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And Release..

Well there we go.
As expected, we once again made an absolute fuck-up of pre season ( and before that – Ed) and got our just rewards.

Another early exit from The Champions League qualifiers let alone the Champions League.

Its actually the norm these days so no-one need be surprised. A few random “shock” results against Lazio and Rennes every now and again convince some of us that we really are a good side and everything could just be okay, and then reality drags us back to Earth with an almighty THUD!

This Tweet from @Benidormcelt sums it up~:

  • 2014 – Maribor
  • 2015 – Malmö
  • 2018 – AEK Athens
  • 2019 – CRF Cluj
  • 2020 – Fernencevaros
  • 2021 – Mijtyland
Anyone remember that AEK Athens exit and Brendan bemoaning the lack of incomings at Celtic Park over the summer.
Lets see what Ange said last night following our exit – “I take responsibility. I’m the person who has been put in charge. We haven’t got players in, I obviously haven’t done a good enough job convincing people we needed to bring people in.”


Sound Familiar?


The Board really must have no shame to look at such a litany of disastrous Management and Direction and smugly remain in place as if all is well. They may be smug at present but they will soon need to be defiant as Joe Public has had enough.


Last night was the final straw for almost every Celtic fan. It is no longer acceptable to treat us and our hard earned money with such disrespect and contempt.
What will they do?..who knows?


History suggests they will just ride it out, have a sham of an AGM with staged questions only and move on to more dividends and 3 course lunches.
At their peril.


The big questions are really:


What will Dom McKay do and What will the Celtic fans do?
The answers to that will ultimately answer the question of “What will Ange do?”


McKay has a massive challenge on his hands. Nothing new there, he always had.


Nothings changed.. which is the problem.


We are still short of a defence let alone a strong squad. We are still humming and hawing over signings. We continue to watch on as our targets sigh and just move on elsewhere. We are still browsing round the back of the football car lot hoping to find some second hand Sales bargain rather than buying straight from the Quality forecourt. We still have Peter Lawwell on the Board!


McKay has some right hard choices to make but that’s his job. He has used up any goodwill time since he got appointed and Celtic fans and Ange now demand rather than expect signings and action regards our current squad. We don’t need current spoon fed diet of nice news. No more  shabby little PR leaks like ” Batu signing!” and then here we are still waiting days later for any right back.  We need headlines confirming job done, player signed, next target in our sights.
Ange deserves the players he wants in. The guy left a job after being invited here. We owe him our full backing. The fans are behind him and the Football Board must follow suit. If Ange wants Aaron Mooy on a right good wage, back the guy. If he wants Joe Hart, get him in. Give him what he wants and then see what sort of job he does. If we continue going this way, then it will simply be a case of us all waking up one morning to read “Disillusioned Ange leaves Celtic” without even seeing if the mans football ideas would have worked in practice.Just get it done Dom. No more excuses or time allowed.

As well as getting signings in, McKay also has to move on the players that are at Celtic.


Get rid of the dross like Bitton. Get shot of the under achievers like Barkas, Bolingoli and Ntcham. Sit with Ange and ask are players like Tom Rogic really going to factor this season? Deal with the Griffiths situation. Don’t leave that to Ange. Sit down immediately with Christie, make him a decent offer and say “In or Out?”. If its out, then get him away asap. Pick up the phone to Brighton and tell them Eddie will be on the first flight to Gatwick. Its hard to see him go but needs must. The side is listless and floundering and a cull is needed.


And after McKay has dealt with the players, maybe he and Ange will want to talk about the staff. Just saying. Clean broom and all that.


As for us fans. Well we have already bought the Season books so they have our money. Whether The Celtic Trust can make an in-road is dubious given vast number of shares held by current Board but we do have our voices and we shall be back in the stadium. They will not welcome a hostile reception and the Celtic Board have traditionally been a conservative lot who like calm waters so riding this one out may not actually be the correct play this time around. Fans anger will only grow if Ange doesnt get his players and that anger will not be directed pitchside.

Will all the above happen?
Who knows?
We can only hope and pray but the old adage “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me 6 times, Fuck you Celtic Board!” sure springs to mind!
Hail Hail
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1 year ago


Dom McKay has had three things to do since he started…
Strengthen the team…failed
Ask the sfa about res12/11…failed
Give his opinion on the sevco lies…failed

But he did manage to sell last seasons best player
So our old firm board will see him as a success so far

Totally scunnered….

