Celtic Diary Saturday June 27: Hart Stopping ?

With the media coming around to the fact that Neil Lennon has been interested in acquiring Joe Hart for some time, it’s no surprise to see that his mistakes have been highlighted rather than his achievements.


I was fairly sure that I’d mentioned this interest in the former England keeper, and so searched the site, and I did find something….from October 2013


I went on to Joe Harts website , to see if he had anything to say, but it damaged my computer. It won’t save anything now. 


Looks like I’ve always been a fan.


Hart may have lost his way a bit, and the media in England are merciless once they find a scapegoat for their consistent underachievement, but there isn;t anything wrong there that can’t be put right. In Stevie woods, Celtic have an excellent goalkeeping coach who could easily kickstart Hart’s career, and bear in mind, he is only 33, a positive foetus as far as keepers go.


But what has been missed is that Hart is apparently the go to guy if we don’t get Forster signed up again, either on loan or on a permanent deal, when in fact, the manager wants both….


Craig Gordon has no intention of staying at Celtic, and the club knows that.


Calum Macgregor has been out and about in is new work clothes….




The new Adidas kits will be on sale soon, and for some reason everyone is looking forward to the new strip, which will be green, with white hoops.

All that matters is that unlike the first Nike effort, they stay that way when they are washed. I’m not sure i get all the fuss , to be honest, as none of us have seen the quality of the kits and thats surely what matters.


The covid pandemic may be easing off in Scotland, but it’s still apparent that some people still don’t quite understand what it’s all about.




I’ll answer that one, if you don’t mind, Stephen.


Hairdressers don’t normally have 60,000 people converging on their shop from all over the country via cars, trains buses and even aeroplanes.


They tend to find that their customers do not indulge in hearty renditions of folk songs, and if they make a mistake they don’t face spittle laden verbal abuse, which may not be the safest form of communication these days.


There is no comparison to be made between small businesses and large sporting arenas, and the article is a sign that the media are starting to pressure the authorities into making a serious mistake, for what reason i’m not sure, but it’s certainly not a sensible reason.


One club and support who are delighted with the inaction must be “rangers “…as ever, when there is no football, they seem to have never had it so good, even if the stories do have a familiar feel to them… from yesterday’s Sun…



RANGERS are working on plans for a ‘revolutionary’ new pitch, according to reports.

Gers have ripped up the playing surface and relaid new turf ahead of the 2020/21 season. 

Actually, they ripped it up before the 19/20 season was halted, presumably in case it wasn’t.


But the Athletic say it could just be the beginning of a completely revamped arena. 

Ah…just one report, then. from the Athletic, which means it’s not really a report.

They say chief groundsman, David Roxburgh, has created a ‘masterplan’ for the next pitch revamp which will be ‘the first of its kind’. 


He’s been out on the beer and doing a bit of doodling.

The pitch at Ibrox is currently only semi-hybrid unlike Celtic Park and Tynecastle which are full hybrid pitches.

Reports claim the new work could see several thousand more seats added to the lower tiers by lowering the pitch as well as work to revamp the hospitality suites. 

Reports ? Thought it was just the one…

The Ibrox surface came under scrutiny last season after a match was called off against Livingston due to heavy rain and was criticised during a Europa League match.

Speaking last summer, managing director Stewart Robertson admitted they were working with an outside consultancy firm to see if dropping the pitch in a bid to accommodate up to 6,000 extra seats at Ibrox was possible.

He said: “It’s something we’re looking at just now. We won’t see anything as grand as another tier built on top of one of the existing stands.

“However, we are exploring ways we can add additional seating into the stadium. I don’t see it being another 10,000, it would maybe be low thousands.

“There are feasibility works going on at this moment and we’re probably two or three months away from knowing whether it will be possible or not.” 


Last summer, it was going to be two or three months before they’d know if it was feasible, although the one thing missing from any of the reports is any sort of detail, presumably because the last time they harped on about doing the place up details such as floating pitches, hotels and casinos were shown to be nonsense….


