Celtic Diary Monday June 30: The Green Shoots Of Recovery ?

Football, as the man said, without fans is nothing.


The rivalry between sets of supporters, especially from the same city can be discouraging at times, but it’s what makes the game tick. In england, they’re finding that out now as they desperately try to make the game appealing for a tv audience as the clus look to stave off finacial oblivion.


So, sometimes its nice to see rivalries thrust aside and genuine respect offered to teams who have achieved something that can be deemed as historic.





Of course, the media in Scotland struggle to bring themselves to say that sort of thing, instead wheeling out anybody who has a bad word to say about Celtic.


Kris Commons (remember him ? ) is the latest former player to find the taste of soup appealing , and he took the Sun’s shilling to lambast Celtic for their treatment of Craig Gordon, the six times league winner who has decided to move on.


“For me, it’s just typical Celtic. They’ve always had this knack of trying to get players as cheap as possible, without bursting the bank. 


Commons, who was brought to Celtic as cheaply as possible without bursting the bank, needs to wind his neck in, to coin a phrase, or he risks undoing the good work done by his wife Lisa Hague, who bought into Celtic and did a lot of work for the associated charities.


As for Gordon, he clearly felt long before the contract offer that his time at Celtic was up, and he goes with our thanks and best wishes, not only for his performances, but for his courage in taking on the role vacated, ironically , by Fraser forster when he himself was low on confidence and had been out with a long time injury.


Whatever way you look at it, that was a brave move, and we wish him all the best.


He will always be remembered as the rock the invincible side was built on, no matter what happens now.






Although if he comes up for a late corner with his new team and knocks us out of the cup, that opinion will change.



The media narrative to sell Alfredo Morelos to keep the lights on at Ibrox is quite clear to anyone who knows how they work, and it was given firther credence by one of our elite team of pish stained drunks who keep an eye on things on the street for us.


We hear that another “rangers ” player, we wont say who but here’s a picture of their defender Barasic,


Borna Barišić - Rangers Football Club, Official Website


has been stalked by a couple of crooks, presumably with robbery in mind, and police have made a couple of arrests.

It seems the stalkers were after his car in exactly the same way the morelos ” stalker ” wasn’t, and one can only wonder why this story hasn’t made the media.


Perhaps they don’t want to force him out, or they don’t want to discourage others from coming to live in a city where players will be targeted off the pitch….after all, if this story was to hit the papers, then it would look like footballers aren’t safe in Glasgow, and the club/company wasn’t capable of looking after them.


Whether or not the story is true I have no idea, as the chap who told us had had an awful lot to drink, but he certainly seemed to believe it, so make your own mind up.


We like to give help where we can to websites that might need a lift, and produce articles that are worthy of wider recognition, and trust me, this, from the 4th Official site, is worthy of wider recognition….


The future


I’m not sure if the author is kidding, but he presents his case for the impending dominance of “rangers ” as well as outlining the hatred within the game for the club/company and its recent shennangians. With this kind of blurb attached it was never going to disappoint…


Rangers kicked by everyone when they were down. They were the easy target. A target who turned on the ‘dignified silence’. No longer is that the case. This decade, everything turns on it’s head. Make sure you RT this superb piece by



Make sure you read it. It’s a comedy classic.



As for top footballers, take time to consider what they have to go through as they earn more in a year than most of us will in a lifetime….





Interestingly, all of the problems they list below the waterline also happen to you and I, without the safety net of thousands of pounds a week….



Which , in turn, makes the news that around 40,000 have now renewed their season books for next year, a truly astonishing show of support that does set the Celtic support apart from others, especially in these difficult times.


The club have extended for another week, but one thing that would be nice is if they got in touch with long term holders who have yet to renew, and asked them if there is anything they can do to help…


Scotland seems to have got a grip on the coronavirus and there may yet be some easing of restrictions without the fear of a second wave that is beginning to make the headlines in England.


Leicester, for example, may be forced into a localised lockdown, though one suspects a chap called brendan rodgers will not only be allowed to leave the town, ut may actively be booted along the M1 by irate supporters who have discovered, ike us, that he’s a one trick pony whose only real interest is brendan rodgers.


And no, he doesn’t deserve capital letters.


To keep things progressing in Scotland, however, there is still one more thing that needs to be done….


Spoof passport control checkpoint on Scottish border set up to ...



Of course, that means that clubs like our own here in Stoke may not be able to attend, but I have been assured that a couple of our members are experienced in illegal cross border operations so we might yet be okay….



And there was a further sign of a return to normality….


Celtic Football Club (from 



Another re-opening announcement!

Following the latest government guidelines, our Belfast, Dublin and Coatbridge stores will open tomorrow, and the #CelticFC Superstore will follow on Tuesday.


Which, in turn, fuelled rumours that the first set of three new kits a year are about to go on sale on Wednesday, which happens to be July 1, which coincides with the end of the New Balance deal…probably.





Former Celt Malky Mackay has been linked with the vacancy at Dundee united, which is a surprise.


I always thought he was a stick on for the Foreign Office…





Of more interest is the possible appointment of Steve MacLaren, a man who has managed England , though not very well, and if he did get the Tannadice job, they may well end up back where they belong quicker than expected.


At the top, that is, before anyone gets in with a thinly disguised jab.



David Marshall, if all else goes tits up ?


Stranger things have happened….



Such as this exchange involving fuckwitted US peppermint Donald Trump, which made me laugh…..














Meanwhile on the subject of world “leaders “, the Mail On sunday was forced to remove the map of Britain from beneath the British Prime minister in this picture as it was thought to outline too clearly what he intends to do to the country….


