Celtic v Motherwell Match Preview

Yokerbhoy looks ahead to tomorrows game with Motherwell….. 

Tomorrow’s encounter with third placed Motherwell has the makings of a fine game of football. Well Manager Stephen Robinson, who has been linked with filling the vacant posts at Hearts and the N Ireland national team, has done a pretty remarkable job at Fir Park in recent times, bearing in mind the number of key players he has lost at the end of the last couple of seasons.

He has an amazing knack of finding new players to fill those voids from England and elsewhere (I think they’ve currently got more Englishmen than Scots in their first team squad), very often guys with potential or who have quality and some experience but never really got the breaks their talents merited down south, gets them to work to their strengths, gives their confidence a badly-needed boost and moulds them into a very competitive outfit on the field. He’s obviously a great motivator and man manager and recent results speak for themselves.

Third position and third highest scoring team with a string of impressive wins against the likes of Hibs, Hearts, Livi and Killie. Not bad for a club operating on a shoestring budget. Sure, they had a nasty hiccup a few weeks ago when the sheep took them apart on their own turf but they were seriously understrength that day while they can consider themselves less than fortunate not to take something at Ibrox the other week.

After our European bliss this game is not to be taken lightly.

Robinson’s got a number of men that are really playing out of their skins at the moment and those would include big Declan Gallagher and Pete Hartley in the centre of defence, the ultra consistent RB Liam Grimshaw (POTM for October), top scorer (with 5 goals including a fine one against us) Liam Donelly, fellow midfielders Allan Campbell (MOTM last week against Livi) and Liam Polworth, while bustling centre-forward Chris Long also has an eye for goal. Donnelly is suspended for the game at CP so it’s unclear as to who his replacement might be – will they go for Mark O’Hara (steady but unspectacular), 21 y.o. Barry Maguire or even finally give a debut to great Dane Casper Sloth (love the name).

Maguire was totally out of his depth in the recent Aberdeen mauling so would constitute a weakness for them in midfield were he to start. The steelmen have a completely different style to the ultra-defensive Kilmarnock; they’re dynamic and direct although they have no problem recoiling and getting bodies back quickly into their own area when under attack. In fact they’ve been playing with a Barça style (don’t take me too seriously) 4-3-3 and are likely to go with pretty much the same players who have been so successful for them of late. Their forward players are likely to sit much deeper for much of the game, however. They’ll probably go for something like this tomorrow:


Grimshaw Gallagher Hartley Carroll

O’Hara Campbell Polworth

Cole Hylton


Over in Paradise we can only hope that the players have had sufficient time to recuperate from their superhuman efforts the other night in Rome and that no-one else, other than Elhamed, has received any kind of injury problem.

We all know that at least 2 or 3 changes should be made for a tough league game in such circumstances although I’m sure Lenny won’t go overboard and field an almost unrecognisable team. So, with Elhamed out and Bolingoli unlikely to be risked Frimpong and Taylor seem likely options to start.

Nir Bitton might also be given a rare start either in midfield or in a CB role. It might be a temptation to give Calmac a break just for once. Perhaps Rogic could come in with the intention of resting Ryan Christie and we might even see Mikey Johnston make a comeback.

If he’s somewhere near match fit I’ve got no problem with Griff making the bench and possibly coming on in the 2nd half to take some of the weight off big Odsonne’s shoulders. That would depend on how the game is going, of course.

One of my biggest disappointments so far this season regarding our playing staff has been the often mysterious events affecting our Ukrainian international Marian Shved. It’s a pity as the young man has bags of skill and could have been a very useful understudy to James Forrest but I instinctively have a bad feeling about this one. He’s under contract for a few years but I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Boerrigter or Compper catastrophe.

Anyway, we should be fine in this game if we keep the heid. Plenty of grit and determination with our natural fast flowing, varied, incisive vertical football doing the rest. We’re bound to create heaps of chances so ideally we’ll be clinical in front of goal and grab a nice cushion of two or three goals early doors.


Frimpong Ajer Jullien Taylor

Brown Bitton

Forrest Rogic Johnston


Subs: Gordon, Bauer, Hayes, McGregor, Christie, Elyounoussi, Griffiths

Prediction: Celtic 3 Motherwell 0

Scorers: Rogic, Edouard, Forrest


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We’re going to get wolves in February it was in a dream Derek Dougan netted after 2 minutes but we overcame them ist molineux a kristofer Ajer headed hat trick stunned the Wolverhampton crowd into silence. Port will back me up here. He had the same dream

The Cha

Great stuff, yet gain.

