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Celtic Diary Wednesday February 3: A Ring Full Of Hats

Celtic took four goals without reply from Kilmarnock last night , sending out a signal that they won’t relinquish their title as easily as some thought.


It’ll probably take at least another week now.


But there were signs that the players had rediscovered their appetite and ability , with Oddsone Edoaurd scoring twice, Alben ajeti once, and even Scott Brown got on the scoresheet.


Kilmarnock are probably the worst team in the league just now, having sacked their manager after a one win in twelve sequence, but a win is a win when things are not going your way, and this could be the springboard for the greatest comeback since Lazarus came out from behind a rock.


Then again, it might not be.


One reason for the performance and confidence that flowed throughout the side could be that for the first time this season, Celtic started with four defenders, all of whom did their jobs admirably.


Johnjoe Kenny looked like he can play a bit, and has been urged not to attend any training meetings for fear that Lennon will soon put a stop to that, and Stephen Welsh showed that he is a better option than shane duffy, who has had his capital letters removed by the diary because he doesn’t deserve them.


Scott Brown looked like he had got the fire back in his belly, but this may have been more of a swansong than a real contribution, and there was a curious exchange between him and the manager at the end which set tongues wagging… when the captian appeared to shrug away the touch of the gaffer….



After the match, the manager seemed to take credit for finally getting something right…


“I got the reaction I wanted.

“It was the polar opposite of what we produced on Saturday. People were criticising me for jagging the team, but they needed the jag to be honest and we got a great performance and a great result.

“The body language, their attacking play, the concentration was so much better. That is more like us, so we have to build on that from here on in.”


It does beg the question what the fuck has he been doing since August, however…


On individual players, he added…


“It was a very good performance, we played well and it could have been more, so I am delighted. Browny looked more like himself.

“He [Edouard] is a great player and his second goal was a thing of beauty. He was over-doing it a bit first-half, but in the second-half he’s done brilliantly to open up the angle then just wanted to take that extra touch. 

“We’ve seen that a lot this season, so that’s something to work on.

“I’m delighted with him [Welsh] because he’s been steady. He got thrown in at the deep end this season with Rangers and AC Milan. I wouldn’t say he’s struggled but it’s been difficult for him. 

“He’s had a couple of games since then and he’s been very good. I was delighted with his performance and he should be as well. It’s something for him to build on. 


He keeps talking about

something … to build on. 



Could he really be so detached as to think he’ll still be manager next season ?


Looks like it, and that can only mean Celtic have not found a successor yet, and will not remove him, or upset him until they do.


Imagine the fracas if we had to start looking for a manager now. clearly the new CEO wants a say in it, and unofficially , he’ll be sifting through possible candidates.


A seamless change is required, although having had a manager in place this season, it wouldn’t bother me that much if we noticed it hasn’t worked and went without one next term.



This policy might be catching on, as despite a run of sixteen games unbeaten, Jason Tindall has been removed from his post at Bournemouth. It’s not clear why he has lost his job, though one of our urine drenched operatives claims he is an obnoxious fellow who shouldn’t have been a manager in the first place.


Now, if we do decide to have a manager next season, despite it clearly having adverse effects this year, then could it possibly be that events are moving towards a change ?


Andre Villas Boas has quit Marseille.





Although its not about Ntcham per se, its more to do with his CEO picking his players for him, something that may well have put him off joining Celtic previously, that means he is available, and there will be no compensation claim. With Lawwell, a CEO who likes to pick the players for his managers, now off to pastures new, an assurance from Dominic McKay on control of team affairs might just swing it.


Which may well have alarmed Eddie Howe enough to ring the Bournemouth CEO and tell him that Jason Tindall has been calling him names behind his back, or something, and getting him sacked so he can turn up at Celtic with his own number two.


It’s thought that the pair work better as a package deal, in the same was as Clough/Taylor, or even Stein /Fallon.


Is this why the players suddenly turned in a performance ?


