Celtic Diary Tuesday January 7: Interview With A Vampire

Ryan Christie has been banned for three games after an SFA Disiplinary Panel, or whatever it is they call it, found2
him guilty of checking to see what Alfredo Morelos had in his shorts.

The BBC said;

Celtic are “extremely disappointed” over Ryan Christie’s three-match ban after he was found guilty of grabbing Alfredo Morelos by the genitals.

The Scotland player, 24, was charged with violent conduct following Celtic’s 2-1 loss to Rangers on 29 December.

A hearing on Monday upheld a two-game ban, with a further one added due to a previous red against Livingston. 

The Scottish Premiership leaders said the sanction “demonstrates a worrying lack of consistency”. 

Midfielder Christie will miss the Scottish Cup tie with Partick Thistle and league games against Kilmarnock and Ross County later this month.

However, he was a doubt for those fixtures after undergoing groin surgery due to an injury sustained in the final Old Firm match of 2019.

Christie had been booked by referee Kevin Clancy earlier in the match but escaped punishment over the incident with striker Morelos.

This time last year, Celtic claimed Christie was the victim of a similar offence – at the hands of Morelos – in Rangers’ 1-0 Old Firm win last Christmas, but the Colombian did not face any sanction.

Christie, of course, was merely looking for the balls that seem to have disappeared from Celtic ever since Fergus McCann left.

The SFA disciplinary panel sits to adjudicate on incidents in a match that perhaps the officials missed, and is drawn randomly from members of the public.

Image result for orange lodge

The full Celtic statement, commendably written whilst the spokesman was lying on his back having his tummy tickled, said;

Celtic Football Club and Ryan Christie are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the hearing today. 

Given the recent treatment of Celtic players and the lack of sanctions being imposed on those responsible, the fact that a sanction has been imposed on Ryan for the incident in question demonstrates a worrying lack of consistency in the Scottish FA fast track process.

Naturally, we will be contacting the Scottish FA regarding our concerns. Scottish football deserves a disciplinary process which is fair, consistent and fit for purpose.

I’ve read it twice.

Nowhere does it say  “Are you taking the piss ? ”

Nowhere does it say “Well , you can stick your Scottish Cup up your arse then. ”

One supporter asked me yesterday if I could remind him why we support this club.

We ?

With three trebles already in the bag, one feels that missing out on one for the right reasons this season wouldn’t be so bad. The powers that be depended so much on the blue pound that they broke all the rules in the book to pretend their liquidation never happened, so perhaps Celtic should give them a taste of what life could be like without the green pound.

I may even set up an online petition to that effect, depending on feedback from our support. Some of whom even read the Diary.

Withdrawal from the tournament would almost certainly guarantee the first major trophy at Ibrox in that club/companies history, but if Celtic’s titles don’t count because Rangers had hurtled off the edge of the cliff into financial oblivion, the surely their cup win wouldn’t count either, as their biggest rivals weren’t arsed about it.

If there are penalties to be paid for such a withdrawal, then simply being outplayed by our first opponents and losing 37-0, which would be a record score for properly governed  football-I use that term fairly loosely when referring to Scottish football- would certainly attract headlines around the world.


Meanwhile, Scott Sinclair is  fed up of sitting around the house when all his pals are out playing football,  though frankly I can’t understand why.

Image result for helen flanagan

Sadly,  it appears one of our most reliable and capable performers been given permission to talk to Preston.

Scott Sinclair is to have talks with Preston as his Celtic career looks to be coming to an end.

The PA news agency understand the 30-year-old winger is set to make his way from the Hoops winter training camp in Dubai to hold discussions with Deepdale boss Alex Neil.

Sinclair is in the final six months of his contract with the Ladbrokes Premiership champions and has been frozen out by Parkhead boss Neil Lennon.

The former Swansea, Manchester City and Aston Villa player has made just seven appearances for Celtic this season, the last being a dead rubber Europa League game against Cluj in Romania in December.

Sinclair was signed by Brendan Rodgers from Villa in August 2016 for a reported £3.5million fee.

He scored a debut winner in the 2-1 victory over Hearts at Tynecastle and became a key part of the Celtic side which won the domestic treble treble.

