Celtic Diary Wednesday April 15: On The Brink

Celtic Diary Wednesday April 15: On The Brink

There’s a lot of things that are either changing or about to change these days.

Not only material things, or political earthquakes, but a way in which people think about things. Small changes at first, followed by seismic shifts which could go either way.

For better or worse remains to be seen, as the old, conservative ways are challenged by new ideas. largely brought about by massive technological leaps made necessary by the current health crisis.

These changes are coming from the east, which has overtaken the west in development, simply because it had to.

Whereas our lollygagging leaders have fed the masses with fast food, anti depressants and statins, they have moved into health, hygiene and perhaps most importantly, encouraged innovation.

We just wash our hands for twenty seconds and sing happy birthday.


In the microcosm of Scottish football, the conservative SFA/SPFL cabal have just done enough to get by, with piss poor marketing leading to the bare minimum of revenue, and that revenue is about to run out, which has caused all kinds of kerfuffle among clubs who need it, clubs who want it and clubs who don’t give a toss as long as doesn;t affect them.

Football isn’t going to return any time soon, and even next season remains an uncertain event, never mnd the rest of this one.


There has been no desire for change, and as a result when something comes along that threatens the status quo, they are at a loss to deal with it. but they know they will have to, it’s just a matter of tidying up this season and thinking of something bright and breezy for next.



The realisation that they are tied in to sponsors, tv companies and UEFA means that they have no real control over the game, and clubs are now realising that as well, which has led to all manner of tantrums from all level of clubs with a few notable and honest exceptions.

Actually, most have been honourable and exceptional, and the common denominator between the others is that old scoundrel Ibrox.

From the old club that ignored the rules to the new club that wants to disregard them, that vein runs through the current brouhaha bringing its poison to everything it touches.


Just like the old club really, this time the venomous body just has a different face.

Or faces.


The print media, conservative as well as largely right wing, have shown that they are on the side of the blue pound, a phrase used somewhat inaccurately to describe the spending power of the Ibrox hordes, which in fact didn’t even amount to enough to save their original club, and is not exactly pushing the current one into any kind of security either.


for instance, here’s how the Herald…similar readership to the diary, but with a crossword, which we are introducing soon, by the way, reports one side of the current debate about whether or not the season should be ended for the lower league clubs, so that “rangers ” can borrow a few quid to get some bits and bobs to see them through the week…



Fair enough, just the facts, no comment, however, on the underhandedness of collusion behind closed doors…



The choice of wording is significant.

He didn;t get what he wanted, which happens, but the text uses words that valdiate his grievances, and as is common in the Scottish sports media, what the “rebels “, such as “rangers ” and their acolytes have done, or are supposed to have done, or had done to them, drives the narrative as it is implied to be factual, leaving the SFA/SPFL on the defensive even though they have done exactly what they said they would do and followed the rules that everyone else should have been aware of.


Reminiscent of 2011-12 when the whole world was against them and how they were treated disgracefully when oin fact all that happened was they were dodging their taxes, creditors and had no intention of paying either as long as their friends in high places could cover for them and blame everyone else.


Even when they did go into liquidation and cease to exist as a club, the media took no notice and carried on regardless, such was the fear of losing the blue pound, the single most ineffective unit of currency in the history of economics.

The film , as many of us knew it would, is showing again at a theatre near you, and yet again, the Ibrox entity is whipping it’s support into a frenzy about how everyone hates them and wants them to suffer and so on and so forth.

This time, however, the word on the streets is that enougb is enough.

The Ibrox franchise is up for grabs again, and the rest of Scottish football is not going to put up with their nonsense any longer than it has to.

The SPFL is the voise of the clubs, Neil Doncaster is merely a spokesman, and just as in the big wide world, there is change coming, but it will not be all about one club, as that club isn’t going to be around much longer, and it’s replacement will have to toe the line, and if you want to know why….

Simple really.

It dawned on me when the US medical advisor Joe Fauci said he thought handshakes would be a thing of the past.

Those poor bastards at the SFA won;t even recognise each other any more, and will have to find other work, leaving the way clear for bright new innovative thinking.


A brave new world, freed from bigotry, hatred and corruption may not happen outside of Scottish football, but if we want it enough, it can be done inside it…


Yesterday, we had this…




Caption: The buzz about the place was clearly the sound of a hair dryer