Celtic Diary Tuesday May 23: Not Invincible….Yet

It’s taken a couple of days to recover from what turned out to be a long day on Sunday.

We started out at four in the morning and I finally got home around eleven thirty or so.

In between I managed to consume enough refreshment to solicit a final warning from the old liver, which has applied for a transplant.  Perhaps I should return to driving the bus, which would be much healthier.

I digress…

Celtic completed an unbeaten league campaign with a 2-0 win over a Hearts side who played the first half with eleven outfield players-or so it seemed. Turns out one of them was the referee, indistinguishable from the heights of the Jock Stein stand from the maroon clad Edinburgh side.

Of those outfield players, nine of them were in a line across the back, which made it difficult for Celtic to break through, but it was apparent that both sides were set up not to lose.

Things changed in the second half, but you’ll have to ask someone else how.

At half time, I was a little peckish and in need of a visit to the toilet. so, after noticing the food queues were long, i figured toilet first, food after and perhaps a wee fly smoke in the toilets..

However, the usual level of fag smoke in the toilets meant I didn’t need to light up, but I did need to crawl out on my hands and knees to stop my eyes from watering.

Then someone pointed o smoke in piece was on the stairs near the exit…no stewards ever check there.

Then they did, and as half a dozen of us scarpered, like little boys caught in the pick and mix, guess which idiot went the wrong way and ended up outside.

Image result for me

So I just went for something to eat in what used to be the wee dairy, and met up with everyone else after the game.

I also managed to miss the tifo, not miss it as such, but I had to look at clips on twitter to see what it was all about, as all I could see was a black sheet of plastic I was holding up.

When everyone put them down, the game had started.

You might think I was a bit miserable by then, which isn’t like me, but ach, its probably at least partially my own fault…

And it did amuse everyone else on the bus when I eventually admitted my mistake.

On the way back we popped into Gallaghers, an Irish bar in Carlisle, where the last bits of energy were spent in a bit of a sing song, and then it was off back down the road.

All in all, a cracking day, even if there were one or two mishaps.


Though this invincible tag is a wee bit premature, is it not ?

There’s still a cup to be won, and with Aberdeen second in the league and runners up in the League cup, there’s a worry that after five defeats they may well have worked out a plan to surprise us this time round.

They’ve even brought out a record…

They can play a bit, and although its fair to say Celtic can s well, the game promises to be a little tighter than we might think, especially with new Aberdeen signing Bobby Madden out to make a name for himself.

Well, he’s not quite an Aberdeen man, but he’s certainly not a Celtic man.

But we’ll worry about that later in the week…


It is a time to reflect on the league campaign, and what we see is a season that will probably never be repeated.

And quite a few of us have seen it..

Take into account a couple of bad European results early on while the team were getting used to having a new manager and a couple of new faces, and the players have to be commended for not falling apart.

They jave to be commended for keeping their concentration and determination in the latter stages when the league was won, and when it would have been easy to relax a we bit. Though some of the credit for that must go to the manager.

If you don’t perform, you don’t play. It’s that simple.

Some players have been outstanding, up to the point where they are constantly being touted for moves away from Glasgow.

But, as in January, no one seems to want to go.

And why would they ? As Paul McStay would have said, “there’s a buzz about the place ”

Kris Commons and Efe Ambrose were allowed to say goodbye, but there was no sentimental last appearance.

Commons has earned his plaudits, he will be remembered for far more than a tantrum that marred his last years.

And Ambrose, well, he may have had the last word …

The word is that Christain Gamboa and Dorus de Vries may be quietly moved on.


Wherever they end up, we thank them and wish them well.


Patrick Roberts has told at least one supporter that he hopes he can stay, which will raise our hopes as well, and the latest to be linked with a move south is Leigh Griffiths, who is apparently wanted by Wolves again.

Other than that, it will be perhaps something else unique in Celtic’s illusutrious history this summer.

We may finally build from strength.

All too often, the brakes have come on when it looks like the club are about to make an impact in Europe.

This time you can almost feel the managers enthusiasm to keep improving every time he speaks.

He and his hand picked crew are on a mission. They’re proving a lot of people wrong, and will continue to do so.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s only just starting.

