Celtic: A Club Run By Tory Men

By Gaudd

Every Celtic supporter, and many people who aren’t but can’t escape those only too willing and eager to inform, is fully acquainted with the story of how the club was founded. Even if there’s been some romantic gloss applied over the intervening years, the basic facts remain; that the club was formally constituted by Brother Walfrid in St. Mary’s church hall in East Rose Street “with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the East End of Glasgow by raising money for the charity, the Poor Children’s Dinner Table”. A more worthy reason for establishing a football club cannot be imagined, so how did it come to pass that 128 years later we have a director of the club happily engaged in the act of stealing food from the dinner tables of poor children?

I am of course referring to Ian Livingston, now known as Baron Livingston of Parkhead since 2013, for services to kicking little matchstick girls into snow drifts presumably, who serves as Tory Shitpot of State for Trade and Investment.   Livingston, who was appointed to the Celtic board in 2007, once famously quipped that if Oliver had asked him for a second bowl of gruel he would have sold the uppity urchin for medical experiments, then burned the cash in front of a destitute family of ragged Syrian refugees. Ok no he didn’t but if he had then it would have pretty much fitted in with the Tory values he clearly holds so dear.

An example of those values came on Monday 26 October when Livingston, swathed in his new puppy skin suit, voted in favour of cutting tax credits for the poorest families in the country, with the intention of grabbing a piddling £1,300 out of their pockets.   Unhappily for chancellor George Osborne, the government lost the vote, or more accurately had their intention of prying open children’s mouths and clawing their lunch back out delayed until politicians can agree on how little of that food should be left in.   Now Osborne engages in this kind of repulsive behaviour mainly due to the fact that he’s allegedly a deranged coke addict who spends most of his days spinning around in circles on the carpet of No.11 Downing Street, but Livingston on the other hand is just a complete evil, hypocritical bastard.

As the E-tims has already stated: “Whilst sitting on the board of a club he professes to support, one set up to put food on the tables of the poor, Conservative Ian Paul Livingston decided that he thinks it’s better that things should turn full circle and go back to the way they were. I’m surprised he doesn’t own a firm of chimney sweeps, and is looking to employ some kids to do the insides.” Only if they’re nailed to the brush handles presumably, brushes being relatively expensive in comparison, and with all these hungry poor fighting for scraps in the streets, well why not make use of a plentiful resource? Poor Brother Walfrid, if there is an afterlife he’s no doubt being brought up in front St Peter for use of intemperate language.

But why are we really surprised? It’s not as if Livingston is the only Tory on the Celtic board, and in fact they all probably lurk in that particular pit; the Lord of the Foodbanks due to his recent act of vicious spite is only the latest one to sit in the spotlight of shame. For example there’s Thomas Allison who in 2013 joined the Strathclyde Commission, a Tory group set up by Scottish leader Ruth Davidson to find the best way of sabotaging Scottish home rule. The terms of reference being to ensure that Holyrood could not avoid the kind of cuts being waged on the poor and vulnerable down south, and to transfer the blame for those cuts from the Tories to the Scottish government.

The plan to (nearly) fully devolve just income tax and some welfare benefits, was of course designed to put any Scottish government on the spot when Westminster consequently slashed the block grant. With only income tax as a way of raising revenue to offset the worst of the cuts, a Scottish government would be forced to massively raise income tax, or to implement savage cuts. Ruth and her fellow Tories clearly feel that there are too many Scottish toddlers avoiding rickets and pensioners avoiding the annual winter cull.

Then of course we come to the club’s major shareholder and stereotype cartoon villain look-alike, Dermot Desmond.   When not engaged in political sleaze scandals in Ireland or betting £1m on a coin toss, Desmond has been known to occasionally throw a handful of thousand pound notes in the begging bowl of the Tory Party. In 2007 for example Venson Automotive Solutions Ltd, owned by Desmond, handed over a cheque for £50,000 to the Tories which they then threw onto a pile marked “bribes, to be processed”. Desmond being Irish could not donate directly, so the use of a British registered company made is all peachy and legal.