Boris Johnson sparks public horror after posing doing press-ups on ...




Which brings us nicely to yesterdays caption competition….





Pat Higney

Asda reveal their new ‘Diet Tableware’ range, aimed at the Celtic fan’s market.
Guaranteed you will eat less.





Celtic news: Watch Kris Commons' reaction at Ronny Deila after ...







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Ian Smith

Look Ronny. I want a fucking pie! Go get me a fucking pie!


Caption, ‘Stayin’ aliiiiiive’
What more does it say that the ‘Performance Director’ of the SFA manage a club side who would be favourites to go down.


Must be a leap year!


There they are, see I told you, The *Rangers are coming. Is it no the 29th. or is my diary out of date?


Caption: In a couple of years time I’ll be up there in that commentary box eating my soup so there!

“Way Up there…up..up there…thats the height my Celtic kudos is gonna fall once I get bounced out of here!!”


Hate how a good club servant has to generate a career by slagging off Celtic but nothing can diminish Lisa Hague’s contribution to Celtic, come on Kris you can do better. I wish Craig Gordon all the best, fantastic keeper, his charity work especially the rough sleepers involvement says a lot about him as a person. If we can’t keep Fraser Hart might be worth a look but don’t write off Scott Bain.


Caption: The Commons’ explosion – 410 years late.

caption”I.m a little teapot
short and stout’


He’s on that Robbie Savage bitching gravy train, all puff and no real insights. When have you ever, ever, read an ex-Rangers or Sevco player slaughter their club, club or clubs? Anyway it’s in the S*n so it’s pish.

Yoker Bhoy

Goodbye big Craig and thanks for a few memorable years and some superb performances in which you’ve been pivotal to much of our recent success. One of the best shotstoppers we’ve ever had, you’ll be missed and you’re really far too good for the championship cloggers you’ve just joined but I suppose you have an emotional attachment there. You’re story will be inspirational for other players (especially keepers) who have bounced back to the top against all odds after suffering career-threatening injuries while all your marvellous charity work is greatly appreciated. All the best for the future big fella and… Read more »

Stevie D

Ralph, that 4th Official piece: truly jaw dropping nonsense. They never cease to amaze me.


caption fat barsteward fights his way to the soup

Caption “let’s see you do the Ronnie Roar in front of them.

Spoiler: he didn’t.


gordon made a lotta money ooty celtic if he disnae want to sign the contract he leaves wae ma good wishes but he should stop the fookin whingin


Caption – I am telling you the leak is coming from there, right fucking there Ronny ya dick!


Caption: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…..it’s souper subbed!


Caption : “And another thing. It’s pissing down. Do I get a jacket. No I don’t. Well you want to see the jackets Sky give you!”


Gordon wants first team football, that he will not get with Celtic. Commons the mouthpiece of Sky knows better, mumbling inanities for his crumbs from the SMSM.


I am the greatest thing since sliced bread you mugs!


“can you see the 5 ronny out banners?”


id love to punch Collins in the face with that expression he is making


Caption: Hi Buzz Lightyear – to finity and behind ya wee tadger.


Well Ah don’t know why Ah came here the night Ah’ve goat a feelin’ we’re gonny be shite Ah’m so scared the referee will be fair An’ that means nae penalties fur ra ‘Gers Clowns oan the left wing, haddies oan the right Here Ah am, stuck watchin’ diddies in blue. Aye Ah’m stuck watchin’ diddies in blue An’ Ah wonder whit the fuck Ah kin do It’s so hard tae pit a smile oan ma face We keep gettin’ gubbed aw over the place Clowns oan the left wing, haddies oan the right Here Ah am, stuck watchin’ diddies… Read more »

Another GEM Maestro…..

kevlar frimpong

Kris saying “if andy haliday can do and be claimed as a hero, maybe i can too.
to the “sun” oh yeah i can make up grubby stories about celtic as long as it pays well”

Rob O'Keeffe

Ralph? Could I ask you a polite question? Of the problems below the surface,do you diet? Have a Strict Daily Regimen? Have relations with your coach? Make countless sacrifices?…..

Rob O'Keeffe

Official statement (maybe) just in from PolisScotland.We can confirm that the two persons arrested for fancying knocking Mr.Barasic’s motor were asylum seekers who simply wanted more…..Signed DCI M.MacKay….


“Sky , Just right up there; They’re there and they’re always there. Reporting pish about Celtic And God willing I’ll be up there soon doing the same ”

Caption: Fukin 5 euros for a pie JC over there and you want chicken pasta fuck off

Good Luck to Big Craig done us proud. His penalty save against Hapoel to get us to the champions league one of my highlights. Brilliant shot stopper and always had time for the supporters. Good Luck.
If we only make 1 signing this window then it has to be Forster. The squad can cope as long as others don’t leave.
Def back 3
Ajer Jullien El Hamed
Midfield 5
Christie Brown McGregor Rogic Forrest
2 up
Eduard Griff
Squad players
Bain Bitton Frimpong Taylor Ntcham Mikey Kimala.
If AJer and Edouard were sold and we didn’t secure Forster big trouble.


Got Married today to my love i am now officially Mrs Fox


Right well, get in the kitchen and make your man’s tea!!
Only joking Una, congratulations hen!!!




montys gonny be devastated


Thanks Everyone


away an throw shite at the moon ya bawbag


Caption: All I’ve got to look forward to is 3 hours in a tiny room up there listening to Kris Boyd and you f*ckin’ sub me!

Snudge 67

On the Commons thing, his wife is also a nasty piece of work and I imagine that is why they seem so well suited.

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