Image result for roller coaster

Of course, you can’t please everybody..

And we shouldn’t even try.. really, who cares what anyone else thinks ?

And as for our wannabe rivals over the city, they were amongst the first to pay tribute..


There is talk that the Ibrox club will splash out and offer a more credible challenge. They have apready stepped up the training, and have been in the classroom..

After director John Gilligan, diplomatically described as a real Rainjurrs man gave vent to his thoughts after the Cup semi final defeat last year, his fellow directors have told him where to go.

Its been dressed up as a resignation, but my guess is the blame mentality means someone has to be the fall guy.

The support are all upset…

Yeah. I wish we were the people.

According to STV, they do have something to build on..

Rangers were the only team to go to Pittodrie and win by three goals this season.

Celtic scored three but conceded one and Motherwell scored two… but subsequently conceded seven.


And they will build…

Image result for oh boy gif


Back to Saturdays caption competition…

SteveNaive May 20, 2017 at 8:51 am · Edit · Reply

” It’s from a John Hinckley…who the fuck is that ?


Today, in order to prolong the gloating…

Image result for pedro caixinha

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Awful scenes in Manchester last night, kids and families targeted at a music concert.
Heartbreaking stuff!


Yes Monti… Awful event…

It’s kind of hard to laugh today after last nights concert attack, kids & parents still missing, senseless fucking nonsense!
What is there to be gained?


MONTI… yes I agree but these types of things are on the grand scale in the Middle East and, sadly, the people become battle hardened and immune from it. It’s as though they have accepted it as a way of life and their future can only be lived minute by minute…

I don’t know what can be gained, only the perpetrators have figured that out for their own limited ends.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Brendan, do you have any tips on how to manage as I was only the 5th best in Qatar?


Caption “…Don’t say a word Brendan… I know we’re shite…”


Caption: You can stand it with bandit.*
*You need to be 40+.

Caption,Brendan to Pedro,Goodluck with the Globe Trotting Super Stars over at Ibrokes,Pedro to Brendan,Are You Absolutely certain,Theyre Not All Laughing At Me????

Sevco have more front than a Double Decker.HH

Kris Commons? Fantastic signing who graced the Hoops, thanks for the memoriesand the goals, Kris.
Good luck to you and the family!

Ambrose? Woeful, inept and consistently cost his team mates, Taxi!



May God bless and help them through this terrible time

Caption:Pedro ” Brendan congratulations on winning 7 in a row”
Brendan ” It’s only six Pedro, 7 next season…now a glass of that Portuguese wine you offered?”



“I’ll see your pishy Portuguese Red, and raise you a Jameson’s”

Sh la la la la


Listen Pedro my hands are tied, you will have to wait until after the renewal deadline to see if you can get a season ticket like every other tim


Caption: Pedro asks “…any good jobs goin at Celtic Brendan”
“mmm, I think we might need a good Mediterranean cook for the new hotel, if that’s any good to ya Pedro…”


At least you’ve got a ‘front runner’ for “Nob Of The Week”. 🙂 HH

Rob O’Keeffe?



I actually think Caixinha is a fucking head case! When he was appointed, you wait a bit to see what he is going to do, how his teams play and how he conducts himself. Then it begins, this playing to the gallery and the ” best squad in Scotland, rangers enemies”, talking about other clubs players? He talks of good Portuguese wine, talking tactics using drinks glasses? This guy is a fucking Fugazi, he is out of his depth…..not only that Pedro, there will be some inside that shithole of a stadium who won’t embrace you because you’re a Catholic,… Read more »


Monti…Strange but true


What a shocking appointment lol! They had a chance to go for a proven (a little at least) Scottish or British manager in McInnes or Wright to solidify their side. They have well and truly fucked this again and the gullibillies are just sitting back and saying “its not his side, ye canny judge um, we ara pepil” hahahahahahahaha

Monti ofcourse Pedro Mourinho is a Headcase!!!Managing that Keek Ye need a Penchant for Singing from the very same Text Book on how to Con the Public.intae thinking theyve goat the best players This side of the Missisippi.And even though they Do Walk Away.Ye wont see a Zombie Admitting it.HH GIRUTDSOC


I actually think that Pedro is a football sensi.






