Celtic Diary Saturday October 5: What Lennon Wants

Celtic Diary Saturday October 5: What Lennon Wants

Celtic sit proudly atop their Europa League group ahead of the double header against Italian side Lazio.

Two wins will secure qualification.

Anything else after that will win the group.

Sound a little over ambitious ?

Perhaps, but the way this team is playing in continental matches, it’s certainly not beyond them.

There’s a desire within the players that hasn’t been there in recent years, as if the manager has managed to instil his own experience and desire to win into the players at this level. A far more cautious and yet exciting at the same time way of doing things.

When the players talk of wanting to go far in the tournament, you sense its not just bluster.

You sense they really believe it.

The 2-0 win over Cluj was evidence of that, and not only on the pitch, there was a belief from the stands that something special might just be happening.

Cluj were never in it, looking back the game was there to lose, but Celtic never looked as though that possibility had entered their minds.

For the first time i n a long time, supporters and players had turned Celtic Park back into a fortress…amd we didn;t even have to turn the hot water off in the dressing room.

quite simply, Lennon wants to succeed in europe, something that never really occurred to his predecessor, Brendan Rodgers.

Which reminds me…Tony Evans, writing for the Independent, may have jogged a few memories in his piece on the honourable man..

Brendan Rodgers held court. It was March 2015 and Liverpool were on a 13-game unbeaten league run. This was not the uplifting Red spring of the previous year when Rodgers’ side had come close to winning the title but the team had not lost since before Christmas. The manager felt positive. He does positivity brilliantly.

The audience were journalists. Although the meeting was off the record and he could not be quoted directly, what the Liverpool manager said made great copy. He talked about long, sleepless nights when he weighed up complex tactical issues and how he arrived at a ‘eureka’ moment and changed his principles to get the best out of his squad. He talked about his CORE philosophy – Commitment, Ownership, Responsibilities, Excellence – and explained how to apply each point. And he discussed players, articulating how he had improved Emre Can and Jordan Henderson while detailing why Mario Balotelli was doomed to failure on Merseyside.

The resulting pieces were published the day before Liverpool played Manchester United at home. They captured a manager in his element and the last high-water mark of Rodgers’ Anfield career. United blew their rivals away in a first half where Louis van Gaal out-thought his opposite number. Although the final score was only 2-1, the defeat was comprehensive. The season unravelled. Liverpool lost five of their last nine league games and, even more embarrassingly, were humiliated by a hitherto abject Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-final. The campaign climaxed with a 6-1 defeat at Stoke City. All that was left was the lingering smell of bullshit. Rodgers was doomed. It was only a matter of time. Jurgen Klopp replaced him three months into the next season.

In truth, that 13-game run was arguably one of the most underwhelming unbeaten stretches in Premier League history. There were plenty of other debatable issues around Liverpool at the time, too. It was a club on the edge and it took a remarkable lack of perception of the problems for Rodgers to choose that moment to project such a rosy image of his managership.

It had been a difficult season. The title challenge of the previous campaign ended with Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip against Chelsea and the collapse in the next game at Selhurst Park when Liverpool squandered a three-goal lead in the last 11 minutes. Yet, at a club where contending to win the Premier League in May was a novel situation, there should have been enough residual positivity left to fire the team into the new season. Instead, Luis Suarez left in acrimonious circumstances and the replacements were, well, inadequate. Anfield’s recruitment policy was a mess. Lazar Markovic, Emre Can, Alberto Moreno and Balotelli were wished on the manager and were never going to fill the void left by Suarez. Dejan Lovren was only a slightly less contentious signing. Fenway Sports Group (FSG) , the American owners, were convinced that Rodgers favoured English players. The arrival of Adam Lallana and, especially, Rickie Lambert, did not engender much confidence in Boston. Liverpool lost seven and drew three of their first 16 games of 2014-15. 

FSG were frustrated by the manager’s reluctance to play the new signings. After a 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford in December, they gave him an ultimatum: get the likes of Can into the side or pay with your job. Those endless hours and the 3am moment of realisation that Rodgers described to the journalists – essentially adapting a 3-4-3 system he had seen Basel use in their 1-0 victory over his team in the Champions League group stage – were born of that necessity. FSG’s Mike Gordon applied heavy pressure to move Rodgers away from his favoured 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 formations.

Can and Henderson were generating praise so Rodgers was keen to point out how he had improved them, even though he was strong-armed into putting the German in the team and did his best to get the Englishman out of the club.