And anyway, wouldn’t they have to ask the owners for permission to make any alterations.


however, a wee bot of digging, and a few phone calls, and I can exclusively reveal what the old place will look like after the builders have been in….


Tesco latest shopping rules as half price F&F clothing sale sparks ...



At least it’ll still be red, white and blue.


Something else that might annoy them, Celtic are on 110 trophies, which isn;t that far behind Al Ahly, the club that can at least say it has a legitimate claim to being the most successful in the world….




None of which actually count, of course, because Rangers weren’t involved, but Celtic could catch them relatively soon, which would cause more broken hearts down Ibrox way, if they are still around, that is.


Finally, here’s a story with a moral we should all take heed of…





Yesterday, we had this…




Man in Denial


Sevco The Rangers* lower their pitch and the impact on the water table brings an unexpected bonus as the submariners can now join in Imperialist forces day at Aye Brokes  








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Yoker Bhoy

A futuristic panorama of late 21st century Ibrox Park, as local in-breeding hits unprecedented levels.

Yoker Bhoy

Joe Hart would be a dream acquisition for us. Arguably the best goalie in the world not so very long ago. It’d be pretty handy to have him AND big Fraser for next season. Stranger things have happened.


Its getting near dark,Joe Hartll glow in Purple.

Do all keepers to keep go holy bald?


Deep breath Joseph.


A short career is Football thou doused with that effin post and that cross bar.

I sent a keeper.


You`ll always beat a keeper at his feet.Not unless he chases you over the fence,then your Mammy puts him back in his place.

Then nutmeg him next time and deck him within the 18 yards box.

Protected species shirley?


Leigh`s to billet Joe.


Yoker Bhoy,not a chance in hell we`re to know.

Though often sublime.

I cannot agree Yoker Bhoy. Hart concedes too many goals which look a bit iffy. Forster and Gordon make big saves at crucial times in games – Hart only saves what you would expect him to save and not always 100% of the time.


The question is whos to keep?
Bain on his own?
s an expensive of not at Celtic and all.

I dont like wearing gloves myself.

See, a keeperll hate Lawwell.Never a doubt.
Are we up to the 7th year itch with players?

God Bless Patryk.

Smoke the belvedere.

Yoker Bhoy

On the basis of recent form you’re most probably spot on Dorset. To be honest I haven’t kept tabs on him for the last two or three years so I don’t really know how bad his slump in form has been. My opinion is based on how brilliant he was for both Man City and England (no fewer than 75 caps) over a number of years together with immense top level experience that neither Gordon or Foster has ever had. It’s also based on how Forster, Gordon and even Scott Bain, to a lesser extent, after suffering horrendous injuries and/or… Read more »


Caption : ‘F**k sake, first it’s Goldilocks, now it’s Nacho f**king Nova. It’s MA porridge!’

Caption,the union bears turn on Chic Young for wearing adidas


All over Hampden, we chased you all over Hampden.


Caption: Jim Farry takes exception to the bears attempt of getting it’s kill registered.


Caption: going for 55 you say!


Sub reacts to high attrition rate from Slippys commander.

Whats the matter with you bear?


Caption: 2012 and Jim Traynor shouts, “Look, Charles told me, it is the same club ya stupit bear”!

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Bear on bear action as an argument breaks out over their own racism

Salad queen

Yer no shoving that suppository up ma bum


New Sevco players bus defended against Union Bears.

The cry for crowds at stadiums by McGowan is clueless. The EPL are playing there games behind closed doors, but it has been mayhem in the pool since the league won by Liverpool.
As for the Sevco lowering the pitch, probably digging for hidden wealth/water to assist them in winning their first real trophy
As for Hart he will not be cheap, better to keep the Wall.