Preston sit 10th in the Championship and are fighting to earn a play-off spot 

In the English Championship, they don’t really play what we’d call football, they fight.


If Sinclair has decided to go, and with Lawwell desperate to get him off the wage bill as he earns nearly as much as him, we wish him well.

He has never moaned, behaved exceptionally well despite being frozen out and suffering the jibes of his friends and neighbours who keep posting pictures of Lewis Morgan through his door with “ha ha ” written on them, and always puts in a shift when he pulls on the hoops.

In fact, if any young footballers are looking for a role model, they could do much worse than look at how Scott Sinclair has handled his career at Celtic.

Thank you, Scott, and you’re welcome back at Celtic any time, and I’ll get you a beer in if you lend me a tenner.

Image result for scott sinclair celtic


If Sinclair leaves, then Celtic will have a more than decent wage to give to someone else. We are aware that Neil Lennon wanted Victor Wanyama on loan last summer, but the price to be paid was Sinclair, and maybe having just handed Sinclair a years extension and telling the forward he was very much part of his plans made Lennon feel a little awkward, even if he could have realistically blamed Peter and His Pragmatic Purse.

Does that mean Wanyama is back on the radar ?

Or will the money be pout towards Ollie Watkins, the Brentford forward recently mentioned in despatches by a man who knew where the goal was, nine other than the intellectually challenged soup slurper Charlie Nicholas.

“I have watched a lot of this boy and he gets better and better every time I see him.

“The Englishman has scored 17 goals in 26 Championship games this season and can also play wide on the left.

My doubts began when we were expected to believe Nicholas described him as an Englishman, simply because thats not how people talk.

Even Nicholas.

Brentford know he is going to be a top player. I’m not sure what his exact value is but it will be a lot more when the EPL clubs start to come in.

“At that point Celtic would have to forget him but they have a chance of nicking him this month for £10-12million.”

“Is that such a big price to pay if he helps see off Rangers in the title race?” 

Just as well Charlie hasn’t drawn any attention to him then.


Anyway, we hear there will be some incomings this week, as we have  eyes and ears doing q and a’s even as far away as Dubai…



On that note, I suppose we’d better bring in Peter Lawwell, the current CEO at Celtic.

This interview is an excercise in psychology, a scientific discipline for using rats to determine behaviour.

Image result for brendan rodgers

No, not that one.

Furry ones.

Oh, that reminds me, Etims are looking for someone who knows how to do photoshop, say, perhaps putting false beards on photographs of people to enable gags to flow much easier.


The interview with Lawwell did not take place. In fact, we’re going to prove a little point here about how our media, and in fairness, most media and most peoples minds work.

It’s known in psychology circles as something called Confirmation Bias, and it claims that we only read and acknowledge what we feel we already know.

For example, which of these two statements sre true.

a) “The Scottish mainstream sports media are a hard working and fearless unit, employing only those at the very top of their profession. ”


b) “The Scottish mainstream sports media are fed on a diet of succulent lamb and are shit scared of doing or saying anything that will upset whichever financially stricken club/company plays out of Ibrox


If the psychologists are correct, you will have dismissed on of those statements as tur, and one of them as false.

I’m probably on the point of spotting which one, and that means no matter what the Scottish mainstream media says, or what anyone says in the SMSM, you will either nod in agreement or dismiss it entirely, and whether it’s actually true or not doesn’t matter.


Which is why we don’t actually need Lawwell for this interview, or indeed why any vehicle needs anyone for any interview.

It’s the perception of Lawwell that is imprtant in this “interview “, which should keep the lawyers away.

It’s not what is contained within an article that matters, but where it appears and who has written it that matters to the reader.


So, for the purposes of this exercise, we will put a few questions to our fictional Lawwell, and offer a few answers that he may have given us.

You will subconsciously pick the answer you will feel suits the image you have of the man, and form an opinion based on your won…opinions.

If I’m correct, a pattern will appear…which I will explain at the end.


Q) Peter, thanks for coming, and giving some of your valuable time.

a) No problem, but as you are aware, running Celtic is an all consuming position, and from time to time I may have to take calls, or perhaps be asked to deal with an urgent matter that has arisen.

b) Always happy to talk to supporters and hear their concerns 

c) Am I getting paid for this ? 