Are the wheels of change spinning over in the east end of Glasgow ?



Probably fucking not, but a little bit of optimism every now and then doesn’t do any harm.



Then again, if European football is to change, and some sort of breakaway league is formed, which might include Celtic, and by association, “rangers “, as both can command high tv audiences and crowds in the stands, perhaps Howe has been sold on this, and he was prepared to wait until seasons end for his partner, but with AVB , and even Mark Hughes rushing out to buy hats to chuck into the ring, maybe his hand has been forced.


Taking into account this also happened yesterday…


Stuart Baxter: Odisha sack boss for ‘unacceptable’ post-match comments


…the availablity of the media’s perennial Celtic new boss could also have panicked Howe into action..


Or maybe, as ever, there’s something to bear in mind….


Rude Coasters, Talking Bollocks Coaster | Brainbox Candy



I don’t even need the drink these days.


One more story caught my eye yesterday, as the Celtic PR manager did his utmost to outdo the team manager when it comes to a lack of control.


A tweet, now deleted, ( ) suggested that Celtic players had been asked to ring season book holders, possibly those in isolation or shielding, to cheer them up a wee bit.


It was said on a podcast that they had refused. Flatly refused, in fact.


John Paul Taylor, the supporters liason officer, probably the only person worth listening to who understands the concept of integrity at Celtic these days, shot the story down… which means it wasn’t true.


It was a hell of a claim to make, and really should have been checked first.


At least when we make stuff up, it’s fairly obvious it’s made up. And relatively harmless.



Caption competition from yesterday….


Celtic ready to sell Ajer - if £20m asking price is met


 20 hours ago

Caption: The funny thing is that they shelled out for season tickets and then have the cheek to call the other lot gullible. 









And finally, Captain Tom Moore has hit the headlines again, helping the NHS by selflessly giving up his hospital bed in the Covid ward for others.














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Frank McGaaaarvey
1 year ago

Caption “Lennon and Kennedy, looking over the debris of the season almost gone, begin to make plans for the forthcoming campaign”.

Bingo Master
1 year ago

Why do you have to mention Covid in every damn post you write, JimBob?

And you’ve still not told us yer ‘alternative’ news sources yet.

1 year ago

Relinquished the title? Unless sevco go on a massive losing run, there is as much chance of the 10 as westminster and idiots such as boris giving Scotland a fair deal. AVB was kicked out of chelsea and spurs simply because he is like Barkas, a librarian who sounds good at an office meeting but just like the board, is no too good at his job. Fed up with anyone flying within 5 thousand miles of Glasgow Airport being llinked with the job. The 4th episode of wandavisions is actually starting to liven up after a piss poor start, bit like us. A female scientist who asked for info, when given the reply that the info was restricted replied. ‘Oh, you do not have a clue!’ Same as Banksie, Lawwell and Lenny over the next manager. Desmond just blames everyone else. HH!

1 year ago

Caption – Well, sometimes Christies rockets do hit the target. HH!

1 year ago

We may have been absolutely routed and don’t have a man left standing, but I see positives and it’s something we can build on.

1 year ago

Caption….New management team.

1 year ago

Caption: American environmentalists discuss whether they should rejoin the ‘Paris Accord’ and help do their bit against climate change.

1 year ago

Caption. As an alternative to lock downs this approach is 100% effective but has its flaws.

1 year ago

Great article again. My reaction watching the game last night was: Do the players know something we dont?

They looked engaged and sharp. It’s as if there is a realisation that the international transfer market is changing and/or a new Head Coach or DOF was watching closely.

1 year ago

Was Jesus who came out from behind a rock. His mate Lazarus just got up out of his bed.
I know it has been very trying indeed but maybe some a bit annoyed a four nil away win, where we’ve struggled before with better teams, means they have to change their narrative. Or suspend it for a few days. Flaws again last night and I think Welsh/Ajer will need better coaching but don’t you feel a bit better ? Well, some do.