Rodgers was on safer ground talking about Balotelli. He never wanted the Italian and was pressurised to play him, too. Yet the story the manager told about their interaction and the use of psychology to motivate the striker was laughable. The Northern Irishman sketched a drawing of a figure wearing a crown to illustrate to Balotelli that ‘we are all kings of our own destiny’. FSG had long stopped being amused by their manager’s antics.

John W Henry, the principal owner, was convinced he had found the perfect manager in the summer of 2012.  The Swansea City boss was in demand. Rodgers showed up with an 180-page dossier that set out his vision and was delighted to discuss analytics with the American millionaire. In their 18 months at the club FSG had dealt with Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish. The Americans could not comprehend why Hodgson had ever been appointed and they simply could not understand Dalglish’s impenetrable accent. They wanted freshness, they wanted the future. Rodgers was that man.

Transfer windows always throw up issues, though, and old-fashioned ideas like wanting to build a squad in your own image come to the fore. There was concern in Boston that Rodgers was too keen to unload players without adequate replacements. Henry wondered whether his manager was too concerned with midfielders and not enough with attackers. They looked short on options up front. On August 10, Henry explicitly told his manager: “We cannot move [Andy] Carroll anywhere until we have a couple of additional forwards.” The Geordie was one of a long list of players Rodgers was keen to discard. Henderson was among them.

FSG were eager to bring Daniel Sturridge to Anfield from Chelsea. With that deal almost done and the deadline clock ticking down, Rodgers offloaded Carroll to West Ham United. Then he turned down the Sturridge move, made an approach for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey and offered Henderson to Craven Cottage in part exchange.

Henry was unhappy about losing out on Sturridge but what made him really furious was Rodgers’ response to the incident at a press conference after the window shut. “It’s probably 99.9 per cent finance,” he said about Carroll’s departure. “If we’ve got a choice, then he’s someone around the place who you could use from time to time. He would have been a good option.”

FSG were aghast at the suggestion. Henry wrote an open letter to fans to shoot down the notion that the manager was being forced to sell and explaining their strategy. What they could not understand across the Atlantic is how Rodgers could “throw us under a bus”. It would not be the last time the phrase was used. Trust was undermined within three months. The roots of the transfer committee began there. 

Rodgers was conciliatory afterwards, pleading that Sturridge was a player with “talent but… issues”. Your money is my money, he told the owner, and the manager did not see the striker as being worth it because of his injury record. It cut no ice. In January Sturridge moved to Anfield. Doubt crept in. The transfer chronology of the window, Henry told some intimates, “might make you think I had, again, chosen the wrong manager.”

On the pitch things were fine. The American owners approved of the coaching methods and could see improvement in the team. They inserted a £20 million buyout clause into his contract for fear that Manchester City would come calling – which raised an eyebrow or two at the Etihad – but recruitment remained a cause of friction. “Pay too much for a target and he complains we used too much of the budget on a player he didn’t think was worth it,” a source noted. “Pay too little and lose the deal, and he complains that we aren’t big enough to compete.” Perhaps that was the American’s inexperience. That sort of behaviour is common among managers across the game. Rodgers allowed too much of the thought process to reach the public domain for the owners’ taste, though. After Liverpool’s first failed attempt to sign Mohamed Salah in January 2014 – a player he was lukewarm about and argued against meeting Basel’s valuation – Rodgers said at a press conference that losing out on the Egyptian was “hard to take”. He was asked why the winger ended up at Chelsea. “That’s for the money guys to say,” he replied.

FSG felt the bus roll over them again and one angry internal missive stated, “I’m fighting the urge to call him and tear him a new asshole 

Success repairs breaches. Coming close to winning the title – finishing second to Manchester City in 2014 – should have brought all the factions together but there were rumblings in the dressing room as well as the boardroom. Suarez and Raheem Sterling are not the only players who believe that the manager broke promises to them. There was a sense that Rodgers’ schtick was getting old. When the 2015 season started poorly and the manager talked about entering another three-year rebuilding cycle after a 1-1 draw with Everton, FSG’s patience snapped. Rodgers was gone and Klopp appointed in his place.

Rodgers was right, of course. Liverpool did need three years to get anywhere near where they wanted to be. Klopp inherited a squad that was not good enough but then benefited from a more coherent strategy in the market although his predecessor can hardly complain about the mess he helped create. The Northern Irishman sparked the recruitment chaos in August 2012 and it took until after Rodgers’ departure for things to get sorted out.