Q) You’ve been Celtic CEO now since 2003, such longevity in a position such as your within industry is unusual, Do you consider it to be a labour of love ?

a) It’s a job, and I try to do it to the best of my ability. It’s hard work, but ultimately extremely satisfying

b) I’m a Celtic supporter, and I’m just delighted that my own skills, be they what they may, and it’s not for me to comment on those, are exactly what the board feels are needed. but I’m just like you,and if i wasn;t working here, i’d be out their cheering the lads on. 

c) Have you seen what they’re paying me ?  

Q) Critics have said that at times you haven’t quite got the clubs interest at heart, and there are times, such as in the Ryan Christie hearing, you aren’t prepared to fight for the image of the club,or it’s supporters,  in the same way your predecessors , such as Fergus McCann, did when they felt the SFA, or the police,  were treating Celtic and it’s support, differently from the way they treat other clubs/companies. How do you feel about that ?

a) Sometimes what appears in the media is at discourse with what is happening through back channels or in private meetings. Sometimes agreements are made that demands secrecy to save face for those we are dealing with in order to gain what we want, and the media, as you knw, do not always report events in a way that shows me, or Celtic in a favourable light. 

b) I find this hard to understand, but appreciate it may be a lack of communication on my behalf. In order to run a business of this size successfully, and in order to get what is best for the club and it’s supporters, it’s often necessary to adopt a character or persona, if you like, that sometimes gives the impression that I am not a Celtic supporter. Sometimes it may appear, in fact, that I am not, and if I may, i’d like to assure everyone that everything i do, however it may appear, I do in the interests of Celtic and the Celtic family, because although sometimes it may not always be clear, let me make it clear now, if I may, , I bleed green and white just as much as anyone who else who gets those butterflies before a big game. 

c) Frankly, I get paid no matter what happens, so I couldn’t give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. and anyway, once the season book money is in, it’s not like they’re going to get a refund. Are we nearly done ? 

Q) Just a couple more. Celtic are a club built on the ethics of socialism and charity, helping those who have found themselves in a position, through no fault of their own, in circumstances that perhaos mean they have no roof over their head, or if they do, not enough food to put on the table. Do you think the club should be doing more to help those individuals, and the charities that help them to perhaps at least attain some relief in their hardship.

a) People forget that this is a business, and as a business we have to consider how we spend each and every “thin dime ” to paraphrase one of my predecessors, and supporters would probably be surprised to know that not all of the work we do for the poor not only here in Scotland, but throughout the world, is reported in the media. In fact, a lot of what we do is done quietly and without desire for publicity, for it is the very nature of a charitable gesture that we should not be looking for , or seen to be looking for, doing what is at the core of the Celtic ideal. 

b) As far as i’m concerned, the whole ethis of the club is about maing peoples lives better, and it’s one of the reasons I am, and will always be, a Celtic supporter. I’m proud of what Brother Walfrid did back in the early days, and it’s what makes Celtic a club like no other. 

c) Oh, here we go, socialism again. I’m not going to bust a nut for this place day in, day out and give it away to people who think they’re poor because they haven’t got the latest flat screen telly or the newest smartphone. And anyway, they’d only spend it on beer, fags and drugs. Can i go now, there’s a fellow coming to quote me on a new heated driveway because this one has got a puddle on it ? 

Q) Just one more, Resolution 12. It’s now evident that Rangers did give false information to the SFA regarding whether a tax payable had crystallised, meaning they were ineligble to compete in Europe competition in what turned out to be their final season  That in turn was covered up by certain people in the SFA who, due to their conflicted interest, knew that Rangers needed the money to stave off administration and ultimately liquidation. Do you feel you have done enough to gain suitable recompense, and enough to seek justice on behalf of the club ?

a)  Football is a business, there are certain outside bodies, such as sponsors, tv companies and others who dem the “Old Firm ” as essential to their investment. I am working behind the scenes to seek alternatives to this somewhat compromising situation, but in the real world, if we want Celtic to go to the next level, we have to consider all the implications of pursuing the Resolution 12 to its conclusion, and perhaps the disadvantages of doing so outwieigh the financial benefits of moving on, and what we need to focus on is the future, and not the past. 

b) As a supporter, I want this to be dealt with in the interests of the club, and in the interests of fair play. I fully understand that some fans feel they are paying into a rigged game, where perhaps the results are decided in the interests of fiscal gain, and thats not why I became a Celtic supporter. Far from it, and in order to be absolutely sure of the ground we stand on when we challenge those who have brought our game in this country into disrepute, and tainted it with the smell of corruption, I need proof. 