1 year ago

Sorry Mr Trump but this is all that’s left after your Proud Boys, Q.Anon and KKK stormed the Capitol.

1 year ago

Two historical enemies meet to discuss the impact on bullet sales, after one side dies.

pilsbury dough bhoy
1 year ago

“Big Horn?”
“No wonder, you have magnificent breasts”

1 year ago

Caption “ Just like Celtic we are in no man’s land, grim ain’t it?”
Dodgy penalty excepting a reasonable performance last night. Killie as you say are currently the worst team In the land. The trouble is when you get rid of a manager without a successor things stand still or go backwards, no leadership Is actually not better than leadership you don’t rate. Brown, Kennybabd Welsh did well but against a better team ….?

1 year ago

Capt Custer, “Even in defeat I get the feeling someone is looking down on me”.
Black Irish Friend, “Look! On the hill…..b’Jesus!”

1 year ago

Sunday August 29th 2021
Celtic 0 Sevco 3

Attendance 3.

Celtic season book holders turned out in force to see if Lennon’s new team….blah blah

1 year ago

Caption: 10 litre hats were an early casualty of decimalisation.

The Cha
1 year ago

The reason Bournemouth have sacked their manager is because, although they are (just) in the Play-Off positions, they were promotion favourites and are vastly underperforming.

This is what happens at all clubs, bar 1, that I can think of.

1 year ago

Can you the Wankers coming over the hill yet Boss?

Turned down the Celtic managers job, too much hassle after this debacle.

Love the Huns now out to get Broonie banned, still fearful of a collapse by Slippy

1 year ago


I’m stumped.

1 year ago

“And finally, Captain Tom Moore has hit the headlines again, helping the NHS by selflessly giving up his hospital bed in the Covid ward for others.”

Probably shouldn’t have but I just burst out laughing at that. Laughter’s the best medicine but just wait for the serially offended………

1 year ago

Shane Duffy ( sitting on stump ) well mikel , defending in the spfl is hard work …
Mikel lustig…I was quite good at it , and my legs had gone , but can I just say duffers I was never as bad as you….

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding
1 year ago


“I’m telling you Elias, our facial hair will one day be the inspiration for every Traffic Cop in Strathclyde Police”

1 year ago

Referees are at it. Making sure rangers keep all 11 players on the park at all times, then last night award celtic a pen and an offside goal to make it look good for Lennon.
The performance was rank.
A good team would have punished us. Fuckin shambles.

1 year ago

Caption: What d’ya think Pastor Jack’s going to say about the trees captain? Well son the Pope’s coming over, so fuck him.

1 year ago

Ignore him, he’s a bell end!

Bingo Master
1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Say it, fat boy.

In Italian.

Bingo Master
1 year ago

Wrong guy?

No bother, my mistake.

Monti, how do you say ‘Salt n vinegar n sauce n a pickled onion tae‘ in Italian ya lard arsed baw jawed fud?

Bingo Master
1 year ago

So this wasn’t you from 5 days ago, Jimboh?

Ah take it you’re inferring he has a heavy load, oops, sorry, ah meant loaded wae the cauld.
Stay Safe
It’s still out there and it’s learn’t a lot from the first go ‘round.’

Bingo Master
1 year ago
Reply to  Bingo Master

You want me to send you the rest of the thread to jog your memory a bit, Jimboh?

Bingo Master
1 year ago
Reply to  Bingo Master

Sorry … JimBob?

1 year ago

Caption: Remember that time when you said you still can’t see them coming well you better turn round

Bingo Master
1 year ago


Is that your last stand then, boss?

Aye, mah leg’s sore.

1 year ago

Is it too soon to sell? £40

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Deary me, tasteless shite.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Fuck of you maggot infested turd for voting me down. Some of us had mothers and fathers that needed walking aids before they passed, you imbecilic piece of shit.

1 year ago

“Well Lawwell did say not to spend too much on the new hybrid pitch’.

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at