Desmond’s commitment to the values of Brother Walfrid are not exactly in question, especially after the Winterbourne View scandal in 2011. The scandal led to an expose of the predatory nature of equity companies buying up care homes and residential hospitals, cutting expenditure to the bone and then raking in huge profits to the sound of clinking champagne glasses and the miserable screams of residents. Winterborne was owned by Castlebeck Care which was bought up by Swiss based Lydian Capital Partnership in 2006. Lydian Capital Partnership was in turn backed by an investment consortium including JP McManus, John Magnier and Dermot Desmond who were also investors in a Jersey investment vehicle called Grove Limited, controller of the Barchester Healthcare empire.

Desmond and Bankier

Then there’s Ian Bankier who as Chairman of Glenkeir Whiskies Limited led the bold fight by the suits against Independence in last year’s referendum and signed the letter by 130 of the country’s top Tories, sorry I meant “business leaders” that stated that we were really physically close England, and thus voting for independence would ruin this main market by moving us to somewhere near Kamchatka. The letter stated that “the rest of the UK is Scotland’s biggest market by far”, but no doubt Bankier skipped over that bit since Scotland’s biggest market for whisky is in fact France – 180m bottles compared to the UK market or around 80m bottles.

Another stout defender of the Union is the notorious Brian Wilson, a man who seems to be part of the furniture at Celtic Park and about as much use.   Wilson when not extolling the virtues of nuclear power and lobbying for the aviation sector against climate change measures, as chair of lobby group Flying Matters, is a regular talking head on TV as he froths at the mouth while swivelling his eyes in a deranged manner during independence debates. Wilson once produced a small kitten live on air during the BBC’s completely objective debate, “Independence – dangerous or just really mental”, then stabbed it to death while screaming “this will happen to every kitten in Scotland if Alex Salmond gets his way!” Wait that might have been a nightmare, I’ll have to check on that.

The consequences of midnight cheese on toast aside, the fact is that Celtic FC is a club run by Tories, and Tories are complete immoral vermin who believe in little else but their own self-interests – that’s why they’re Tories. So why the hue and cry over the Evil Baron’s vote to deprive poor children of food and clothing? What did you really expect? After all we’re talking about a club that just pays lip service to its heritage, well because it pretty much has to. A club that won’t pay its staff the Living Wage because this might impact on the money that can be wasted bringing in non-entities to the playing staff, who then get quietly shuffled out the door at a considerable loss in a manner so routine that it’s barely worth noticing any more. It is in other words just another exploitative, capitalist company run by dead-eyed Tories who signed away their souls and arrive at CP in limos stained with the blood of street urchins who were too slow to dive over walls when they saw the cars coming. What did you really, really expect?

I’d have more respect for the mob waving pitchforks and burning torches if many of them wouldn’t withdraw back to their villages if the club announced it would boot out Livingston but due to some bizarre pact with Satan, it would mean losing the league this season. The angry mob would disperse more quickly than the clientele in a strip bar when Teresa May takes the stage. We all saw how the much vaunted morality of the support evaporated into the ether when the odious John Reid was disgracefully appointed chairman, “What’s that? 1m dead in Iraq? Yeah it’s a shame but, Reid’s contacts will help with the club with work permits”.

John Reid and army

So let’s not kid ourselves here, the club founded by Walfrid and all the principles that went with it is no more and hasn’t been for a long time. The club is now run by those who can wade through the immorality of capitalist excess and don’t mind getting soaked, and for most of the time this is perfectly fine with the support. In bars up and down the land you can listen to the wondrous tales of how this magnificent bunch of besuited geniuses have the accounts looking good enough to eat off, followed by a near breathless voice continuing that those in the comfy seats can do this due to their “fine business acumen”.   Not for us the financial meltdown, oh no, our suits are better than their suits by far. We’ll take numbing mediocrity and count our blessings, thank you very much.

What happened to other once cherished aspects of the club? The Celtic Way was forgotten about when the unnecessary need to grind out results season after season brought home the silverware. The burning ambition that was said to be part of the bones of the club withered away after being impaled on the spikes of “the model designed to protect the club from the inherent unpredictability of football”. For everything and anything can be and will be sacrificed in the name of expediency, and as long as he club keeps winning then directors can go on heating their homes by burning the corpses of little matchstick girls to the sound of petitions being flung up and ignored.   We long ago sold our collective soul piece by piece as demonic laughter wafted out from the boardroom, and we did so willingly, it’s probably far too late for regrets now.

