Celtic Diary Friday September 14

Celtic Diary Friday September 14


Scott Brown, that little bundle of energy and inspiration has revealed he may not need hip surgery after all. Celtics captain says he merely neede a rest to settle some “inflammation around the bones” which has to be good news if true, and if its not then he’d better make sure his insurance is up to date and he knows where to get one of those motability scooters.

He may even make an appearance this weekend as the club travel up to Perth for a league game, which again is featured on the telly.

Perth, which is known as the Fair city, has an important place in early Scottish history, largely due to the presence of Scone Abbey, where Scottish Kings used to be crowned, and henceforth it became a Royal burgh. Early trade with Europe meant the town prospered and grew rapidly, but now its little more than a shopping centre. but the views on the way there are okay. Lots to see, but little to do would be a fair assessment, but seeing as how most travelling supporters only try to find a bar, it won’t be a problem.

Three points and a convincing performance are required to keep the pressure on league leaders Motherwell, and St. johnstone shouldn’t really stand in the way. but i’ve been wrong before.

Meanwhile, an explanation for the rantings of Charles Green may well have surfaced. Various tweets, posts and newspaper lines hint that the FTT decision is at hand, and he really needs to start selling shares before it does, because even the dimmest Rangers fan will keep his hands in his pocket if the full implications come out.

Just a short piece today due to other commitments.

Yesterdays puzzle has rolled over, anbd remember to think about what we did first.


Right, better do some work.