Where did my funny face go?


Ur still wearing it

That makes sensi ;););)


It’s ok Pedro , next time you want to give the press some info on your tactics for the next game and every other coach in the country I’ll give you some nice Waterford crystal glasses I was given as a wedding present. Or do you want the old crystal ball I was given by an old gypsy in my Liverpool days might give you a better clue on how to set your team up



The cube

Caption- Pedro-“You must want my job also Brendan”
Brendan-“You must be fucking joking Pedro”


If you’d made Brendan’s reply, “I’m good but not that good” I’d have given you the winners medal.




Rob. Yes it’s Montis New Lodge Roadie.
One of the laws of physics is that every action has an equal reaction… That’s Bollox. Montis
verbal actions can elicit violent reactions
.. So much for physics… Fuck that.
I much prefer chemical reactions 🙂

Well done to David Moyes, walking away from a £3m pay cheque at Sunderland.
Good luck to you Moyesy….your time will come again!


I doubt if sevco would be his dream job…

Agreed M8 on Moyes, great principles shown by the man.
What happened again when the ibrokes legend walked away?.

Jimmybee, I’ve got a lot of time for Moyes, i respect the work he carried out at Everton, keeping them up at the higher end of that league for a decade, on a tight budget as well. I think he was right to take the Man Utd job and although it didn’t work out for him, i think there was a lot going on in the background at Old Trafford with the senior players not playing ball. Real Sociedad and Sunderland haven’t been good moves though and the next one he has to get it right, i think there is… Read more »


easier to do when he got paid off 15million or whatever at united!

Still he could easily have took more. Fair play to him.


Brendan’s feeling for the key hole that jabba uses tae wind up the numpty

Southside Tarrier

Stick with it Pedro.You’re doing a grand job.

Caption: Forgive me Brendan for I have sinned.

Kris was a great player for us,and Lisa just took us to our heart. You just can’t explain why Celtic are so special,but the way Lisa took to us Well this it what it feels to be Celtic. I wish them all the best in whatever they do. Effe was probably the most unluckiest player I have ever seen in a Celtic Jersey. Fabulous athlete,and anytime I met him after the games,so great with the kids with his time. He had many fine moments in a Celtic jersey, but luck was defiantly not on his side,and he wasn’t as bad… Read more »

He’s fucking rancid, should have been sold after the Fenerbahce game.
I don’t buy all this he’s a good guy with the kids, helping old women over the road pish, his job is on the park, and more often than not he was substandard!

You’ve won KOTW……


Put him in for Shit Stirrer Of The Month tae. The ultra-loquacious Rob O’KeefFe went running to tell JJ when I commented here on old SitOnTheFence’s alienating of his readers a while back. Now, lo & behold, there’s someone using my moniker over on that site, which, remember, started out as a liquidation-denying, Keeffe Jackson-praising, ‘Rangers’ blog, where he initially wouldn’t even allow our own supporters to state their allegiance. I don’t know what it is now, but I suspect that we’ll soon see this new ‘Gringo’ character causing some bother on there soon enough. Anyway, ROB O’KEEfFE IS KNOB… Read more »

Gringo,Totally understandable,He makes up shit and tries to get folk banned.Well worth a Swerve.

Ambrose is a Walking liability.He should donate all his Tic wages to the Fans for having tae put up with him!!!!A bloody bomb scare is Big Efe Off.








Rob O'Keeffe

Pardon? In the week I am organising the Cup Final Competition,I am nominated,on a Tues,for KOTW.For the HARD of understanding,caps will appear,hopefully,when I’m at “work”.A certain person nominated himself and still didn’t “win” it? hee hee.As Weered the Wanderer says any publicity is good publicity,belfast,belfast.I’m going in a huff like a wee lassie,oops.BGBHOY is to be blue(sorry)lined.HH even to you rabble…..