1 year ago

I tend to be upbeat even in the face if adversity but I am struggling this morning. There has been a lack of strategic leadership from the Board. If they wanted Howe they should have had the capacity to identify whether he wanted Cektic. What was the sticking point there, his transfer budget, his back room team, Celtic’s football structure? Ange is a sacrifice lamb at the moment.
I worry about us as supporters too.When Liverpoool we’re in their pomp Shankley, Paisley, Fagan ( Kennin, Delia, Ridgers)seamlessly brought players through or in to win domestically and in Europe. Eventually, they ran out of steam with Evans and even Souness though Dalgleish did OK. The supporters did not realise they would have to wait over 20 years to win the League again. They had a sense of entitlement that some of us have.
“Last year was just a blip,” what if it was not? It’s not just Lawwell, or Eddy or Barkas or the other usual targets. It may be bigger than that and Mordor, meanwhile, grows in strength, destroy the ring.

1 year ago
Reply to  BJF

Last season was not a blip it had been coming. Hearts will beat us on Saturday night,the current squad of players simply do not have the inner belief or attitude to cope with losing a goal. The team is the worst I have witnessed for a very long time.

Andrew Coyle
1 year ago

There is something Rotten in the State of Denmark

1 year ago

Bain.get rid.
Ralston. get rid.
Welsh not quick enough but worth keeping as squad player.
Murray. should never be put in this position but very promising.
Taylor, squad player, never a first pick.
Soro. a squad player.
McGregor. horrified to think what it’d be like without him.
Abada. time will tell.
Turnbull, seems to lack stamina.
Christie. keep
Edouard. needs to be moved on ASAP.


Rogic. his time is over.
Forrest. maybe time to try something new.
Ajeti. Dearie dearie me.

1 year ago

The Board failed us by not appointing a coach early enough. No time given to organise and form a squad to field a viable ‘team’. Some good football but the squad certainly didn’t last the, almost certainly expected, extra-time. Eddie looked as if he’s hadn’t trained at all during the break (or maybe he just wasn’t f@@king arsed). Three youngsters and Taylor (who all played well) at the back during a CL qualifier, do not a defence make, especially if you can’t trust any of our keepers. If there’s laughter from across the Clyde, it’s because we keep supplying the material.

1 year ago

Careful weighing of words towards fostering better communication:

Dear Celtic Board,
you have worked hard this week, why don`t we splurge on some new players.

Kind regards: Shortcoming Celtic supporter.

1 year ago

Looking at Celtic threads it amazes me how many fans behave like ostriches, they are still in denial about the lack of forward planning and the penny pinching which is costing the club millions of pounds to bring in dross. Last night McGregor amongst others must have thought why am I still here, who can blame them. There is a total lack of leadership from DD and Wankier, Liewell sits preening himself like Nero as Rome burns, McKay like the boy on the burning deck.
Feel sorry for Ange who clearly feels he has been sold a pup, surrounded by placemen like JPK and Strachan. This looks like a return to the early nineties, thought those days were long gone, but this could be a long hard season to be a supporter, watching that mob being handed a guaranteed place in the UCL.

Yoker Bhoy
1 year ago

Desmond, Lawell and Bankier – GTF
McKay – GTFO (Get the finger oot!)

1 year ago

The board (not inc McKay) should be hanging their respective heads in shame as we are now reaping what they have sown, complete and utter mismanagement, over the past +10yrs. It is shambles, to think of their incompetence is genuinely breathtaking! They appear to have absolutely no idea how to run a business, well a successful on at that! What are the short, medium, long term plans, what are the strategies to achieve these plans? What are the milestones to indicate we are heading in the right direction? From what I can see our goal has been to win the league every year with the least amount of money spent the better! Now that is fine if everyone is playing the same game but, sevco had a different idea they have over invested in equity confetti to cover losses incurred by improving their playing squad and more importantly their football management team. Please remember that their losses are just owed generally to themselves, and this is where our board completely misread their strategy! So while PL was ruing the loss of £5m pa with sevco out the top division, look at them now. Who would bet against them not getting in to this years CL group stages, not me so there is £40m and next year straight into the group stages and kerching another £40m! So £80m before even wining a game! And the sevco investors will start to recoupe their INVESTMENT over several years. No matter what you think of them, they are run by business people who understand how a business works and not an accountant who knows how to make the spreadsheet/P&L look good! Finally I am full behind Ange and hope that he gets the players and football management team he requires to full implement his ideas on the pitch as it is success there that will generate the profit/funds to invest in a better tomorrow!

Rant over!

Iljas baker
1 year ago

The onus now is really on the fans. As far as I can see many fans (hopefuly the majority) realise that benchmarking against SPFL teams is not the way to go – for footballing excitement and for the sustainability of the club as a modern football entity benchingmarking CL teams is where it’s at and participation in CL brings in good money. The style Ange wants to adopt (not that different from BR) demands analytics and sports science and coaches that know the system and get players ready for it physically and mentally but it requires an awful lot from the players and they need to see the rewards of a good future in the EPL. So sold when they are at their best don’t wait for them to get disgruntled and down tools. It requires a regular refreshment of the team otherwise it doesn’t work. It requires a good savvy board that love football and Celtic and identify with and respect the fans.