Because of the lopsided nature of Scottish football, the jury is still out on Rodgers despite his overwhelming success during three years in charge of Celtic. But he is a good coach, even if it is worth taking some of his pronouncements with a hefty handful of salt. Once again he is riding high in England with Leicester. They come to Anfield third in the table and look like the team most likely to crash the top six. At 46, Rodgers seems to have developed some extra maturity. His achievements speak for themselves. The next few months will show whether self-awareness has overridden ambition, especially with the chatter around the possibility of Mauricio Pochettino leaving Tottenham Hotspur growing ever louder. At Celtic, he indicated to former colleagues that he was eyeing his next move within weeks of arriving in Glasgow.

The Leicester manager would do well to learn the lessons of that unbeaten run in 2015. Everything comes to an end and pride comes before a fall. Those cliches would never make it into his list of motivational messages but they are nonetheless true.

The Kop will be affectionate but it is unlikely that Rodgers will have any regrets. If he does, they will not be shown outwardly. He is heading for the big time and his future is bright, he’ll tell anyone who will listen.

And you know what? He might be right. 

There’s little doubt Rodgers is a good coach, but as a man manager or someone to work with or for, he lacks something. He doesn’t appear to understand empathy, that knack good managers have of stepping into a players shoes and seeing things from their point of view.

In fact, he doesn;t seem to be able to see anything from any point of view other than his own.

I’ve reprinted that article becuase I think it should be used as the final word on the period where Celtic did well on the pitch, but we almost turned into a soulless EPL side, concerned only with money.

There are also parallels to be drawn with his time at Liverpool and his time at Celtic, which may yet extend to his time at Leicester, with both Manchester united and Tottenham having managers with jackets on shoogly pegs.

And there are one or two I knew it moments in there as well,  not least this…which I think, which we all knew deep down…

 “At Celtic, he indicated to former colleagues that he was eyeing his next move within weeks of arriving in Glasgow” 
When Neil Lennon was appointed, we knew we’d got a lower profile manager, but we’d also got one that wouldn;t walk out on Celtic as soon as a better offer came along.
Lennon , with his European exploits, may yet surpass the record of Rodgers, and that would do me just fine.
Elsewhere, and those on the other side of the river have found something else to put in their emails..
He doesn’t say what he’s complaining about, or why, but thinks people should complain anyway.
Celtic should ditch their policy of ignoring these idiots and call one of them out, to set an example.
James Forrest has a book out- it’s called homegrown Hero and it’s mostly about him, or people talking about him.
It’s not really a biography as such, more a sort of career summary, along the lines of the old Playing For Celtic books of the seventies.
If the lad wants a proper biography doing one day, I’ll put something together.
Although there would be no truth in it whatsoever, it would detail the ketamine addiction, the bare knuckle fighting at fairgrounds, and his involvement in the international people trafficking scene.
None of it true, but it would probably sell more than most. and the player might like to have the dangerous label attached to him, for a change. He’s the most unassuming and quiet fellow we’ve had at Celtic for many a year, and he might like having an alter ego, despite it being complete bollocks.
Deep down, we all want to be someone else…
“rangers ” lost on Thursday, by the way..as you can probably guess from this…
Connor Goldson needs dropped, James tavernier needs a good kick up the arse, Ojo needs sent back to Liverpool, Kamara showing that he truly is a £50,000 signing. Utter shite from start to finish 
Where they didn;t lose was in the courtroom, the can being kicked down the road until January now, and giving Dave king more time to convert more shares to equity.
If they want to keep fundng this guy, thats their outlook, I suppose.
For the rest of us, it keeps the pantomime fresh as Christmas approaches.
Keiran Tierney has spoken out about his loan deal with Arsenal, and sort of tried to explain why he’s taking a sabbatical in the south…
“It has been hard, people probably think ‘he just moved for this reason or that reason’ but they don’t realise it was a big thing for me. 

“I don’t have to explain my love for Celtic, everyone knows it’s my club and the club I’ve supported all my life.

“But this was a chance to move to a massive club in England. 

Everyone told me it was a great move, it’s a chance to come here and play against some of the best players in the world.

“And every day I am training with some of the best players in the world too. It was an opportunity to better myself. 

“Sometimes you have to look at your career as well as what your heart is telling you to do and it was the toughest decision of my life.

“It kept me up at nights thinking about it. People who are around me know how hard it was.” 

There’s an awful lot of cliches in there…was he reading a statement ?


“I don’t know if it will pass, some people probably won’t ever forgive me.