Rob…. I never knew ya cared.. Thanks for Weered the Wanderer. One of the nicest things
ever given to me THANK YOU I will include you in my forthcoming all new epic saga :)(:

D J Smyth

Monti must have special Moyes glasses . Everton have done better since he left & every club he has joined as went towards the bottom . Poor Ambrose was a good centre half when he came first . Monti & other half wits who thought they were clever ridiculed him on forums even when wasn’t playing . The loud mouths from the stands took their sexless frustration out on him by mocking sneering & degrading him . I even read on forums that Ambrose had lost his confidence . I wonder why !! Best centre half in Scotland now that… Read more »

D J Smyth,
Go on………

Rob O'Keeffe

Don’t listen to him DJ,carry on with your erudition…..


best centre half in Scotland? more meds for this guy

Lol definitely!

DJ ye may have just nominated yerself for KOTD.Best what in Where,Only thing Efe doesnt mess up is his bck flips.


Thanks for going easy on us today Brendan, could you maybe make it 4 next time so I can claim to be improving?



What about her?


Thats Robs wish list topped by that twats daughter…mind you I wouldn’t say no but I forget what the question should be

Rob O'Keeffe

Funnily enough,twat was on my mind,not of the Donald kind…..oops,who cares,if only I was 2 years younger!


Rob… Donald likes younger men. His wife’s a misdirectional ruse

Rob O'Keeffe

Wish I was about her! Oh God,I hope I’m not turning into a sexist prix like others on here LMFFAO


Rob, LMFFAO = Laughing my fat fucking arse off???

Rob O'Keeffe

Apparently Ivanka likes them,if only I was 2 years younger…they call you the Wanderer,it’s many a year since I wandered away…..please no sagas,we’ve just managed to get rid of a saga teller,thanks to StevieD,ha ha

Rob simmer down,Ye should explain your problem to the Better Half,Im sure she will understand,After she gives you a few Conversions Oot The Door.lol


Caption Can you help me escape this midden, pal! Sad bastards attacking children all in the name of pish, my prayers are with the families. Monti you have a problem with too much at Paradise, Awfy Awfy made mistakes, but the media ridiculed him. Kris had the stuffing knocked out of him by Delilah, I was at the Maribor game and he was the o lt player that made an impression. I wish both players and their families well for the future. Ralph, I think ABZ flatter to deceive, they will huff and puff on Saturday, but they only way… Read more »

What do you mean ” problem with too much at Paradise”?
I only have an issue with things that i think are an issue, is that not normal?

Rob O'Keeffe

Normal,Monti,this is ETims,used to be a sectarian cesspit but has now raised the bar to threats of extreme violence,sexism,racism against Belfast Bhoy,vile abusive language and occasional poetry from The Sunday Post(sorry).As a man once said “We’ll probably never see this again in my lifetime”.

Rob M8,Seems someones posted you a bit back,Gringo!!!just saying incase ye missed it.Doesnt make for Good reading.Not worthy of a Ban,Though.But worth a read.


Looks like this blog has become Shit Stirrer City.

The Widden Spoon fur ETims! 😀

Caption:Brendan it’s true I didn’t believe it but they really do fuckin hate Roman Catholics m8.

….and Blacks!

Rob O'Keeffe

But not strikers! Cmon Shorty,pump in a couple on Treble Day,goals I mean…..


And every other ordinary people’s worldwide

Caption: So don’t tell Lee Wallace fuck all,is the best advice you can give me. Thanks Amigo.

The real Anton Rogan

Caption: don’t look now Brendan but there’s a big dalek cunt behind you!

It’s no a dalek m8 that’s Clint hills oxygen apparatus he’s just oot the picture.


Pedro , you’ll be be remembered as the “special one” for reasons that may shock you

Is it just a matter of time,Till Scotland experiences a Suicide Bomber.Is this our Reality??What kind of World will our children inherit??Other Peoples decisions at Goverment Level are putting Us and Our Families in Harms Way.What the fck is Happening In This Messd up Planet!!!

I was watching the news this morning with my four year old girl, she asked me ” Dad why is everybody running “?
I didn’t really know what to say, i settled for just saying that everyone was running to catch their train.

It’s very difficult to stop a lone wolf bomber, almost impossible.
I’v had a lot of dark thoughts today which i won’t share but it’s time ISIS were smashed to fucking pieces!