I need a smoking gun 

c) Look you know they did it, I know they did it. So fucking what ? You think Sky will pay for Celtic v Hamilton four times a season ? Sometimes you have to go with the flow, and turn a blind eye to things that are inherently wrong, oh…fuck…I know where this is going. 

You’ve got that fucking email about the 5 way agreement they sent to me and Eric that i said I hadn’t seen, haven’t you ?  


If you chose mostly A’s, then your perception of Lawwell, based on what you have seen or heard, as that is how most of us form an impression of someone we don’t know, then you think he is a hard nosed businessman wirth every penny for the undoubted effort he puts in to ensure Celtic are fiscally competitive at a level beyond domestic football

B’s would suggest you feel he is one of us, and he’s doing the best he can in a difficult environment not for personal gain, but for his own love of the club and the ethos of the club. It might also suggest you’re as dumb as the hole in a cows arse.

C’s would suggest that perhaps our CEO needs to look at hiring someone who does image makeovers.

And remember, as this is an exercise based on confirmation bias, my guess is nothing you have read during this experiment has changed your mind one little bit.


Yesterday, we had this…

Image result for regan and doncaster

Man in denial about his helipad

Yes we know Rangers died but…… 




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Caption: ” look boys, it’s Regan & Doncaster….a right pair of tits “


I always assumed that Stewart Regan was the problem at the SFA. as events now show that nothing has changed since his departure, I was wrong. We know that there was several versions of the 5 Way agreement, version one included stripping the titles and trophies, was this the version that Lawwell got? We will not know until it is published. Paul Larkins blog suggests that there is a-side-letter (yep another one) which came from Doncaster to Sevco to assure them that they had nothing to worry about then, or in the future with regards the 5 Way agreement, you… Read more »

The final draft was put to SPL Board members which included Eric Riley on 27 July 2012. PL was also sent it. Simply by not replying within a day, agreement was given. Side letter rightly said Sevco would not face sanctions for ebt use as they were not RFC. (Problem is subsequent treating Sevco as RFC) Agreement contained clause requiring CAS as adjudicator, so any SFA enquiry would end up there. Celtic would know this unless no one read the final draft when it was delivered. It turned out to be a useful cul de sac to drive Res12 into.… Read more »

26 July typo


THAT is just so wrong on many different levels, sleekit and underhand. So many people involved who should be nowhere near any kind of sport, cash before integrity.. Presumably the titles and trophies removal was removed from that final draft? and yet he still agreed to it? It suggests that as we expected Lawwell was leading the Resolutioners down the garden path, he never had any intention to take Res.12. any further forward and he didn’t want anyone to find out about his collusion with the governing bodies. Will he ever agree to it going to CAS? it certainly doesn’t… Read more »


Agree fully with your last point, in my longer reply which has been hooked, I put down my feelings on all the shenanigans carried out to achieve the seemingly continuation myth.Despicable.


SDM still owes Bankier a pound.

Effective not-so-secret society.

Their thing.


Holidays and car crashes…how convenient.


Is this really the two new members of our board


don’t pull out the tournament but don’t go to a Scottish cup match

Victor Veritas

The official club statement leads me to conclude that we have the worst, most disconnected board in world football. Why did we not have the balls to issue a statement backed up with video evidence of the many unpunished red and yellow card offences of Moreorless (less). Tell It like it is and back it up with video evidence. When are the clowns on the board going to defend us from the false racist claims re the Colombian throat -slitter-gesturer ? When will the sfa be held to account for Res 12? When we will our plc board go down… Read more »

John mcghee



Allocation of Celtic away games should be member numbered allocation.

If you cant make it,tick a box to pass it on.

Over 90-120 minutes of the game,if you arnt allowed to stand up and support,what`s the point.


Only Celtic Players are told to tuck their shirts in.

They`re bringing back the staunch.


They`ll bloodbath for 2 bob.