“Everyone has their choice, some people will support me and others won’t. I gave Celtic 15 years, I put my body through a lot playing through injuries and gave everything.

“I am not saying ‘I’m brilliant’ or anything but I gave everything I could every single day.

“Hopefully they will continue to support me but if not I just have to deal with that.

“I just want to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who supported me at Celtic. I couldn’t have got the move to Arsenal without the support and love that they gave me.”

We would all have taken the money, even if its just for a few years. We hear the lad has also taken care of his family as well, details of which we won;t go into to, as they’re probably wrong, but we like to think they’re right.
He’s a nice guy , who has had his ears bashed for a couple of years about moving on for money or career purposes.
But as I said, it’s only on loan…
We go back to Thursday for this image…
Image result for celtic v cluj
Desimond October 3, 2019 at 9:30 am · Edit · Reply →

“Lynx Africa!…ahm I right?” 





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Cheating racing pigeon ,finds out how slow southern rail are as he comes home days late …

Caption 2

B.M.C.U.W.P.s Bird notices hes missed the train again …( sorry Michael couldn’t resist ) 😉

Qui Gon Jim

How not to train a homing pigeon

I’m getting put aff for standing on the seat!


feck flying am taking am taking it easy


Caption: After ATOS medical, DWP criticised for forcing terminally ill homing-pigeon back into work.

BOGNORBHOY Haha,no offence taken,old son. Let’s face it,it’s all true. Especially the pigeon toes,but that’s another story… Off back down South again,Swindon via London. No chance of me missing the 1040 from Central. I arrived at 950 to discover that the nearest pub that opens at 10am is at the top of West Nile St. Basturts. So I casually sauntered into the Radisson,suitcases in tow. Pint of Stella please. Room number? Oh,I’ve just checked out,waiting for my Dad to join me. Well,which room were you in? 318,I confidently replied. Name? And I suddenly had to plan an exit strategy! Utter… Read more »

Never mind the caption,who would win in a fight between the pigeon and that scary looking giant insect in the poster?

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: the 3:15 flyer to london

Charlie Saiz

Peck the eyes right oot yer heid so it wid.


If there was “Stress Tests” for football clubs, Glasgow Celtic would pass it with flying (green white and gold) colours. This despite playing in a so called lesser league. With an estimated £50.00 mill. in the bank and a group of Soup-erb players whose values must be rocketing and with the K.T. monies marking time in the bank, still to swell the biscuit tin. Celtic F.C. has never been in such a healthy state, what other football clubs can say the same? Our players must be highly coveted, so eyes must be firmly focused to the north for the next… Read more »

Honest hoops

Caption…I’m going to a doo…

Scot Rail give seat upgrade to “stool pidgeon”..fair Doos to them.


Brenda is all about Brenda he did well winning all the trophies in his spell in Scotland, but was poor in European games, unwilling to Change his tactics. He us now the past so let’s forget him and join the Lenny bandwagon.
KT can only wish him the best, the wanks are already rubbishing him in greater Engerlund

Where’s the burds?


once again with the hunnish terminology

snake or rat is fine, why copy them?

did you miss them when they died?


Rodgers done more for us than KT has ever done?

why is it ok for KT to leave a year before the 10?

because he jumps about with a megaphone


The Cha

Bang on.

I’m old enough to remember the likes of Celtic “greats” Macari and Hay leaving and coming out with all the right flannel and being given warm receptions on their returns.

Contrast with Dalglish who gave far more for far longer but didn’t come out with any such pish and was given all sorts of dogs abuse.

Its not just Huns who are gullible.

D J Smyth

The worse shoite K Tierney has ever come out with , and my God he has said some nonsense over the years was the 15 years he gave to Celtic . The low down scum-bag was a burden on the slub for the first 10 or twelve years , using Celtic , their facilities & coaches to become the footballer he was .

Charlie Saiz

A burden?
He made the club over £20 m profit.
Away and have a wee lie down.


Quite incredible.


DJ Smith,

Utter (*)


Nasty stuff about a young lad who did well for us and moved on to do well for himself and his family and is still a celtic supporter. Take a good look at yourselves for this vitriol. Seem some of you have very high principles for other people to follow at least. Shameful posts on this young lad. I hope he does very well, he will of course and end up a legend of the game.


Hunnish terminology u obviously write for the Daily Wanker, as for them u would know. More about their history.

As for KT fifteen years at Paradise, deserves more respect,

They mus be on their keyboards and not going to Parkheid


What a moron you are.

KT isn’t even a Celtic legend, aye must have been hard from him going to school every day telling his pals he plays for Celtic etc.

