You are Dave King

You are Dave King

You have watched those funny little Arnold Schwarzenegger Counter Strike adverts on telly and suddenly you find yourself in a similar situation to one of your movie heroes.

The former Rangers International Management Team are claiming you pushed them out the door and in March, a seriously financed English white sports sock magnate is after you in Court.

The only people that have got your back are the Scottish Media and possibly a few friends at Mount Florida although strangely they haven’t been seen for quite a while now.

Its Decision Time..


The choice is as follows:

You can take your chance in Court and multiple Employment Tribunals.

You can hope that Warburton and any others do not ask to ring-fence your limited funds causing a cash-flow disaster.

You could even talk to or try and pay off Ashley and Warbuton, Weir and MacParland but most suspect that the money for that just isn’t there ( £22m in soft loans already used up mind)




You can go into Administration, claim you’re protecting the club you love and hope the Media praise your brave and thoughtful custodial actions.

The main question will be to see if the football club lose 15 points(You will argue 1st offence despite claiming to be the same club) or 25 points( For a second administration event but the double penalty clause may have passed 5 year window so you may have skipped that danger!)


if you go into administration, the money chasers can join the back of the queue, along with the soft-loaners and you will still retain control in all likelihood.

As for the football team, well  – It may take the 15 points hit BUT you would still be in top 6 or at worse, get docked 25 points and you are still only down to 2nd bottom of the league whilst reinforcing your beloved “same club” mantra. You can catch Hamilton with a REAL Rangers man at the helm…cant you?


Regardless of either points dock, chances are it guarantees you stay up for next season in the big league, a few wins in bottom 6 and your safe or at worse, contemplate needing a defeat of a Championship team in play offs.

Likely scenario is more Top price Season Books  and  games versus Celtic to cash in on. So basically you clear the debts and the decks and in reality lose just a little SPL reward monies, which is easily balanced out in the big picture.


So Dave….What do you do?