One last thing, I’m not sure if Peter Lawwell is a Tory but even if he admitted it I’d need at least 7 independent sources of confirmation until I believed him.

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5 years ago

I agree with every single word written here…Brother Walfrid must be sadly shaking his Head……

5 years ago

a brilliant article
every word bang on

5 years ago

What a load of complete and utter bollox

It’s a funny old thing, in my 58 years on the planet, it’s only very recently that Celtic has started to do ‘the right thing’ in going back to its roots.

Prior to Fergus (the capitalists capitalist according to some) we had dynasty’s of good Catholic family’s stuffing suitcases full of cash every second week to take home. Fcuk there poor.

And where/when did we go SNP FFS? Orange is not ma colour.

Enjoy the remains of your weekend, its been a belter.

5 years ago

BTW, I am a member of the Labour Party and paid up member and activist in my Trades Union, just saying like before I get monstered, which I will anyway. 😉
Hail x2

5 years ago
Reply to  bawsman

Paid up member of the Britiswh Unionist labour Party, you sneered that with some pride as if that counts in your favour. that makes you a Brit Unionist, a member of the party that literally stood shoulder to shoulder with the Orange Order in the Independence Referendum, went round old folks home scaring pensioners and fought side by side with Tories. No one needs to monster you, you just did it yourself. By the way I don’t agree with every point made in the article but, the general gist is pretty accurate.

5 years ago
Reply to  John

“Brit Unionist” oh the slander. It’s the Nationalists who voted with the Tory’s to give us Thatcher lest you forgot.

How about an internationalist Socialist Republican?

Stick yer Nationalist hate mongering labels and Nationalist flegs where the sun don’t shine.

Poor in Glasgow, poor in Liverpool, poor in Cardiff……….is Poor.

5 years ago

Bawsman is spot on.Previous Celtic Directors stiffed the fans and the Inland Revenue and almost took us to oblivion. The fans go on about the Celtic Family and the Celtic Way but half or more of them have supported Celtic for the wrong reasons…. hating Rangers and glorifying Irish Terrorism. Funnily enough I go solely to see the team play football and hope they win,end of…

5 years ago
Reply to  Gerry

” Irish terrorism “?
There are terrorists in Ireland yes,they are called the British Army.

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Fuck me.. clueless.

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

dearie O dearie me. me. Once again: a Montiism.

5 years ago
Reply to  BondiBrian


5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Maggie Thatcher was a terrorist who hated Scotland & Ireland, imposed the Toll tax ns stole milk from children. Collusion with loyalist death squads in the north part of the island of Ireland, Hated trade unions and many other things. Celtic supporters exercise the democratic right to their political beliefs, is this a crime? It sounds like Fascist overtones coming from you, You sound like a “NO VOTER”

5 years ago

I think everyone agrees that polticians of all parties are self interested knobs,austerity for everyone but them,my faith in them was killed when Joe Gormley and Len Murray joined the house of Lords.Iwould rather have this board than the one at Ibrokes.

5 years ago

I’ve been a supporter of Celtic for over 60 years and you talk utter rubbish. I could educate you on the history of Celtic if I had the time or mind to do so. My father fled Ireland at the time of the uprising in 1916 and I am well aware of the connection between the Ireland and Celtic but you and your kind have distorted the reality of what Celtic is about. Go away and leave decent people to support Celtic and it’s values in peace..you’re not wanted here.

5 years ago

Cue the hand wringers insisting we are open to all. Even the immoral, exploitative and down right evil?

5 years ago
Reply to  Garry

I can smell a sevconian from a thousand paces, and you are fucking reeking son.

5 years ago

Good article, good to see some light being shed on the right wing governance of our club, which has been the same way since Fergus McCann bought the club.

I do think a lot of people allowed history to be, not re-written but more skewed somewhat the day Fergus McCann was treated like a hero at flag unfurling day.

At the end of the day the vision he sold when he floated Celtic on to the stock market was the club should be owned by the fans and he was effectively handing ownership back to its rightful owners.

We ofcourse dug ever so deeply in to our pockets, many took out bank loans to buy shares and into that ideal.

Before Fergus left, he had hand picked the members of the executive and non executive board – and 90% of them are still in place today.

So I hope those with a gripe about Livingstone are not also the same who worshiped the man who appointed men like him to run the club.

