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Celtic 0 Inverness 1

Two pair of socks on and two weans at hand, who make Tom and Jerry appear like best friends forever – see I know my shit – the day just couldn’t get any worse as we headed off to Celtic Park to see the Bhoys entertain Inverness.

The Green Brigade had decided to boycott the match due to complaints made against Plods behaviour towards many of their members so it was strange seeing their section lying empty with a handful of stewards mulling over for them a strange day at the office.

Out form has been dismal following European games and I was expecting another toughie against an opponent who invariably play well against Celtic. As it turned out Saturday was no exception.

Celtic started slowly with the tempo at walking pace and didn’t improve much throughout the match. We were too ponderous in possession and on the limited occasions we found ourselves in good positions either a poor final pass or Commons being too greedy would see the move filter out. Our opponents managed by Lurch the Merciless are not a bad team as it happens. Neat and tidy in possession and not resorting to the long ball hoof up the field they also look to get players forward in numbers while putting a shift in defensively.

The first half was limited in terms of chances with Tache – our resident Swedish pornstar – wasting the best opportunity when he shot into the side netting with only the keeper to beat. 

The second half was much of the same with Inverness growing in confidence due to Celtic’s lethargy and it was no surprise when they took the lead following a back post tap in from all of three yards. They could and should have doubled their lead but only the bar and a brilliant block on the line by Ambrose denied them their second goal. Celtic had a predictable charge of sorts with a deflected cross hitting the post from an Inverness player and then a Commons shot being well saved by the visiting keeper. 

Lassad had come on but the puzzling thing for many is why Miku and Lassad didn’t start following the midweek exertions of many who did. We need to use our squad well to ensure freshness but it’s no use the manager complaining about too much football for certain players if he refuses to freshen things up quicker. Lenny’s fairly quick at picking up on lessons learned so I don’t expect this to happen too often in the future.

Our home form has been dire this season but a mixture of our focus not being right following European games and opponents doing to us what we did to Barca is the crux of our problems. After the Spartak game I fully expect to see us go on a convincing run of victories but for now I’m pleading for patience as there’s bigger fish to fry at present.

Celtic 0 Inverness 1

ETims POTM: Beram Kayal. The hunger and desire was back in an abundance. Hopefully a return to his form pre-injury.


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10 years ago

Not a popular view, but it IS because the huns are no longer around. We can AFFORD to take the foot off the gas to concentrate on CL, let’s enjoy it – it’s working out for us!

DOn’t get me wrong, the team should have a better balance of regulars and fresehening up of squad rotation (rather than the wholesale changes, “2 teams” bullshengus) and you would expect anyone coming into the team to be good enough to taker care of a team recently thumped 5-1.

Even though their absence may be having an indorect effect on our performances, i STILL don’t miss them!

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