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Etims Podcast : Cheats Cheats Cheats!


Etims chat with “Fans Chief” Eddie Toner and discuss the big issues of the day including:


  • That Inverness Caley Semi Final Farce!
  • All The Cheats that Celtic are up against.
  • Summer Signings and Sign offs
  • The recent Foodbank Collection
  • The Potential League Title win
  • Is Efe Ambrose the new Roddie MacDonald?




To download MP3 file, right click and save on this link : DOWNLOAD

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Easter Rd Davie
7 years ago

Excellent stuff

Easter Rd Davie
7 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks for a highly entertaining Podcast earlier this week. Slightly staggered however to hear what appeared to be both ‘Real Madrid’ and ‘Alsager Athletic’ mentioned in the same sentence during the discussion on possible loan signings for Celtic in the summer!

Easter Rd Davie
7 years ago

Reminded me of this signpost I photographed last year whilst visiting my Dad who still stays in Alsager: see
Must be that curious Stoke-on-Trent influence, eh Ralph!!

Easter Rd Davie
7 years ago

imageshack. com/a/img908/9057/UcygHc.jpg

Easter Rd Davie
7 years ago

My dad still stays in Alsager by the way, must be that curious StokeonTrent connection eh Ralph!!

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