Does anyone here really believe Celtic is a club owned by the fans?

The proxy vote and absentee landlord at every AGM makes the answer black and white.

The fact the absentee landlord could pick the phone up and offer a mate the managers job without adhering to one single procedure shows just how much control he has and how little ‘we’ do.

5 years ago

What should have been a searing dissection of the values of the Tory members on our Board very quickly degenerated into a party political broadcast for the SNP.

A waste of good intentions.

The Board has been business minded since they shipped Brother Walfrid away to London four years after Celtic were born. It is doubtful that any of the moderately well off businessmen who ran Celtic or their family members who inherited them, were Tories, though they all knew the value of a profit.

One thing they certainly were not was a member of the SNP. Though Celtic supporters have had the opportunity to be SNP supporters since 1934 and other nascent Scottish Independence parties from times earlier, this has never been a badge of Celtic-ness and the recent converts to that party have no place in telling us that there is any natural association between the two events.

That not only insults my intelligence, it dishonours the memory of many of our ancestors who, despite contemporary contact with the 1916 Rising, saw no association between Celtic-ness and Scottish Independence.


“The plan to (nearly) fully devolve just income tax and some welfare benefits, was of course designed to put any Scottish government on the spot when Westminster consequently slashed the block grant. With only income tax as a way of raising revenue to offset the worst of the cuts, a Scottish government would be forced to massively raise income tax, or to implement savage cuts.”

Aye, right. The very thing they wanted- devolution of tax raising powers is the very thing they resist, because taking responsibility for your actions and policies is a lot harder and loses you more votes than blaming it all on thae English bassas.

5 years ago
Reply to  SFTB

Another Brit rears his ugly head. This article has nothing to do with the SNP, but as you’ve spun it round as an attack on them it’s clear how dear you hold onto youe butcher’s apron. Without going into great detail regarding the exact powers that may or may not be ‘given’ to Scotland it is clear that a Tory govt. will obviously try and lay a trap with any powers given out and it won’t be about helping Scots have greater autonomy it will be to benifit the political cause of the Right in the UK. I don’t wan’t to insult the intelligence you lay claim to but even an idiot can see that.

5 years ago

Well, both Hector and Bawsman seem to agree that we should be used to shysters in suits because they have been taking our money for years; now its Lords in ermine, then it was Catholics in bad Burton’s off the pegs. I think the difference now is we are better informed and are more able to respond like this site for instance, where the petition details appeared. Boardrooms will always be populated by arseholes because that’s capitalism for you. And Livingston tried to use his poor ancestors as an excuse to be at Celtic and still use his vote to make sure his children will be rich.

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago

We need unity at Celtic not arguments over Politics and shite that should be nowhere near a Football Club.
You want unity then let us find out just how many of us are prepared to get together in numbers to make positive changes at Celtic.
You could do this by going on this thread http://etims.net/?p=8001
read it and do what is needed to get the ball rolling.
Your choice we either put up (£5) or shut up and change nothing.
I believe in change at Celtic change for a better future where we all can have a positive effect.
At least let’s have a go it eh?

5 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Hear Hear! Charlie

Ben murphy
5 years ago

Never a true word spoken

5 years ago

It’s the reason the grounds half empty ,this mob are worse than the last. Real fans are done with this olde worlde board crap , time for fan ownership

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago
Reply to  Tully

There is alot to be said for that Tully I agree.
Again we can find out if this can be a REALITY.
Go and make a start on it mate £5 that’s all it’s going to take.
If we all do this and I mean all of us anything could be possible.
It’s that easy.

Gerry Dorrian
5 years ago

I think politics has no place on these web pages.
It is appalling the references made to Brian Wilson
and John Reid
Many Celtic Fans are members of the Labour Party and
assuming everyone one is pro independence crass
Leave politics at home

The Holy Poet
5 years ago

For Lord Livingston.

The Forming of Glasgow Celtic.

They came over in their thousands
starving and deprived
Destitute and penniless,
these Irish were denied
They had no rights as humans
and treated worse than dogs
As Glasgow would not tolerate
these Irish from the bogs.