Caption: The bear is running because the guy’s stick…isnae actually a stick!

pilsbury dough bhoy

Naw, it’s no the same club. It’s a different club, as you’re about to find out, ya bam


Caption – John Brown demonstrates new training regime to toughen up gers after last seasons post Christmas title surrender!


caption av telt you afore sooty shit in the woods no ma fookin gerden


Jimmy bell(end) rounds up the bears to board the bus for the first away game …


Seems we’re back to where we were on defence. If Ajer stays, we still need a backup. We need one RB, one CB, another LB. Frimpong is a right wingback IMO, Taylor is a LB. Letting Hayes go makes no kind of sense. We lost a LB, left wingback and winger in one fell swoop. We have Ntcham, Soro and Bitton in midfield but we could use someone to back up Forrest. Defence right now is where we’re thin. Get Forster sorted, get McKenna and Aaron Hickey in. Don’t let this drag on.


Will the ex Celtic player and the current Hearts player much in demand by top European clubs come back to Celtic park? Aaron Hickey- left back, (once a Celt always a Celt) be coming home as competition for Gregg Taylor? Its been said that Celtic could waive their 30% buying-transfer clause to get him. With an 82% successful passing rate, given time he is a fine young player, with our coaches he would fit right in. For the first time in years I thought that I would look at Celtic wiki and look back with fresh eyes at.. “The Biscuit… Read more »


Aaron Hickey got his arse felt playing too high up the park against experienced players.

It was embarrassing his Manager let him play so. Though he kept the shy-line his.

Defending,Greg Taylor wont let you in the box.

Never turn your back. It`s just a ball on the grass.Not you.


Mike, I remember in my youth being happy that Celtic were run by the Kelly’s White’s & Grant’s to name a few, i was too young probably to fully understand. Start of the 90’s i was nineteen ( years old not stones ), we were pish bit into the Jungle i’d be, proud as fucking punch to be there, it was Celtic, good or bad? Fuck it, it was still the Celts. As the years moved on & we learned how this board were running the club, the penny dropped, they had to fucking go. Do you remember the days… Read more »


Monti, we were all happy then, in those seemingly innocent days. We trusted those that run the club, thinking that like us, all they wanted was a successful Celtic, how wrong we were. I got to Kevin Kelly’s page and up popped Torbett’s picture and Kevin Kelly was named as the President of Celtic Boys Club. My stomach churned and I felt sick. James Farrell was a kind of loner, Michael Kelly an arse and the rest were just at it. Remember Cambuslang, jeezo. I didnt trust Dempsey though although he was at the forefront of “Celts for Change”. The… Read more »

Caption: FFS you never told me he had a gun gramps yer on yer own.

it’s Friday night in Govan and the Bears suit up to go Klubbing.


Zoo at the hoose.Who else has? Kids are away to the bush glamping for the night. Unknown to me the better half volunteered to animal sit. Ive the 2 dogs(one blind) and a cat(who rules the roost).Theyve between them have 1 goose,2 ducks and a dog. My mate comes round and lets the cat out the back door. He jumps in to help.He ends up with a duck hanging off his arse,the cat has the goose cornered,the 3 dogs are just lying there thinking WTF and im feeding the other duck a beer. Yet its all my fault because i`m… Read more »


Would it not be nice to watch players feeding Edouard,Griffiths,Forrest and Klimala for the next 2-3 seasons.

Admiration for all.


The business/company/club has to change.
Change is good till two pockets need to be filled and filled in a considerate manner.

Still our game.


The Blessed Martin is to be involved this season.

Also,Finding Frimpong animation movie is to Premiere.
Lanarkshire Referees’ Association are his only critics.

They`re after you wee man.Though we all know why.(£7m)
Make them make excuses.


Is the next signed Celtic player a penalty taker?
Cause they think theyll take us there.

Oh the sevco are shite.

sevco doon the watter genre FC.


sevco are selling spare parts.


Help,he thinks i`m Morag.


Kenny Miller has been seen at construction cost of £14 million,Auchenhowie.

Improvements were completed in 2019 though they`ve been under the intervening weather ever so.

Somebody let that slip!


There`s nothing wrong with the left peg.
Take it up with the SFA.


SFA,you`re to mind out.


Stand well back Ghirls and Bhoys.
There will be purifying equipment by which a water supply is obtained and distributed at Ibrox.


pilsbury dough bhoy

Allow me to introduce you to my EBT. My Emergency Bear Truncheon


There`s no need to look down.You know where the ball is.

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