Somethings got to be done,Monti….We have Kids who dont deserve to witness Atrocities etc.America has a lot to answer for M8.Terrible and Just a Sad State of affairs.Ive got two ghirls,And i scare myself Thinking about,What Ifs


Aye, but who pray tell will do the smashing?

Possibly Stevie D & Tic Toc, they seem to like a confrontation.

I was reading a recent report from Stephen Hawking who was talking about finding other planets to live on.
No a bad idea today.


Its the Goverments of certain countries Monti.They deal in flesh.Amunitions and Lifes M8.

I don’t understand why someone can deliberately target children, it’s beyond comprehension.
IS are fucking vermin, it’s time to ragdoll these cunts!

Monti Not a sound move,Square Going a Suicide Bomber.If ye ever feel the urge,Put yer heed between yer own legs and kiss yer Erse Goodbye.

I could get Una to poke him with her mop first….


The governments have nowt to do with it, they’re just muppets tugged on the strings of the security services and the shadow governments that really run the show. Do you really thin anyone would give a clown like Cameron, or Osborne, or any of them, any real, meaningful power? Away and don’t be daft. Maybe we should be asking MI5, MI6, the CIA and Mossad why they’ve spent decades creating radiclased groups like ISIS, the Taliban etc. Maybe we should also ask them why they continue to arm & fund these groups with hundreds of millions of dollars to this… Read more »

Gringo,Well said M8.Who does the Shadow Goverment do its bidding for?the Elites?The bucks got to stop somewhere….Someones got the Ultimate Power.Britain America and Israel…….they all have one thing in Common,Dont They.Zionism…….


Monti… FFS GO



Rob O'Keeffe

There are a few rockets available on here to take some people to infinity and beyond……by the way,did I mention Ivanka Trump?

Just seen this,My sides are killing me.LoL Weered ye nailed that one to the Mast.HH Aint Life Just Grand Being A Tim In this Day is A Blessing.;)


I use my nail gun with expert proficiency


Unfortunately ya can’t kill them all so probably some type of accommodation might be brokered, but it’s hard to see the Lords of War being happy about it

True that Weered.They all have there Qouta of Death Lust to Fulfil,They should all be locked up in a Nuthoose.I blame the biggest Terrorist Organisation on the Planet,Israhells Big Bully Brother.Invading other Countries and leaving Kids with no Families.Now we are faced with there Realities on our Streets.Just my opinion.

Leave other planets alone,man would only fuck that up too. The preachers of hate are the ones to blame as much as governments. . Young people are so easily led down a path preached by maniacs. Who do not speak of what their religion is about,but what they want it to be about. The bombings and the false war in the Middle East,has brought us now to this point. The hooray Henry’s who supported air strikes,who supported war in Iraq,and Afghanistan should be held accountable. But security lessons were not learned from Paris why? An American artist in concert the… Read more »

It’s next to impossible to stop a lone attack….

Big Jozo done ok against Kenny

Big Jozo(The Terminator)that tackle was a Thing of Utter Beauty.Miller just lay there like a Vomit.Tackle of the Decade!!!!In my eyes.

It’s the same pish all the time, ” we won’t let the terrorists win ”
” people will come together ”
Politicans ” condemning acts of evil “?

Fucking do something about it then!

Go after the cunts and flush and burn them out of their fucking drains……

It’s time ISIS felt the fucking burn…..


Who will do this flushing Monti?


Washing Liquid,Check
Bingo Board and Pens,Check
direct line to Ralph for Banning purposes,Check
Middle East the Una has landed,Checkmate!!!!

uralius,If it landed on our very streets if it was our very existance at stake,thats summit that would need addressing.



Rob O'Keeffe

Noted,atrocious language.Don’t let your concentration wander!


Monti… Una, = MOAN OOPS MOAB


Monti…the anti daesh forces have been battering the holy fuck out of them recently and taking very few prisoners, Mosul is almost liberated

Rob O'Keeffe

Thank God,in Ireland we had freedom fighters,eh Weered,just back from active service?

Your a Banger,Rob.Even suggesting (Active Service)This place is Full of Sheeple……..Needs Must……


Anyone know of any buses going up in and around the Lancashire area for the final Saturday? No bus going up from Preston CSC and trains are replacement buses.