Victor Veritas

From an early age the Celtic plc board saw themselves as separate and aloof from those paying at the turnstiles

Solution: let’s bring back Celts for Change and bring the board down

Etims why should the SFA change, and you know, act without bias, when there is a stampede of Celtic fans to give them their hard-earned cash every time there’s a cup game? Celtic fans can’t be that bothered about the cheating if they are willing to fund a corrupt organisation. Money talks louder than shouting Fuck the SFA. Bhoycott them into impartiality if you want change, anything else is just noise.

Patrick O Hara

Eton boys wait on ship stewards to carry their luggage on board RMS Titanic.


The Flag of the Republic.(Take it down or GTF.) Fined £100,000 for approaching Tommy Burns. (compared to the past maximum fine of £5,000.00). Having to use and to pay £500,000.00 for Hampdump. Cadete’s registration delay. The made up p!sh of the 2011-2 Huns licence. The 5 Way agreement (With side letter). LNS. The failure to include the Wee Tax Case and the failure to remove 5 Titles EBT’s. The failure to remove the 4 League Cups EBT’s The going for 55 continuity myth. The continuing injustice and one sided-ness of all the SFA.s Judicial Protocall’s with its built in lack… Read more »


Mike Bassett ^


Caption: Windsor, Epstein, what’s the chances of getting us a bird about our age?

sfa unfit for purpose

That Rossvale Juniors statement is a joy to behold. I know we would have to issue a few statements every day to counteract the shite written by the smsm , but wouldn’t it be nice to just see Celtic put out a statement like that every now and then. Asleep at the wheel.
What are all the press and PR people at Celtic doing all day , counting Lawells fcking bonuses?

sfa unfit for purpose

They say you have to take a full 12 inches up the arse to get the hat and cane.Bullingdon club rules

Caption “It’s all change at Celtic, as Desmond and Lawwell make way for their down to earth offspring, watched by Celtic Quisling Newshounds of the future”.


Caption Do you think our statement will make any difference. From the arrival of the snake oil sales rep at Castle Greyskull the dark arts were brought into play. Jabba was added then followed a campaign, off we are the wronged ones which the media lapped up. Our board and CEO like a band of dullards missed the boat. They sat there looking through rose coloured glasses trying to downsize. Only after the Wankers freakish Cup win did they seek Brenda out. Again they went into a stupor. Now they are too late, the horse has bolted. Their statement is… Read more »


Watkins signs… debuts at left back.


The picture of the ludgers though… good grief !


I ticked answer a) because I thought the word “unit” was a typo and you meant a woman’s furry bits.
Caption: Ah’ll pish on his stick an’ you leg it wi’ the bag.


Una’s armpits?


Moustache then?


Best interests’ assessments aim to gather all the facts needed to arrive at a conclusion about the impact of any action.

Fixity of purpose:
A trust-based relationship for present and future Celts is all we ask.

We have a right to be heard.


Deja vu.


Caption: From the first time they met relations between Charlie Saiz and Monti were frosty.


I’d be worried and a bit confused if I was Sinclair as punters seem to be giving his misses 1p’s dipped in sauce for a dance.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding


Lords Fauntleroy and Snooty decide to join the urchins in the Celtic End to get away from the extreme right wing elements on the board. “Enough is enough” said Snooty, “That Bankier is a proper fascist chunt” said Fauntleroy”and he can shove his whisky up his kilt!”


I just want to win the league.


I zoomed in on her left wan then started scrolling to her right hand….


Did ye aye?


Were you on a foot patrol?


can take the man out the army…

what right does the usa or Britain have in the middle east for them to get involved?


I would never in a million years put on a butchers apron uniform… id go to jail with my morals intact

the men of the last world war actually fought against a true evil that really did threaten our way of life

this? this isn’t remotely the same.. you cant keep poking a hornet’s nest and not expect to get stung

like the vast majority of Britain’s wars if they had not got involved for oil we would not be a target

up them


” Is that you John Wayne, is this me “?


shit hits the fan ha ha ha ha dry yoor foockin eyes ya slabber


I don’t mind a foot patrol, left or right…you choose.


Middle section is safest is best 🙂

I tried to find her unseen hand

Desmond & The Dekkers

Caption: “The Celtic board turn their backs to the Green Brigade once again”


Caption: Chuckle all you want plebian, one day I’ll own all that you hold dear.