Disease was rife and food was scarce
each night a bloody scene
With running battles in the streets
’til one man intervened.
The thought of all this carnage
brought tears to this man’s eyes
And from these bloodied east end streets
Rose up Paradise.
His vision, build a football club
a new game to this land
His plan, to stop the battles,
unite these warring bands

And to feed the sick and needy,
the infirm, the disabled
By putting one square meal a day
upon a friendly table.

St Mary’s church awaited
Just off the Gallowgate
And our club was formally founded
in 1888.
This united Scots and Irish
and the crowds would come along
And the profits made from every game
fed the hungry and forlorn.

He appeased the mobs, through Gaelic,
by stating Celtic was its name
And the Marist Brother Walfrid
watched every single game.
Food upon the table,
one square meal a day
And that charity still exists
that’s The Glasgow Celtic way.

The Holy Poet.

Bob Cordial
5 years ago

Typical Nationalist pish. A***holes like you who probably don’t go to the games since you’re
A. Collecting for foodbanks
B. On an anti-trident march.
C. Attending further education classes intended to explain what 55% means.
are a blight on this Club. We’re here to support our football team. Take your facist politics and sod off elsewhere. FUD!!

5 years ago

Not been on today, not that anyone would notice, 🙂

Goodnight fellow tims 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Jimthetim

I noticed!

5 years ago

It is the boards job to generate revenue for the club. Some of the revenue goes to charitable causes and the rest to the running of the club and paying wages and taxes etc. People on the board need to be both business minded and empathetic to all of their responsibilities no matter if they support one party or another. At Celtic we also want board members who believe in the ethos of the club. We know one of them acted in a way opposite to that by public voting. He was rightly criticised for that. We are all unaware of the rest of the boards politics. I’m unsure what type of utopian world some would like to live in where clubs survive by losing money or having boards members with no business experience. Better to have people who know how to make money on the board who have some social conscience just like having good players who keep the ball and don’t give it away on the pitch. If you want control of the club by shares or take Charlie Saiz’s advice.

Charlie Saiz
5 years ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

Spot on on all accounts BB.
Further to that we could actually have a kind of Eutopia at Celtic.
Celtic could revert back to it’s original purpose.
If the fans actually wanted it that way.
Jock Stein was bang on when he uttered the words “Football is nothing without fans”
Well if you flip that what he is actually saying is we are everything in Football.
We have a massive fan base we have the numbers to buy Our Club outright if we chose to do so.
The same way we could generate funds for Players we could also generate the funds to buy the Share holders out.
It’s whether fans are prepared to do it that determine whether it can be done.
I don’t know the actual figures of Celtic fans I have read figures in and around 9 million that could well be pie in the sky?
Let’s just half it for arguments sake and call it 4.5m
£20 each and we have £90m
I should think that would cover all costs and pay off any outstanding to the Co-Op.
Big Pete could stay on in a Business Capacity just pay him a Salary more in line with the Ethos?
He’s a good Celtic man he’s bound to say yes…isn’t he?
If not pay someone a realistic wage to do the job at a flat rate no Bonus.
it is pie in the sky but it is very achievable.
I would like to see Celtic run as it was intended.
A Football Club set up to help those in need.
Run the Club right maintain a decent squad,maintain the Ground,charge the fans/shareholders a reasonable price for games.
The money left over Charity.
I guarantee if our Club did this our admirers would become pat of what we were.
Our numbers would swell at Celtic forget Global Branding we could surpass all that shite by being so so different from the Corporate shite that is eating the game up.
Advertisers would be falling over themselves to be associated with such an entity.
We would call the tune.
It could be done.

5 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Day one of the revolution Charlie , The Club is InThe Fans hands , now we need a board of directors to do the day to day stuff. Who chooses them ? What is thei criteria for board appointments? Remember no political affiliations allowed because that is what we are trying to Escape from. Now where do we go to find a board that will meet that condition from within the Celtic Support?
Historically I have seen the great and the good on this site demand DD get his hands in his pockets and fund a new team or GTF . There is something hypocritical here reading the blog and some of the follow ups. Celtic are first and foremost a football Club and in my opinion until something changes a well run one .I for one want to see that continue So no more politics for me just football .

5 years ago

It’s not very palatable to have a prominent Tory on the board of CFC, (embarrassing really) given the history of the club. But to have ‘ANY’ dodgy handshaking nefarious, masonic, satanists on the board of directors including the CEO, would be a step too far. The revolution will not be televised, but it will be ‘blogged’

5 years ago
Reply to  schoosh71


Correct me Bhoy!

