Resolution 12 Update

Resolution 12 Update

There’s been a sudden interest from the media in Resolution 12, as the owners of a couple of newspapers realise that they may well miss out on the last few weeks of the Resolution 12 story.

I’ve been asked to pass on a sort of summary as to where we’re at….

The guys behind Resolution 12 commissioned a report from an independent, qualified accountant into the whole rangers cheating and the SFA’s incompetence/collusion.


They then had the very lengthy report checked by another independent accountant.


I have read the report and it is an absolutely damning indictment of the SFA.


Celtic were provided with the report a couple of days ago and a large group of shareholders have/will be contacting Celtic expressing their unhappiness at how this matter was dealt with at our recent AGM.

I don’t know if the media reports today and this are linked but it’s some co-incidence if they aren’t 


It certainly is.

The endgame has begun, slightly ahead of schedule, and that means the information quietly gathered and the support quietly garnered from shareholders will now be put to good effect.

Over the course of this week there will be stuff out there that will certainly rattle a few people, and one person in particular should be very worried.

Keep your eyes on the web for a couple of somewhat startling revelations, although one has to say they’re not actually all that startling when you look at the bigger picture.


Persistence, as we know, will always beat resistance.