Dear Donald Trump,
we can`t come to the War right now as our whole Country is on fire.

Kind regards: The Aussies.


Caption:Scottish street urchins admire their feudal superiors who run the “We’re Better Together” show.
Caption: Top hats indicate how high shite can be stacked…
Not a caption— but Celtic’s treatment of Scott Sinclair has been disgraceful.


the puppet manager working on instructions from the master

morgan ahead of Sinclair? give me peace


morgan started the cup final

enough said on the genius of neil lennon


“Mind your horseless carriage for a guinea mister?”


What-Ho old boy, did you hear that Celtic had offered four million pounds for a Pole? I would sell them a tree for half of that!


What? Two million pounds for a tree? your aff yer heed. Ah, but this is a special tree, a money tree, fitted with year long Disco lights and a sound-track. Its called Celtic F.C. and its made up of many layers that make up a board. It pays large bonus’s and dividends for the few. At the top of this tree is a star, called Odsonne Edouard, his star is rising and will provide even larger bonus’s in the coming years. There are many baubles like Cal-Mac, Broony, Forrest, El-Hammed who help to fight for the cause. Sorry old boy,… Read more »


Caption: And then young Mr Lawell said “When I lift the lid off this buscuit tin you’ll see how much we are worth”


Desmond & Lawwell need to be removed alongside any tory on our board.
I don’t give a fuck what either of them have done in the past, i don’t give a fuck for disco lights….i do give a fuck about Celtic & those who fight it’s corner.

The game is broken & our hierarchy is complicit…..they have to go!

Steven R

Caption: the inventors of Eton Mess are invited onto the board of the SFA, to create what, going forward, will be called a FUCKIN’ MESS!!


thankfully weve got an upmost professional waiting in leigh Griffiths… oh wait

107 and still waiting


Here’s a thought. Our first league match is versus Killie on Jan 22. Given that it is now Jan 8 it is very unlikely that any new signing would be up to speed for that game, nor for the next game three days later. However, perhaps, Deila tactics may be used a la Berget!



its ok rebus because brown said the celtic coaches now know what went wrong on the 29th…. so they couldn’t grasp it from the cup final they had to let the horror show play out again, this time resulting in defeat

amateur hour as expected


BGBhoy, Last night MC showed us how to beat a 433 with a high press. Both FB stayed wide to receive the ball plus a couple of mids sat in behind the three MUs that were pressing. Thus the two CBs and the goalie always had options to get round the press. Of course it helped that MC have players that can pass the ball and those that can control it quickly. By the end of the first half the pressing team were on their knees praying for halftime! Frimpong and Boli are not adequate to play this type of… Read more »


Totally agree


Griffiths is finished at this level and this club

he still looks fat

hes done



Agreed, no need to be carrying that amount of poundage……

Reminds me of Ralph. 🙂



People who suffer from depression have a need to consume carbos. This leads to weight gain. No amount of training will fix this if he is up at night looking for carbos…which is very common. So, do not judge Griff on his weight. He is dealing with a very difficult situation but I DO agree he is finished at Celtic.



Roald Dahl ^
‘Tales of the entirely expected ‘


Utter drivel


kennedy should have been out the door with deila

Damien duff? what does he bring in a coaching capacity?

our wingers are not performing, no shocks there then


Charlie Saiz been watching Rambo again?

He said he’s ” up for it “? If Iran go to war?



Aye Charlie. Maybe get Darnell fisher back or young ralston. Future superstars you were saying in 2017


Kouassi Eboue mwahahaha



Charlie, If we sell Eddy in this window, we can kiss the league goodbye. It is unlikely a new striker or strikers could hit the goal trail quickly enough to save the league. Even Dembele was not an immediate success. I think the spend in this window will be inhibited by intended spend in the summer. Attempts will be made to get one or both Elyounousi and Foster. Talking of first team ready players, I predict one permanent signing(a striker) and a couple of loans late in the window. There may be a couple of projects, tho. Last window was… Read more »


Late post I know but rather than throw a cup game which is cutting our nose off to spite our face why doesn’t every Celtic player who has been in any recent Scotland squad decide to retire from international football, preferably all at the same time? That way we get the double benefit of having better rested players and screw the SFA at the same time.