The boy wanted out a year ago. To anyone in that league.

Rodgers brought us success half of us had never seen before. Regardless of money etc

But Rodgers is a dick and KT a hero







He’s more a Celtic legman than you will ever be.

D J Smyth

Cartvale I don’t understand what you are blathering about . It seems you accuse me in writing in some foreign “tongue” . I wouldn’t know , but I think you must be some sort of an expert as you claim to see a similarity. Hard luck against the Young Boys , just passed in the end





Steve Naive

See how things change. For me, Peter Grant epitomized everything that was wrong with our players and football. Didn’t know then about the ( more) cheating years of course but knew something wasn’t right. Yes he was combatitive, would shirk and loved the club but we needed better footballers. Of course we got them but by then Peasy was gone. I followed his brief playing career in England and nodded knowingly as one team after another he was No.2 at got hammered then relegated. Involved with the poisoned chalice that is Scotland ( 2 caps for Peter) he eventually pitches… Read more »

The Bahia Emerald

Caption: “Doo you know if this seats taken?”

The Bahia Emerald

Caption: Scotrail Ready Meals “Have a way to go”, says consumer group.


The doo o’clock to Paisley.


Caption: ScotRail diversity officer sacked over campaign to employ more birds.

Patrick O Hara


Page 3 bird gets even more weight reduction surgery.

Yoker Bhoy

Tomorrow we make the first visit this campaign (unfortunately there will be at least one more to come) to that stadium with the fancy name and the artificial toy football pitch. A new look Livi started the season surprisingly brightly, just as they did last season, playing pretty much the same style of football, i.e. a hard physical approach, stubborn defending and a dependence on the counter along with set pieces to get their goals. Their goal stats (both for and against) reveal that they’re not in the same ‘cattenaccio’ mould as Killie as they’ve scored roughly twice as many… Read more »

The Cha

Excellent stuff.

Elyounoussi looked shattered at the end on Thursday but he did last the 90 and unless he’s suffered any after effects, I assume he’ll start but would like to see Sinky.

Shame anout Griffiths but, if he comes back in a month, then that would be useful for him to play himself back into contention for the 9 game December.

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Cha. Jonathan Afolabi could well be one who can break into the first team squad before too long and add a good bit more to our strike force.

The Cha

I don’t think I’ve seen him play but all the noises are positive.

Hopefully Bayo continues to get chances and takes them.

There seems a bit of confusion over Johnstone, as VideoCelts reporting he’s back in the squad but others reporting he’s still working his way back.

Even if the former I’d expect him to be on the bench and, hopefully, no need to risk bringing him on.

Yoker Bhoy

I don’t think young Mikey’s far away from a comeback (he’ll definitely be ready after the international break) but I can’t see him featuring tomorrow. Oddly enough, the latest news is that wee Dembele has been training with the squad by way of preparation for the Livi game. Encouraging to see although I’d be surprised if his name were to appear among the 18.

Charlie Saiz

I wonder if it’s not more prudent playing these young talents on the Plastic given how often they have to play on them at Youth level?
Having watched wee Dembele on numerous clips he seems as comfortable on that shiit as he does on grass.

Lenny`s holdin` back.
If Bauer plays,play for the goalmouth shy ball.

Most can read a corner kick but not a throw-in. Go figure!

The Cha

Caption “You’re a helluva pigeon chested”

“That’s why I luv you like ah doo!”


Fenian doo:”There’s nane o’ they  wee sparra peepul gettin’ in this carriage!”

WINNER…Fair Doos.


Yoker bhoy really good breakdown on Livi, thanks for that and I would go along with your view of the team selection. Brilliant to have the luxury to for example rest the two full backs and bring in talent like Bauer and, hopefully, Taylor. We can struggle after a difficult European challenge plus the artificial pitch. Lennon is delivering, I am grateful to Rodgers but there was quite an ego there, looking back. As for KT,deserves our best wishes, I forgot DJ Smith was no friend to Celtic, so how did a Thursday go for you, do you realise we… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers BJF. If we can just get a couple of early goals we should be fine.

wisnae me

Caption: Fly the coop this weekend with ScotRail Weekender tickets.

Yoker Bhoy

Desperate times for Spurs. After their 2-7 debacle the other night they’ve just lost 3-0 at Brighton. I can see Pochettino getting his jotters before too long if the rut continues.

G`day Yoker Bhoy,
like I read and it`s for all to witness.


So few within the Hotspur board care, though those unattending reap.