Wisnae me
5 years ago

So, erm, not giving people money is now the same as taking it out their pockets?

FFS, there are innumerable valid criticisms of the Tories and their policies but lying about what is not actually happening is avoiding real discussions about what we should be doing with or limited resources.

Half the military budget and feed and educate the poor. And pay down the debt gradually. Reduce loopholes, equalize corporation tax between national and multinational companies, etc. Help the currently poor, and their children, to help themselves. That starts by ensuring decent nutrition and education. That has to be paid for by the rest of us and I’m willing to do that for the good of all of us. But giving a political spin on poor Tory policies does not allow that conversation to take place. You hurt your own position. Truth will win out. Eventually. Hopefully.

5 years ago
Reply to  Wisnae me

” Military budget “?

I decommissioned years ago……still got my black beret and Armalite tho…lol

5 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Jesus H Christ. What you like man. A Catholic Orangmen, me thinks.

5 years ago

Good man Monti 🙂 oh by the way Dermot Desmond was very closely related to Charlie Haughey and the Haughey political group. He “loaned” them lots of money. Haughey was hardly a Tory.

5 years ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

Haughey was right-wing on economic issues and had more in common with Maggie Thatcher than either of them might have liked to admit.

Haughey was also an unabashed corrupt thief who stole the equivalent of €37m in today’s money.

Sean e voy
5 years ago

Absolute total drivel from a misguided bam pot !
Hail Hail

5 years ago

Just read that at the recent state banquet for China at Buckingham Palace the wine served (Chateau Haut-Brion) cost £1354 PER BOTTLE! That is almost what a full-time carer in Scotland receives in six months!
This is not what Keir Hardie, James Connolly or John Maclean had in mind. All these great men supported independent socialism in small independent nations, especially Scotland. No contradiction for them. If Labour had supported its early tradition of Home Rule, we could have a social democracy in Scotland by 1930. For shame Gordon Brown,Brian Wilson, Alistair Darling, Jeremy Corbyn and others.
We now have a system where even if Scotland sent 56 Socialists to Westminster, we still couldn’t prevent wine being served at £1354 per bottle! Celtic Football Club shouldn’t be a part of any of that hypocrisy. Draw your own conclusions.

5 years ago

One bottle of wine at recent state banquet for the Chinese cost £1354 per bottle, nearly half what full-time carers are paid for six months 24/7 care!

5 years ago

Sorry. Nearly EQUAL to what full time carers are paid for six months 24/7 care! How Keir Hardie, James Connolly and John Maclean would weep. They supported Home Rule for good reason. Look around us. That’s the reason. We could send 56 men of their calibre to Westminster and it wouldn’t make any difference to the ruling elite.

5 years ago

I didn’t know that I had to be politically vetted in order to be a Celtic fan, I honestly thought we were open to all.

5 years ago

Charlie Haughey right wing? Like Maggie Thatcher? Put the electric soup away. There is no hypocrisy in rich people spending money they earned on expensive things. Or less well off people complaining about rich people and how much they spend. Seems kind of in balance. Simply being wealthy means you are wealthy it says nothing about your character or empathy for others or beliefs or what football club you might support. Sure some rich people are pricks and some less well off people are pricks too. Let’s no be holier than thou and throw around wild generalizations based on how wealthy someone is or is not.

5 years ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

Erm . . . you might want to do some reading up about how Charles Haughey acquired “his” money.

5 years ago

These parasites wouldn’t be near our club but for the money, Celtic people give not take

Lenny Bruce
5 years ago

So, let’s see…….

Vote no = Tory…..

Voting yes an important part of being a Celtic fan…….


A good premise for an article spiralled off into the ether, scuppered by lazy banality.

5 years ago

Well as a Catholic who supports Celtic we by the sheer nature of our religion are right wing I’m happy with that .This is the only country in Europe where Catholics DOMT vote right wing as they see aligning themselves with the Tories .Celtic have always been right wing stop feeling like your the victims and do something about it .. I don’t like abortion I don’t like giving handouts I don’t like the lack of discipline happy with immigrants coming here as long as they work its 2015 … Get of your arses and start doing something constructive and contributing to society ….

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