Blackpool Shamrock is going m8 check out their Facebook page.


Cheers mate I will do!


Ever heard of a false flag attack, lads?

You should do, they’ve been happening for years.

Gringo,Thats there ay of keeping us the Sheeple in check,Most of them are FF……but we are not spose to know that


Good to know someone’s on the ball with the reality of this situation, Tioc67. All the great unread reactionaries on here spouting off about ‘flushing them out of their drains’ when they don’t even now who the true enemy is, because they’re too busy sucking up what the real enemy is feeding them through the telly … Shameful ignorance, though I wouldn’t expect any less from that mug. Odd that no one has mentioned that, of all that footage of folk running around blindly, we haven’t seen one bit of footage of either the actual ‘bomb’ going off, nor any… Read more »

Gringo,Im guessing Barmu M8.


Caption: Hail Hail my Celtic Brother

Just reflecting over the season,and so nearly total domination and even greater history breakers.
If we look at the 4 draws Ross county a shameful dive earned them a pen to secure a draw. Sevco,Madden refuse a pen to Celtic in the final minutes.
Partick Thistle Sinclair has pen saved,and Inverness great goal keeping and an equaliser in the closing minutes.
4 Draws which were so close to winning all premier league matches.
Not getting too greedy,but just showing how great this team was.

Spot on m8

Rob O'Keeffe

So maybe we can do better next season and cancel the golf,take note BR(not in my lifetime).Aye right……HH to you all,even the nominators


Monti… Evening scrotum


Night scrotum

Scrotum has wearily crash landed in his Scratcher,Weered.Whatevers been happening here today or any other day,Its Monti’s Fault.HH


Caption: “Sorry pedro, we’ve only just begun. Try to keep up.”

Caption,Brendan jen up see when they Fuds interviewed me to manage this pile of …..They absolutely had me line hook n sinker that this Clubs Goin Places and that there Club(iL)is Was the Biggest n Best in UK.Regrets ive had a few,My lawyer says i could Sue them for Impersonating a Dead Club.But We are WereGoinFor55 We gotTo67.Brendans reply WitThe ….I Feel Your Embarrassment,Sorry Pain.

Just wondering,Anyone think we can go Next Season aswell without conceding a Single Loss.Whats the Bets Sevco Over React and Bounce About with a Draw as Per.We will romp next Season,Aberdeen 2nd a Toss Up between Thistle St Johnston and That new Club getting 3rd.Have a Wonderful Magical Day Bhoys.GGAW HH YNWA!!!

Have the best of Days Bhoys n Ghirls.HH


Cheers Tioc67

R.I P. Roger Moore
My favourite Bond.


Yes he was quite a comedic character and a half decent actor

Morning scrotum


Thanks Bawbag


I could’ve swore i seen a Female at the Gates of Etims with a Ban Em banner???


Those bloody suffragettes will be the end of us all 🙂

Red skirt, black fish nets and white stilettos?
Has she arrived? I just ordered an hour ago…..






I’m thinking it must be Robs A vanka

Ms Grafton

Robs Ivanka hahahaha,Fishnets and white stilletoes.lolo,Robs Wild Bit of Fantasy is being Buggered.l

Weered it seems Robs Iwanka constantly on the Trump.He is only giving his mind a Wee Treai think??Imaginations can be a dangerous thing.Could lead to prison time.lolt


Tioc67.. Robs key will be thrown away next time

Morning Bhoys it seems too quiet,The Calm before The Storm,Perhaps

It’s only quiet because Knob o’keeffe is away for his methadone….

Rob writing on Etims about his Wildst Fantasy,Ivantoo Hump.Rob does the Mrs know about yer Ahem Problem.


It’s a problem already. Her da’s a Real fucking Knob… With backings big time


I refer to Donald trump of course

aThats a fact,Weered,Have you heard what kinda sleazy shit he aays regarding his own daughter.He is definitely a candidate for kiddie fi..ling

I see the City of Dundee is donating 150,000 bars of soap to…err, cannae remember noo but they are supposed to be donating it anyway.

150,000 bars of soap in Dundee? Hahaahaha..somebody is taking the piss here….