So I’m saying it’s time for the fans to push for a new board. Don’t wait for the inrush of loan signings to save the day and then start compalining as rangers win the league again and Celtic are not even in Europa League. Too many season tickets have been bought for refusal to buy to be a threat but still instead of not buying them the board have to be persuaded that fans who bought the season tickets expect something in return – a new board. Protest at every game, outside Celtic Park, at Lennoxtown. Get media attention. Voice strong support for Ange but make sure the board know it is not wanted.

Paul Mc
1 year ago

Every one of our ‘rants’ is justified but as much as I’m seething at characters like Bankier allowing this malaise to happen (and seriously, how can they not be aware of what’s needed?), I’ll try and address what can be done, seeing as we can all see what’s happened.
We need a goalie, badly. Waiting for Bain or Barkas to ‘come good’ is one thing but the fact is, letting in goals, loses games. We need a solid shot-stopper. That one Barkas let in during the first game, any one of us could have saved that with a blindfold on.
We need fullbacks; someone that Taylor can be understudy to and anyone who can play well at RB, even if Ralston stays for injury cover.
We might be better fared with Starfelt coming in to help out Welsh with Murray as cover and Julien hopefully not having lost too much during recovery. But another defender would be good (not as much a priority as a keeper though).
Midfield – again, if the team were playing well, then we’d be pleased at seeing McGregor, Soro and Turnbull gelling together – because that’s another issue, when they those 3 actually have a run of games together? Didn’t happen much.
Wingers! So we have Abada and Forrest. Furuhashi but we need someone else
Strikers! Where do we start? Ajeti – haven’t seen any improvement yet. Griffiths – how to set about dividing opinion, well done Leigh. Don’t know how to comment on his idiocy or lack of fitness but injury cover maybe (for now). Eddy will be away, Christie likely too. So, that leaves…..? A gaping big hole in who we have available. Suggests that we need 2 strikers.
So in short, a goalkeeper, LB, RB, LW, Striker x2 – and that’s what we need as a minimum.

Then you have the youth. Dembele. Johnstone. Shaw. O’Connor. Montgomery. Urhoghide. Henderson. Robertson. Afolabi. And the other ones like Connell etc. Important to figure out when and how they are integrated or if at all.

I think the approach needs to be several fold to work. Fitness needs to be addressed. Having better backroom staff to back up Ange needs spoken about with McKay hopefully. A Dir of Football or Head of Recruitment needs to be targeted again quickly as we have to get someone in this role going forward and let McKay run the club. We need to look at better avenues for introducing youngsters so why not use the League Cup for this. Even if we go out, I’d rather it was with the young team getting chances to play. A system of feeding youngsters into the first team needs sorted this season.

The one advantage we have is being vocal as much as possible. There’s a good article from Stephen McGowan this morning. He doesn’t pull punches and uses his journalistic weight to lay bare the issues we’re facing. DD doesn’t like negative press but things like this and supporters at games letting the board know their views and having the hun press gloating over fan anger, surely that will embarrass DD into letting McKay sort the club out (by slowly pensioning off the useless board members and getting modern thinkers in) while Ange is backed by one of his own staff that he picks and the fitness levels are addressed.

Maybe if they can do this, we’ll salvage this season to a small extent – because we have to, in order to get the extra CL cash! As Blackadder said “A man may fight for many things: his country, his principles, his friends, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally, I’d mud wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of French p*rn”. I can only hope DD has the same attitude to gaining £30-40M of CL cash next season, if nothing else to top up the 70’s mags and buy a new clock.

1 year ago

The Hologram, words fail me!
Doohan…if you cannot break in in front of those two, sell
Uroghide… not good enough
Shaw… keep
Connell… keep, play
Griff… sell
Bolingoli…sell anywhere
Henderson… not good enough, sell
Julien… keep then sell
The Sports Science dept… scrap and start again.
The ‘PR Dept.’… scrap and start again.
The Scouting network… scrap and start again.
The three quarters park at Lennoxtown!!
The ‘coaching’ set up …!!
The youths set up and coaches… model on Ajax not outdated shit from McIntyre and Co.
The catering… stop ripping us off.
Prices of the merchandise… stop ripping us off.
The ballot for tickets… a fiasco.

1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Steve. That was just dealing with the starting Xl and senior substitutes used on Wednesday. Thanks for reminding me of all the other dross, howl out loud, the days for laughing are well and truly gone.

1 year ago

….. PS. The club is badly broken m8.

1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

That useless lump of wood Édouard is so bad that now nobody will buy him, we’re stuck with a waster.

Iljas baker
1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

SteveNaive, how can you say Uroghide is not good enough. You’ve seen him play for an hour is it? Te rest of your comments are spot on.

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