Celtic Diary Friday March 27: Karma Virus New Threat

Celtic Diary Friday March 27: Karma Virus New Threat

The coronavirus pandemic is, whether we like it or not, taking over our every wakingmoment, and no doubt quite a few of our sleeping ones as well.

As I sat down to write this, and typed in the date, I realised that it’s my son’s birthday, so I popped up to wish him a happy 23rd..he’s in his room self whatever it is they do at that age.

He had forgotten as well…we’ve just been out to get some food, beer and fags, as one cannot live without the essentials.

He went into the shops, with his mask on, a cunning plan to avoid me spending any money, and alarmingly, the rules don’t seem to be being adhered to.

In fact, we saw that fellow from the Chuckle Brothers reminding everyone

Two metre you “


Today we ask to spare a thought for our glorious leader Boris Johnson, who has contracted the Covid 19 virus, though frankly the thoughts about that that spring to my mind would probably get me locked up in the tower of London.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

His party, under his guidance for some of the time, has neglected the NHS, purely with the aim of privatisation, which may yet prove to be the reason for his inaction and policy of seeking herd immunity, when, at some time in the future he declares private investment is necessary to rebuild a shattered health service.


Hopefully, he gives that bastard Cummings a big hug before he locks himself away, which in no way can be considered a ploy to avoid questioning as to why he milked the applause for the NHS staff last night, while spending money on HS2, nuclear weapons and directing vacuum manufacturer Dyson….a substantial donor of funds to the Conservative Party…to make ventilators instead of one of the several firms throughout the country who actually know how to make them.

Let’s hope Dysons ventilators blow better than his vacuums suck.


And as far as appluading the NHS goes, we should do that, of course we should.

But we could also fund it as well, they’d appreciate that even more…


In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and look after yourself and your own, because we are sure as hell going to get no help from central government.


Now, in tune with our latest podcast, which is as good a way as any to while away the hours, here’s another question…

Can you identify which clubs are behind these two clauses in season book purchases…








From the Sun:



Celtic fans due season ticket compensation if season ends but Rangers ‘not liable’ for ‘£3.4m’ payout


CELTIC season ticket holders will be compensated if the campaign ends early – but Rangers ‘won’t be liable’ for an approximate £3.4m payout.

Scottish football is currently on hold as it deals with the global threat of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. 


Whether or not Celtic season book holders will demand a refund remains to be seen, as the club are currently involved in helping the community, and supporters may feel that as that is the clubs original mission, then there is a possibility that any demands for refunds will be few and far between, as we know that the club will not be pocketing the money.

Over at Ibrox, though, one wonders not what their supporters reaction will be, but why they inserted that clause in the first place.

Did they expect something to go wrong this season ? Were they planning for another event?


Seems like these days there are more questions than answers, and unlike in the quizcast, we don’t have alexa on hand to help us list the top scorers…by the way, there’s a growing consensus that i was robbed, robbed I tell you…


It’s refreshing to see there are some good guys out there….


Ramon Vega
Reports out of Spain that Barca requested/suggested players to reduce wages by 70% but players declined. I was a player and I will always protect players interest but my GOD, BARCA PLAYERS please GET A GRIP this are different times. You are not going to struggle like a lots Of people around Spain or around the world at the moment with out any income for families. Nurses with ONLY 900 Euros a month Risking their lives in hospital for all of us now. You should offer
 And thats kind of the point, whereas bastards like Branson, Martin and now Gordon Ramsay are looking after their own swollen accounts, some still retain a level of humanity.
Public opinion, it seems , has even reached the pro-government BBC…
although there was still a bit of selective framing…
Adidas certainly know how to do marketing, and we’ve seen yet another possible new strip…
 I like that one, although in fairness, I’ve still got this one…though that might be a reflection on the actualy quality of the product rather than the design. Come to think of it, all the Umbro tops have stood the test of time.
Six of the best... Worst Old Firm kits - Daily Record
 Whilst we are on about things from the past, back on the 18th of March we can find the winner of

Knob of the Week 

for this week, which as we have seen , requires a supreme level of knobbery to be even considerd these days, but this is outstanding, from Neil Cameron of the Evening Times…


Jim Traynor’s Loyalist replacement is a PR disaster for Rangers

By Neil CameronSport Columnist  
The first paragraphs are a lesson to anyone starting out in Scottish sports journalism in how to get a job , keep it and even rise through the ranks…even though it is in complete denial of the truth…

RANGERS are not a new club. They didn’t die in 2012. I’ve never believed that or written anything close to it.

Those who spend their life banging on about Sevco need to find a hobby. Or a friend. Those who believe a football club’s identity exists on deeds, who the owner happens to be or all that boring stuff usually aren’t that into football.


Perhaps we should also award him the inaugural Woodward and Bernstein Award for Investigative journalism.


I’d forward this piece to Private Eye to be considered for the Paul Foot award, but I fear they would end up in A & E with ruptured ribs.



Yesterday, we had this…





Charlie Saiz

Breaking News:




Boris Johnson's aides warn he's ready to 'fight fire with fire' if ...