They`ll be tipping general admission supporters next.

Be sure,it`s a fix.

Steve Naive

Ticket guy “ I thought your species died out thousands of years ago, where are you from”?
Pigeon “ The Middle East “
Ticket guy …”Ah, an Abu Dhabi doo”

Try the fish


Caption: ” Has anyone seen my carrier pidgeon “?

” Aye, he’s been delayed “

Caption: The majestic swan appears to glide beautifully across the waters of Scottish football, like a virgin pendelino! but underneath there are some very murky tax evasions. The evil fenian powers force the poor swan to be “relegated “ to the lower regional train services. But as you can clearly see by the plumage, this is the same swan- enjoying the “journey “ back to where it’s ridiculous sense of entitlement thinks it belongs!!

Caption.. to clear a carriage like that he must be a tarrier pigeon 😉


Caption; Mutley if you can figure out when this train will arrive you deserve a fucking medal.


When I heard Rodgers was leaving my heart sank because he did a brilliant job for us. Sevco came up telling everyone how great they think they are and he wiped the floor with them. 7 out of 7 trophies and three wins where we scored 5 against the entitled bigoted bewildered cheats. We all wished for that and he delivered it. That needs to be recognised and respected. His and Lawells misguided Ego’s clearly clashed and now we have another great manager. The difference being, that Lennon loves Celtic and his record in Europe, as a player and manager,… Read more »


Caption: Dick Dastardly will never catch me in here.
Great right up again yoker on our opposition they were very unlucky to lose to sevco in the cup and should have took something from the game.
The pitch is a leveller but we should have strength of squad to cope.


That game Thursday would have taken a lot out the players so maybe Frimpong Taylor Bitton Ntcham Hayes will come in.

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Jimmy. It certainly won’t be easy to predict our line-up against Livi but we should be able to do enough to secure the points. I’d like to see those artificial pitches banned in Scotland though.


Seen a video of a wedding day where the bride and groom sing ftp and the ira in front of kids yes blame the schools right enough.
Though a Celtic fan has made it I wanna be Edouard. Get it right fuckin up them.


Wha’ saw the tattie howkers,
Wha’ saw them gang awa’
Wha’ saw the tattie howkers,
Walking doon the Broomielaw.

Some awe them had bits and stockings,
Some awe them hid nane ataw,
Some awe them hid umbrellas,
Walking through the Broomielaw,
Heading back tae Erins Isle,
The hardest men yeh ever saw.


Caption – All aboard for After Christmas the Ibrox European Fitba Special!


Caption: ‘ Network Rail, the CHEAPER way to travel ‘


Caption: ‘ The flying column ‘

Why doesn’t Mammy`s hearing aids come with a remote for the weans?
Going for the messages and ending up with all the Oldies at the shops is an effin life experience.

Lookin`forward to The Dossers game.

Paddy`s on the plastic by 14.


Caption: ” This is your driver speaking, next stop is Doosbury West Yorkshire “


Caption: ” Doo Ah up the Ra sing Doo Ah up the Ra!

Brexit pigeon from the Wellington plinth on it`s Picts’ Wall crusade.

Mingling in more refined circles…
Tinker the Taylor Lenny.

Tinker the Taylor, Lenny.


Livingston 0 Celtic 7


Between the SPFL and the Scottish players union,what a bunch of sad incompetent accessory.

Occupational health and safety…what does it really take?

A Professional Footballer ending up with a synthetic fibers glass eye wanting to still ply his trade?

All can run a race.


That’s not football that is brutality, Collum the fuckwit.

You bhoys watching the game at Livvie, what’s up? Was it a red card? Can we score and win with 10 men?

Charlie Saiz

It was a red.
It’s a game of hoof ball with little quality.
If we scrape a 1-0 it will be 3 good points on a pish poor pitch against a team who would not be out of place in a pub league.
Bolingoli giving me the fear again with his distribution at times and big Ajer stoatin about like a Giraffe on an ice rink.
These pitches are a real leveller.
Fucking awful first 45’.


Woeful first half performance, Christie can have no complaints about his red.

We need to go to three at the back, take Boli off & put Bitton on, giving us a back three of Jullien , Bitton & Ajer.

I’d take Elyounoussi off & put Ntcham on, giving us a midfield of Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, i’d take Bauer off & put Hayes on, this would allow McGregor to push forward to help Edouard.

Final score Livingston 0 Celtic 6




this is utter pish

potential of a 5 point swing in a week and the Goal Difference gone

great momentum going into the break

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