Rather than throw a cup tie, which is cutting off our noses to spite our faces why doesn’t any players who have been in recent Scotland squads decide to retire, preferably at the same time? That way we get the double benefit of better rested players and screw the SFA at the same time.


Was watching some ‘Tales of the unexpected’ this morning, over a coffee & couple of full butter croissants.
The word ‘pish’was starting to overwhelm me when suddenly, unexpectedly some may say, Joan Collins, a young Joan Collins appeared with nipples like dockyard rivets peaking out her skimpy top….cough.
I immediately turned over & watched something else….disgusted that young women are exploited by tv companies like this.

….and cough.


How do you get this Sky Q off pause? 🙂


Mixed feelings on seeing Scott Sinclair leave the club.
First season he was outstanding then his standards & performances started to dip.
On his day a devastating match winner, on other days, frustratingly easy to disposess & nudge off the ball.
He has three trebles to his name & has overall graced the Hoops.
Disappointing to see his time end the way it did, good luck to you & your family Scott & thanks for your efforts.

Hail Hail!

Monti… Rub some baby oil on it


It should always be an honour to play for Scotland!


This lack of fitba is really punishing. So me an’ her just watched “Sunshine on Leith” again, a really terrific film with The Proclaimers music throughout and based around Leith. Aye, “Sunshine on Leith”, who can ever forget the Hibs fans at Hampden in 2016 wi’ Stokesie and Liam Henderson instrumental in the battering of the new huns and saving our bacon after that god-awful semi which, until recently and maybe even still, was the worst we’d ever played against any form of ibrox scum. Aye, Sunshine on Leith indeed. HH FC not PLC.(instead of giving Lawwell millions this year,… Read more »


’twas a great night that night!


Monti, it’s odd to feel so strongly about anyone other than our Bhoys but that final was something else. When Gray rose to score from Liam Henderson’s corner I just went fuckin’ nuts (again!) All of me! 🙂 The whole scum OTT celebrations (from the semi) were boxed and silenced forever. Good on the Hibees who were mibbaes our parent club/sower of our seed all those years ago. And it was really the root source of the treble treble. (Brendan) HH FC not PLC, I think Lawwell’s pissed on his chips (if not pissed on himself) going by gathering resentment… Read more »


Charlie Saiz,
You stated the other night you would be ” up for it ” ( War) with Iran.
Could you share with us what your formation, no strategy would be in any war with the Iranians?
Now before you answer, i’m sure you are aware that Iran is friendly with Russia & China 🙂

I think you might need more than a bit of rope & a big knife ……cough.


Are you there Charlie Saiz….or are you out in the woods looking for some sticks to sharpen? 🙂


John J? 🙂


Where is everyone?


Awaiting moderation.


I can understand you being moderated but the others should be fine 😉


Went to see ‘ The Gentlemen ‘ last night, excellent stuff.


Have you explained yet, in detail, how you would cope with Iran, Russia & China in war? 🙂


Your own words -” I’m up for it ” ( War ).
So go on, how would you seek to overcome Iran, Russia, China & their many allies? 🙂


Well after reading Kinky boots ^ the World is truly f!cked.


Was that in ‘Hotspur’?


Heedcase fkn Heedcase


Why thank you captain Darling


Weered as well, he talks some pish…..not as bad as that bgbhoy tho…..he’s a proper wallop 😉


Ooft speaking to himself AGAIN mental Monti. 😉


I like our own company 🙂


Just as well then Bro. Fifers are daft as f!ck and your no exception. Ken. 😉


They have even moderated “The Fields Of Athenry”, the priest was right then, or the moderator is a Hun.


sevco,that no matter where in the world you die, you`re always to wheel out Graham Roberts.


If a club is eligible?

Theyll always be by default.
sevco, you
re just a spare.


Aussies common wisdom.

The Sky is Green(beautiful blue though).Its been a while for all here.
s not control,it`s for all to contain.


Are you anywhere near these fires?


If you are, i know a guy with a bit rope & a big knife…..he could put the fires out all by himself.

It’s a state of mind you see 🙂


sevco are to open a Musical.

“Knives on the Marble.”

Blaqrock are to do the score.

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