Dreams and a Song to Sing

Dreams and a Song to Sing

We like to think we dont ask you for much. A laugh, a moan and many a smile.

However, we always like to help out where we can,  its the Celtic Way after all, and here is a wee appeal from a friend of the site

The Libations have recorded “Caledonia” and have it for sale on iTunes and Amazon with all the proceeds going to food banks throughout Scotland.




The song is a positive message to everyone and could do with a wee push to really get the ball rolling .

The song is at number 11 in the charts and I am asking if you can please buy the song not just for charitable reasons , but to get a Scottish song at No 1 and played on national radio.

It only costs 79p for the song, every penny is tight we know but all money goes to food banks.

For just 79p,  we can have every radio station in Scotland playing our song and all money goes to food banks

Did we mention – All money goes to food banks


Celts your generosity is legendary, please help if you can, buy the song , and in case you didnt know, all money goes to food banks






Thank you .