man think outside the box

Oops, of course.

I saw this story on the Beeb:

“An Irish Premiership club and Championship outfit face NIFL licensing queries”

I assume this is nothing to do with the Reds.

I know the Glens were in a bit of financial shit earlier in the season but thought they’d overcome this.

Caption: Lid of ma grannies bin

Some good news on Coronavirus and reinfection:


Hopefully other such claims of reinfection will similarly be found to be false.

Its a big enough battle as it is without introducing another significant fight to overcome.

sfa unfit for purpose

queues of up to 90 minutes today as costa opened up for drive through only at Braehead.
Virtually non stop traffic for 10 hours.
Will be repeated throughout the uk as more of these types of places open.
Of coure all these people were on necessary journeys.
Same as the 15000 people a day flying in and out the UK.
Without the mass testing of the population in place before the easing of this lockdown we are surely at high risk of this escalating further.

Theres only one group of educated supporters who have the ticking time bomb to bring down the sfa and the spfl. Yet English and his colleagues refuse to accept the evidence of the res 12 group and of course to our dismay our own club also turn away.
When the chairman of football clubs gather to see the alleged evidence of wrong doing let Peter put on the table the smoking gun and see an end to the club of Ibrox holding everyone to Ransom and the greatest football swindle ever come to an end once and for all.


Jimmy, He denied seeing the 5 Way Agreement twice, with everything that it entails like: It says in plain English, Sevco Scotland on it, another official recognition that they all know the SPFL, that its a new club. The first editions insisted on title and trophy removal, but when the last edition was produced, that had mysteriously been removed. Res.12- 5Way- and today the £300,000 given to Partick Thistle and to Motherwell that Celtic forgo to them. It is the Celtic board that donates Celtic income no doubt in their eyes, for the good of Scottish football to the detriment… Read more »

Mike I know m8 but wouldnt it be brilliant if he just said you know what fuckin sick of the lot of it heres my resignation and ohh and heres res 12 also sent a copy off to uefa and included all the media outlets across the uk .
Now that would be funny.

Patrick O Hara

Ha ha ha. Nice one.


Can you stop bullying sfa unfit for purpose, there is no need for that ya fanny. 🙂


Thinking ahead!
Forster (let’s buy him!)

Elounassi needs settled either way.
Mikey Johnston should be over his injury by now!

This season will soon be called, with Celtic 9 in a row. Feck the *
We may be able to kick off next season in August? Scottish Cup will be played to begin season 20-21.

I’m nearly exactly the same age as Danny McGrain!

Peace and good health to all. Stay safe.

Salad queen

Well done Alan Stubbs someone at last coming out with the crooked wins by the huns during the ebt years.


My wife and I have medical issues and are both over 70. We rely on two carers to bring us meds and food. These carers are our Heroes. They are paid more than the living wage but they are worth far more than that. Yet, World War II ended in 1945 and we are still given Vera Lynn, the Queen-in-Hiding, and Charles (Flee to Scotland with Corona)to clap on the sidelines.Meanwhile, carers and other workers should be given Union membership, proper pay and proper equipment. Many of our private care homes are run by profiteers and friends of the aristocracy… Read more »


Maybe when all this is over, we could abolish the Monarchy and that would be just a start. We must also send Mojo and his ilk packing for good.



A Freudian slip, as we certainly won’t be getting our Bojo working, the fat lazy incompetent bastard.


One of the best posts I’ve read here. The best to you and yours.


hen party down ibrox way


50 years tomorrow


Wee tune dedicated to the Sevco PR. It’s going to be a good week.

Anyone else think English was under orders from sevco to see how Doncaster would cope.
Maybe they now know the spfl case and will deliver a curved ball. Because if what they have is what English was asking they are fucked.

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