It must be near sheep dipping time…

It’s always sheep dipping time in Dundee….i think they are a bit Dolly m8

A bit Nutty are Dundonians,like Ken.

To the News,We need to be Vigilant at all times.Anything could happen at anytime.Were will this all end!!!Life is to precious to let some fanatical heed the baw steal it from us.Sad sad sad state of affairs.Condolences to the Families of ones Who past away.God Bless.

Tioc you have to carry on regardless m8. You could be living in Syria,where you get fuckin bombed from all corners of the worlds super powers. How as a father living there can you look your children in the eyes and say tomorrow it will be over. That America or Russia or whoever else will sort it,when they can’t even fight on the same side. My heart goes out to the families in Manchester,as it does to Syria Palestine Iraq Afghanistan and where the innocents are being slaughtered in mans unjust wars. They should have left well alone Saddam, Gaddafi,and… Read more »

True JimmyBee.I know Muslims M8 and they are absolutely awsome people.They are no different to you or I.We are All the same,The Powers that be,Used 9-11 as an excuse to Go intae the Middle East,Its all part of the Greater Israel plot.The powers that Be are just Puppets they answer to the Elites,The muslims are being used as a Deflection tactic to Hide whats really Going On.Have you ever heard of Ken O Keefe.look him up on Youtube.An X American Marine.The Guys got Ball M8.

JimmyBee Isis is an Israeli American Phantom M8.Shimon Elliot who is a Mossad Agent was seemingly the Head of Isis.Its not the Muslim people we need to be weary of M8.Our enemies are closer than we Think.


🙂 I love a good conspiracy theory myself

Are you one of the ones that thinks Muslims flew planes into WTC!!!LoL


Sticking the word ‘theory’ at the end doesn’t mean that there’s no conspiracy.


Wtf are you darin here, Tioc? On the one hand agreeing wi me its a False flag while on the other sending condolences to the families?! Nobody died, man. Nobody. Same as in ‘The Space Shuttle Challenger ‘DISASTER’ All this gets and wimmen are still alive. Two of them are pretending that they’re their own twin brother, bfs, and most of thew women haven’t even bothered to change their names. Stick their names into Google and you’ll se what i mean. There was NO Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, it was just an excuse to cut those missions. So they could… Read more »


Rob O'Keeffe

CLASSIC,inteligent?? service,dinner school,anyone?

Take note Ralph,anti-semitism alert,to add to the rap sheet!

Should get your Facts in Order before ye Go shouting the Anti Semite Card,Rob…….Im guessing your one who was shouting Anti Semite at anyone who was waving a Palestine Flag at the Be’er Sheva game.Just a thought.If the shoe fits.Do lok up isis before ye accuse people of Your Nonsense

Rob Classic case of denial is the first step in being scared to face whats really going on in our World.Anti Semite is an old deflection tactic that been usd for centuries by Imposters.But this isnt the Time nor Place for it.I can see your one to steer away from,Etims.Like your lusty thoughts m8.Simmer Down.


Voltaire’s quote, ‘To know your true enemy, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise, has never seemed more apposite. Fyi, lads, even the regular Jewish people are against Zionism, it is anathema to everything their religion stands for. Also, did you know that the word ‘Nazi’ is an amalgamation of the initials of the NA, Hitler’s National Socialists, while the last two letters ‘ZI’ are there to indicate the Zionist bankers’ financial involvement? Yes, this alliance occurred in 1923, when Hitler looked like following every other failed political leader into oblivion, until the Zionist bankers realized that they had… Read more »

Ralph,Roys abusing Windae lickers.Take Note…..Need tae do one.Nearly dinnertime,I love a good school meal…..

Won’t be a secret for long with you shouting about it lol

JimmyBee Its Common Knowledge,If you research the truth its there to be Found.Believing everything on the News is just Crazy.


🙂 the fake news channels are doing well these days. clearly a large market for gullibility

True BroxburnBhoy,The Media is a thing of ….. ……..

Rob O'Keeffe

No they definitely didn’t 100%.It was the feckin Twin Towers,seconds anyone?

C’mon Ajax,don’t like JM for some reason,cheating,diving bazzas in Seville is a subtle hint.

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