From facing an Immobile player to maybe facing a Sloth; sounds likem the oppo are getting better. 😉

5 changes in starting team although Elhamed is injured so needs replacing.

Frimpong has been a revelation and Taylor was solid on his debut so they look sound.

Ooft, no place in the team or the bench, for the head over heels Ntcham. 🙁

Yoker Bhoy

Jeez, you’re right Cha. We’ve got so many good players in that area of the field I’m starting to forget about those that don’t get a regular start. Yep, I’m sure Olivier will make the bench at the very least. Just back from Mestalla Stadium where I saw Valencia notch up a 2-0 win against Granada. The football was a bit of a mixed bag though with a few spectacular moments but plenty of surprisingly basic mistakes from both sides. The Valencia goalie didn’t look comfortable at all and the ref even made some of our Scottish ones look good.… Read more »

Ralph, good summary and very helpful since I’m not up to speed on the Steelmen.I too would expect Ntcham somewhere in the lineup and possible Jonny Hayes. Your prediction is about right. Don’t overdo the workload son, take care of yer ain.

The Cha

Have we lost the ‘reply’ capability or is it just my Firefox browser playing up?

Yoker – are you sure they weren’t Spanish Morelos fans? 😉

I’m not sure it will be a high scoring game given that the players are probably still coming down from the other night, although hopefully not an “after the Lord Mayor’s Show” comedown.

I don’t get how people want to rest Christie given he’s missed (practically 3 (given the early sending off at Livingston and subsequent suspension)) games recently.

Yoker Bhoy

The reply functon appears to be buggered at the moment right enough. Hope it gets sorted soon. When considering the option to rest McGregor and/or Christie I factor
in those boring international games as well, in which both are getting selected practically every tine now. There’s a couple more of them coming up very soon. Luckily there are adequate replacements for both, which is not the case with Forrest.

Yoker Bhoy

Reply has gone and done a bunk.

The Cha

Not just me then.

Luckily we were able to reply in Rome (boom boom).


Let’s give the Bhoys a warm welcome home after an unbelievable result in Rome. Squad rotation may be needed and it would be good to see Grifitths on the bench at least. Let’s also hope everyone respects those fallen in Two World Wars with a minutes silence. The extreme right that we saw displayed by Lazio are exactly why all stood against Hitlers forces over 75 years ago. Lest we forget…..

The Cha

Lest we forget, it commenorates all conflicts, including Ireland, Palestine, India, Iraq, Syria etc.

That is what you’re been asked to respect.

LithgaeBhoy well said.
Meanwhile back at the fitba’ my team against Motherwull

Frimong Ajer, Jullien, Taylor,

Ntcham, Christie,
Forrest Elyounoussi,
Subs gordon, Hayes, Bitton Calmac, Johnstone, Griff, Shved.
This is not what NFL will choose but I think other players need a chance to play. Shved too.
Forrest and Christie will start as they were taken off on Thursday. What a game!


Up with the lark.


G`day Ian,
I don`t know if it`s just on my end but the ‘reply’ option isnae appearin`.

Wrt who we play in the 32? I want Manchester United FC.

I also had a dream…I was Roderick David Stewart and I nutted Pedro for settin` off a pyro stick.

We`re the Papal of Rome. IM (Ilir Meta).



Frimpong Jullien Ajer Taylor

Rogic McGregor

Forrest Ntcham Johnston


Celts 1-0.

Give me the peace Bhoys and free my soul.


The Bhoys recorded a thrilling 5-2 victory on the road in the Scottish Premiership and had to come from behind against Motherwell.

Sat, 10th August. Motherwell 2 v Celtic 5.

Ntcham was recalled to the starting XI by his manager and repaid him with a commanding display in the centre of the park.

The central midfielder was elegant in possession by showing his range of passing and supported the attack well when he dropped into central attacking positions.

Was that the last game Leigh scored aswell?


Port wolves are probably a tougher prospect than man united.


Also rod Stewart is on telly in about ten minutes on channel seven. You’re in south Aussie though probably 40 minutes for you. On “Sunday night.” There’s a bit about Celtic on it


Ian, it`s their underestimating that`ll always will be the reason for their English of routine soccer`s day out loss.


Wrt Rod…my Mammy`ll wet her nickers.She loves him.

Didn`t mind The Faces.



Stevie D

Brilliant CS. Takes me back. Scottish guy (Embra?) on guitar. Mick Liber I think his name was. Also played with Medicine Head. Love it.

Weered wonders what have they done to the place

Where is everyone???

I’m. Lost

Ffs why am I outed from Etims ffs

The Cha

Everyone’s here http://etims.net/?p=14834

The Cha

Congrats on Top of the League.

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